tagLoving WivesMy Wife Madison and the Twins

My Wife Madison and the Twins


Some time ago, a friend of mine invited my wife Madison and me to a camping trip. It was something of a big deal; some of his other friends planned the whole thing, and they were expecting a turnout of over eighty people. Each person in that core group invited friends from other circles, who in turn were welcome to invite others.

The trip was planned a year in advance, and we RSVP'd immediately. I'm an outdoors kind of guy, and my wife likes people — especially other sociable people. It was perfect for us. Even when my friend bailed two months before the event, we decided we'd still like to go.

The day we drove out was excessively warm, and that's putting it mildly. We got to the park at about ten in the morning, and it was already ninety degrees out, with a high humidity to match.

"Babe," my wife said as we started pulling our gear out from the truck, "I'm just gonna take off my shirt. Is that weird?"

"No," I said. "I'm gonna go without a shirt, myself." She was wearing a bikini under her t-shirt and shorts, so I didn't think anything of it.

I watched her pull her shirt off while I continued to unload the truck, taking in her beauty. We're both in our late twenties, and we take care of ourselves. We eat right, we exercise. Combined with the naturally good looks Madison's blessed with, our efforts have worked well for her. She's gorgeous, and I take pride in having married her.

We don't typically go to outings where swimwear is appropriate, so her blue-and-white bikini top was new to me, and while I'd helped her tie the strings together that morning, I hadn't been able to see how it looked from the front. But I stopped what I was doing to look then. It was pretty ordinary, as far as bikinis go; it was her full, firm tits that made it shine. Her lightly tanned skin was already lightly glistening with sweat, adding to the view.

I pulled off my shirt and put on the oversized backpack that held most of our gear. I carried our modest cooler, and a few other bags in my arms, and Madison carried the tent as we walked to the group of people amassing on the grass by the parking lot.

Someone, ostensibly from the core group, informed us all that our designated campgrounds were about a mile and a half down the path that started behind him, and people groaned audibly. I had packed our gear well, but I noticed a lot of the less-experienced campers had unwieldy loads of who knows what to march with.

When enough people had shown up, we started on the path. Madison and I were towards the center of the line, and she was already talking to another couple not soon after we started. I was paying only enough attention to know that the woman's name was Sofia and the man's name was Greg. A google search I'd done a few days ago had turned up some spectacular views from hikes and paths in the area, and I was thinking about which ones we'd cover first.

At some point, Madison needed a cold drink, and our mini-group stopped so she could pull a beer out from the cooler I was carrying. We moved off to the side of the path so we weren't blocking the walkway, and the stiff twigs of a shrub poked me in the back. I winced at the pain, but it wasn't anything to worry about.

"You want one, babe?" she asked me as she opened the cooler.

"Sure," I said. "You'll have to hold it for me though."

"Can you carry the tent, too?"

"Yeah. Just stack it on top of the cooler."

A moment later I was once again loaded up, only I had the tent as well. Madison took a moment to open the two cans of beer, then started to turn back to the path.

"Mads," I say. "Hold on, you're caught on —"

There were four strings holding her bikini top in place; I'd tied them that morning into two bow knots. Both had snagged on the same shrub that had poked my bare back, and as she turned to continue walking, the knots came undone.

She turned around to face me, but not before her top came clean off her. I watched her naked tits jiggle as she turned. There she was, six feet in front of me, holding a beer in each hand and looking quizzically at me. She hadn't even realized her top came off.

I looked around and saw that everyone behind us had stopped to ogle her. Greg had shifted his sunglasses from his eyes to his head in order to get a better look. Multiple people, mostly men, were silently eyeing my wife's tits.

A sudden cheer from that gathering crowd broke the silence. Madison turned to look, saw that everyone was staring at her, then looked down at herself. Finally realizing what happened, she turned toward the other side of the path, which served only to let some people further along the path see her uncovered tits. They, too, cheered.

As soon as she reflexively tried to cover her up with the beer cans, she regretted putting the cold aluminum to her pink nipples.

"Shit!" she said to no one in particular as she ran to me. By then I'd put our gear on the ground. She hastily put the beers on our cooler and reclaimed her top from the mass of twigs next to me. As I worked to retie the strings, she had her hands covering her face, embarrassed. The gathered crowd began to move on.

