tagLoving WivesMy Wife Meets Her Lover

My Wife Meets Her Lover


This is a fantasy I have about my wife.


I had met Mike online through a chat site. We had talked a lot about my wife, I had shown him some of her nude pics and he loved them. Mike was a friendly guy and we got along even when we weren't talking about pussy, so when he said he'd be in town for a couple of days and asked if I wanted to catch up for a beer, I quickly agreed.

We met after I finished work at a bar and were happily drinking and laughing when my surprise for Mike walked in the door. I had invited my wife along.

My wife, Amy, is 5'7" with wavy brunette hair down past her shoulders and DD tits. She's got curves in all the right places and always looks amazing. Despite this she's pretty shy. It took a lot of work to get her to pose for some dirty photos and even then she deleted most of them before I could save them. Mike had seen a few of these pics but knew I was sharing them in secret, so didn't let on.

Amy brought over some more beers and sat down. I introduced Mike as a friend from the net who was in town for a couple of nights (no lie there). As I said, Mike's a nice guy, and soon all three of us were quite drunk and laughing our asses off at bad jokes like a group of old friends.

Mike clearly enjoyed Amy's company. During her first bathroom pitstop, he leaned over and said "She's a fine piece of ass, man. I'm doing everything I can to not get caught looking at her tits." After that I noticed that Mike really was flirting with Amy; touching her shoulders while laughing, holding her hand at one point while "making a point" and making suggestive jokes at her. And as Mike was sitting opposite me, with Amy to his left at the table, I could see every time he stole a glance down to her tits or over her whole body when she went to get drinks. And then coming back from my first bathroom stop I found Mike's arm around Amy as he "mimed" a joke out. As they both laughed I noticed he had moved his leg to be pushed against hers. An "accidental" move, but one that stayed there.

It was close to midnight and we were all quite drunk, so there was agreement that we should move on to another venue for one last drink and then probably head home. As we got outside the bar Mike suggested his hotel was actually quite close and that he had a bottle of whiskey if we were interested in a nightcap there. I was keen and Amy never turns down a free drink so we agreed. Mike was quite happy and grabbed Amy's hand to playfully lead her off and I happily followed.

We were a jolly bunch laughing, and stumbling, most of the way. I made sure to keep Amy beside Mike and never stand or walk between the two. It was a ten minute walk and I noticed Mike's hands "accidentally" bump Amy's ass or brush against her side and every time we crossed a road, he would jokingly hold her hand again to help her across, until near the hotel when we crossed the last road and he casually didn't let go, leading her (and me behind them) up to his room.

Mike was a fairly well-off businessman and his hotel room was pretty spacious. I sat down on the couch and Mike finally let Amy's hand go after she sat on the bed directly opposite me. Mike made a few jokes about his "house being a mess", though he wasn't kidding about the whiskey; it was a good one too.

Mike poured three glasses and came back over sitting next to Amy on the very spacious bed.

We drank and laughed and talked about all the stuff that's important when you're drunk (including talking about sex). I noticed that Mike had moved to be up against Amy on the bed. He was resting his arm on her leg and absent mindedly stroking her bare knee with his hand. From where I was sitting I could see straight up Amy's dress. She was wearing her new sexy black lingerie. She was also pushing her leg against Mike.

The conversation slowed and our words slurred. Mike's hand was on the inside of Amy's leg now and she was smiling dreamily.

I needed to pee, so I got up woozily, (it really was good whiskey) and made my way to the bathroom. I intentionally took my time and had a peek into Mike's things. What caught my eye was the opened box of XL condoms. I didn't even know they made them in bigger sizes.

I figured I'd let them flirt long enough. And that I could collect Amy and we could head home. She'd be horny after the whiskey (she always is after she drinks) and I could get laid then fall asleep. I wasn't expecting the scene that greeted me as I opened the door.

Amy and Mike were lying on the bed kissing. Amy had one leg draped over him and he had his hands under her dress pushing it up over her ass which he had a big handful of. As I watched I saw her pull him in with her leg and push her hips towards him, her other hand holding his broad shoulders. Both of them engrossed in kissing the other.

