tagInterracial LoveMy Wife Honey Ch. 07

My Wife Honey Ch. 07


The next day everyone stayed in bed sleeping until the early afternoon. I didn't hear much talk today as everyone took showers and dressed. Ray did make a little comment about being more open since the event last night. There was mention of making use of the whirlpool tub that was in the room.

Honey and Lori dressed in shorts with halter tops and both women looked hot in their perspective ensembles with both showing cleavage and lots of legs. Both ladies decided on wearing heels and I think they were sharing perfume because they both smelled so good. The ladies wanted to go shopping so Ray and I decided we would stay here in the room for a while and would meet them at the casino later this afternoon.

Once the lady's left the room Ray kicked his feet on the chair and asked me to sit down so we could talk. I figured Ray had something to talk about the way he looked.

Ray said he was glad last night turned out like it had because he wouldn't be afraid to be more intimate with my sister when I'm around. I thought to myself that was going to be a big help. Ray asked me if that was the first time I saw my sister so open about sex. I was sure telling him the truth when I said it was plus a surprise to see Honey and Lori getting involved together.

Ray said he enjoyed watching the girls last night and would like to see an encore tonight. Ray wanted to know if it felt a little strange having Honey lick on Lori's pussy and touching my penis while doing so. I told Ray that everything felt kind of strange. He told me not to worry about it because we were all adults.

Ray started getting a little more personnel about Honey by saying how tight she was and how her pussy has been slowly stretching to accommodate him. Ray mentioned that I may have noticed he had a rather large hunk of meat hanging between his legs and laughed.

Than he apologized by saying that Lori seemed to be enjoying what I had and he didn't mean anything by what he said. Ray mentioned his college days when all the guys would tease him about carrying a log around in his pants.

Ray said he wanted to go down the boardwalk to a sex shop he saw and buy the girls something for tonight. I told Ray I would see him down in the casino later that afternoon. My curiosity of what Ray wanted to buy the girls was getting the best of me.

Later that afternoon I was playing the slots when my wife and Lori came up on both sides of me and sat down at the same time. I got a kiss from both sides as my lovely wife and Lori both sat with their beautiful legs crossed. They wanted to know if I saw Ray around and I said he went shopping for something early this afternoon.

The lady's suggested that we should walk around and try to locate him. Just as we started to walk out of the casino, we ran into Ray as he walked over and kissed my wife on the lips. Ray mentioned he wanted to take Honey somewhere and they would return shortly. Lori and I said we were going to dinner and we would see them later that evening.

Lori and I had dinner and went back into the casino and were playing at one of the tables when we saw my wife and Ray coming toward us. Ray had his arm around my wife and they sat down next to us. Lori was the first to notice that Honey had pierced her navel.

It looked like a typical ring woman place in their navel but Ray said this one was done specially with an engraving. Lori's bent down to read the inscription and she read out loud for everyone to hear. It said, Ray's little Honey and she smiled at my wife after reading it to us. Ray said he wanted to get a tattoo placed on Honey with his name but Honey was afraid of the needles they would use so I settled for this little navel ring.

We spent most of the evening betting at the tables and having a few drinks. Both ladies got plenty of looks from other guys that night since they were dressed so sexy. Ray came up to me and said we should take the women back to the room and relax in that whirlpool tub.

On our way up to our room in the elevator, Ray hugged and kissed Honey very openly while other couples looked on. Ray seemed like he was putting on a show for these strangers as he ran his hands all over Honey while taking the ride up.

This was sure an interesting trip that I would remember for a long time to come and it wasn't over yet. I volunteered to open the door with my card as Ray continued to kiss Honey. Lori was playing around my crotch making it hard to open the door.

The first thing Ray did when we entered the room was pull Honey's halter top off and her boobs were on display as the top hit the floor. Ray walked over turning the water on in the tub taking his shirt off at the same time. The tub was large enough for four people and Ray said everyone should get naked if they want to have some fun.