"Those are some excellent tits," some guy said as he walked by.

"Thanks," my wife said, deadpan.

"No," he said. "Thank you."

"Are you okay?" Sofia asked, approaching us.

"I think so," Madison said. "Five minutes ago, my husband had been the only guy to ever see my boobs."

"For what it's worth, they really are stunning," Greg said, grinning — a comment that earned him an icy glare and a punch in the ribs from Sofia. As we stood there, he was stealing not-so-furtive glances at Madison's chest.

I didn't care for his comment, but I didn't want to make the situation worse for Madison. Instead, I laughed it off. "Best I've ever seen," I said.

"Same," Greg said, still grinning. Sofia shook her head emphatically at that and started walking. Greg took one more long look at Madison's boobs before following his girlfriend.

"I'm sorry," Madison said when we were alone.

"You're apologizing to me? It's your perfect body that was on display, not mine," I said.

"Yeah, but this body belongs to you," she said sweetly.

"It's no big deal."

"Are you sure? You don't mind other guys seeing my boobs?"

I did mind, a little bit, but the trip was just starting. I didn't want to get it off on the wrong foot. "No, why would I mind? Perfect boobs like yours should be on display often." I smiled to help my point. "Let's go. We'll want to be towards the front of the line so we can pick out a good spot."

We picked up our pace considerably, and as we walked by, random guys commented on Madison's earlier show. They were all positive, and I think she eventually came to enjoy the compliments they were giving her.

"There they are! The best tits in the world!" a shirtless guy said as we walked past, and his group loudly cheered. Madison responded by turning to face them and squeezing her boobs, making them cheer even louder.

She looked timidly at me afterwards, but I rolled my eyes. "I'll let you know if you cross any lines," I said. "Just have fun."

"Okay," she said, smiling. She stood on her toes to kiss me.


At our designated campgrounds — a huge clearing bisected by the path, which continued on to other areas — the core group asked everyone to arrange their tents in a huge circle; they intended to create a large fire pit right in the middle.

I found a spot I liked and pointed it out to Madison, and we hustled over to set up our tent. There were already two tents being set up on either side, so I just aimed to pitch our tent right in the middle, such that each of those other tents was approximately thirty feet away from our own. Our tent was big — tall enough to stand in, and wide enough that it takes a few steps to reach any one side from its opposite — but virtually all of the other tents were just as large.

It didn't take long for us to finish. When we were done, we sat in our lawn chairs and watched everyone else set up. There were a few cold beers left, so we made it our goal to finish them before the ice in our small cooler melted completely.

Two rounds in, our neighbor to the left approached to introduce himself. Smiling, he extended a hand, which I took as I stood up.

"Hi, I'm Connor," he said.

"Rock," I said. "And this is my wife Madison."

"Nice to meet you both." Connor and Madison shook hands. To me, he added, "Cool name."

"It's actually Rocco," I explained. "My dad is something of a Mafia historian. I'm named after Rocco Fischetti, Al Capone's cousin."

Connor nods. "I wish my parents named me after someone cool. 'Connor' was just my grandpa's middle name."

It's about then that I noticed Madison was uncharacteristically quiet. I glanced at her and noticed two things. One, she was twirling some of her hair between her fingers, and two, she was looking at him in the subtle way I've come to learn means she finds him attractive. From behind my sunglasses I looked him over. He looked to be our age, give or take a year. Like me, he wasn't wearing a shirt; he was chiseled, a little more built than I am, and a just a little taller. He was also strikingly good-looking, in a non-overbearing way. I understood where she was coming from.

"Connor!" someone yelled. I turned and saw his doppelganger hurriedly approaching.

"That's Finn," Connor said, his voice still loud enough for only us to hear. "'Finn' was my other grandpa's middle name. Our parents weren't very creative." He sighed.

"Connor!" Finn repeated, now within arm's reach of his brother. He looked a little tipsy. He nodded courteously at me then did a double-take after nodding at Madison. "Oh, shit! That's her!" His eyes went wide, and his eyes went straight to Madison's chest.

"What's who?" is all Connor could manage, the look on his face conveying an apology on his brother's behalf.

