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My Wife Makes Me


My wife and I have a pretty active sex life and are always sharing our fantasies with each other. I think that an awesome part of our relationship and look forward to telling her what I'd like to have her do and what I want to do, and she does the same for me.

One of my fantasies is to go to an adult theater with booths and glory holes and suck cocks while she watches and takes pictures and video. I love to talk about it while she is sucking my cock and pretend that she's in the next booth and my cock is sticking through the hole. I talk about how I wish I could suck a cock without knowing who's cock it is and how I would take their soft cock into my mouth, get it hard and suck them until they empty their hot load down my throat. And, all the while she's filming me, taking command of the situation telling me to suck their cocks and swallow all of their cum. Or, maybe let them squirt all over my face and clothes and then make walk out of the theater like the cum slut I am. Or want to be.

One weekend recently we were working each other up into a sexual frenzy and I was talking through the glory hole fantasy when she stopped and said, "Let's get dressed and go for a ride." She does that sometimes to prolong and build the excitement so when we actually cum it's pretty intense. Sometimes she'll make me drive around naked and see if others will see me. She's taken pictures of me in some pretty compromising situations like this. Then we'll go home and fuck each others brains out and it's awesome!

This time she told me to take my clothes off and get in car and start driving. I thought we were going to just drive around but she told me to head south on the I75 freeway towards Lexington, KY. I didn't know what she wanted to do but I love driving naked with her so I headed south, naked as a jay bird, in some medium traffic.

Once we got to Lexington she told me to head towards a book store that has glory holes that I told her about during one of our fantasy sessions. I wasn't sure what was going to happen but I had a pretty good guess that my fantasy may come true.

We pulled into the parking lot and I put some clothes on and we went into the store. Once inside she asked the clerk where the booths where and he pointed towards the back. As we were walking to the booths we passed a number of guys in the store that watched as we headed into a booth. Once inside the booth my wife got her camera out and told me to take off my clothes and knee down in front of a glory hole between our booth and the one next to us.

She said, "You keep talking about wanting to suck cocks in a glory hole so now's your chance. I want you to suck every cock that pokes through that hole until I say we're done. And, I'm going to take video so you can watch yourself when we get home." Wow! She really is going to make my fantasy come true! So I did and I ended up sucking 4 cocks that day. I swallowed three loads and my wife made me take the last load all over my face. She took video of the whole session and made me walk out of the store with cum dripping off of my face and onto my shirt. Then she made me drive all the way home, naked again, with cum crusting in my moustache and goatee as it dried. But, we fucked like banshees when we got home and it was great! We watched the videos afterwards and fucked again as we got all worked up watching me suck cocks at a glory hole.

It was the best thing and I love my wife!

But it wasn't over.

I travel quite a bit for a living and now my wife has me look up glory holes on the internet whenever I go on a trip. She said she wants to have me go to adult theaters with glory holes when I'm out of town, stay in the booth for one hour and suck all the cocks that poke through. And, I have to take pictures of me with my cell phone of the cocks in my mouth as I'm sucking them. And, she wants me to send her the pictures when I done with each one so she can see that I'm doing what she tells me to do.

I was concerned about doing this by myself as I reallly only want to be with my wife when I do this. But, I love my wife and do what ever she tells me to.

The first time she told me to go out and suck cocks and take pictures was in Tampa at the Fantasyland adult theater. I went there recently on a business trip and had looked up adult theaters with glory holes in Tampa before I left. I wasn't sure if she was going to tell me to go out but I got a call in the afternoon when she knew I had a couple of hours to kill. She told me to go the theater and suck cocks for one hour and take pictures. So I did. I sucked 5 cocks, including two pretty good-sized black cocks, and swallowed all of their cum. Fortunately my wife didn't have me take a facial as I had another meeting at the end of the day. It was very exciting to go to the meeting knowing I had just sucked 5 cocks.

I love my wife. I wonder what she has planned next for me.

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by 4yourpleasureiam11/27/17

Lucky man

I have knelt at the glory hole and sucked but never while my partner watched. I have begged her to let me lick her as a man fucks her but she won't let me. I have tried many times but she kicks memore...

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