tagBDSMMy Wife, My Mistress Ch. 02

My Wife, My Mistress Ch. 02


There was a clock affixed to the far wall, and I made a point of mentally recording our start time, 20.55. That meant I had to hang in until 22.10 without moving or coming. It doesn’t sound like a long time, but I was primed for orgasm already and 1 hour 15 was going to be a lifetime.

Marie sat there running just one finger slowly up and down the underside of my cock, which was rapidly stiffening. It wasn’t really what she was doing to me that was causing me to stiffen so rapidly; it was the situation as a whole. My pretty wife watching me, dressed in black, and waiting patiently for me to ask her to help me. Only being able to guess at the pain I might soon be begging for.

“I think he’s going to be needing your help very soon Sarah,” Marie said with a smile, “Just look how big he is already.”

A drop of precum oozed from the tip of my cock.

“Think I should help him out Marie?” My wife asked innocently. “He’s your toy, play with him how ever you want.” Marie replied, looking up at me. Her smile was gone and what I saw in her eyes, made my balls try to shrivel in their sack. Though my excitement had been mounting, the small drink they had allowed me had helped open up my logic circuits. I had it figured. They were just trying to scare me, there was no way that Sarah would risk having me permanently injured, she’d never let me get to the stage where I had to pull backwards and risk the weight damaging my nuts.

Sarah stood up from her chair and from an unseen pocket somewhere, pulled out what looked like a silicone rubber O-ring.

“Here we go love, just so you don’t have to make too much of an effort to harden up all the time, this will help keep the lead in your pencil.” She said it with a grin as she knelt down on the rug next to Marie. She stretched the ring slightly over the end of my cock, then while holding my cock in her hands, she took just my knob into her mouth. Using her fingers she slowly rolled the rubber ring down its length towards the base while her tongue teased and lathered my extremely sensitive glans. It felt great, I wasn’t yet so sensitive that any such intimate contact would be overwhelming; I was fast approaching it though. Shit! I knew the ring would keep me hard all night and make the evening that little more unbearable for me.

While Sarah was ensuring the snugness of the ring around the base of my cock, Marie reached out and picked up the bottle of gel, pressing the plunger down and allowing a large dollop to coat the palm of her right hand. She brought her hands together and began to spread the gel. Taking the bottle again she squirted more lube onto her other hand, before rubbing both hands together again to spread the gel thoroughly. Oh shit, I thought, she’s going to use both hands on me at once.

I was sweating again, wondering how I was ever going to get through this night with my balls intact. I glanced at the clock, bad move; only five minutes had elapsed since we had begun playing.

Sarah let go of my cock and slowly stood up, running her hands lightly up my body as she did so. With a quick pinch to each of my nipples she moved back to her seat, allowing Marie to continue.

“Ready big boy?” She asked, a grin lighting up her face once again. “Coming ready or not.”

With that she began. She gently grasped my cock in both hands about midway along its length, and began running each hand in opposite directions, one towards the head and one towards the base. It felt fantastic, the hand running towards the base tugging the skin tight so that her other hand worked up to the protruding uncovered head. She didn’t spend too much time at the head of my cock, just allowed her hand to glide over it and off, and back for the next stroke. Over and off, then back for the next stroke.

Then she sped up a little and began quietly talking as she worked. Little phrases like, ”Mmm, who’s a big boy?” Or “Mmm, so shiny, look at Sarah’s nice big toy. Marie’s going to keep on practicing on her new flute until the music just squirts out of it!”
I was beginning to feel the beginnings of an orgasm coming on. Shit!

“Look Sarah,” Said Marie in delight, “He is really beginning to drip that precum!” I tried to stand like a stone, but it was sure getting difficult. My orgasm was getting close now.

“Stop,” I yelled, “I’m going to come!”

Marie stopped her playing immediately and Sarah came over to look down at my cock.

“Put ice on his balls Marie, and carry on please. He’s nowhere near coming yet!” “I did tell you not to talk until you were close to coming, didn’t I love?” She asked me. “Yes, but I’m afraid…” I began. “I’m not interested in your excuses. You are not to talk until you feel you just cannot carry on without coming, it’s not meant to be easy love, it’s about you learning some control. Do you understand?” She asked me. Marie had grabbed a handful of ice in her left hand and now brought it up onto my balls beneath the parachute. I almost jumped at the cold. She pressed it firmly into my scrotum so that there was a little pain besides the freezing iciness of it. With her other hand she continued wanking my cock. I knew I was going to come any second, I knew it.