The bathroom was at the other end of the room so I wasn't interrupting them where I was. Despite all of Mike's moves, I hadn't expected this. Amy is incredibly shy with guys, even when drinking. I was stunned. They weren't wondering where I had gone and neither showed signs of slowing down.

I didn't know what to do. My stomach was in knots and cock was already hard, despite all the alcohol.

Mike's hand was still on Amy's butt, her dress was pulled up and as I watched he slid his hand inside her underwear. Touching her skin, curling his fingers into her crack and pulling her into his crotch. Her hand had moved down from his shoulder and was now in his crotch. Her body was in the way, I couldn't see if she was already in his pants.

I heard her moan softly as Mike began kissing her neck. Even while drunk Amy moved his head after a while to stop her getting a hickey. He looked up and saw me for the first time. He winked and went back to his work. Amy's hand was moving back and forth now and I could hear her softly moaning as she enjoyed the feeling of Mike's cock.

Mike began moving, he rolled Amy onto her back, pushing her legs open with his as they moved. In the same movement he reached over and turned the main lights off, leaving only the glow of the side table lamps. Mike was lying between my wife's legs, kissing her and running his hands over her body. Amy was holding him in place with her legs.

I saw Mike move one hand over Amy's side and down between her legs. She kissed him hard and moaned again. Another man was finger fucking my wife and I was standing there watching it with a hard on. Of course this is exactly what I had wanted for years, and had been a big part of the conversations I had been having with Mike online. But I never knew he would seriously try it or that Amy, being so shy, would ever get this far.

Amy's soft moaning continued as Mike worked her clit and pussy with his hands. Amy stopped kissing him and whispered something I couldn't hear but Mike stopped and smiled. He kissed her and rolled off the bed, standing at the side facing me (the whole time I felt Mike was keeping Amy from facing me, in case seeing me stopped her fun). He started to unbutton his shirt; Amy swung around to sit on the edge of the bed facing him and worked on opening his pants. Mike had a good body, not overly muscular, but fit. Amy opened his pants, then paused briefly before pulling his underwear down and releasing his cock right in front of her face.

It was pretty big. Not a 10" monster or anything crazy but it was a lot bigger than mine (and I'm far from small). It was also circumcised, something Amy had never seen in real life before. Amy took it in her hand and began jerking it slowly. She ran her fingers of the head, feeling what it was like. She looked up at Mike and then put the head in her mouth.

Amy is great at giving head and loves doing it. She can deepthroat my cock with little effort and does amazing things with her tongue. Mike was clearly enjoying her tongue now. My wife had one hand near the base of his cock and was bobbing her head up and down over the head and most of his shaft. Mike knew about my wife's love of blowjobs from our chats, and had seen the pics of her blowing me, so he knew how much she enjoyed it. His hands held the back of her head as he guided my wife's mouth on his cock. Amy's other hand began massaging Mike's balls lightly (she was always worried about hurting them).

My wife knew what she was doing with his cock. Occasionally she would pull it out and lick from his balls up to the tip while looking up at him, which he seemed to like. She seemed fascinated by the head of his cock, as I said she had never seen a cut cock before (or one quite that big) in real life before. He hands kept running over it, followed by her tongue.

Mike reached down and pulled her dress up over her head. Then she stood up, swaying a little from the booze, and kissed him on the mouth, with her arms around his shoulders. Mike's hands were on her ass again, he put his thumbs into her underwear and slid them down, Amy wiggled her butt and soon they were on the ground. Mike fumbled with her bra and I had my first (and only) moment of pride as I have always been able to open any bra with a quick flick of one hand.

Finally he got it off and Amy's breasts pushed against his chest. She has big breasts and Mike was enjoying playing with them, sucking them into his mouth. That's when I heard my wife say: "Do you want to go inside me?"

Mike kissed her hard on the mouth, grabbed her ass, slid his hand down to her knee and pulled leg up beside him, so she was standing with one leg wrapped around him. My wife took his cock and flicked it between her legs, which meant suddenly I had a great view. His cock was shiny with her spit and her pussy was noticeably wet. As I watching Mike ran his cock up and down her slit while Amy moaned and again asked him to fuck her. Mike pushed his cock forwards and the tip finally rested on the entrance to her cunt. He moved slightly and her pussy lips moved aside, Amy purred by his ear. One big thrust and he would be completely inside her.

