tagBDSMMy Wife, My Mistress Ch. 02

My Wife, My Mistress Ch. 02


You may be wondering how I can let a simple thing like getting caught masturbating turn me in to such a submissive wimp. There is more to that story, let me give you some background.

This is not the first case of breaking my wife's trust...the first was much more serious.

My wife and I married in our early twenties. After we had been married a couple of years I had a short, very hot affair.

My wife knew about it for quite some time before she confronted me about it and when she did, she told me she wanted a divorce.

I begged her to stay with me and told her I would prove to her that I loved her. She finally agreed to drop the divorce issue but with the warning that any more infidelity and she would be gone from my life forever.

She knew that my affair with this other person was purely sexual. She also knew that it was highly based on a sort of Mistress/slave relationship. She had many emails of my communications with this person that described, in detail, commands from her that I should follow.

Nancy knew that BDSM, especially her dominating me, was a big fantasy of mine but anytime I would approach her about it she refused to discuss it.

Besides the fact that Nancy had again found me in what she considered a betrayal of her trust, there was no way I could afford her friend Vicki finding out about it.

As you may recall it was pictures of Vicki that I was looking at on the computer when Nancy caught me jerking off.

Vicki is a very sexual woman, about Nancy's age, that loves to flirt with me...and I love flirting back.

Vicki was recently divorced from a good friend of mine. While they were married we hung out quite alot together as couples and as a result I had many pictures of Vicki on our camera from parties, beach trips and many other occasions where we were all together.

Vicki is about 5'5", with dark features like Nancy. In fact they look alot like each other. Both with killer bodies, and a teasing demeanor.

As a result of this friendship, Vicki knows the wives of many of my friends and business associates. There was no way I could let her find out that I was looking at a slideshow of her on my computer, sitting with her panties on, and jerking off. It could destroy me socially and business wise.

I got her panties one day when she had asked us to feed her dog while she was out of town. I went in her laundry room to get the dog food and saw several pair of her panties laying out and I took a pair.

Her ex had told me about her wilder side...he never got into details but just said she was a little too kinky for his taste. As a result of that, and our continual, supposedly harmless, back and forth flirting, I fantasized about her often.

I thought that having a pair of her panties to use while I fantasized about her would add much more to my fantasy. Little did I know how much those panties were going to come back to haunt me.

I left the bar after Nancy left with the other guy.

I went home feeling confused, nervous, and dejected. I wasn't sure what she might do next.

The thoughts of what she might be doing with this other man was driving me crazy. I wanted to know where they were, what they were doing. I would soon find out.

At about 6:00 am Nancy finally came home. I was laying in bed but had been unable to sleep.

Her sexy outfit looked a bit rumpled and her hair was all out of place, but she still looked incredibly hot. Even in my state of jealousy I couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was.

She noticed I was awake and came over and sat on the bed beside me.

"Mike", she started, "you know you have hurt me again don't you?"

I nodded my head yes.

"I also know that deep down you really do love me and would do anything for me wouldn't you?"

"Yes" I said, and I truly meant it. I never meant to hurt her.

"So how do I make you prove your love...your trust?"

She continued, "You used alot of restraint last night watching me with Phil and I'm proud of you for that."

So now I knew his name.

"I'm not sure you could have used that restraint if you had seen us at his house."

My mind was reeling with thoughts now.

She leaned closely to my face and looking me straight into my eyes said, "I'm going to tell you all about it and if you can live with it, fine, if not, get the fuck out of the house...or you can leave now. It's your choice."

"So tell me you choice" she taunted.

"I want to stay Nancy" I said hesitantly.

"I thought you would" she said.

"Let's see, where shall I start" she said as she crossed her sexy legs. I couldn't help but notice how good she smelled and the heat of her body was rubbing against my hip as she sat.

"First of all I never realized what I was missing in bed. His Tongue, his hands...oh and of course his huge cock."

"I never knew your cock was so tiny since I've never been with another man" she said looking at me dejectedly. I cringed inside.

"We started on his couch where we both got totally naked. His hands and his tongue were like silk all over my body."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing!

"We finally moved to his bed where I finally got to suck on that huge cock of his. He was going crazy while I licked and sucked it down as far as I could."

"When he couldn't take it anymore he laid me softly back onto the bed and slowly started entering me."

"He had to go slow because of the size, but once he was in me, oh my god I've never felt anything like it."

"We fucked in every position possible. I know we each came at least 4 times."

"Look, I even took a picture of us on his bed for you."

She pulled her digital camera out of her purse and I couldn't believe what I was looking at. There was more than one picture...even one of her sucking on his cock.

"So here is what I've decided Mike. Since you can't seem to keep your cock in it's cage, so to speak,I will literally keep it in a cage and I'll decide when I want to use it, although it's so small compared to Phil's don't count on me wanting to use it often, if ever".

She continued, "And as far as I'm concerned, it's my turn to have some fun".

I'm going to see who I want to for the time being. That means fuck who I want to or anything else I want to do with them, do you understand Mike?"

I lay there speechless.

"If you don't like the terms you can leave now" she said.

"And by the way, if you do leave, everyone will know about your pathetic jerk off session and your panty theft. They will all know what a sick fucker you are."

"So answer me. Can you live with this arrangement?"

"Yes Nancy" I answered, knowing she had me by the balls.

She corrected me, "From now on you will address me as Mistress. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress" I said, wondering what in the hell I had gotten myself into.

"Good. I have something for you to do to show me your sincerity in this."

"In the last 6 hours I feel like I have had a gallon of Phil's cum pumped into my cunt. You are going to clean it all out for me."

"Nancy please!" I started.

She slapped me hard acoss the face and said, "It's Mistress, you fuckhead, and you can either lick, or leave."

With that she stood, removed her panties, left he short skirt on, and placed her dripping cunt inches from my mouth.

"Lick Slave."

And I did. The cum just kept oozing from her pussy as I sucked it out.

"Swallow it all you faggot" she said, taunting me.

"And you better get used to this position because it is your duty to always clean your Mistress after she fucks real men"

She then rode my face until she had the hardest orgasm I had ever seen her have.

I couldn't believe it but my own cock was growing hard. When Nancy noticed this she told me to stand and remove my panties, which I still had on at her direction.

She moved so close to it with her mouth, breathing on it. I wanted her to touch it so badly but instead she slapped it...hard.

I stepped away and she sternly told me I had better not move. She grabbed my balls in one hand and started slapping my cock with her free hand until I started to go soft.

"Just to make sure you don't touch this while I sleep, I'm going to tie your hands and feet" she said."

She proceeded to tie my hands and feet to the bedposts with some of my ties.

"I'm going to sleep in the other room. I can't sleep with someone who isn't man enough to walk out on a wife who completely humiliates him with another man."

With that, she turned off the light and left the room.

"Sweet dreams Slave" she said as she walked down the hall.

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