“Do you understand?” Sarah asked me again, through the fog of my impending orgasm, though louder. “Yes!” I croaked, as my hips moved back and forwards slightly. My desire to come was overwhelming, yet it was essential I keep still. “Ahh.” I yelled. I was about to squirt. I never really noticed Marie’s hands leave me. I did however feel the sharp pain as Sarah used her thumb to squeeze hard on my cock at its base, thus preventing my orgasm.

When she could see I was back from the edge she said to me, “Ready?” “Uh, ready for what?” I asked dully. “My help of course love, the desensitizing.” “Oh come on Sarah love. This is insane, please lets stop now.” I implored. She ducked down even lower between my legs then said, “I’m going to flick your right ball first so get ready; and please stop whining. It’s my turn and we’re playing this out to the end.” I heard a dull thunk sound a split second before I felt the pain radiate out from my right testicle. I sagged in my bonds as she flicked my left ball. The pain wasn’t the worst I have ever felt but it was far from pleasant. I felt a shiver of excitement too somewhere. My cock remained very stiff with the rubber ring around its base.

“Now I’m going to help bring your cock back from the edge by giving its head a little rub.” She laughed as she picked up the lube bottle and worked some into her left hand.

“What do you say honey?” She asked me. “Thank you love.” I answered flatly. The anger boiling up inside again. She ignored my tone and got to work grasping my cock in her right hand and pulling the skin back towards the base. Next she took her slippery left hand and like she was trying to open an extremely slippery door handle, she rubbed her palm all over and around the very tip of my cock.

“Ahh!” I yelled out continuously as she kept rubbing and rubbing. I tried to twist away from the incredible sensations streaming from the end of my penis. Somehow I didn’t pull away, and after what felt like minutes but was I think, but several seconds, my cock had lost all desire to come. If I hadn’t had the rubber ring on I would have been soft now.

“Ha ha!” laughed Marie, “he looks like a bloated fat sausage now.”

I was as soft as I could get.

“My turn again!” Marie said excitedly. “Yes, get to work again Marie.” Sarah smiled at her, before carrying on to me, “That’s how desperate I want you before you decide to ask for help this time. If you ask for help too early again, I’ll use a chopstick to flick your balls and I’ll have Marie do the same to the tip of your cock, is that understood?”

Marie had begun playing with my cock again. I was stiffening rapidly.

“Yes Sarah, I understand, but if I get to that stage I’m pretty much out of control. I mean I’m on the very edge of coming and I don’t know if I can hold back at that stage. I’m not near to coming, I am actually in the throes of an oncoming orgasm.”

“ All you need do is warn me in time love, so I can squeeze your cock for you and help you to develop some control.” She smiled that little girl grin she uses when she knows she is being particularly bad and has been caught at it.

“Oh Marie,” I groaned, “Please take it easy.” She was masturbating me with just one hand now, while the other pulled the skin tight at the base. She was paying a little more attention to my glans now; rubbing her hand over them on each upsweep, before easing off for the downward journey. Up and over, down again, up and over, down again. Occasionally she would lightly scratch a fingernail around the glans, when she did this I nearly jumped out of my skin, so intense were the feelings. Then in a second she would be back to the stroking. Faster one minute, slow the next.

“Look how he’s sweating Marie.” Sarah said, “You must be working him just right. Remember to keep quiet please Honey, that was the deal, remember Marie’s just trying to help you out.” The two of them burst out laughing; Marie’s hands never missed a stroke. I was semi writhing now, trying to move sideways, backwards, forwards, anything without moving my feet, to escape her joyful ministrations.

Through the haze of lust and sensation enveloping me, I stole a quick glance at the clock; thirty minutes had now passed. Shit, I screamed inside, I just couldn’t do this!

“Ahh.” I yelled all too soon, terrified I might have waited too long before yelling. Immediately I felt the same painful clamping as before, on the base of my cock. Through a daze I heard Sarah warning me of the remainder of the “treatment”.

