tagInterracial LoveMy Wife Is "Hot"!

My Wife Is "Hot"!



I love my wife. No, . . . I mean it. I really . . . really love my wife and I would do anything to make sure she is happy, as a result, I am extremely attentive to her needs.

We've been married over twenty years and she is a great mother to our three kids. She's involved with a wide variety of school and church functions and is always quick to volunteer her time at local charities.

My partner and I had started a sofware consulting business well before the dot.com bubble burst, and we were able to capitalize nicely on several IPO's allowing us to weather the economic storms that followed. We employed nearly 60 computer engineers and technicians and my family and I were able to settle quite comfortably in one of the more affluent subdivisions of Middleton.

Constantly aware of what a lucky guy I was, I always made sure that Amanda, or Mandy as she liked to be called, knew how much I appreciated her. She had an AMEX gold card and I bought her a new car every year, over her objections of course, but I knew how much she liked to drive around in style. Her most recent ride was a silver '09 BMW SC 6 series and she looked incredible driving it around town with the top back.

She had just turned 43 but still had the body of a much younger woman. She excercised religiously, ate sparingly and had the long, slender legs and trim waist of a dancer. Her luxurious black mane fell well below her shoulders and the money she spent on her hair and make-up was worth every cent. Mandy had a great set of tits, not too big, but shaped perfectly, and a wonderfully tight ass. Her hazel eyes were set above sharp cheekbones and although she could trace her ancestry back to Wales, she had an erotic Eastern European look similiar to Catherine Zeta-Jones. I loved the admiring stares, leers almost, that she would get when we would go out, watching strangers undress her with their eyes.

As a bonus, Mandy had a bit of a wild side that I found terribly exciting.If the occasion allowed, she could have a bit of a potty mouth. She liked a good bottle of wine, and loved to shoot tequilla. She enjoyed a cigarette or two if she was drinking and she seemed to wear her dresses a little tighter, her skirts a little shorter and her make-up a little heavier than the rest of her friends. God, I love my wife.

As you may have guessed, my wife was incredible in bed; fun,loving and sensuous, always open to new ideas to keep things fresh between us. I guess this is really where my story starts.


The last several months, I got the impression that she wasn't getting as much enjoyment out of our bedroom activities as she did previously. She seemed to take much longer to reach a climax, and they didn't seem to be as strong as they used to be. A couple of times, I even thought that she may have been faking it. We were always open about our sex life so I told her my concerns. She vehemently denied any dissatisfaction, but I saw a flicker in her eyes that convinced me otherwise. I knew what she needed, and deserved, and if I couldn't provide her with it, I would find someone who could.

After several days of thought and research on the computer, I put a plan in place with the same attention to detail I applied in my business. I still had some significant doubt as to whether I could pull it off successfully, but she had made a few subtle comments over the years that caused me to think that I had a fighting chance.


Several years earlier, Mandy had agreed,at my suggestion, to include a little porn in our lovemaking. We had small collection of DVD's that we would sometimes watch if the kids were gone, and she admitted that although she was initially a little reluctant, she had come to enjoy the effect the movies had on the both of us. Like I mentioned earlier, Mandy was very open-minded when it came to sex.

In my research, I had come across an amateur web-site of a very sexy, auburn haired MILF with lovely augmented tits who clearly had an addiction for big, muscular black men who were much younger than she. I ordered a couple of her discs and, after receiving them in the mail, I arranged for my mother-in-law to watch the kids for the weekend.

My wife loves it when I cook for her and after one of her favorite meals, a vegetarian pasta with a white sauce made from marscapone cheese and a little bit of freshly ground nutmeg. After dinner, and a couple bottles of a fine Shirah, I sat on our bed anxiously awaiting her arrival.

When she came out of the bedroom, My cock immediately began to stir. She had used a curling iron on her long, dark hair leaving a cascade of soft curls, giving her a wild and exotic look. She had heavily applied a soft, brown eyeshadow and her pouty lips glistened wetly in a dark red shade. Mandy was wearing a tiny, black lace babydoll, her wonderful boobs spilling out over the cups, her cute little ass barely covered by the material of her lingerie.

She walked slowly to side of my bed and lowered her lips to mine, softly kissing me, her tongue darting into my mouth as her hand slid tantalizingly up the inside of my leg.

