tagLoving WivesMy Wife Joan Ch. 02

My Wife Joan Ch. 02


In the first part of the story Bob has found the beautiful highly sexed Joan and they have discovered Bob is aroused by seeing her fucked by another man or having her tell about her many sexual experiences. They have just enjoyed their first threesome with Dale, a well hung workmate of Joan’s who has offered to share his wife. Sally, with Bob and Joan.

We lay on the bed and caressed each other and I told her about Dale’s offer. She told me she had seen Sally and she was a knockout and a flirt had very large tits and a nice ass but she was about 10 years older than Dale. I told her I liked older women but I thought she was all I could handle.

“Oh would my mother be to old for you” She exclaimed.

“I think your moms a very sexy woman Joan but you wouldn’t want me fucking her would you?” I replied.

“I’d love you to give her a good fucking. Since her boyfriend found another woman she has been unhappy and bitchy. Since she first saw you she has been after me to give her a chance to seduce you. You have to understand she has known for years about my cousins, she caught us once and she has been buying birth control pills for me for years. When she asked about you I told her how great you are. Also since Dads

Left, I guess he is divorcing her, she has been wearing her vibrator out. You could move in with us and save what you spend on rent now. She is really nice and I wish you would give her a chance.”

“What if we wanted to have Dale or another man like we did tonight” I Asked.

“Don’t worry about that. I can wrap her around my finger and so could you. We might need an extra man to keep her happy though” She replied. I told her we would give it a try tomorrow.

The next afternoon when I stopped at Joan’s they were both in Victoria’s Secret type outfits. She asked me to give her mother a nice kiss I immediately had an erection. Mom walked over to kiss me and felt my hard cock. As I took her in my arms she put her hand on my cock and held it as she French kissed me and pressed her magnificent tits into my breast. I began fondling her breasts and put my hand between her legs. Her panties were open crotch and her pussy was so wet it was dripping.

Joan asked: “Is it ok with you Bob if we all get in bed together? Mom said that’s what she would like. “Lets go” I said.

Mom, whose name is Carol, unzipped Bob’s pants, undid his belt and pulled his trousers and shorts down. She gasped and said:”God its huge I don’t know if I can take that!” “Oh mother I came out of your vagina I must have been bigger than Bob’s prick” Replied Joan.

“I’m sure going to try but will you go slow and easy with me Bob? Carol asked.

I assured her I would be careful and she lay on the bed and spread her legs out. I lay between her legs and begun rubbing the head of my cock over her wet vulva. Soon I was beginning to press it slowly into her waiting cunt.

“Relax mother your just tense and making yourself tighter” Joan urged.

Now Carol was pushing against his hard cock and it was sliding into her. “God it feels wonderful Bob fuck the shit out of me you motherfucker” Carol screamed.

After slow stroking his huge instrument into Carol for a few minutes Bob rolled Carol over so she was on top of him without loosing a stroke.

“Now you can control how deeply it penetrates mom” Bob whispered to her.

She was moaning with pleasure now and her cunt soon engulfed all of his very hard prick. Joan climbed onto the behind her mother and started licking her asshole and forcing her tongue into it.

“Oh god that does feel good Joan but Bob will think we are a couple of lesbians.” Carol said.

“Mother if you had invited me to join in on some of the good fucks you had with your boyfriends you would have had your ass and your cunt eaten out by me long before this. I could never do it with out a man present. It would have seemed perverted to me.” Joan explained.

Joan now squirted baby oil up her mother’s asshole and began finger fucking it. She soon had four fingers all the way in her anus. Carol was reaching a climax and told me to shoot my cum into her but I wasn’t ready to come yet.

“Get back here and fuck her ass Bob dear while she is good and hot.” Joan suggested.

I got on my knees behind her and got the head of my cock into her hot ass before she realized what I was doing.

“Oh god that hurts bad oh it is killing me, oh it hurts but good yes yes I love it fuck my tight little asshole with your monster cock. Joan climbed under her and began eating out her wet pussy and Carol was reaching one climax after the other as I shot my cum deep into her rectum. Joan mixed us a drink and as we lay on the bed recovering Carol kept thanking us for including her in our sexual activities. Joan told her about the promise she had made to me yesterday and told her if she wanted us to live with her she had to make me the same promise. Carol said she would be glad to make the same promise to me and did so very solemnly then Joan told her about our experiences with Dale and how hot it made me to see her get fucked. Carol wanted to know if I would like to see her being fucked too. I assured her it would as I played with her lovely tits. Joan said she hoped her tits got as big as her mothers when she got older and told me they were 42 DD. I had thought they were the results of plastic surgery they were so perfect and no sag at all.

