tagLoving WivesMy Wife Goes Out with Her Friends Ch. 02

My Wife Goes Out with Her Friends Ch. 02


I waited nervously for him to pick up the phone...

"Hello," is what I heard on the other line.

"Um..well uh yes, is this Jeff?" I asked.

"Yes, who's this?"

"This is Andy, Yvonne's husband, you had given her your number and well she asked me to call." I replied.

"Oh yes, Yvonne, hmmmm oh how could I forget such a beautiful woman! Are you her husband?"

"Yes"I said.

"Oh you are a lucky man! Your wife is beautiful my friend!"

At that moment, I pictured my sexy little wife, and thought to myself, oh he's right, she is beautiful.

"Oh, well, thanks, I mean, yes, she is beautiful'" I replied.

"Hmmm, not just beautiful my friend, but your wife is so sexy, and that rack on her! Oh man, she has a nice rack friend!" Jeff said.

I thought to myself, well yes, my wife does have nice breasts, or as he said, a nice rack.

"Yes, she has quite a nice shape, I do agree." I answered

" You are putting it lightly my friend," Jeff said to me, "Dude your wife, has one of the sexiest bodies that I have ever seen, and her ass...Oh fuck man, she really does have such nice ass! Like I said, you are lucky man my friend!"

At this point, I admit, oh I was beaming with pride, as I listened on the phone to this man, a stranger to me, telling me, not only how beautiful my wife is wife is, but what a nice rack and ass she has too....

"Oh well, yes, she did mention to me that you also think she is very sexy," I said.

"Sexy? Man she is fucking hot! I couldn't believe my luck last weekend, when she actually not only agreed to dance with me, but also to come back over to my place and well show off a bit, oh fuck she is hot!" he went on..."She told you all about that, right? How we met at the club and danced?"

"Oh yes, she told me alright and how she followed you back to your place too" I said.

"Yes, I told her that I was married and that my wife has to go out of town about once month, on business, and that if she would like, we could go back to my condo and talk for bit, so she agreed." He told me.

Interesting, married? She didn't mention that, but ok I thought myself. "Yes oh she told me that." I said, although she hadn't mentioned him being married.

"Man, and the way she stopped me at her car and gave me a big kiss, dude, your wife is an awesome kisser!" he said.

"Gave you a kiss?" I said, remembering she told me that Jeff kissed her...

"Oh yea, I walked her to her car, and before she got in, she just pulled my in close and gave me big kiss, oh a nice French kiss, she said that would you turn on, it does turn you on, right, Andy, you said it was?"

"Well, ok I admit, yes I love my sexy wife so much, it does turn me on" I replied.

"I thought so, and man, as soon as we got back to my place, Yvonne, wanted to kiss some more and well she said she wanted to dance for me."

"Is that so? She wanted to dance for you?" I asked.

"Oh wow, and she is fabulous dancer, as you know of course."

"Yes, I admit that too, my wife is a great dancer." I said

"Oh that's funny, you are being way to modest, she is an outstanding dancer! It must be that Latina blood, because the way she moves and grinds those hips, oh fuck man, my cock got rock hard just watching her and that was even before she stripped!" Jeff told me.

My head started to spin a bit, as he told me about my wife, dancing and stripping for him, oh I could feel my penis stirring and moving in my pants.

"Well I mean, she does like to show off, so I know she agreed." I proudly said.

"Oh dude, I didn't even have to ask her, she volunteered, she said she knew you would really like that, her dancing and stripping for me."

"Well yes, I mean, I do enjoy her dancing and stripping, although it's really only been for me" I said.

It reminded me of times when we go one of her family's functions, like say a wedding, and I sit back with a cold beer and watch her and sisters and her female cousin's all dancing and laughing and having fun. All of these sexy Latina women, moving their hips and ass, while dressed in nice tight clothes, yep that is a sight!

Just as I was picturing that , Jeff spoke up again, "holy cow brother, she is incredible, oh fuck when she got down to her sexy little thong panties and that pretty bra, fuck my dick was bursting in my pants!"

"Uh, yea, she did mention that to me, that you unzipped your pants in front of her" I said.

"Dude, the way she moved, those hips, and when she asked if I wanted her to take off her bra, fuck man, how could I say no?" He said.

"Oh she asked your?" I asked.

"Oh come on, Andy, you know she did, I mean she must have told you everything, right?" he said.

"Um, yes, she did" I anxiously replied.

"Fuck man, when she took off her bra and those big beautiful fucking tits of hers popped out, oh fuck I was already throbbing hard!" he said.