Instead he lifted the other leg so she was completely off the ground. Something that surprised both of us, as Amy yelped. He turned and slowly lay down on the bed with her underneath him. Amy wriggled underneath him, anxious to feel this big new cock inside her. "Put a condom on and go in" she pleaded. Amy wasn't on the pill so I even wore a condom when I fucked her, so I was glad she remembered. Mike reached over the bedside table and grabbed one that was sitting there. Had the sneaky bastard planned this? He got the condom on and resumed his position on top of my wife.

He pushed the head of his cock against Amy's wet pussy. She moaned and asked him to go slow. He did. As the head of his cock pushed inside her Amy let a small gasp of pleasure. In my hiding spot I had my hand on my cock and was rubbing it hard, this was what I had wanted for so long.

Mike put one hand over her shoulder and one by her hip and slowly slid the full length of his cock inside my wife. She arched her back when he finally bottomed out. Despite years of fucking Amy has a very tight cunt, I knew he'd be pushing against her cervix and filling her up completely.

Mike started a slow rhythm, drawing his cock halfway out and back in again, sometimes stopping and grinding against her clit. Amy looked like she was in heaven, moaning and moving with Mike as he fucked her. Mike was breathing heavy and grunting a little as he stroked his cock in and out of her cunt.

Mike put his hand under her knee and pushed Amy's leg up; she gave a sharp intake of breath as he slid deeper inside her. It also gave me a better view. I could just see her pussy lips wrapped around his cock in the dim light. Amy doesn't shave her pussy but keeps it trimmed; I could see her pubic hair matted with her juices and her now slick cunt taking his cock. I had my hand firmly on my cock stroking it. This was amazing to watch.

Suddenly Amy began making familiar noises; I always knew when my wife was about to cum. She always came quickly but it was always intense. I heard her sigh, then go quiet as she concentrated on the impending orgasm. As Mike continued at a faster pace, she started getting louder and louder again. It was too much for me and I felt my cock spasm in my hand. I quickly ducked back into the bathroom and shot my cum into the sink, at the same time I heard Amy screaming in rapture from the other room. Her orgasms were always very large and very loud.

With sudden clarity I realised I was almost trapped. It was far too late to confront them, and having just cum, I couldn't ask to join in if they were going to continue. I heard Mike talking and some movement from the bed. I poked my head out to see Mike slide his cock out of Amy's well-used cunt and her roll onto her stomach for him. She lifted her ass up in the air, keeping her head down on the pillow. Her ass is nice and round and I love to grab it, she also loves fucking from behind. Mike said something and Amy reached back with her hands and parted her ass cheeks, in all our years of fucking my wife had never offered herself to me like she was to this man. It was the most amazing sight I had seen.

Mike moved in behind her and rubbed his cock against her slit before pushing all the way in with a single stroke. Amy gasped and then moaned in pleasure. Mike started quickly and my wife got to feel the thing she loves most, balls slapping her clit. Her hands had moved down to the bed now to stop her being pushed to far forward by his thrusting and I could hear the slap of his body against her ass.

As drunk as I was and as amazing as this sight was, I realised that this was my best opportunity. The door was right beside the bathroom and I opened it quietly and snuck out. As I walked out I realised what I had done. I had left my wife fucking another man in a hotel room. I grabbed a cab, thinking that I would wait for her to come home and we would talk about what just happened, but the whiskey finally won and I fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow.


When I woke up the house was empty. I checked my phone. Apparently I had sent Amy a text message asking if she was ok and telling her to ring me if not. There was a reply from her at about 3am saying "Just got this, totally fine, Mike looking after me. Will sleep here. Love you!" My morning boner sprang up, despite my hangover.

I texted her again at about 9:30am saying "just checking in". I didn't get a reply until almost two hours later "Just woke up, gonna have breakfast with Mike." I replied that I was cool with that but she should text when she was coming home. She replied with "on my way home" now around 4pm.