First a shocking thunk to my right testicle followed by an equally hard one to the left. Then another to the left, but from a different angle, before a final agonizing thunk to the right; it was terrible, yet even as I sagged a part of me began to feel release. I groaned loudly but quieted at Sarah’s softly spoken command. I tried to remain quiet as she swirled her gel soaked hand around and around my cock head. I couldn’t, I yelled and demanded she stop, as my body tried to run from the overwhelmingly intense sensations.

“Marie, pass me a chopstick please and grab one for yourself.” Sarah said. I had to run from this hideous abuse of trust. I had to escape. I began to move but was suddenly awakened to what I was about to do by the tug of the little weight Sarah had placed on the rope between my balls and the catch holding the weight in place. It brought me back.

“I gave you an option of using a gag when we began tonight honey, and you decided to accept my challenge and go without it. I’ve recognized your courage in accepting the challenge, that is why I haven’t punished these outbursts you have been making. I can see I have been too lenient with you or perhaps you are just not ready for such a challenge, either way I have to punish you. You can see that can’t you? If I don’t punish you, why should you even try to follow our game rules? “

I began to reply but she cut me off immediately.

“I did not say you could speak love. Please keep quiet.” “Your punishment for your outburst is a flick from a chopstick to each of your balls from me, and two flicks to your cock head from a chopstick by Marie.” She announced. Taking a chopstick from Marie she quickly crouched in front of me. I was still trying to think of a way out when I felt the devastating impact of the chopstick into my right ball. Even as I was drawing breath to scream, she delivered a flick to my left ball and all I could do was whimper. I found it difficult to breath. I hung from my bonds, for what seemed like a long while; and for the first time there was no I to experience the pain. There was only pain. From within the sea of pain came a new sharply intense radiation of feeling that somewhere I knew was Marie striking the very tip of my penis with her chopstick. The pain heard itself scream at this change in feeling and again as she struck for the second time at precisely the same spot as before.

Through the mists of the pain, gradually there blossomed a feeling of joy. The word endorphins rang through the sea. Through the mist there was the sound of women’s voices.

“His balls are still warm, so he’s looking alright for the meantime.”

Soon the euphoria had left me and there was just a dull ache in my poor balls. I was back again and angry and scared.

I felt the warmth as Marie’s hands once again began their ministrations. I looked down at her and she smiled up at me and I couldn’t help but smile back, even through the pain. She was just so gorgeous and pretty.

“There’s still thirty five minutes left lover, think you can handle much more of Marie’s lovin’ hands? Or do you want a little help?” Sarah asked.

“Oh Sarah please help me.” I begged. “Sure lover.” She replied. Then “I’ll put the clover clamps on you if you’d like, that will help take your mind off your cock and help drag out the time between desensitizing sessions. Would you like that honey?” She asked gently.

“Yes Sarah, please put the clover clamps on me.” I shivered as I asked that, yet I also realized it was the only way I was likely to prevent myself from coming, or worse yet, have my balls pulled off by the weight. Without the clamps I’d also just earn more and more flicks to my suffering balls each time I came close to orgasm. With the clamps on I’d be in too much pain to even think about orgasm.

They both giggled as Sarah reached to the tray and removed the clover clamps. She stood up and moved in front of me. Briefly she rubbed her body against mine and I instinctively began to try to thrust against her. With a quick laugh she pulled back and slowly raised her hands, showing me the cruel shiny clamps. Taking them in one hand she reached up with the other and began to caress and tweak my left nipple until it was erect. She took one clamp in her left hand before reaching up and gently attaching it to my left nipple. The pain was as intense as it was immediate. She laughed briefly, before reaching out to gently hold a hand in front of my mouth.

“Hush now lover, don’t scream at us when we are just trying to help you.” Sarah said. They both giggled again, before Sarah said for Marie to place the remaining clamp on my right nipple.

Oh shit I thought. Fuck this, my left nipple was already on fire, the clamp biting cruelly into the tender flash of my nub. I had to scream. Marie stood up before me and without looking away from my eyes called for Sarah to please undo her (Marie’s) thong top. In order for Sarah to move behind Marie she would have to pass the remaining clamp to Marie or drop it.

