tagLoving WivesMy Wife, Jeb and Me

My Wife, Jeb and Me


It all started out innocent enough, my wife Jill had started talking to Jeb online and they got to be friends, we had already been to his house once before. We met his mom, girlfriend and him spending a couple hours there just talking getting to know one another.

I have to admit that even as we left that day I wondered if things would ever go any farther with the three of us, my wife and I both didn't really care for Jeb's girlfriend so I wasn't even thinking about her joining us in my mind.

All my dreams were of Jeb, my wife and me, in bed together with me and Jeb teasing her, pinching her nipples, sucking them, playing with her clit, fingering her pussy getting her wet and horny then taking turns fucking her hot pussy.

We had made plans to go back and visit Jeb over the 4th of July and even had plans to stay the night so my mind was in high gear wondering if my dream would come true. I was thinking about how it would look seeing Jeb's cock in my wife's pussy, sliding in and out of her. I was getting horny just thinking about it even now.

I didn't want to approach the subject with my wife because she is kind of shy and I wasn't sure how she even felt about letting two guys fuck her, see her naked and all that, so to say I was hoping she would start things on her own was what I was dreaming about will help to explain my dilemma.

We had arrived at Jeb's house and spent most of the day in the expected way, cook out, sitting chatting just enjoying a relaxing day visiting with Jeb.

It was getting late now and we were in his living room sitting on his sofa, I had made sure to put my wife in the middle of us just to see her reaction and watch Jeb to see if he might look at her ample breast, maybe with a little lust in his eye.

Well we were sitting there talking and Jeb was enjoying the view he was getting of my wife's tits with her low cut top showing her cleavage for him to enjoy, I could see him squirming because his cock was getting hard so I knew he was thinking about what it might be like to see my wife naked, and I think he was hoping to fuck her if he could.

By this time my cock was at full attention, needing to be set free, sucked and to shoot a big load of cum into my wife's hot pussy.

About this time my wife says she needs to go to the bathroom and gets up and leaves the room, Jeb looks over at me and says, "Man she has some nice tits. I would love to see them, suck them, I bet she has a really hot pussy too, man I would love to bury my cock in her pussy."

I look at him and smile, and then I say, "I was wondering about that, I know you guys talk online a lot so I have to admit that I have often wondered if you had talked about having sex with each other."

He smiles at me and says, "She has told me a couple times she would like to fuck me but that she has never cheated on you and that it was just a fantasy, something to make her nice and horny for you. I will admit she gets me so horny when we talk I have to jack off, just thinking about fucking her makes me so hot and horny I can't help myself."

Well about the time he says that we both turn and see my wife standing there listening to us talk with the biggest smile on her face, she then looks over at me and I look at her smile and wink then lick my lips wondering what she is thinking.

It doesn't take me long to find out because at that very moment she reaches and pulls her top off over her head allowing us a nice view of her tits still trapped in her bra, then she reaches up and unclasps her bra, setting her nice tits free, her nipples getting hard from the cool air and her thinking about what's about to take place.

She then slips her pants and panties off her nice ass and onto the floor and is now standing in front of us nude with a huge smile on her face.

Well, Jeb and me almost break the speed record for taking clothes off, so now she is looking at two hard cocks just waiting to be pleased, she comes over and sits back on the couch with us on either side of her, then she looks at us and say's ok guys lets have a little fun.

Jeb and me start sucking on her nipples and rubbing her body with our hands. She takes our cocks in her hands and starts to stroke them moaning as we continue our teasing her tits and as we take turns playing with her clit and sliding a finger into her now dripping wet pussy.

Jeb looks at us and says, "Why don't we go to the bedroom where we can have a little more room to play and tease?" So we get up with Jeb leading the way and go to his bedroom.

We get on his bed with my wife between us on her back, we both take a nipple in our mouth and start rubbing and teasing our way toward her dripping wet pussy.

She lets out a moan as Jeb flicks her clit with his finger then slips it into her wetness, I am sucking her nipple and kissing her lips telling her how wet her pussy looks. She moans and asks me to let Jeb fuck her pussy.