All day I had been hungover, nervous and horny as hell thinking about my wife spending the day with another man. When I heard her key in the door I wandered down to see her, unsure about what her mood would be. She was happy but asked if she could shower before we talked. She still had the same clothes and make-up from last night.

When she finally joined me in the lounge, she looked back to her normal self in comfy clothes and her hair tied up. She asked if I was mad, I said no. She thought so; we had talked a lot in the past about her sleeping with another guy and how much I would love it. She apologised for ignoring me, and said she didn't even remember when I left. I lied a little and said I left while they were still making out. She blushed and said that she had had sex with Mike four times last night and once again after breakfast, which they had ordered in. She didn't even get dressed until just before she came home.

She asked how I felt about it. I said I was happy as long as she was having fun, and that I still loved her. She asked what I would think if she wanted to see him again. My hard on grew instantly and I said that as long as she always came home to me and loved me, that I would be fine with it. But that I would like her to be transparent about most things they did. I didn't them sneaking around behind my back, this was going to be an open thing, not an affair.

She smiled and we talked more about being safe and other trust-building things. Then she asked if she could see Mike again. I said that I loved the idea of her having another lover and that Mike seemed to be a nice guy. She agreed and said he had invited her out for dinner that night and asked if she could go. My cock was so hard and my stomach noted itself up as I said yes.

She asked if I was sure and I said yes again. As she got ready for her next date (despite only being home for an hour) she constantly asked if I was ok and sure that I wanted this. I kept reassuring that not only was I fine but that it turned me on. She also teased me and told me how she loved how Mike had sex with her. She especially liked how he used his tongue on her. She also mentioned the differences between our cocks, size, foreskin etc.

Finally she was ready, she kissed me goodbye, checked one last time that I was ok, and then jumped in the cab for her date. She was wearing sexier clothing than last night. Her see-through blue dress with a black slip underneath, she looked incredibly sexy.

I got take-out and watched TV wondering what might be going on. At 10pm I texted "You ok?" At 11:30 I received back "Don't wait up ;)" The smiley was a good sign as we had worked out beforehand that she would use ;) to indicate she was still happy and :-) to indicate that I should come and get her. Seems a little crazy, but better safe than sorry.

I went to be with my laptop and jerked off to the dirty photos I had of Amy. I woke up alone again on Sunday.

My phone flashed to show I had message. There were two, the first had been sent around 3am and said check your email, the other said "Home tomorrow, love you ;)" I fired up the laptop and opened my email. There were two emails sent from Amy's phone. The first showed Amy and Mike at a restaurant in town. The second was of my wife, naked on Mike's bed, her legs spread, showing off a freshly fucked pussy. I jerked off furiously.

Amy came home not long after midday and again showered straight away. She said she had just seen Mike off at the airport. She didn't talk much about the night except to say they had fucked a few times, including her on top of him for the first time (she said she loved it). The photos had been her idea; she said Mike helped her pick which ones to send. I wondered later what had happened to the rest.

After showering she told me more and jerked me off as a thank you, she said she was too tired for more sex.


The next time I talked to Mike online it was quite different. It was no longer fantasy; he had actually fucked my wife all weekend. His cock had been inside her more than mine had in the last two months. He talked about what a good fuck she was and remarked about how loud her orgasms were, saying her third on Saturday had him worried that someone might complain (I didn't tell him that I couldn't remember Amy ever having three orgasms with me in one night).

He asked if I liked the pics and I said I did. He said when she was on the bed; her tits were covered in his cum. I said the pic wasn't good enough to see that, which is when he sent me a close up. He had the other pics! He shared a few more with me in the conversation. I was incredibly turned on.

Mike finally asked if Amy could come and visit him up north. Again my stomach did twists and my cock was almost bursting. I said it was fine for a weekend (or a few days during the week) but that the decision was ultimately up to Amy.

The next day Amy came to me nervously and said Mike had been in touch, he wanted to fly her up for the weekend. I said he had asked me and that I was fine with it if she was. Just like before her date we talked for a long time about what we both thought and if we were both ok with the situation. In the end she decided to go. We were both so excited by the idea that we ran down to the bedroom and fucked.

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