Ray stepped out of his pants and walked over to help Honey pull the shorts down she was wearing. I helped Lori get out of her top and shorts and when I turned around I saw Ray sucking on Honey's boobs. His hands were cupping her rear as he bent down licking her nipples which were hard as little rocks.

We waited for the tub to fill and Ray and Honey were the first to get in the water. Lori and I followed and once we were settled, Ray turned on the jets. Ray said he forgot the drinks and I volunteered to get them for us. Once I finished making the drinks and got ready to get back in I saw Honey already sitting on Ray's lap.

They were kissing as I sat back into the water next to Lori and handed the drink to her. I could barely make out Honey's hand under the water as she stroked Ray's huge pole. They were locked in a passionate kiss and I think they even forgot we were there with them.

Lori started to kiss me as she played with my penis under the water. I put my arm around her and kissed her on the lips as I cupped her breast in my hand. Lori asked me to set up on the side of the tub and spread my legs so she could get between them. I got up and Lori moved in and took a hold of my penis and started to suck on me.

Lori's mouth felt good as she enclosed her mouth over my shaft. Lori was cupping my balls in her hands as she sucked the entire length in her mouth. I looked over at Ray and Honey and my wife was sitting on the edge of the tub on the other end while Ray sucked on her pussy. Honey's head was leaning back and legs spread wide as Ray worked on her pussy with his tongue.

Lori pulled me back down into the water and said she wanted to sit down on top of me so I moved a few inches away from the side as Lori straddled my lap facing me and put her legs around my back. Taking a hold of Lori's hips I raised her and she reached down under the water to help guide me inside her pussy.

The water made Lori feel really light as I was able to sit her down on me slowly until I was all the way inside her. Once she was fully impaled, I put my arms around her back and pulled her in close to me as we kissed.

I glanced over at my wife as she got back down into the water and got into the same position as Lori and I were in. Ray put one of Honey's boobs in his mouth as Honey worked her rear end around until she was impaled on Ray.

Lori started to wiggle her bottom around as I held her hips and helped move her around. Honey and Ray seemed to be following our moves only they were locked in a kiss as he rotated her rear end around his lap.

Several minutes later Ray told Honey he wanted to try something else and got out of the water and took Honey by the hand over to the bed. Lori and I now had the whole tub to ourselves. Lori kept moving herself around on my lap with a back and forth motions that were intensified by the water. Loris boobs were half in the water and half out and I was able to tilt my head down to suck on the nipples.

Lori said she wanted to cum but couldn't do it in the water so we decided to get out of the tub and continue on the bed. We dried our selves off and jumped into the bed. I could hear a sound coming from the other bed. Most of the lights were off again and I had a hard time seeing what was going on.

I finally figured out the sound coming from the other bed was a vibrator running. I could see Honey sitting on top of Ray moving her rear end around as he was fully stuffed inside her again. Ray had his hand around Honey's rear and was pushing a small vibrator in and out of my wife's anus as they screwed. This must have been the toy he wanted to buy at the sex shop he told me about.

Honey was way too small for Ray to shove his huge piece of meat in there so he must have figured this was the next best thing to screw her with. Honey was enjoying the action as she moaned and pushed her boobs in Ray's face to lick.

Lori said she wanted to try and cum while I licked her pussy and wanted me to lie down on the bed so she could sit on my face. Lori sat on my face and hung onto the head board to steady herself. She must have put a little perfume on while I stared at Ray and Honey screwing on the other bed.

I could tell that Lori was eager to cum as she worked her pussy around on my face. I teased Lori with my tongue just rubbing the tip of her clitoris which seemed to arouse her even more. I was learning the spots she liked the most and concentrated on teasing those exact area's.

I couldn't look up but I could hear my wife having an orgasm which seemed to get Lori more excited as she started to grind her hips in a faster pace around my face. Lori said she didn't need a vibrator because I licked her pussy so good. Lori kept pushing herself forward making sure my tongue had good contact with her clitoris as I continued to bring her over the edge.