I smile and say, "Baby you know I have dreamed of this day for a long time."

So Jeb gets between her legs and slides his cock deep into her pussy as I suck on her nipples and reaching between them I finger her clit while Jeb is sliding his cock in and out of her pussy.

She is moaning telling us she is going to cum on Jeb's cock, he starts going faster, pounding her harder and faster as her orgasm reaches it's peak, she moans then she yells, "Oh my god, I'm cumming baby I am cumming on Jeb's cock."

He is driving into her like a mad man, shoving his cock as deep as it will go into her, his body covered in sweat as he empties his balls deep into her pussy, he groans as his cock jumps inside her releasing his cum, shooting deep into her hot cunt making her orgasm again as he sends his load into her.

He finishes his assault on her and rolls off her onto the bed, she looks over at me and then taking my face in her hands she says, "Fuck me baby, please fuck me hard."

I take her and turn her on her hands and knee's on the edge of the bed and slide my cock into her cum soaked pussy and start driving my cock as fast and as deep as I can into her, my balls making a slapping sound with every stroke.

She has reached over and is stroking Jeb's cock back to life as I pound into her cunt. His cum has made it extra wet so I can really drive my cock deep into her waiting pussy. She is moaning, telling me how she likes having a big hard cock in her pussy, telling me how she really likes having two big cocks to punish her wet pussy.

I am getting closer to filling her with cum as she reaches and takes Jeb's cock into her mouth and starts sucking him fully hard again. I can't stand it any longer so I explode into her filling her cunt with cum, my body shaking with every blast of cum going into her pussy.

I slip out of her as she lays back over onto the bed, Jeb then slides in between her legs, slips his now hard cock into her again and starts slowly fucking her drenching wet pussy slipping in and out of her as I sit watching, watching another man fuck my wife.

She is moaning and flushed from having cum so much, watching his cock sliding into her has my cock stirring again but I can't take my eyes off her cunt filled with his cock, I reach and pinch her nipples with my fingers, roll them around in my fingers, I can tell this makes her even hotter, in the mean time Jeb is fucking her pussy faster by now his balls full of another load of cum, he pounds into her seeking his release, I see his body tense as he shoots his cum deep into her pussy, he shivers as his cock spasms inside her, she is moaning cumming on his cock as he drives it deep into her.

He finishes and rolls over beside her, she smiles and licks her lips then looking at me she says, "I think I want to suck you dry baby." She rolls over and takes my cock into her mouth and starts rolling her tongue over and around it. As she sucks my cock into her mouth, taking her hand she strokes my balls as she continues to suck my cock, I feel my balls start to tingle.

I lay back to enjoy the wonderful blow job I am getting when I notice Jeb's cock has gotten hard again. He lays down behind my wife and starts sliding his hard cock up between her legs aiming for her tight ass as he goes. She catches her breath as his cock slips into her ass, with all the cum she was well lubricated so Jeb had no trouble plowing right into her virgin ass with his cock.

He goes slow, working his way deeper into her ass as she continues to suck on my cock. When he reaches as deep as he can go Jeb stops and allows her ass to adjust to the big cock stretching it before he starts working it in and out of her ass.

She moans on my cock as he starts to pump her tight ass. Slowly he slips in and out of her ass, her sucking has reached a whole different level now, she is sucking faster, taking more of my cock into her mouth, my balls are on fire as she draws me ever closer to filling her mouth with my cum.

Jeb is in full fuck mode now as he speeds up his assault on her ass. She is moaning with his every stroke, I feel my cock getting fuller, I tell her, "Baby I'm about to cum." She doesn't even slow down or move her mouth as she drinks all my cum down, sucking me dry, drinking every last drop,

About this time Jeb fills her ass with his cum shooting into her virgin ass, moaning and telling her how very tight her ass is around his cock.

We finish, Jeb's cock slips out of her ass as I lay down in front of her kissing her. I tell her how very much I love her, tell her she is such a good lover and how very much I have enjoyed this evening with her.

After she relaxes for a while she gets up and heads to take a shower and clean up for the night.

We had a night to remember is not really a good description of all that went on but it will be a night to remember for a long time to come.

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