"I got a new movie for us to watch." I told her as our lips smacked.

"You do!" she purred in response, her eyebrows arching playfully. Well . . . I can't wait to see it, Baby!"

Mandy fluffed a pillow and sat up against the headboard as I grabbed the remote and settled in next to her. The movie started with Janet, the internet MILF, and a young, heavily muscled black man seated next to one another on a couch. She was dressed in a sheer nightie and was wearing a sexy pair of animal print bedroom slippers with stiletto heels.

"I love her shoes." Mandy commented.

Janet was passionately kissing the young man as she undid his baggy jeans, lowering his zipper and releasing his long, black snake.

I glanced at my wife to gauge her reaction. She smiled sweetly, and giggled, "Oh, my!!" her beautiful eyes twinkling, clearly impressed with his size.

Janet got to her knees and pulled his pants off while he shrugged out of his T-shirt. She stroked his big monster to life and ran her mouth up and down his thick shaft before dropping her jaw and working the bulbous head of his cock into her mouth. As she began to bob her head up and down, I slowly reached between my wife's legs. She quickly spread them apart to allow me to get to her pussy. My fingers easily pushed through her already wet lips and I began to work the smooth tunnel of her snatch, her ass rolling on the mattress in response to my touch.

"Jesus . . . Look at he size of that guy." I whispered in her ear. "Can you imagine what that would feel like inside of you?" as I worked her harder with my fingers.

A tiny moan escaped Mandy's lips, her eyes glued to the flat screen as Janet sucked the young man's egg-sized balls as she stroked him, her hand unable to encircle his impressive girth.

When Janet started to fuck the guy, Mandy slid down lower on the bed, spreading her legs and reaching for me. As I pushed inside her, she drove her hips off the mattress to meet my thrusts, fucking me with an urgency that had been missing for quite sometime. She pulled my lips to hers, tongue extending, her breathing heavy and I pounded into her, loving the fact the movie had gotten her so turned on.

"That's it, Baby! . . . God . . . Yes, Baby! . . . That's it . . . Right there . . . Right . . .!!!!!!"

Mandy's body suddenly lurched below me as her orgasm hit, squeezing me so tightly I could barely continue my thrusts.

"FFFFFFuuuuuuccccckkkk!!!!!!" she screamed, her sexy body moving eagerly beneath me, her heart pounding in her chest, her slender legs wrapped around me.

Later, as we were trading soft kisses, my wife laughed and asked "Do you think we can watch that again?"


We began to use the video quite often when we made love, Mandy even breaking her own rule about watching porn when the kids were home. Quite a few times, she would lock the doors to our bedroom, turn the volume all the way down, and quietly fuck me while she was on top, positioning herself so that she could see the screen.

The first phase had been a rousing success, so I returned to the internet for help implementing Phase II.

I laughed out loud when I pulled the dildo out of its packaging. Black and thick, at least 10 inches long, it had an almost comically pronounced helmet-shaped head, and a series of veins running down its shaft. Although Mandy had a tiny vibrator she would sometimes let me use on her nipples or her clit, I had some concerns as to what her reaction would be to this monster. Recognizing that I had to at least try Phase II before moving on the the last phase, I pressed on.

I made sure the kids were out of the house and Mandy was eagerly waiting for me on the bed. Looking fantastic in a short,black satin robe, her toenails recently done in blood red, I had told her that I had another video from Janet's web-site and she was looking forward to seeing what new adventures she had in store for us.

Janet and a gorgeous blonde MILF were slowly undressing a well built young man, black of course, their hands gently caressing his smooth, toned body as his clothes disappeared. Janet pulled his boxers to the floor revealing a big, thick cock that quickly responded to her practiced touch.

"Jesus . . .!" my wife whispered softly. "He's even bigger than the last guy!!"

She positioned herself so that I could work her with my fingers, her pussy already wet from the performance we were watching.

Later, when the young man on the screen eased his fat shaft into the blonde MILf and started to slowly fuck her, I asked my wife,"Looks like she's really enjoying that . . . don't you think?" My wife groaned in agreement, her ass wiggling on the bed.

I took a deep breath and leaned over my side of the bed, pulling out the big dildo, showing it to my wife with a questioning look on my face.

