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My Wife Mandy


My wife Mandy and I had less than one-week left of our Caribbean vacation, and neither one of us wanted to go home. The beaches and water were spectacular, and all of the people on the island were very nice to us.

From the beginning of the vacation we had kept running into another couple, Steve and Angie, who were probably 10 years older than we were. We did everything with Steve and Angie, including sightseeing and lying by the beach.

Because she was shy, Mandy didn’t take her top off at the beach, even though 90% of the other women were topless. Steve and I loved watching all the big boobies walking by, and would poke each other if a really nice set happened to walk past.

Mandy and Angie were no slouches in the chest department, and could have easily competed with the other girls on the beach had they decided to go topless. I was really hoping that Mandy was going to take her top off, as the white flesh of her boobs would have looked sexy next to the parts of her body that had been tanned. Steve told me that Angie usually took her top off at the beach, but since Mandy didn’t want to, Angie decided she wouldn’t either.

After we had hung out for a while, Steve and I started doing things away from the girls. We went swimming and to the fitness center when the girls would go into town to do some shopping. With only a few days before we had to leave, Steve confided in me during a workout that he would really love to see Mandy’s large C-cup titties in all their glory.

He said he had gotten a boner many times seeing them bounce around in her bikini top, and that he would love to see them up close and naked. I smiled and told him that she did have round, full, wonderful breasts, but that she was too shy to show them off. Steve said that was too bad, and he’d be disappointed that he wouldn’t get to see them before leaving the islands.

The next day Mandy and I were scheduled to play beach volleyball with Steve and Angie, and we decided to take a shower prior to leaving. I had just showered, and was waiting for her to come out when I noticed that her bathing suit top and bottoms were lying on the bed. This is when an idea popped into my head that would help Steve fulfill his wish.

The bikini top and thong bottom my wife wore each had a clasp that held the suit on in the back. I took each clasp and bent it, almost to the point of breaking it, so that any amount of extra movement would cause it to snap.

We got out to the beach and began playing two on two volleyball against Steve and Angie. I knew it was only a matter of time before my plan would work. The score was 8-7 when Angie bumped up a light hit that was barely going to make it over the net. Mandy went up to hit a powerful spike, and as soon as she made contact with ball, all of us heard two loud snaps. As she finished the shot and landed on her feet, both parts of her suit were lying on the sand.

There she stood, with her bouncing boobs and shaved pussy for all to see, and Steve couldn’t take his eyes off her gorgeous tits for a second. Mandy tried to cover her pussy with both hands, but in doing so only pushed her boobs out farther with the sides of her arms.

Even though I had seen her naked many times before, I loved the fact that Steve got to view her tits from only a few feet away. My wife tried to put the bottoms and top back on, but with the clasp broken, each time only resulted in the suit falling off again and letting us see her boobs shake around some more.

Not wanting to have Mandy feel embarrassed, Angie proceeded to push the straps down on her one-piece, showing us her nice tits and nipples. Steve stood only a few feet away from Mandy, and it was obvious he was getting hard watching her struggle to cover herself. This is when sneaky Angie decided to even the score, and snuck up behind Steve and without him knowing, yanked his trucks all the way down to the sand. His boner was pointing straight to the sky, and as Mandy later said, he had a very nice looking, extremely large cock. Steve didn’t seem to mind that Mandy was now eyeing his manhood, and he proudly pushed it out farther for her to see.

Angie said last one in the ocean is a rotten egg, and she began to run toward the ocean with her tits flopping all around. My wife next took off running totally naked, with her beautiful heart-shaped ass shaking back and forth for Steve and I to admire. I took off my trunks and Steve already had his off, and we walked down to the water to join the women.

They were cheering as we got closer, with are cocks bobbing up and down as we walked. Everyone started swimming, first far apart, and then, gradually getting closer and closer. Steve went under the water and swam toward Mandy, and from the look on her face he was obviously feeling and licking her pussy and tits.