Here I was on the phone with this man, who was telling me how beautiful my wife's tits are and how it made his cock rock hard, and I wasn't even getting pissed, I was getting aroused, man I must be one of "those" husbands I thought to myself.

"Um, yes, oh she does have nice breasts, or boobs, yes" I said

"Dude, oh fuck her tits are so fucking nice!" he went on "so I thought to myself, well what harm could there be in me unzipping my pants and jacking off, I mean this beautiful woman, another man's wife, is exposing her tits to me, so I unzipped my pants and took my cock out" he told me.

"I think I would have done the same thing if it were your wife, dancing and stripping for me." I told Jeff.

"Well I'm sure you would have, but my wife would not be there stripping naked for you, I mean you understand, she's my wife, not some slut" he told me.

"Oh I mean, sure, yes, I'm sorry I didn't mean to imply that your wife would actually strip naked for me." I said,

"It's ok," he said, "it takes a really sexy, special, kind of wife to do that, you know, sort of a slut wife, right?" Jeff said.

"Oh, a slut wife?" I asked.

"Yes," he said while laughing a bit, "oh you know what I mean, a sexy slut wife, like Yvonne, she is such a sexy little slut, hmmmmmmmm"

I thought to myself, she's never done that before, I should stop him, I can't let him call my wife a slut, but for some reason, I didn't stop him, I allowed him to keep going.

I even added, "Well yes in a good way, sure I guess you could say that Yvonne was acting like a little slut, I mean, a bit." I told him

"Oh come on man, you know she's a hot sexy cunt, admit it, your wife is a hot sexy cunt." Jeff said.

"Well, oh I guess..." I said,

"No, you don't guess, Yvonne, your wife, is one of the hottest, sexiest sluts, I've ever seen and well actually been with, you should be proud!" he told me

At that moment, I puffed out my chest and thought to myself, he is right, oh I should be proud!

"Well, ok, yea, she is sexy, so you unzipped your pants in front of my wife huh?" I asked as I found myself reaching down and massaging my own penis thru my pants while I talked to him on the phone about my wife.

"Yes, and man, your wife is a real cock hound huh!" he said

"Well, I mean like any sexy wife and she does like looking at dicks, but usually it's by watching adult movies with me on the computer." I said.

"No way, oh Andy, you crack me up." He said laughing, "Dude, as soon as she turned around and saw my cock, she came and sat right by me and actually asked me if she could touch and feel my hard cock, oh but you know that right?" he said.

"Oh well, yea, she did say she touched it, your cock" I said.

"Those soft little hands, massaging my hard cock, it's like she's never seen a big cock before, I mean, she's so sexy I would imagine that your cock must be big too, right Andy?" He asked me.

"Well I mean when I am very excited, yes it gets, sort of, well kind of big" I said. Actually lying a bit, as I looked down my cock and fully erect, it is about 5 inches long.

"Sure, Oh I know she made me so fucking hard!" he went on, "I mean to have such a sexy cunt wife, you must have a nice sized dick. How big are you Andy? I'm about 8 ½ Inches long, and pretty thick I've been told." He said.

"Well I'm not quite that big" I said, as I thought to myself, 8 ½ inches long and thick? Fuck no wonder Yvonne liked his cock so much...

"Oh well no matter, like I said, oh your little wife, well as you know, she is really quite the little cock hound. I couldn't believe she wanted to touch it, oh it felt so good, I had to reach out and just squeeze and play with her nice tits!" Jeff told me.

"Um, yes, she does like her tits played with" I replied.

"Fuck those tits are so nice man, I started to suck on her tits, and she was really going wild, I mean I've not seen a woman who loves her tits played with, like Yvonne does dude, like I said, you are a lucky husband!" he told me.

I felt so proud, as I unzipped my own pants and began to jack off.

"Man Andy, I just had to tit fuck her, I mean, you can't blame me right? Those fucking big firm luscious tits, I had to feel my cock between them. You are so fortunate that you can tit fuck your hot wife's tits anytime. Man I can't wait to play with your wife's nice tits again!" He told me.

I wish anytime, I thought to myself, being married, you have to catch your wife in that horny mood, and it's not all the time...

"Well yes, I mean, no, I can't blame you, I mean, Vonny does have beautiful tits!"I answered.

"Oh fuck my man, so big and firm, you know I never got to ask her what size those babies are, what size bra does your sexy wife wear Andy?"

"She wears a 34Full C or some bra's a Small D!" I proudly chimed up, realizing that I was telling another man my wife's bra size!

"Oh boy and they felt so fucking good around my cock friend, oh fuck she had my cock all wet from sucking it, and she pushed her tits together and allowed me to tit fuck her, as she kept sucking my cockhead in and out of her hot mouth!" Jeff said to me.