"What do you think you're going to do with that?" she asked, her eyes open in alarm.

"I thought you might like to try it . . . You know . . . to give you some idea as to what it would be like with a guy this size."

"Aaaah . . . Baby, I don't know . . . " she responded, I could see that she was interested, but also concerned.

"C'mon . . . We'll go real easy . . . see if you can get used to it."

My wife hesitated a few seconds, then spread her legs as I lowered the bulbous head of the dildo towards her kitty. To both our suprise, it pushed easily past her swollen pussy lips and I sunk about half its long shaft into her before pausing. Mandy inhaled sharply, her eyes wide, then I began moving it slowly, little by little feeding her more of the gigantic plastic cock. I eventually got into a pretty steady rhythm and I could tell that she was getting plenty worked up. Her tight little ass was squirming on the bed, her face flushed, mouth open as he moaned.

"OOOOooooohhh . . . Shit!! That feels great, Baby . . . OOOOooohhh Fuck!!"

Knowing she was close, I pulled my hands away, leaving the dildo deep in her sloppy pussy. Mandy quickly grabbed it and started to fuck herself, my own cock now painfully hard at the sight.

She was thrusting the big, black dildo hard into her cunt with one hand while rubbing her swollen clit with the other, her feet flat on the bed. I could tell that she was close.

"AAAAaaaaaahhhhhh . . . MMMmmmmyyyyyy!!!" she stammered as she climaxed, still continuing to fuck herself. "OOOooohhhh . . . MMmmyyy . . . GGGggggaaaaawwwddddd!!!!!!!"

I smiled as I watched her recover, her breathing slowly returning to normal. When the didlo finally slid from her pussy, I leaned in to kiss her softly on the lips. I needed to plant the seed, and now was as good as time as any.

"I think you really liked that . . . In fact, I know that you did!" I grinned down at her.

"MmmmmHHmmmmm!!!" Mandy responded dreamily, her chest still heaving.

"Wouldn't you like to try that for real some time, . . . with a guy that big?"

My wife's features changed abruptly.

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying, . . . maybe we could find somebody like the guy in the video to come over to the house . . . "

"Are you out of your god-damned mind?! I'm not going to cheat on you with some . . . "

"It wouldn't be cheating . . . You'd be doing it with my consent . . . I could even be in the room . . . if you wanted . . . "

"You have lost your fucking mind . . . I thought this was all some new game you wanted to try . . . but I never imagined that you had anything this crazy in mind!!"

"Just think about it . . . Okay? . . . "

"No . . . I'm not thinking about it . . . In fact, . . . you can take your movies . . . and your toy cock . . . and go fuck yourself!!!"

Mandy lept from the bed and slammed the bathroom door behind her. Clearly not the response I had hoped for, but not entirely unexpected either. I knew that what we had been doing was exciting for her, and I hoped this was just a minor setback.

My wife was very upset with me for several days, but finally started to come around. Our lovemaking returned to form, enjoyable but missing a certain something, but I knew better than to try and reintroduce Janet's videos or the black dildo.

I was gone for a week on business, and when I returned I was getting ready to watch the last season of The Shield on DVD. I was more than a little suprised to find a disc with one of Janet's exploits already loaded.

I looked under the bed for the dildo and couldn't find it in the bag I had stashed it in. On a whim, I opened my wife's underwear drawer and found the ebony monster buried under her sexy thongs. I immediately got hard at the thought of my beautiful wife wathing Janet getting ravaged by a young, muscular black man as she fucked herself with the monsterous plastic dick.

At that point, I decided to move to the final phase.


I got on Craig's List and was stunned at the number of guys listing their services. There were easily one hundred guys in our general area alone who fit the demographic I had in mind. I contacted about a dozen by e-mail before reducing the list down to four that I arranged to meet in person.

It was clear after meeting Micah Graham that he was the guy. Just 24 years old, he was a teacher and an assistant football coach at Middleton High School. Since our children went to the local Catholic school, I had neither seen or met him before.

He had been a decent running back at Louisville before a high ankle sprain ended his senior year. Just over six feet tall, he was still carrying about 215 pounds of solid muscle, with the broad shoulders and thick legs you would associate with an athlete of his pedigree. He was clean shaven with light mocha skin, a quick friendly smile and soft, brown eyes.