Lori started to tremble as I held onto her hips she said she was going to cum and I could feel her body start to push down hard on my head as she screamed out loud that she was there. Once Lori started to relax, she moved back until she felt that I was hard and sat herself down on top of me until she was fully impaled. She felt really hot after just having an orgasm as I held onto her hips and gently started to move her around.

I glanced over at my wife and Ray and he was screwing her laying on his side. Honey had one leg up over his which seemed like it gave Ray better access to her pussy. Ray's hand was around Honey and he was rubbing her pussy as he screwed her.

It didn't take me long to cum as I shot my load up into Lori as she squeezed her pussy trying to milk my balls for all they had. Once I went soft, Lori rolled over onto her side and planted a big kiss on my lips. We could hear Ray as he started to cum inside my wife again. Ray was telling Honey he was shooting another big load inside her. I could see her leg still wrapped up over his as he pushed himself inside of her as deep as he could.

Everything went quite as the light went out by the other bed. I couldn't see anything because of the darkness. I feel asleep with Lori's arm around me. Lori kissing the back of my neck was the last thing I remembered before falling asleep.

Everyone got out of bed around the same time the next morning. The girls were the first to take their showers. Once dressed, Lori said she had an upset stomach problebly from eating something last night and wanted to go down to a store and buy something for it. Ray volunteered to go with Lori which left Honey finishing up in the bathroom while I lay on the bed.

My eye's were closed as I herd the bathroom door open and the next thing I felt was my wife climbing up on top of me unbuckling my belt. I had all kinds of mixed thoughts going through my head at that moment. I should be furious but here was my beautiful wife stripping me of my clothes and totally naked.

Once I was stripped down with just my socks still on, Honey mounted me like she hadn't had sex in months'. Honey leaned down and kissed me more than she has in the past three weeks as she furiously started to grind her pussy around on my stiff meat. I kissed my wife back telling her how much I loved her and she replied with I love you too and telling me how much she misses being with me.

I asked her about Ray and she said she didn't love Ray but had feelings for him because he has been so nice to her. What about the ring I asked her as I still saw her wearing it as we screwed. Honey said it was worth a lot of money and she would only wear it when Ray was around to please him.

It was actually very hard to concentrate on anything else other than my wife, the woman I loved sitting on top of me giving me some of the best sex we had in a long time. I cupped Honey's rear and bounced her around on top of me wanting to cum inside of her so badly. My mind did focus on the tightness of her pussy as she continued to ride me. Honey's pussy was less tight as it has been and I had visions of Ray's thick shaft inside my wife's pussy.

Honey started to shake very badly as she started to cum on top of me. Just as she shouted that she was there, I came along with her the same time. I could feel th cum slowly drip back out of Honey's pussy as she leaned back down kissing me on the lips.

Honey said that Ray should be staying at his own place again because she knew he had business to take care of and had to fly to New York next week. I was sure looking forward to having my wife back again as I kissed her again and didn't want to let go of her.

Honey sais she was sorry if she hurt me but she knew I was having fun with Lori at the same time and didn't feel as if she were the only person committing adultery. Honey said the money wasn't worth losing me and said she would tell Ray everything if I wanted her to when he got back.

I told Honey I knew she loved me and after going through all of this for the past three weeks that we should just go along with it until Ray leaves and I kissed her again.

Honey just got up from the bed and just finished wiping the sperm leaking out of her pussy when Ray walked in with Lori. Ray laughed about us still being naked and wanted to know if we were playing patty cake while they were gone. I was really getting mad inside but thought about everything we had gone through for this money the past few weeks and decided to forget what he just said.

We started getting our things packed when Ray mentioned to Honey if she would like to come to New York with him and let Lori and I fly back home together because he had business to attend. Honey told Ray she had to be at work first thing Monday morning and couldn't go and that's when Ray asked Lori to join him and she said yes.