All I could say, was, "I know it must have good."

"Good? Oh fuck, dude, your wife, is one of the best fucking cocksucker's that I have ever met! What a hot little cocksucker she is! It's like I could really tell that she was getting into sucking my dick, and when she went down and began to lick and then suck on my balls, man oh man, I just about lost it and almost came right in your wife's mouth!" Jeff told me.

I had my cock out and I was jacking off, as he told me that, I don't know if I should have been angry or not, but my dick was so hard. I felt so wonderfully proud that he was talking about my wife like that!

"Well, I mean, yes, you are right she is an excellent little cocksucker, isn't she?" I said, fully aware that I was speaking about my wife, Yvonne.

"Oh fuck, I knew, just knew that I had to lick out and taste that little slut's cunt man" he told me

"That hot fucking bitches steamy twat, I could smell the scent of her cunt as she sucked my cock, and I knew she must have a beautiful pussy!" Jeff said to me.

As I listened to this man, talking about my wife, I slowly played with rock hard cock.

"I had her stand up and I pulled her panties down, then I saw that gorgeous fucking pussy, man dude, does Yvonne always keep her twat shaved like that, with just a hint of a patch of hair on top?"

"Actually she does, quite often shave her cunt yes, I know I like it that way" I told him.

"Oh me too my man, me too. I want her cunt shaved like that every time I see her, I mean, my wife only shaves her twat every now and then, but your wife's pussy, is so beautiful. Her cunt lips are so long, fuck I'm sure she told you how I sucked and licked her pussy right?"

"Yes, she said you licked her pussy and well, she even said you may have licked her butt...too."

"Oh fuck Andy, your wife has an incredible ass! I mean, how could I not want to lick out and rim her tight little asshole? I tongue fucked your sexy wife's asshole, rimming her and well she just seemed to be going even more wild as I did!" He told me.

I was jacking off at a nice pace now, listening to man that I had never met before, tell me how he licked out my wife's tight little asshole.

"She does have a nice tight asshole and yes she does love her asshole licked out." I said to him.

"Man, her cunt was absolutely fucking soaked, as I kept tonguing Yvonne's tight little asshole then licking up and down the length of her long cunt lips. Fuck what a nice ass and pussy she has!" Jeff said.

As I kept slowly beating off my cock, listening to the lewd things he was saying about my wife!

"Dude, I laid down on my sofa, and your wife was on top of me and we started to 69, her sucking and licking my cock and balls, as I licked out her asshole and pussy. My hands were squeezing her round butt, heck dude, I even slapped her ass! She define tally has a fucking spankable ass!"

She didn't tell me Jeff spanked her, but I know she likes being spanked, I thought to myself.

"Man, after that, I was so fucking hard, I just had to fuck her, I had to fuck your wife!" he went on, "I had her lay on my sofa, as I began to push my cock into Yvonne's tight little fuck hole! Man her pussy is Tight! You must have trouble yourself getting cock in that little whore's pussy!" Jeff said.

Little whore? Did he just openly call my wife a little whore? I was thinking. The thing is, I didn't object or stop him, I just let him keep talking to me, her husband, about my pretty wife, like that!

"Oh fuck I loved fucking your wife dude, fuck, she fucks like such a sexy little slut!" laughing he went on, "her fucking pussy was so fucking hot, I mean I felt like I was putting my cock into melted butter as banged her sweet little honey hole! Does she get that hot and we all the time?" He asked.

"She does get very wet, yes, she does get hot, it must be her Latina blood, and oh she does get soaked!" I heard myself telling this man, whom I have never met.

"Oh dog gone it, I knew it! Oh that little tramp loves to be talked dirty to also, doesn't she Andy?"

"Well, yes, we do talk dirty in the bedroom, I mean I like that too." I said.

"Oh could tell right away, especially when your wife (and he emphasized YOUR WIFE) was actually telling me, no begging me, to fuck her with my big cock dude!" I fucked her and she began to cum and cum hard, all over my cock, oh I'm sure she told you all about that didn't she? How I made her hot married slut pussy cum all over my cock?"

"Yes, she told me," I said, as I kept jacking off and it felt so good!

"Oh and I know you loved it, didn't you Andy? You loved hearing how she got fucked didn't you? How she came hard as I banged her fucking hot wet pussy hole, how I had my big dick buried deep inside of YOUR WIFE's Vagina!"

He was breathing harder now, like he was getting off on this too, I noticed.

