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My Wife Loves It


Feeling a jostle in the bed I awoke to an odd red flashing in the room. Turning my head a bit I noticed the clock on the nightstand flashing 12:00, 12:00, 12:00 over and over again. The red flashing gave an eerie feel to the room and I noticed odd shadows flickering off the walls and ceilings as if people were moving about all around me. Yes I could feel it in the bed, motion, a rhythmic motion.

I looked over at the mirror and saw what looked like candles, all at different heights, burning at different intensities. Above the candles I could see a reflection, a blonde woman... my wife, yes my wife. I could only see her reflection from about the waist up, but she was bouncing up and down vigorously, her breasts and hair seemed to flounce about, that is until a pair of hands came up, clasped her breasts and squeezed.

Sound, yes I heard a strange wet slapping sound the matched the rhythm of my wife's bouncing. I remember that slapping sound, how she sounded when we fucked hard, usually with her on top, but she wasn't on top of me now. I turned my head to the other side and yes, there she was, her incredible ass moving up and down above some guys legs. As she moved up I could just make out his balls beneath her, they glistened in her wetness.

My eyes were focusing a bit better, more accustomed to the flashing light. My wife continued bouncing up and down on some guy's cock, occasionally reaching her hand around and running her fingernails over his wet balls. I remembered how that used to feel, whenever she did that to me I'd be coming in seconds.

Oh damn, sure enough, this guy was coming too, at least that's the way it looked as he moaned loudly, raised his hips and drove himself into her. Yeah he was coming, but that didn't stop my wife, she kept sliding up and down his shaft, calling out now, "Oh yeah, come on, give it to me. Just a little bit longer."

The man's cum ran down his cock as it flowed from my wife's pussy and pooled on his lap and balls. He groaned, as if in agony as he tried to hang on, to keep himself inside my wife, at least until she came. "Fuck," I thought as she came, something she always complained I could never make her do. But she came now, moaning loudly, grinding her pussy on he man under her. After a few minutes of grinding, she leaned back, slid her ass onto the bed and rested back on her elbows.

The man she just finished fucking crawled out from under her and another dove in head first, loudly lapping at her sopping wet pussy. Feeling dizzy, I watched her face as it contorted in ecstasy, a look I had never seen. I felt a sharp stinging in my gut as my wife reached her hands down and began running her fingers through the man's hair. Raising her hips, she began fucking this man's face like I've never seen any woman do before.

"Fuck," my wife was fucking and being eaten like never before and she was loving it. The pain grew sharper for me and I felt the room starting to spin. I heard a strange gurgling but realized it was the man gasping for breath, nearly drowning in my wife's juices. She cried out again, "Oh I'm coming, yes, yes..." but everything went black for me.

Light, red flashing again as I open my eyes. A man is standing on my bed, his legs are spread wide, his balls swinging back and forth banging... banging on my wife's chin as she takes his cock deep into her mouth and then lets it slide back out. She sucks hard on the cock, but is moving her hips too. Wait, she is straddling a man's face, pumping her pussy over it as she slides her mouth up and down on this cock.

It seems just a few seconds and the man arches his back as my wife, chokes a bit, spilling some white froth from between her lips before she regains her composure and swallows hard again and again. I watch the man's ball sack tighten as he pumps her mouth full of cum.

The pain in me seems a bit duller now, and I can't breathe too well. My wife moves her mouth from the guys cock, strokes it with her hand a bit and then sucks the last droplets of cum from the tip, she then releases him, moving her attention to the man between her legs. "Oh god, I love it, I love it," she moaned.

The flashing light seems to fade and I hear a strange ringing while my wife cries, "Oh yes again, yes, yes..." Then there is silence as I look down on the bed. My wife is writhing in orgasmic ecstasy as one man eats her pussy and the other sucks on her nipples. My body has a large red stain on the chest where a knife protrudes. I try to whisper goodbye, but my wife is too busy loving to hear me.

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