tagBDSMMy Wife, My Mistress Ch. 04

My Wife, My Mistress Ch. 04


Over the next couple of weeks, Nancy began finding various ways to take more control over me and the fact is the more she did it, the more enslaved I became to her.

I thought about nothing more than wanting to find ways to please her, hoping that she would allow my cock the relief it so badly needed.

To deepen my desire for her she had tasks that I had to do everyday that involved worshiping her body.

My usual daily schedule, as she required of me, was to enter her bedroom each morning at 6:30 am (we now slept in separate beds), and gently wake her by licking her pussy.

After she would awake I would lie on my back and she would straddle my face and pee in my mouth, of which I was required to swallow every last drop. She would then choose the position she desired and I would be required to lick her to orgasm as many times as she wished.

I was then required to draw her bath and bathe every inch of her body. Many times this would also require me to bring her to another orgasm or I would have to watch her bring herself to orgasm.

I would then pick out her clothes, which now only included very provocative clothing, and help her get dressed.

She would then pick out my clothes for the day, which always included panties and a bra under my regular clothing.

On many days she would insert a remote control vibrating anal plug into my ass. On these days she would call me at work at different times and make me turn on the vibrator as I had to listen to her pleasure herself on the other line.

After work I was required to come home, strip before entering the front door, and be ready to perform whatever tasks she laid out for me.

She began a routine at night that I would be required to read her several femdom stories, of which I was instructed to find each day, while she would bring herself to orgasm on the bed.

I could not look at her while she did this. I could only hear the sound of the vibrator, or her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. I was always ordered to lick her instrument of pleasure clean after each episode.

"I have a special surprise for you tonight," she said, with a wicked look on her face.

She went to the closet and brought out her bag of goodies, some of which I had learned to hate, and brought out a plastic clear board with electrical wires running from it. It had wing nuts and a bolt to secure each corner of the board to a separate board that was attached by the wing nuts.

She removed my cage from my cock and balls. I was hoping so badly I had earned my release. I had not been allowed to cum since all of this started several weeks ago.

"Sit," she commanded, pointing to a chair in front of the computer.

She proceeded to handcuff my hands behind the chair.

My cock was hard and dripping.

"Are you ready for some pleasure slave?" she taunted.

"Yes please Mistress," I begged.

She placed my cock and balls between the two clear boards with the electrical wires leading from them to a box and secured the boards tightly with the wing nuts.

Although the restriction on my balls was somewhat painful, it had been so long since I had felt my cock being squeezed I almost came right then.

"You want to know what I do during the day when you're not home?" she asked.

She then turned on the computer monitor and started a slideshow of herself.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There was picture after picture of her having sex with various men.

I was in total disbelief when suddenly I felt the board giving me a pleasurable vibration.

It was obvious my cock was straining against the boards.

"Are you enjoying this slave?" Nancy asked.

"Do you like watching your wife fuck all of these real men?"

I watched as pictures of her sucking, fucking, and giving hand jobs flicked on the screen. Pictures of her with the guys cum sprayed all over her face, on her tongue, oozing out of her pussy.

"You didn't even know how much cum you've been lapping out of my pussy the last few weeks did you, you cumslut?"

She started telling me their names and talking about how big their coks were. Telling me how I could never satisfy her like them.

Suddenly I felt the pressure building in my cock...I was about to explode.

Nancy saw me squirming in the chair, my eyes transfixed to her every picture, when I suddenly felt an extremely painful jolt of electricity sear through my cock and balls.

I cried out in pain, not knowing what was happening. This pain and shock obviously distracted me from cumming.

"I didn't say you could cum yet slave," Nancy said.

I looked over and saw that she had different buttons on the unit attached to the boards on my cock and balls. As always, she was determining my pleasure or pain.

"Don't look at me, look at the screen!" she yelled. As I resumed looking at the screen, somehow enthralled with the pictures of my wife with other men, I felt the soothing vibration in the boards start again.

After several minutes - I couldn't believe the number of pictures - I begged of Nancy, "Please let me cum Mistress. I have done everything you have asked of me since all of this started...please!"

"Look closely Mike...did you ever think you would be able to cum while you watched your wife fucking someone else? Watching me suck their cocks?" she taunted.

"Look at their faces Mike. Look at how much pleasure is in their faces when they cum."

"Look at my face slave. Did you ever see that kind of lust on my eyes when you fucked me?" I don't think so you loser."

My cock was so close to exploding but I was doing all I could to hold back.