As he went on, "You know, I like to read stories about men who love their sexy wives to fuck, and I always fantasize that I am that other man, the man who makes the sexy cunt wife cum hard, the man who fuck the shit out of another man's wife, and well, I was so glad that I met your wife, Andy!"

He kept talking, "you like that, don't you? You are playing with your cock right now, aren't you? Tell me, Andy, are you jacking off as we talk, and I tell you what hot fucking little whore your wife Yvonne is? Huh?" Jeff said.

Oh he had me pegged, I had my pants around my ankles and I was jacking off, like a cuckold as this stud was telling me about how he fucked my pretty little wife!

"Yes, I am, I can't help it, oh my dick is hard right now!" I confessed.

"It's ok, Andy, my cock is rock hard right not too, because I am thinking about your wife, and how she is going to be my fuck toy now! Do you hear me Andy? Your pretty little cunt wife, is going to be my hot little Latina fuck toy! I am going to fuck her whenever I want, because that little vixen told you what a terrific fuck I gave her, didn't she!?"

"Yes. Yes Jeff, I admit it, she did tell me how hard she came and what a great fuck you gave her," I confessed again to this stranger.

"Hmmmmmmmmm good, because every time my wife goes out of town, and she does quite often, you are going to bring your pretty wife to me, so that I can fuck her, she needs it, Andy, you know that don't you? You know that your wife needs a big cocked lover like me to please her hot fucking pussy hole! Say it Andy, Say it! Tell me what Yvonne needs!" he said.

"Yes, oh yes, she is so sexy, she needs a big cock, I admit it. I love my wife so much, that I love her pleased, I want her pleased!" I said.

"Good man, that's it, and we all get what we want, so it's really a win, win, win, situation! Yvonne gets a big cock to suck to please herself with, I get a hot sexy bitch with an awesome body, to use and to please my cock with, and you cuck, you get off by knowing your wife is pleased!" Jeff said to me.

He was right, he was so right! I thought to myself.

"You see, I'm a pretty nice guy too Andy, I don't even mind if you watch me and your wife fuck, as a matter of fact, I know she must have told that and that's why you are calling me isn't it cuck? Because you want to watch me screw your wife, don't you! You want to see my cock stretching and opening her little pussy, don't you cuck? You want to see her cumming, like she has NEVER, cum while you fuck her, isn't that right?" he said while breathing hard into the phone.

"Ok Jeff, yes, oh I admit, I can't help it, I love her so much, and I want her so pleased! Yes I want my sexy little wife, to be your hot fucking slut!" I openly told him!

"Good, yes, this is going to work out quite well, and lastly, you loved eating her cream pie, didn't you Andy!? Proof that she had been fucked so well, that's right I blasted my seed deep into your wife's slutty cunt hole, so that I could mark her as my slut and so that you could know she had been fucked by a man!" he told me.

"You loved it too, didn't you cuck? I bet you licked and ate all of my hot cream from your wife' fucking cunt didn't you? I know you did, you sucked my cum from her well used pussy and you were rock hard. I bet you may have even fucked her and felt how hot, wet, and loose her hole was huh?" he said, laughing.

"Yes I did eat her, I love eating my wife's pussy, it's wonderful! I did lick her out, I ate her cream pie, I did!" I confessed, but he already knew it!

"Good man, you are a good husband Andy and I respect that! I want you to watch me make your wife cum all over and then you can even eat her pie and fuck her afterwards, but ONLY after I fuck her, do you understand me?"

"Yes, oh yes, I do, " I said.

"That's nice! I want you to go buy your wife a brand new sexy bra and panty set for me, do you understand Andy? She is not to wear it except for me, am I clear?"

"Yes I understand, some new lingerie to model for you Jeff" I said.

"Who is she Andy?" he said.

"My wife, Jeff, she is my wife." I said.

"That's right she is your wife Andy, your hot, sexy, big tittted, round assed, wife Andy, and who is she to me?" he asked.

"She is your slut Jeff, to use, to please your cock with" I said.

"Yes, and also to please her with, I know you love your wife very much and I can tell she loves you. Even while my cock is buried deep in your wife's tight little fuck hole Andy, I want you to know that I respect both of you." He said to me, while breathing hard.

That is a very thoughtful thing for him to say to me, I thought to myself.

"Thanks, Jeff that is a nice thing to say." I found myself actually thanking the man who cucked me.

"It's ok Andy, believe me, I know how it is. I love my wife very much too, I was just hoping to find a wife, a couple actually, who would understand that I am here to please your wife in ways that you may not be able to. I know that I have a big cock, and I know that sexy wives not only love big cocks, but they actually need big cocks to make them feel so complete as a woman."

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