tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Wife Makes Me Her Cuckold

My Wife Makes Me Her Cuckold


My wife has instructed that I write about how I became her cuckolded husband. Janet and I met through her deceased husband Thomas who passed away six years ago from leukemia. Thomas was an architect and he and I met on a building project. I am a professional contractor.

My first wife Jennifer and I had one child after marrying right out of college. Not long after our first child, she filed for divorce when she found evidence I had strayed outside of our marriage. It was a nasty divorce, requiring me to sell my business, and leaving me with a hefty alimony and child support payments. I went to work as a sub-contractor which is where I met Thomas. Thomas, Janet and I became good friends and after he became ill, I tried to do as much as I could for them.

When he died, it really wasn't in my plans to begin seeing her, it just kind of worked out that way. Janet is an absolutely gorgeous woman -- a striking brunette who keeps herself in shape by going to the gym several times a week when she's not out running or playing tennis down at the club. Janet is 32 and I'm 36.

She and Thomas had two children together, Brian who is ten and Katie who is eight. She had a little difficulty with Katie and the doctors decided it might be best not to have any more so she had her tubes tied preventing further pregnancies.

After Thomas died, we began spending time together, finding we really did enjoy each other's company. She had her own marketing company and came from a fairly well off family. Her father, now retired, was on the ground floor of a pharmaceutical company that left him quite wealthy when he decided to kick back and enjoy life.

Janet and I married three years ago and things could not have been better. Not only was she a great wife and mother, but she was also a very good lover. While we had not discussed in depth her sexual history, she knew well the reasons for my first break up and I had promised I would never repeat that mistake. Unfortunately, that was not to be the case.

On a trip out of town attending a meeting, I had a few too many drinks and the next thing I know, I'm picking up some girl in the bar and taking her back to my hotel room. I suppose once the dam has broken, it's hard to hold back the water as I seemed to continue to repeat my old pattern of infidelity.

I was very careful and never did anything that could betray my indiscretions until the woman who was working in my office announced her husband was transferring within his company and she would need to resign.

Shortly after Janet and I married, she provided the financing for me to create a new construction company, one in her name so that my first wife Jennifer couldn't go back to the judge and go after that too. This was before this recession and our area was booming in the residential real estate market.

When Nancy, my receptionist told me she was leaving, she promised to help me find her replacement and called a temporary agency to send over some help. There were quite a few Nancy brought in, some were attractive with little skill. Some quite skilled but not very attractive. Looking back, perhaps my life would have taken a different turn had Nancy chosen the later.

Then one afternoon, I came in the office to find Nancy explaining procedures to an absolutely stunning young woman. Carrie was a cute little blonde, maybe 26 or so, with brown eyes and a nice body. I tried to act disinterested but I was hoping Nancy was going to say this one is a keeper!

As luck would have it, Nancy was pleased with her skills and I was absolutely delighted at the new office scenery. We gave Nancy a going away party with the workers I employ and then it was down to business.

Carrie was very matter of fact for the first several weeks as I tried to lighten the conversation up between us. Eventually she became much more open with me and less guarded as I gave her more and more freedom around the office to take care of personal errands.

I would compliment her on her outfits, particularly those which might be a little more casual or revealing than the clothes she wore when Nancy was supervising her. Pretty soon she was wearing shorter skirts and tops which displayed her gorgeous chest and hot young body.

I tried hard to be good at the office but I suppose my subtle signs of encouragement to Carrie was my own downfall. Soon she was walking around the office barefoot, showing off her toned legs, and wearing revealing tops that did little to hide her ample breasts. My workers also took notice and I often overheard some of their conversations when I was out on the sites as they discussed the hot chick back at the boss's office.

Carrie had been with me for about eight months when I asked if she could attend a Builder's Compliance Conference with me where we would be introduced to some of the new regulations being enforced in the industry. It was on this conference that I took the step that would seal my fate.

The two of us had a nice dinner after the last session, before heading to the bar for a couple more cocktails. I could tell Carrie was feeling no pain as she sipped on her drinks, her brown eyes dazzling me, as I contemplated my next move. I offered to walk her back to the room and as she started to open the door, I softly said her name. When she turned and looked up at me, I locked my eyes on hers and lowered my head down, placing my lips on hers.