"May I please cum now Mistress?" I pleaded.

"Go ahead slave," she said, and at the instant I was about to release she again turned to knob to send an even stronger jolt of electricity through my aching cock and balls.

I could feel my cock beginning to shrink from the pain.

"I guess you blew your chance to cum, huh?" Nancy laughed.

"I have another treat for you though...maybe then you can earn your relief," she said.

She turned off the computer screen and uncuffed my hands.

She took me to the bedroom and lay me on the bed, again pulling out her bag of toys.

"Do you want to fuck me slave?" she asked.

"Yes please Mistress."

She then reached into the bag and pulled out the face harness with the dildo attached and strapped it to my face, forcing the small end of the plug behind the harness into my mouth. The larger end of the dildo, maybe 10 inches, protruded from my mouth towards the ceiling.

Nancy straddled my chest with her hard legs. She took the handcuffs and secured my hand to the headboard above my head.

She moved her beautiful face within inches of mine, looking over the fake cock protruding from my mouth and said, "I just want you to know I have been fucking someone most of the day. I'm sure my cunt is full of his cum and you are going to get to see it all come out."

"You said you wanted to fuck me...well you're going to, fuck-face," she said as she moved her wet pussy up and over the dildo.

I could see how wet she was, a small amount of cum oozing from her shaved pussy, as she slowly lowered herself onto the dildo protruding from my mouth.

She buried herself deeply to the hilt on the dildo and stayed there.

"Can you smell his cum slave?" I know you wish you could lick it out, you cumslut!"

Suddenly I felt the boards on my cock vibrating again.

I was crazy with lust. I wanted to grab her and slide my cock into her so badly but I could only watch as she slid up and down, faster and faster, on the dildo.

I could see the dildo becoming coated with cum, hers, and the unknown guy she fucked that day. I could smell it. I wanted to taste it so badly.

My own cock was getting closer and closer to bursting when Nancy cried out in orgasm, slamming herself deeply onto the dildo, her wet clit touching my nose.

At the same instant I felt the dreaded shock of electricity run through my cock and balls.

I tried to scream out around the penis gag in my mouth as this time, Nancy didn't turn off the electricity...her cunt still grinding deeply onto the dildo as she cried out in pleasure.

After what seemed like several minutes, but I'm sure was more like 30 seconds, Nancy climbed off of the dildo, the electricity still searing through my cock and balls.

"Do you want me to turn it off?" she teased looking in my eyes.

The dildo bobbed wildly as I shook my head up and down.

"You're such a pussy," she said, as she graciously turned off the electrical board.

She then moved up my body, laying her entire body along the length of mine. Her breasts and her hot pussy pressed against me.

Looking into my eyes, she began licking the juices off of the dildo.

"Mmmmmm...his cum tastes sooo goood," she said, as she continued to burn her beautiful brown eyed stare into my eyes.

I could only watch as she teasingly licked and sucked the fake cock inches from my face, finally deep throating the entire thing, her face pressed against mine.

"Did you enjoy fucking me slave?" she asked smiling.

I could only look at her with my pleading eyes.

" I don't think you deserve to fuck me, but maybe we could arrange for someone else to fuck you. Would you like that?" she asked with a sarcastic grin.

I was afraid to answer her anymore, not knowing what she night do.

She reached for the electrical unit. "I asked you a question slave!"

I bobbed my head up and down frantically, pleading with me eyes to her to not turn on the unit.

Smiling coyly she said, "I think I will arrange that soon."

To my relief, she removed the board from my cock, which had become hard again.

She placed the cock cage on the bed next to me and told me to bend my knees and stick out my cock. I did as I was told.

"Do you want me to touch it Mike? Do you want me to lick it, and suck it like I just did to the cock on your face?"

"Or maybe you want me to fuck you, long, deep, and hard the way I do all of those guys you saw on our slideshow."

"Do you remember how good it feels to have your cock wrapped in a tight, hot pussy? Well guess what, I don't know if I will ever let you feel that again...but I will touch your cock now."

She pulled a small leather strap from beneath the bed and began to whip my cock and balls furiously with it. I didn't dare move.

She was slapping my cock and balls over and over, asking me if I wanted her to keep touching my cock.

Tears streamed down my face as my cock went soft, which was Nancy's intention.

Nancy replaced the cock cage and I watched her beautiful ass as she left the room, turning out the light. "Sweet dreams, fuck - face," and she laughed as she left me on the bed, handcuffed with a dildo protruding from my face, my cock and balls on fire.

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