We had a frank, calm discussion about what I was after, making it seem more like a business arrangement than a stud service. I was curious as to how he had found himself offering his skills on-line, so I asked him.

Micah laughed, admitting that it certainly wasn't something he had aspired to when he was younger, and went on to explain.

He said he had first been approached by one of his coaches in college, initially just inviting him over for meals with his wife and family. Thinking nothing of it, he quickly accepted the offer of a home-cooked meal. After becoming a regular visitor to the home, he was more than a little suprised when the coach asked him if he might like to sleep with his little blonde wife.

Seeing his shocked impression, both the coach and his sexy wife told him to relax, explaining that she was a "Hot Wife." Micah came to understand that there was a large community of couples who enjoyed having their wives sleep with other men, and that young, black men were in particularly high demand. Neither spouse considered it cheating, and he was suprised at how there seemed to be no trace of jealousy among the husbands of the wives that he went on to service.

He then told me a story that had happened recently. It involving one of his player's father's who had arranged a tryst with Micah and his wife. She had started calling him to see if they could get together without her husband's involvement. It seemed important for Micah to make clear to me that he felt that this would be a breach of his agreement with the husband, and he wouldn't go down that road.

His price was easily met, and he worked with me on a backstory after I told him that I wasn't sure if my wife would go through with it. He assured me that he had been in this position with previous couples and that the vast majority of them had come around quite nicely.

We shook hands after setting a time and place for our plan, and then he asked me.

"Is this more for your wife . . . or for you?"

I stopped and thought about that. His question certainly had merit, but I hadn't spent really any time examining my motivation. I thought a bit longer and asked him.

"Does it matter?"

"Not to me . . . It's just I want to make sure your head is in the right place if this goes down."

I thanked him and told him I was completely on board, and we both stood up from the table. As I drove home, I thought more about what he had asked, and the first tiny shred of doubt crept into my mind.


I took Mandy into the city to Chanel's one of her favorite restaurants. It had a very intimate decor, leopard print carpet and soft lighting that always seemed to make her horny. Then again, maybe it was all the great wine we would usually consume when there.

Mandy looked fucking incredible in a blue, sleeveless, sheath dress with a mock turtle neck, her tanned and toned shoulders and great legs on display, her make-up expertly applied. She had her long hair pulled back in a tight pony tail and the effect was devastating, her deep eyes and chiseled features made even more dramatic.

The owner was an old friend, and she made sure that we had the best service, sending over a couple bottles of Oregon Pinot that were superb. Mandy had a great little buzz going as they cleared away our plates, and, as if on cue, Micah appeared at our table.

"Hey, Tom . . . How are you doing, Man?" he asked as he offered his hand.

I stood to shake his hand, returning his greeting. "Micah . . . Good to see you." I made the introductions.

"Mandy . . . This is Micah. He and I always seem to end up next to each other on the treadmills at the gym. Micah . . . my wife Mandy."

Micah locked his eyes onto Mandy's as he took her hand in both of his big mitts.

"Nice to meet you." I saw her eyes open with interest as she returned his smile, Micah holding her hand a couple beats longer than necessary.

I insisted that he join us for a drink, over his objection of course, and as he sat down I noticed Mandy watching him intently as we made small talk. He was good, I'll give him that, warm and charming, he soon had us both laughing as if he were a old friend.

I ordered another bottle of wine, and made excuses to leave the two of them alone at the table for extended periods of time. Across the room, I would watch as Micah worked his magic. Mandy, for the most part, seemed engaging and polite, but it wasn't like she was giving him a handjob under the table or anything (Something she had done for me a time or two. Did I mention that I love my wife?) Still, I was encouraged.

When I returned from my most recent absence, Mandy was taking a long drink from her wine glass. A pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 120s was on the table in front of her, topped by a tiny silver lighter. When she reached for her cigarettes, Micah quickly grabbed the lighter. "Please . . . Allow me."

Mandy smiled sweetly as she cracked the top of the hard pack, flipping one of the long, white cigarettes between her fingers. Slowly, she brought the cigarette to her wetly shining lips, leaning forward and bringing its tip to the flame he had struck. She dragged deeply, and tilted her chin upward, releasing a long, thin stream towards the ceiling.

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