We stood in the hallway and kissed before I pushed open her door and moved us quickly inside. My hands moved to her slender waist and then slid under her shirt, touching her skin for the first time as I felt her push harder into my body. I knew then she wanted me as much as I wanted her as I let my hand slide down over her delectable ass, squeezing it, as we both began undressing at a maddening pace. She was every bit as good in bed as I imagined and we spent most of the next day making love rather than attending the sessions that we had registered.

From that point on, our relationship changed and we often locked the door and engaged in sex in my office. She would give me awesome blowjobs as I talked on the phone and I lost track of how many times I fucked her on the loveseat in my office. Carrie might have been the best pussy I have ever had and as time went on I gave little thought to either her young husband or my wife finding out.

Our affair had been going on for about three months when I returned to the office one day to find Carrie missing. My wife was waiting for me in my office and there was a temp filling in for Carrie.

"Hey babe, what brings you up here?" I smiled as I walked over to Janet and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

"Oh, just came by to see if you had plans for us tonight. If you don't already have something in mind, I've sent the kids to stay with mom and dad and thought the two of us could have some quiet time together," Janet said with a devilish smile on her face.

"Damn, that sounds great," I shot back. "By the way, you know where Carrie went?" I quizzed nodding to the temp worker manning her desk.

"I sent her home," Janet answered back. "I overheard her on the phone and she sounded like she needed to take care of something so I told her to call somebody in and take care of it. Besides, it's the weekend and you work that poor girl to death. I'm sure she's got tons of overtime piled up."

I felt a little bit of anxiety with the way she said it, almost as if toying with me about the hours Carrie was putting in.

"Listen," Janet said breaking the silence that was beginning to envelope our conversation, "try to be home right at six. I've got a prime rib that should be ready and I have naughty plans for the two of us tonight."

Janet walked up, placing her hand on my chest as she kissed my lips, lightly biting my lower lip. Her left hand slid to my crotch, finding my manhood, as she squeezed playfully, looking up at me, and then walking away.

Janet's ass swayed back and forth as she made her way to my office door and walked though. I couldn't believe how fortunate I was to be married to such a goddess, not to mention the fun I was having at the office.

When I arrived home, Janet was dressed in a dark blue teddy, her finger and toenails painted burgundy, as she met me at the door, placing a warm inviting kiss on my lips.

"I've laid you out something to wear baby. Why don't you go shower and when you get out dinner will be ready."

Janet handed me a vodka tonic as I made my way down the hall and into our bedroom. She had candles burning in various areas of the room in anticipation of our night ahead. There was something on the bed, wrapped up with a ribbon. Unwrapping it, I found a bottle of my favorite cologne and some lube that we use when we play together. That's what she wanted me to wear? I couldn't help but chuckle as I undressed and took a shower before heading back down the hall to the dining room stark naked.

"I put on the cologne you wanted. Is this what you were expecting," I said as I stood before her nude, holding my arms outstretched at my sides."

"Oh, you look marvelous. Now come over here and sit down," she directed as I took my seat and she helped my plate to the beef, potato, and salad she had prepared. Janet refreshed my drink and then sat down herself as we enjoyed our meal without the presence of the kids. Just the two of us and the night ahead.

"Mom's keeping the children until Wednesday so we have five days all to us," Janet beamed as her eyes sparkled in the soft candlelight.

After dinner, she took me by the hand, and guided me to our spare bedroom. "I have a surprise tonight," she said as I looked around and she had lit that room with candles as well. On the nightstand were a couple of bottles - one with honey, the other with chocolate.

"Are we having desert?" I smiled.

"I am," she beamed. "Lay down," she directed. "I'm gonna have fun tonight and then you can later."

Janet had me lie down on the right side of the bed and then took my arms and stretched them over my head.

"What are you doing? I inquired.

"I told you, this is my night. I'm going to have my way with you," she explained as she pulled something out from the headboard that appeared to be restraints. She had some type of harness that wrapped around the headboard of the bed with two wrists restraints which she cuffed around both arms. Then she did the same with my legs as she buckled two more around my ankles.

