tagBDSMMy WIfe, My Slave

My WIfe, My Slave


My wife has always enjoyed me talking dirty to her when having sex. Mostly fantasy things, I would have never dreamed she would possibly consider doing any of them in a million years. One of her favorite subjects when I was fucking her was telling her that one thing I wanted her to do for me was to have another woman join us. My wife Christy, the mother of 2 boys still has a nice body, even thought she has added a few pounds, thankfully they are mainly on her hips and her tits. I love a nice soft ass and hers does the trick for me. She is also a submissive woman.

We had been married about 5 years when I found this out. I had been talking dirty to her while pounding her hairy pussy, and told her she would now be my slave whenever we had sex. Only a fantasy, I thought! It turned out she really got into that, along with a good spanking. I fell in love with her all over again. I was forcing her as my slave, to suck my cock one night.

“I believe we need a woman to be your Mistress and help me in training you to be a good slave.”

To my surprise she readily agreed that we indeed DID need a Mistress for her to serve also. I thought it was all in this fantasy but after having this one fantasy sex many times I decided to test her, which she passed with an A+

I began to question her if she was serious about it, and she always said yes. Sometimes I knew that she said yes at things only in the heat of her passion, but this time I asked the next day and she looked at me and said she really wanted this.

“Fine I will try to find a woman to help us.”

Thankfully we are online and I could do some digging around in chat rooms and things, since I didn’t want to have to pay for a woman to abuse my wife. I found a web site that had a posting board for people looking for swinging couples and such things. I put in my post stating.

“Married Couple, clean, drug and disease free, looking for woman to help my submissive wife become a better Slave for Husband and as her Mistress, any age, any color accepted with the right Dominating Motivation!”

I got a few replies to my Add, but most were out of State and with a bit far fetched ideas. Finally an older woman, (my wife is 37 and I am 47) replied saying to contact her email addy, for further discussions. I did and she asked for a nude picture of my wife, now my wife had always been shy about that but readily agreed to pose in some very exposing shots, for me to send. I also sent a fully clothed picture of me, and a couple of nude ones also. She in turn did the same. She had stated her age at 55, but I swear she didn’t look a day over 40. I emailed her and asked her if this was a recent picture and she said it was.

Nancy was her name, and I went to have a meeting to feel each other out and see if we both were real. I was shocked at her looks when I saw her, She was a really attractive woman, with very nice sized breasts, and long pretty legs and an ass that would stop a truck. We got along very well and I told her this was the first time my wife and I had done this, and she said, not to worry she knew what to do.

“Just how submissive your wife? What can I expect from her as our slave if I accept your proposal?”

“My wife enjoys getting her ass spanked for not pleasing me and is really wanting to please a woman too. I think you will be pleased Nancy.”

We set up a date for the next weekend since our kids are grown and moved out, we had out house to out selves.

My wife was very apprehensive, a total nervous wreck as she waited for Friday night to arrive, I kept her that way.

“I have given Mistress Nancy my full support and my permission to treat you, my slave anyway she wanted, as my slave you need to be taught the right way a slave should act for her Master.”

I watched as she started wiggling her ass.

“What are you doing?”

“I am getting excited and my pussy is getting wet thinking about my new Mistress.”

I had her take her clothes off and play with her hairy cunt for me, while I jacked off watching her. She had never got undressed that fast that I had remembered. I then had her lay on her back facing me with her legs opened wide fingering cunt feverishly, a look in her eyes of a lust staring at me jacking off my hard cock for her. It only took her a minute to have a massive orgasm franticly frigging herself while pulling on her large brown nipple.

“Now, suck my cock or pay for it with a good hard spanking you won’t forget soon.”

She scrambled to her knees attacking my cock wildly like a good slave should. As I let her face fuck me I called her the nastiest of names,

“I don’t think you deserve as good a Master as me and surely you don’t deserve a Mistress too.”

She thanked me for being so good to such an unworthy slut and resumed her job as my cocksucking slut.

“I’m fixing to cum bitch!”

And I pulled my throbbing cock from her lips. Jacking off until I came all on her face, covering her eyes and nose. It was running down to form a large droplet of my spunk hanging from the tip of her nose, She licked as much as she could off her face then I had her wipe her face with her fingers and suck them clean. All while she thanked me for being such a good Master to her.

As Friday evening came around, my slutty looking slave was dressed for her Mistress Nancy’s arrival, Her eyes showed her nervousness, but her crotchless panties showed her juicy pussy’s desire to be dominated. I had told her to dress with her open nippled bra with her matching crotchless panties and nothing else, as she was there to please, not for her enjoyment.

Mistress Nancy knocked on my front door and I went and let her in, giving her a big kiss on her beautiful full lips,

“I am so happy you are finally here.”