Joan asked Carol to tell me about her most erotic fuck explaining to her how hot I got hearing about her fucking escapades. Carol asked if her adventures would affect me the same way. I assured her they would and that I considered her my second wife now. She told me she loved me and told the following story

When I was about 17 my Uncle John was staying with us. He is my Dad’s brother but younger, at that time he was about 30. I wasn’t a virgin then but I guess I was the closest thing to it that could exist. My boyfriend and I had been dating about 2 years and for most of that time we had been having sex. I would only have to touch his cock and he would ejaculate. His cock was very small, about 5 inches long and less than 1 inch thick. We were afraid to do it without a rubber and the condom was so loose on his little dick it would sometimes come off when we started fucking. I would guess that the longest fuck we ever had was less than 2 minutes. He was shocked by the idea of oral sex so that was out for us. I was embarrassed to masturbate in front of him so I could hardly wait to get home to masturbate after our dates. All this had left me so frustrated and horny that I was obsessed with sex.

I came home from school early one day, skipping a few classes to masturbate on my bed. I came in the back door quietly hoping to get to my room without mother seeing me. I was about to the bathroom door in the hall when I heard strange noises from the bathroom and noticed the light was on in there. The door was ajar so I peeked through the crack at the hinge side of the door. My mother was naked and bent over from the hips with her hands on the edge of the bathtub. My Uncle John was standing behind her stroking his huge cock into her gaping wet cunt. He was also without cloths and was muscular and handsome. From where I stood I had a perfect view of the action. Moms big firm breasts were bouncing from the thrusting of John’s huge prick. John moistened his fingers with saliva and began working one finger into my moms exposed asshole. She said “Oh That’s nice yes keep doing that John finger fuck my butt honey, it makes me so hot”

John now had worked 2 fingers deep into her rectum and was fucking them in and out without missing a stroke of his big cock into her sloppy pussy. My hand was between my legs by now and my cunt was so hot and wet I knew I would cum in just seconds. “If you want to fuck my ass John get the baby oil out of the cabinet and squirt a good shot up my ass, we use it all the time it works much better than KY jelly”

John Said “ Kathy you know I always want to get my cock into your ass. It’s so much tighter than any other

I have ever fucked.

When he pulled his monster cock all the way out of mom’s cunt and I saw the full length of it I almost gave myself away by gasping but they were so busy they didn’t notice. He forced the end of the bottle and squeezed it oiling up her rectal passage. He put the throbbing head of his cock and pressed it against her rosebud and it entered easily. As he pushed it slowly into the depth of her bowels he asked her if she had asked his brother (my dad) about them having a threesome again this visit. She told him yes as he knew dad loved to see her get fucked, but with Carol in the house he was undecided. I told him it was time we started including Carol in our sexual activities anyway that she was horny all the time and would get herself pregnant if we didn’t.

When I heard this I was ecstatic, but I thought I better move fast before a decision I didn’t like was made. I walked into the bathroom and said I agree with you mother dear and I want to start getting included right now as I started undressing. I really startled them they jumped apart, johns cock plopping out of moms asshole with a noise like a cork coming out of a bottle. They recovered quickly and both started hugging me and helping me undress. Mother said “lets all get in the shower together then go to the bedroom clean shall we. She seemed embarrassed at me seeing her being ass fucked but got over it soon

Mother hugged me and kissed me and put her tongue into my mouth so I put mine in hers too. John was soaping our tits and asses and it felt so good and when his hand found its way to my crotch I thought I would faint with pleasure. I grasped John’s turgid prick in my soapy hand and felt it grow rapidly to The massive throbbing prick of my dreams. Mom suggested we finish our shower before John fucked me without protection.

On the way to the bedroom Mom told me she would start me right now on her birth control pills but we would have to use condoms for now. She gave me the pill and got a box of condoms and KY jelly from the nightstand. They both began sucking my nipples which were swollen and hard. John moved slowly down my belly licking and kissing until he was on my clit. I told them I wanted to suck John lovely prick and they smiled, I’m sure because they didn’t think I could. I had never had a cock in my mouth before but had wanted to so I had practiced on a soft rubber dildo until I learned to control my gag reflex and get it all the way down my throat. They were surprised when his massive prick disappeared entirely in my mouth. I had to explain to them. I was so hot but had come so many times watching them in the bathroom, and wanted his cock in me so bad that I was determined not to come again until He started fucking me. I noticed mom rolling a rubber over his huge cock. It sure wasn’t loose on him, it was stretched so tight you wouldn’t notice it was on but for the ring around the base of it. Mom was now spreading jelly on my hot vulva and squeezing some up my cunt. Mom said “ John I think she is ready for your cock now but do insert it gently at first. He was rubbing the head of his tool over my labia and clit and now began to press it into the opening to my vagina. I pulled my knees up to my chest to give him better access and he supported himself with his arms as he slowly entered my quivering cunt, going in an inch or so then withdrawing about half that before pressing it in again another inch. Soon I could feel his swollen testicles pressing hard on my ass. Mom said “Oh Carol I didn’t think you would be able to take his fell length especially in your position which allows deeper penetration. John how does it feel to have your cock in a really tight cunt? I bet it’s far tighter than my asshole.” Kathy your asshole is the tightest thing I have ever had my prick in including your daughters cunt.” John replied. He was now rapidly stroking his hot cock the full length of my vagina and I was in a state of virtually continuous organism. I could see mom standing by the edge of the bed and playing with her wet pussy. She started talking dirty to us. “fuck your hot little niece fuck her hard you giant cocked motherfucker, Fuck her the way you fuck her mother, tell her how you fuck the shit out of her mom with her dad watching jacking off his big fat prick. Oh John I need your cock soon.” I loved hearing this dirty talk from my mother and it made me come in a violent spasm.