When she was confident I was tightly secured she bent down and kissed my lips, then trailing down to my nipples, before placing little kisses on my cock. My dick was already hard as her soft mouth enveloped the head.

"Before we begin, maybe we should have a little foreplay," she purred.

She took out a remote and switched on a TV on the wall.

"Baby, I don't need to watch a movie. I'm there, let's get on with the main event," I scolded her.

"Don't be impatient sweets. You're gonna' get a real charge out of this," she said as she stared back at me and then to the screen.

As I looked at the wall, an image of Carrie appeared. She appeared to be sitting on a couch in a living room. Then I recognized it as one of our show houses. One we use to show off as a spec home to potential buyers.

"So how long? How long has it been going on?" I heard my wife's voice on the video.

Carrie's head was down, looking at the carpeted floor. What was going on? What was this about. Why was my wife showing me this?

"I'm so sorry Mrs. Stephens. I never dreamed I would ever do anything like that, I'm, I'm so very sorry," Carrie was crying.

"You never dreamed you'd get caught," Janet shot back. "I know all about it. It started at that conference and you've been fucking him ever since," she snarled at her.

"Janet, what the fuck is this?" I demanded. "Let me up!"

"Shut the fuck up," Janet barked back. "I think you need to see this," she insisted.

"You're nothing more than a slut... a common adulterous slut," Janet chided her. "Obviously I will have you fired but it would only be right to let your husband know what you've been up to. That his wife is a common trollop that's been fucking my husband."

"No, please don't Mrs. Stephens," Carrie was crying. "Please don't do that!"

"Don't do what?" Janet's voice shot back still out of sight of the camera. "Fire you or tell your husband?"

Carrie looked up. She almost appeared to be looking right into the camera. Tears rolling down her cheeks, her black mascara leaving a black trail as she hung her head in shame.

"We need this job. Sean's out of work and thing's aren't real good," she sobbed. "Please don't tell him. Don't tell him what I've done. I'll do anything. I'll do anything you want. I promise never, ever to do anything with Bob again. Please give me another chance," she continued to cry as she placed her face in her hands.

"So," my wife's voice paused. "What would you be willing to do to keep your job... and for me to keep my silence," Janet asked back coldly.

"Anything. Anything you asked," Carrie looked up. A sliver of hope now registering in her face.

"Hmmm," Janet could be heard off screen, "Well, we know how big a slut you really are. I mean that much is evident. Perhaps there is something. Something for my amusement. Have you ever been with two men, two at a time?" Janet smirked.

Carrie looked back. "What?" she asked in almost disbelief Janet would ask such a thing. Realizing Janet was waiting for a response she softly said, No," as she shook head.

"No? I can hardly believe that," Janet feigned. "A common slut like you? You are a slut aren't you?"

Carrie just looked at the camera, searching for the right answer. Did Janet actually want her to have sex with someone? Was this older woman getting her kicks from seeing her with other men? "Yes," came her meek reply.

"I'm sorry, was that a yes?" Janet shot back.

"Yes mam. I'm a slut," Carrie answered back, apparently looking right at Janet who was standing off camera. Sensing the right answer, she continued. "I'm a fucking slut...and I'll do anything you ask, anything you want me too," she added.

"Anything? You'll do anything I want?" Janet pressed.

"Anything," Carrie now said in a somewhat sultry voice.

I watched Carrie's eyes as they followed Janet who must have been walking around the room. They seemed glued to her as they suddenly grew very wide as Janet's voice again filled the silence of the room.

"Well then, I have a surprise for you. I think you know Ranard and Travis," Janet inquired.

Ranard and Travis were two of the young roofers we employed to work on our houses. They were big strapping black men. My own eyes grew wide as I realized what my wife had in store for Carrie.

"Stand up Carrie," Janet instructed as Carrie seemed absolutely frozen in place. "I'm talking to you slut. Stand the fuck up," Janet now barked as Carrie slowly stood up, her eyes still glued to the black men who stood off to the side. "Now, slowly, remove your top. Let's see those goods you've been showing off to my husband.