She returned the greeting,

“Where is the Submissive Little Bitch?”

We entered our living room with our Slave on her knees, her head bowed down looking at the floor like the good slave she wanted to be. I instructed her to greet Mistress Nancy,

Linda said “Hello Mistress.” Nancy pushed her away, saying that a Slaves greeting to her Master or Mistress was to crawl over and kiss their feet and not to speak to them. Linda then crawled over and began to kiss her Mistress Nancy’s feet.

“I know you are happy to serve your new Mistress aren’t you slut!”

I watched as Mistress Nancy pushed her off her feet with a hard shove, Linda landing on her back with a shocked look in her eyes,

“Have I offended you Mistress?”

Nancy (I was allowed to call her by her name) told her to shut her mouth, that slaves only spoke when spoken too or asked a question, and punished for the wrong reply. Linda hung her head and said, “Yes, Mistress!”

Nancy then asked me, “So, this is the little slut that wants to eat a real woman’s pussy does she?”

“Yes, but she is not deserving of it yet!”

Nancy smiled saying she liked the way I thought. Nancy then came over to me and we kissed then undressed, what she had on underneath her neatly pressed dress suit, shocked me. She had on a leather outfit with an open nippled leather bra, a leather corset, and crotchless leather panties. I hugged her and got down and started eating her beautiful hairless cunt, her clit was absolutely huge, engorged with blood standing proudly against her thick cunt lips. My cock immediately got erect. Mistress Nancy told our slave to get under her Master and suck his cock. Linda crawled over quickly and wiggled under me to do so putting her head on the floor near Nancy’s feet.

I forcefully fucked her mouth as I licked Nancy’s now dripping cunt with vigor, she grabbed my face forcing me deeper with my tongue into her wet pussy. I started to nibble on Nancy’s large clit, her hips bucking against my face, until her stomach spasmed in her orgasm.

“Clean my face with your tongue Slave!”

This was the first pussy juice she had ever tasted that wasn’t her own, and her moans told me she loved it. Linda had reached between her legs and was rubbing her hairy pussy, Mistress Nancy slapped her hand away saying she had not been given permission to touch our cunt and must now be punished for her indiscretion.

I led them to our bedroom forcing Linda to crawl like a dog all the way. I got our well worn paddle out that I had made out of Oak about 6 years earlier and Mistress Nancy sat on the edge of the bed with Linda in front of her and told Linda to bend over putting her hands on her knees. I sat back and watched, my hard cock throbbing and pulsating at Linda’s shame. Mistress Nancy then began to spank our slave showering her ass with blows causing Linda to cry out in pain, calling Linda the most of vile names,

“You aren’t worthy of our love and understanding of you problem bitch.”

Linda’s ass cheeks quickly became pink and then a deep red as her new Mistress Nancy’s assault on her ass continued. After about 5 minutes of this, Nancy told Linda to she would now watch how a Real Woman fucked a Real Man.

As I lay on my back Mistress Nancy.

“Hold my cunt open and place his hard cock in my pussy.”

Linda did as she was instructed. I had never been with another woman since I took my marriage vows nor had Linda been with another man. Linda now learning her place as a good slave, attentively took my cock in her hand and leaned under her new Mistress, opening her wet pussy with trembling fingers, as Mistress Nancy sat on her Husband/Masters hot and hard cock. Her large blue eyes, never leaving her new Mistress’s pussy for a second.

Nancy began to move her hips sliding my cock in deeply as possible then pulling her hips up until just the head of my dick was inside her wet thick pussy lips.

“Go stand in the corner and await further orders and Do NOT to touch your pussy, or face the consequences.” Linda looked dejected but did as she was ordered.

I was thrusting into Nancy’s hot wet pussy like a mad man, telling her how it felt to fuck a real woman’s hot cunt and not a mousey little passive cunt like my slave. Mistress Nancy just moaned as she fucked me back. Throwing her head back and groaning as her orgasm was quickly arriving. Her hand went to her huge clit, rubbing and pinching it between her fingertips. As she began to cum, she looked at our slave, seeing the lust in Linda’s eyes, she laughed and told me,

“Look at that little cunt, I bet she thinks she could fuck as well as I do. She probably never had a REAL Orgasm in her life, the little bitch wouldn’t know how!”

Linda’s eyes looked at the floor. Nancy then instructed her to get behind her and lick her asshole as she fucked her husband senseless. Linda eagerly crawled up on the bed behind Nancy’s quivering Ass, tenderly grasping her Mistresses ass cheeks she spread them open and began to lick Nancy’s puckered asshole. This caused Nancy to again start a barrage of insults to our slave, as she continued to fuck me.