“Hold on to this for me will you love.” Sarah smiled at me before dropping the free clover clamp. I watched it fall as if I was watching a slow motion replay. I attempted to brace myself for the impending agony but nothing could prepare me for such a biting pain as I suddenly felt when the little chain joining the two clamps took up the slack and halted the fall of the clamp Sarah had just let go of. I felt as if my left nipple had just been torn off, so intense was the pain.

I screamed, I couldn’t hold back, though I realized that by allowing the scream I was opening myself up to more agony for my slip up.

Marie just smiled at me as Sarah allowed Marie’s thong top to drop to the ground in front of me. Even through my tears of pain I felt a strong sexual thrill at seeing Marie’s naked breasts. I felt my cock bloating even as I moaned at the agony in my nipple. Finally, after what seemed like years, Marie reached out and grasped the dangling clover clamp and took the weight off the chain and therefore my left nipple.

Holding the clamp in one hand she looked down at herself and began playing with her own right nipple, I was mesmerized. She tweaked it and pulled at it, rubbed her palm gently over it then tweaked it some more. Her nipple was engorged and stiff when she slowly raised her head and smiled at me once again. She raised her hand holding the remaining clover clamp and while continuing to look at me placed it on her own nipple. Letting the chain fall, she slowly leaned back until the slack was taken up. Instead of stopping she continued to lean slowly backwards until the fire was rekindled in my own nipple. I was determined I wouldn’t scream, oh how I needed to scream. She leaned yet further, and all I know is pain, pain is all there is and I am pain. Bitch, she hadn’t had one clamp drop free and nearly rip her nipple off. I’ll not say a word though; fuck her. Sweating now, pain spreading out in waves from the destroyed nipple, from the distorted little nub that used to be a nipple. Still she looks at me, through the pain I see she too is beginning to sweat. Serves her right. She leans even further, and I scream. It’s too bloody much, why do they have to make it all so fucking extreme. The agony. You’ll probably never know this absolute agony, this hateful, all pervading, sensuous, addictive agony.

She straightens then reaches up and removes the clamp from her own nipple. Through my pain I look at it and see the awful tiny teeth marks that the clamp has made to her nipple. With a smile she reaches up and begins tuning up my right nipple to receive the clamp that has so recently caressed her own. My emotions are in turmoil; I hate her, yet I so want to receive the clamp that has tasted her nipple. In a few moments my nipple is hard and she reaches out touching it with the clamp until she has it positioned at the last couple of millimeters from the end. She releases the clamp. I sweat profusely but remain quiet. Somewhere a little pride has asserted itself, I’ll not scream, this is her gift to me and I will not scream.

She looks at me then gives the chain a little tug. I scream.

When I settle, if settle is the right choice of word, Marie is again seated and Sarah stands before me.

I feel the caress of Marie’s hands upon my cock again and am amazed at how quickly I respond. My nipples are in agony, why is my cock not remaining soft. How can I possibly be reacting to the teasing fingers on my cock when my nipples are in such agony?

“As you seem unable to stop making lots of noise I’m going to allow you the gag again love.” Sarah says with a smile.

I try to smile back, but with my nipples on fire and the pain throbbing in my balls I find it impossible. Instead I grunt.

“Open wide love.” She says, and I do as she inserts a ball gag into my mouth. “The only small problem with the ball gag love,” She smiles, before continuing, “ Is that we wont know when you are trying to tell us your are about to come and when you might just be grunting.”

I begin to shout into the gag.

“Best you keep quiet until you really need to speak love, otherwise Marie and I might not know to stop at the right moment. Remember if you do come before time, we keep playing right on for an additional half hour. If you come again in that half hour, well, that’s just an extra half hour and so on. So I’d be quiet if I was you.” With that she went back to her seat and left me in the hands of Marie.

“Marie give him two flicks to each nut and three flicks with a chopstick to the head of his cock.” Sarah ordered.

I tried to shout into the gag. Why? All that came out was a nonsensical stream of moaning.

“I gave you the gag back lover, because I felt pity on you. When we were attaching the nipple clamps you shouted and yelled all too much. You had been warned, but you chose to ignore that warning. I know you wouldn’t do that normally that’s why the gag is back. You know I don’t wish to see you hurt unnecessarily, however we must maintain discipline, I’m trying to get through to your mind as well as your body and they both require different stimuli to learn. Faith love, have faith.” Sarah said from her seat.

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