Carrie looked back, apparently at Janet before she nodded to the camera. "Is that going to stay on," she inquired indicating the video camera capturing this event for me to witness.

"Absolutely. We want to showcase this moment. Your debut so to speak," Janet smirked. "Now, forget the camera and do what I said, take off that top."

Carrie unbuttoned her blouse, the very top I had seen her wear earlier in the day, and slipped it off her shoulders.

"The bra too. Everything, take it all off and quit wasting time," Janet commanded.

Carrie hesitated just a moment, perhaps contemplating where this was headed as she unclasped the bra and slid it off too exposing her beautiful perky breasts. Her pink nipples were already erect as she slid her skirt down exposing beige thong panties.

She looked into the camera, almost as if she were looking directly at me, as she pulled down the panties and her shaved pussy came into view.

She had already slipped off her shoes and now stood completely naked in front of Janet and my two employees.

"Kneel. Get on your knees," Janet intoned as Carrie sunk to her knees, her eyes growing as Ranard and Travis finally came into view of the camera. "Take Ranard's cock out," Janet directed as Ranard stood on one side of her and Travis on the other.

Carrie's small white hand hesitated just a moment before she reached for the zipper, pulled it down, and reaching in pulled out his long black cock.

"I believe you know what to do with that slut," Janet barked as Carrie looked over in her direction, back at the camera, and then eyeing his cock. I watched as her tongue wet her upper lip and then closed on his cock. The head slipped between her pink lips, contrasting with the brown meat now easing into her delicate mouth.

The lips that I had kissed so many times before. As her mouth moved up and down on his rod, leaving wet trails of saliva, Travis was pulling his trousers off, leaving him nude from the waist down. Carrie heard the rustling of clothes behind her and looked back to see a second black cock now awaiting her.

She grabbed Travis's cock as she continued to suck on Ranard's dick.

"That's it Carrie. Show us what you can do with that black meat. Show us what a slut you really are," Janet snarled.

Carrie seemed to be inspired with her commands as she began to become at ease pleasuring her new black lovers. Moaning as Ranard fucked her mouth until Travis pulled at her head, steering her lips to his waiting cock. She bent down and took the meat in without using her hands as she seemed to swallow the black rod.

Ranard repositioned her up on the couch as she placed her right leg up on the couch and her left planted on the floor as Travis continued to feed her his dick and Ranard now guided his hard cock to her dripping pussy.

It wasn't lost on me that Ranard wasn't wearing a condom although I knew Carrie was on birth control. I would later learn that Janet took great lengths to make sure all our partners were both disease and drug free but certainly Carrie wasn't aware of this as she allowed Ranard to fuck her unprotected.

She was beginning to act every bit of the slut Janet had accused her of being as she moaned and slobbered all over Travis's black rod while Ranard fucked her, slamming into her white ass, all the while telling her to take his black cock.

I couldn't believe the spectacle I was watching as my former lover acted like a professional porn actress as they worked her from both ends until Travis pulled out and jacked his cock in the direction of her mouth, spewing his white cum all over her pretty face before slipping his meat back into her hungry mouth.

Ranard in the meantime was bucking wildly into her pussy as he grunted and shot his first load into her pussy telling Carrie to take his seed.

I was absolutely shocked at what I had witnessed as Janet turned down the volume and focused her attention on me, still tied down to the bed.

"I guess I was less than truthful earlier today when I said I sent Carrie home. But as you can see I know all about the two of you. Not just her, I know all about you and your philandering. I trusted you. You told me your cheating days were all behind you but we know now you're not to be trusted," Janet scolded.

"Now just like your slut girlfriend, we're going to have to teach you a lesson too. And like her, you have a couple of choices. I can file for divorce and throw your ass out, keeping in mind that company of yours is in my name. You'd be broke, but you'd be free to leave or you can do whatever I tell you," Janet went on.

"I don't understand. You'll stay with me. I mean, we can work this out?" I answered back somewhat surprised I had a choice.

"Sure. But on my terms," she shot back.

"Okay baby. I'm sorry. Anything you say," I reasoned.

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