“If you are ok Carol it looks like your mom needs my cock for a while” John said.

I agreed and mother took my place on the bed kneeling where I had lain. John got behind her and standing on the bed with his knees bent positioned his throbbing prick at her anus and began pushing it into her rectum. I got on the bed and got my head between moms legs, which she spread widely for me and looking up at John’s massive cock plunging into her asshole I started licking and sucking her pussy. Mom started moaning and groaning then said. “Carol that is so nice I just love it, can you squeeze my nipples too? Yes that’s good but harder real hard, John I ready to come if you want to cum in my ass do I love the feeling.”

After we had showered again and mom had fixed us a highball. I was surprised she gave me one too, we went to the living room and sat on the divan. Mom told us we had to devise a plan to get dad to accept the fact that I was to be included in their sexual activities. John suggested Carol seducing him. Mom said that might be best because even if it failed it might convince him it was high time they gave her a satisfactory sexual outlet. John said “When Joe (that’s my dad’s name) gets a few drinks in him and smokes a joint or two he would fuck a snake if it would give him a chance.” They asked me what I thought about it and I said I thought it would work if they got him hi and could make him think we were alone for the night. So we agreed on that.

When John got home Kathy fixed him a few strong drinks and asked him to smoke a joint with her and then take her to bed for a good fuck. They smoked a few joints and he had several more drinks. We had it planned for John to call on his cell phone at exactly 6 o’clock so by then mom had him in there room and had striped for him and sucked his cock for a few minutes when the phone rang and mom answered she

told him it was an emergency her sister was sick and she was going over to spend the night, John was gone for a day or two visiting friends and that I was cooking his supper. They really didn’t leave the house but the two of them locked themselves into a spare bedroom.

Right after mom ran out of the room I knocked and started in. He yelled for me to wait a second as we figured being aroused like that he would be jacking off. We wanted to prevent that so as soon as he got his pants on I barged in and threw my arms around him and told him I was cooking dinner and it was almost ready. I drug him downstairs and fixed him another strong drink. Mom had dressed me in very low cut blouse, push up bra, really short skirt that would show my bare ass and cunt when I bent over. I got him to come into the kitchen with me and began opening low drawers and picking up things so I would really expose myself to him. As soon as I saw the huge bulge in his pants I rushed over and planted myself in his lap and kissed him. I saw him looking down at my exposed nipples and felt his prick getting even bigger under my ass. I squirmed around and put my hand on his hard cock and French kissed him, I unbuttoned his pants while my tongue was deep in his mouth and he was starting to push his tongue into mine. When I got his massive prick free I immediately fell to my knees and got his big prick into my mouth and started deep-throating it. After a few minutes I knew I had him hooked and I led him to the couch in the living room. I

Pulled his pants off and striped myself and knelt on the couch bending over to give him a clear view of my harry pussy and tiny rosebud. He immediately started ramming his huge instrument into my vagina. I asked him to go easy as I had never had such a big cock. This was true because he was much fatter than John’s big cock bun quite as long. After he got it all the way in it was magnificent but I was afraid we would get carried away and I didn’t want to get pregnant.

I pulled away from him, his prick made a gushing sound as it pulled out of my tight vagina. I told him we needed a condom and he led me to his and moms bedroom closing the door behind us. As he started after the rubbers I quietly opened the door again knowing mom and John would like to watch. I hurried over to the bed and grabbed his cock and started sucking it before he could get the condom on. As I slowly engulfed his cock in my mouth I licked long and hard on the underside of it as I fondled his huge balls and let my finger push a little way into his anus. As his cock began completely disappearing into my mouth I began working my finger into his rectum. With violent jerks he started pumping his sperm down my throat. When he was all through I pulled my mouth off his massive prick. I saw Mom and John coming into the room at the same time daddy did, he looked terrified until he saw the big smiles on their faces then he smiled too.

Some other time I’ll tell you about some of my other experiences with my family at another time. My story did seem to affect you as Joan’s does with extreme hard erections. I think its Joan’s turn so lets get busy and take care of my loving daughter’s sexual needs.

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