Angie swam over to me and grabbed my erect cock, whispering to me that Steve had fantasized each night about getting the chance to lick and suck on my wife’s nipples. Steve came up for air and then dove right back down again, obviously enjoying what he was doing down there. Angie suggested we go lay on the beach towels and tan, and everyone thought that was a good idea.

As we walked up the beach I could see out of the corner of my eye that my wife was eyeing Steve’s sizeable cock with desire. I laid down on the towel face down, a little embarrassed about my boner, but when Steve laid down, he laid on his back, so that his big penis was sticking straight up in the air. Mandy also lay on her back, and her big knockers fell to each side of her ribcage.

Angie crawled over, and obviously trying to impress the guys, started rubbing tanning oil onto Mandy’s fleshy boobs. My wife’s nipples immediately got hard under Angie’s touch, and she let out a moan of appreciation. Before I knew it, in one quick move Steve had pushed his hands under Mandy’s ass, pulled her hips up in the air, and was slurping away on her pussy.

Angie saw Steve eating my wife’s pussy and said that maybe Mandy didn’t want him doing that. My wife gasped and yelled out you better not stop eating my wet pussy. Angie was really getting turned on by watching her husband eat another woman’s pussy, and started rubbing and pinching Mandy’s nipples. Steve did an excellent job licking and tonguing Mandy’s dripping box, and she kept yelling don’t stop; please don’t stop licking my clit.

Mandy finally opened her eyes and saw that I had a huge boner, and got up and stood over me. She pushed me back into the beach towel and with one movement, fell right onto my waiting cock. I knew she was horny beyond belief because she bounced around on my meat like she hardly ever had. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Steve lay down right next to me, and his wife begin to mount him. Both girls were moaning and Angie was yelling to Steve that she loved the feel of his huge cock in her pussy.

Mandy, eyeing Angie’s long, hard eraser nipples, soon was playing and licking Angie’s tits, giving me a sight that was remarkable to watch. Angie returned the favor, and grabbed my wife’s huge bouncing tits, pulling and pinching each nipple. I lay back and closed my eyes, trying to save this feeling for as long as I could. I felt Mandy get off my cock and I assumed that she was going to give me a blowjob to finish me off.

Before I knew what happened, I thought I felt her sit back down on my pole and, as I looked up, saw that the girls had switched and now Angie was on my hard dick and my wife was impaled on Steve’s giant cock. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched Steve immediately grab and hold Mandy’s tits as she rode his shaft up and down. She bent forward so that Steve could not only feel her boobs, but also lick and suck them as well.

My wife was screaming that she had to have his big cock in her pussy after stroking him in the ocean. This told me that not only was he feeling her when we went for a swim, but her hands were also all over his big boner. She kept telling him pump my pussy, pump my pussy, and he responded by telling her to don’t stop riding my cock. She squealed and said she never wants him to stop fucking her with his beautiful cock as he pumped into her. Steve kept telling her that her warm, wet pussy felt so good to his dick, and that he never knew pussy could feel so good.

After tweaking those inch long nipples and filling Angie’s pussy with each stroke, I yelled out that I was about to cum. Steve said he was going to cum too, and quickly each girl got off the cock they were riding and went back to their partners. Mandy knew Angie had ridden me and screwed me silly, and it only took a few strokes of her hand before I shot a load onto her waiting tits and stomach.

Angie was talking dirty to Steve, telling him that she bet my wife’s pussy felt so good and wet, and that she knew he loved fucking her. When she said to look at those beautiful titties, Steve looked over at my wife’s tits, moaned loudly, and then shot his load into Angie’s mouth.

Everyone laid there for a while before toweling off and heading back to the hotel. Tomorrow would be our final day, and as we walked I asked if we would be getting together one more time.

My wife ran up to Steve and smiled, and without asking grabbed his jiggling cock with both hands, saying that we would definitely be getting together again one more time so her pussy could say a proper good-bye to this wonderful and very big penis that was spilling over her hands.

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