So that's the way it ended up with Lori flying to New York with Ray and Honey and I were going to fly home together alone for the first time in days. Once we arrived at the airport, Ray took Honey to the side and I saw him kiss her as he boarded his plane with Lori. Lori came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek as they went through the boarding gate. Honey and I made our way over to our boarding gate for our trip home.

Once we were home, Honey went into the guest room to retrieve some of the things that were in there and put them back in our room. It felt good to get our lives back to normal after the past few weeks. I had been sitting on the sofa when my wife appeared in the bedroom doorway.

Honey just stood there for a moment and made sure I was watching her as she entered the room walking seductively as a model would go down a runway at a show. Honey came out wearing a red half brassier and matching garter belt and black stockings and red heels. Honey didn't have any panty's on and her pussy looked good enough to eat as she stopped in front of the sofa and started to move like an exotic dancer.

I did notice the ink drawing Ray had done near Honey's pussy was washed off now. I watched my wife as she went through these sexy moves just for me as I sat and thought how beautiful she is and how much I loved her.

I than noticed Honey's engagement ring and wedding band were back on her left finger. Honey sat on my lap as I put my arms around her and I asked her what about all the times she was with Ray and didn't use any means of contraceptive. Honey leaned back around the table and grabbed her purse and brought it to her lap. Honey opened it and pulled out a packet of birth control pills and hadn't had time to tell me about them.

Honey smiled and kissed me again and told me that Ray didn't know she was taking them. I picked my wife up and carried her into the bedroom where we had a long night of sex. This was our first night together alone for almost three weeks so I had some catching up to do.

We got a call from Ray saying he had to stay in New York for an extra week and Lori was going to be staying with him while her ex-husband had her son with him.

The week went by fast as Ray and Lori returned from their trip together in New York. Ray had called Honey and made a date with her for the evening which I wasn't so thrilled hearing about. The phone rang again and it was Lori this time saying she had something to tell me about and wanted to see me right away.

Lori came right over giving me a hug as she came in the house. Lori said she had something very important to say to me and wanted us to sit down. I took Lori over to the sofa and we sat down as I listen to what she had to say.

Lori said she took a test when she missed her period this week and found out she was pregnant. It was something of a shock to me because I had a vasectomy down about a year ago. Lori held my hand and told me she had sex with Ray about four weeks before she had met me and that he was the father of her baby. She told me she didn't want to hurt my feelings but needed to let me know as soon as she found out the news.

I asked Lori if Ray knew about the baby and she said yes and that she just told him on the way back from their trip together. I was thinking to myself what a wonderful way to get out of the situation with Ray and Honey. Honey walked through the front door and we both explained to my wife that Lori was pregnant and the baby belonged to Ray. Honey looked at me and we both knew to ourselves this would be the perfect thing to get ourselves out of the mess we were in with Ray.

Lori said she had to leave and once she was out the door Honey jumped on me with a big hug and said she was going to confront Ray tonight here at the house and give him his ring back.

Ray came over around six that evening to pick Honey up for their date. I decided to stay in the bedroom out of the way and let Honey do her work on Ray. I waited for almost two hours when the bedroom door opened and Honey walked in.

Honey said it was all over now and said she had a long talk with Ray and he agreed to ending their relationship and she gave him his ring back. Honey spoke to Ray and said the best thing for him to do now was to take care of Lori and the baby and he agreed he would do the best he could for her. Honey also told Ray she couldn't accept the car he had bought her and said he could give it to Lori.

I asked Honey about the contract and the money and she responded that Ray would honor the contract and the signing bonus and than she hugged me.

Eight months later Lori gave birth to a baby boy and called him Ray junior. Lori and Ray were married last month and Honey and I attended the wedding, as brother and sister of coarse.

Oh, I used some of the bonus money to buy Honey a larger engagement ring than the one Ray brought her.

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