“Look at that ass sucking bitch, licking my shit hole, that’s all she is good for, wiping our ass with her tongue!”

I couldn’t see Lindas face, but I felt her blush with shame in her lust as she stuck her tongue deep inside her Mistresses sweaty asshole.

“Lick my balls up to her Mistresses asshole, so you can taste our combined juices and you Mistresses cum.”

As she did I heard her give a animal sounding moan at her first taste of our mixed fluids.

“DO you want to play with your pussy whore?”

“Oh Yes, Please Master!” I told her “NO” so she could suffer in her humiliation as her face was buried in our crotches.

Nancy then turned around facing away from me, and again inserted my cock inside her dripping pussy,

“Now, suck my cunt and do it well or else.”

Linda’s eyes opened wide in her excitement of finally achieving her dreams of eating another woman’s hot juicy pussy. Nancy leaned back to give Linda better access to her pussy and even though I was still fucking her Mistress, Linda had no trouble holding the beautiful pussy in front of her open and licking it excitedly. Her moans became louder as she reached Nancy’s large clit and she sucked it like a baby sucks its bottle, as Nancy began to cum again, bucking against my belly with her ass cheeks and holding Linda’s face in her pussy as she ground her clit into Linda’s face, calling her a sick fucking lesbian wanna be, and a shit eating cunt. I actually believe Linda came as she ate her Mistresses cunt without touching her own.

I felt my cum boiling up in my balls and told Nancy I was nearing my orgasm,

“OK you shit sucking slave, prepare to swallow his cum.”

Linda has never really liked that and would only do it when she was really hot, I wondered if she would have any problem with it now. But as I shoved Nancy off my cock Linda threw her face on my dick sucking it down her throat as I came in what seemed like gallons and she swallowed all but a small amount that ran down her chin. Mistress Nancy said that was not acceptable to waste such a beautiful thing such as a Mans hot cum.

Linda didn’t know what she could do, so she reached over and got her paddle,

“Forgive me Mistress, I am ready to accept my punishment now!”

I was amazed at her transformation from a loving housewife to such a nasty slut actually wanting her spanking. Needing it I believe, for her slutty sexual satisfaction. Mistress Nancy asked if I wanted to do the honors and handed me the paddle. I spanked Linda’s still red ass,

“From now on, you are to do as I or Mistress Nancy tell you to is that understood?”

She whimpered a meek, “Yes Master, I will!”

Nancy had begun to jack me off and continued to call Linda vulgar names as I spanked Linda and my dick was once again hard.

“Now is the time to find out if she really wants to be a good slave!”

I gave her a questioning look and she continued, “Slave, go get some oil, Your Master needs to fuck your asshole to complete his ownership of you!”

Linda’s eyes opened wide in fear, we had only tried anal sex once before and she found it too uncomfortable, and had me stop after only a couple of minutes. Crying, saying it was the worst thing she had ever felt in her life. She hesitated making Mistress Nancy ask if she was going to need some REAL punishment to make her mind! Linda just shook her head no and meekly went to get some baby oil.

As she returned I saw the tears in her eyes and a deep fear showing in them. I started to stop this,

“NO! The little bitch needs to know what to expect from her Master and how to please him!”

I looked at Linda and shook my head yes. She applied a liberal amount of baby oil on my hard cock and Nancy told her to smear it on her asshole also. As she did I heard her moan, a moan of pure sexual excitment.

I got behind her and stuck my cock to her asshole,

“Now Bitch, show your Master that you love him, Push his cock into your tight hot asshole, NOW!”

With those words Linda immediately rammed her ass against me not caring about her pain only trying to prove her love to her Master. As my cock reached the inner depths of her bowels she let out a mind, shattering scream,

“Fuck me Master, Please Fuck My Asshole, Let Me Please You Master!”

And she began to slam her ass against my hips bucking like a cock starved whore. Her orgasm began as soon as I was pulling back the first stroke, As I looked over at Nancy I saw her hand furiously fingering her sloppy wet cunt. Staring at my cock as I was ramming my wife’s innocent ass madly my cock harder and larger than I had ever seen it.

Nancy soon was Cumming crying out as she did. I in turn started to cum telling them so, Nancy shoved Linda off my cock and thrust her face on it sucking Linda’s shit stains off it, as she fingered her cunt Cumming over and over again. Linda rushed between Nancy’s legs and licking and sucking her clit, helping her Mistress cum even harder.

I was not going to be unhappy owning a contented slave I figured. Smiling, as the three of us fell asleep. Nancy and I holding each other.

Our slave curled up at our feet.

Authors Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened, it was only written for, You the Reader and my own enjoyment only! I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not! If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about. Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! ;-) Thanks, mustanger7up

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