Finn replied, "The chick with the tits!"

"All chicks have boobs, Finn," Connor said slowly. To us, he said, "I'm sorry about my brother. He's already had —"

"She's the one whose top came off on the way here. Her tits are fucking amazing!"

Finally coming to life at that, Madison laughed and shook her tits a little for them.

"Well, shit," Connor said, putting his hands on his hips in exaggerated disappointment. "I had to get our boat to the dock before making the walk here alone. Now I feel twice as bad. I would have left the SS Minnow Johnson in the parking lot had I known I'd get to see this lovely girl topless. Even with that top on, I can tell there's something special behind the fabric." He abruptly dropped his hands, hastily adding, "I mean that with respect, to both of you."

Madison laughed again, and so did I. She said, "Well, maybe I should show you my boobs, then — so you don't feel so bad." From behind my sunglasses, I looked sideways at her, trying to determine if she was serious or not.

"Really?" Connor said. "That would make this whole trip worth it — again, said with respect, to both of you. Madison, you're hot as fuck. Rock, your —"

"'Maddie' please," she said, interrupting him.

"Maddie, you're hot as fuck," Connor said, correcting himself. "Rock, your wife is beautiful, and I would love to see her boobs. Once again, and I really do mean it, no disrespect intended."

"Non taken," I said, holding a hand up. Maybe I should have been offended, but he had a genuinely friendly air about him that made his words come across as charming and non-threatening rather than flippant and disgusting.

"Well, here goes,"Madison said, reaching back to slowly undo the lower bow knot of her bikini. I stood paralyzed as the strings came completely undone and fell to her sides. She slowly reached back to undo the strings behind her neck, exponentially increasing the tension that now kept the rest of us silent. Ever so slightly, the twins leaned in, eyes widening in anticipation.

But instead of undoing the tie, Madison put her hand back out in front of her, only now with her middle finger extended upwards. "What happened back there was accidental, you creeps," she said, laughing. "Go eat shit!" She put an arm across her chest, holding the bikini top in place.

The twins threw their hands up in disappointment, then laughed with her. I let out a very quiet sigh of relief. I didn't want to let on how much it would have bothered me if she'd intentionally let them see her topless.

"Well, we'd better finish setting up," Connor said, his laughter subsiding to form the friendly smile he'd greeted us with. "We're taking the boat out tomorrow, and we humbly invite the both of you to join us."

"Thank you," I said. "We have a lot we want to do this weekend, but we'll see if we can make it."

"Maddie, you can pilot the boat if you show us your boobs."

Madison laughed. "Well, if I get to pilot..."

"I don't wanna hear it, Maddie!" Connor said. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice... still shame on you!" He waved to us both before turning around.

"Nice meeting you both," Finn said, also waving. "Oh, and sorry for my behavior earlier. I'm a little —"

"Drunk," Madison said, laughing. "Don't worry about it. It was nice to meet you, too." We both waved back as Finn nodded and turned to follow his brother.

Madison and I finished our beers, changed, then, buzzing from the alcohol, went to hike along the first path I'd seen on the park's website.


We got up early the next morning — the excitement of the camping trip having kept us from sleeping in — and rushed over to the park showers. Well, Madison woke me up; I'm a heavy sleeper, so I leave it to her to wake me up on mornings when we need to get up early. This takes a lot of effort on her part, I understand. If and when I hear another person comment that I "sleep like a rock", I'm going to hang myself.

You learn after only a few camping trips that those showers get to be crowded as the morning progresses, so we made a mostly successful attempt at beating the crowds. The stalls at these campgrounds were particularly tiny, with just enough room for one person to shower comfortably.

That morning, my goal was to hike to the far side of the lake. We ate a small breakfast before setting out. It was a fun hike, especially since there were no established paths that go that way. We took a lot of great pictures, on both our phones. Between the physical exertion of the hike and the summer heat, however, I was exhausted by the time we got back to camp.

The twins, seeing us approach, met us in front of our tent.

"There you are," Connor said when we were close enough. He was holding two fishing rods — higher-end reels with equally high-end rods.

"Ugly Stiks," I said, pausing to concentrate on breathing. "You guys are serious."

"We dabble," Finn said. "Mostly we just want to appear competent while we drink on the boat."

"Fishing we're okay at," Connor said. "Drinking, well — if competitive drinking were a thing, we would have led our school to state, senior year of high school." We all laughed. Connor continued, "Anyhow, we promised you a boat ride."

There was no way I was going to make it. "I'm a little burnt out from the hike, so I'll pass," I said. "Mads, you can go if you like."

"You'll be okay?" Madison asked, giving me a concerned look.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. I need a nap, is all. You guys have fun."

I went into the tent without waiting for a response. I stripped down to my shorts, fell on my sleeping bag, and was out before I knew it.


I woke up hot. My watch indicated it was just past four in the afternoon. Madison wasn't there. I went to see if maybe she was at the twins' tent, but nobody was there either.

I thought about taking another hike, but just the thought of it made me feel even more tired, so instead I went back into our tent and grabbed a bottle of red wine from our booze stash. There was already one missing — taken by Madison for the fishing trip, I figured.

I spent the next hour or so drinking in front of the tent and watching everyone else mill about. I was worried someone would come by and try to strike up a conversation, but no one bothered me. It was a good, peaceful moment.

At some point I recognized that I was approaching my "drunk" threshold — though in retrospect I'd already passed it, if only by a small margin. I also realized I was getting drowsy again. I didn't want to cross that threshold, and I didn't want to be a zombie when Madison got back, so stepped into the tent to take a nap.

The tent flaps flew open a split-second later. I turned around and saw Madison smiling at me. She was wearing a short, loose-fitting grey tank top and her blue-and-white bikini bottom, and she looked to be more intoxicated than I was. Her eyes were burning with lust.

"I need your dick, babe," she said matter-of-factly. She hooked her fingers into my shorts and, while dropping to her knees, pulled the waistbands of both my shorts and my boxers to just above my knees. As soon as my dick was out, she used her tongue to scoop it into her mouth. And with how fast and how energetically she was instantly sucking on it, I was hard in seconds. She undid her bikini bottom as she pleasured me, tossing the piece of fabric to her side of the tent when it was free of her.

She pulled my shorts down completely, hurriedly guided me onto my back, and mounted me. I grunted softly as she lowered herself completely onto me.

"Holy shit, Mads," I said as she began to roll her hips. "You're so wet." It normally takes more effort to get my cock into her initially. She giggled in response.

Without pausing, she pulled her tank top off and threw it to her side of the tent. As buzzed as I was, I still noticed that she wasn't wearing anything underneath. I looked at her bunched-up tank top to make sure.

"You weren't wearing anything under that?" I asked, incredulous.

In lieu of a verbal response, she stopped moving and lowered her face to kiss me. Even with all the alcohol I had consumed, I could taste the wine on her lips and tongue.

As soon she was sitting up, she was riding me again. Rocking her hips aggressively back and forth, and with her eyes closed, she told me how her fishing trip with the twins went. For a long while, she talked. She talked and she rode me. When she thought I was nearing climax, she would slow her pace; however, her verbal pace never slowed. I found myself focused more on the sight of her firm tits bouncing as she rode me, and on the profound pleasure she was affecting on my dick, than on what she was saying. She was panting and moaning loudly as she spoke, further clouding my concentration.

But there was a part of my mind that was indeed listening, and emotions flashed through me as she used my cock to pleasure herself — confusion, followed by anger and jealousy. There was a sense of betrayal that commingled with curiosity and excitement, ultimately giving way to a subtle, bittersweet craving to know more.

"I'm gonna come, babe," she whispered frantically when her story was finished. With her eyes still closed, she came, clawing her hands into her tits as she did. The feeling of her pussy squeezing erratically around my cock and the delicious sound of her voice straining as she climaxed pushed me me over the edge. I shot rope after rope of cum into her, and when I was done, she was still shaking with pleasure.

Eventually, she opened her eyes and dropped onto me. I was still inside her. "Was that okay?" she asked.

"Yes," I said. "More than just okay." The sex was excellent — she was even more into it than she usually is, and that's already a high bar — but I didn't care to talk about it. I was more concerned with remembering and piecing together everything she just said.

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