tagLoving WivesMy Wife Shares Me With Her Best Friend Ch. 02

My Wife Shares Me With Her Best Friend Ch. 02


It was the small hours of the mourning. My wife Bebe, Her friend Laura, Laura's new boyfriend David, and I had just disembarked from our cab after a night of drinking at a local club. We lived a good bit closer than David or Laura so we had planned on them staying the night at our place. We entered the house, all still pretty well off but not what you would call wasted. Bebe and I took a seat on the couch and Laura and David settled on the love seat. They immediately began kissing as we looked on.

Bebe asked me "do you think Laura looks good tonight?"

I answered "you both are smokin' hot tonight. Couldn't you tell from all the guys checkin' ya out and trying to hit on you."

She just smiled and quietly asked "does she look good enough to fuck?"

I replied "definitely."

Bebe continued "do you want to slide your cock inside her pussy?"

I quickly replied "oh yeah."

Bebe then whispered in my ear "can I fuck David then? I think he's hot and Laura told me he has a really big cock. Wouldn't you like to see me fuck his big cock? Besides, Laura said I could fuck him as long as she gets to feel your dick inside her again."

I answered "I'd like that."

Bebe questioned "which would you like?"

I replied "both."

By now Laura was rubbing David's meat through his jeans as he massaged her ample D-cups concealed by her tight shirt.

Bebe, interrupting the make out session, stated "hey Laura, Mark says yes."

With Laura grinning, David asked "yes to what?"

Laura explained "what that means David is that Bebe wants to fuck you and Mark wants to fuck me, OK?"

I had noticed David checking out my wife during the evening, so it was no shock that he replied without hesitation "hell yes."

Laura ordered David to "stand up."

David obeyed and Laura began removing his jeans. I could already see the outline of his meat through his jeans but when Laura slid down his boxer briefs out sprang a monster. He must of been every bit of ten inches and impossibly thick. Laura smiled a devilish grin and began licking on his shaft.

I could tell from the look on Bebe's face what she wanted so I said "well, suck his cock."

Bebe kneeled next to Laura and began tongueing his shaft.

I said jokingly to Bebe "your such a slut."

She responded "you wouldn't have me any other way."

After Bebe finished her affirmation of stuthood she passed her lips over his glans. They both took a few turns bobbing on his meat before they pushed him back down on the love seat. They continued to orally pleasure David as I freed my cock and began stroking my manhood. My cock throbbed as I watched these two hot blondes licking balls and sucking dick. Bebe and Laura simultaneously slid their lips up and down David's lenght almost kissing one another save for the shaft between their mouths. Bebe took David's cock and pressed the head against Laura's lips. Laura knew what to do, engulfing David's meat.

They played like this for awhile until Bebe stood up and began stripping down. My cock surged and my stroke hastened as I beheld her gorgeous breasts with those fabulous reddish nipples that just call out to be sucked on. She then slid her denim down showing off her her trimmed dirty blonde pubes. As she worked her jeans off I and David could see the the folds of her woman flesh. My cock surged again seeing her light brown labia. I felt as though I might shoot a load right then, so I slowed my pace.

Bebe announced her intentions "I'm going to ride David's cock now."

Laura stood and stepped back as she began slithering out of her jeans. As Bebe climbed over David, Laura reposed on the love seat, legs spread, revealing her pink pussy.

Bebe positioned herself so that the opening of her inner flesh rested on the head of David's cock and asked Laura "are you ready to watch me fuck your boyfriend?"

Laura replied "yeah, are you ready to be spread open?"

Bebe answered "you should know by now I'm always ready for cock."

Bebe turned and asked me "do you want to see my pussy get stretched open by David's big cock?"

I replied "you know I like to watch you fuck."

Bebe then turned to David and asked "do you want to feel my pussy around your cock?"

David questioned "do you think you can handle me?"

Bebe began pressing against David's meat. Her cunt soon parted. Bebe's flesh passed over the head as she let out a moan. I think it hurt her more than she was going to let on.

She slid down nearly half the lenght and coyly said to David "I think I can handle you."

David responded "but can you take my entire lenght inside you?"

Bebe said "let's find out" as she began to slowly slide up and down on his pole taking him slightly deeper with each stroke.

By this time Laura's fingers were busy rubbing her clit as she worked a finger in and out of her tight cunt. I continued to rub my swollen cock as I watched my wife ride an impossible cock.

Eventually Bebe had enveloped David's entire lenght.

She sat on David's lap, cock buried balls deep, and said "I told you I could handle your cock."

Challenge met Bebe arose from David's shaft and said to Laura 'it's our turn to see you get impaled on David."

Bebe sat next to me on the couch as Laura straddled David's cock. Laura quickly spread her cunt on David's meat and caressed his pole with her inner pink flesh.

Bebe now stood up on the couch, stepped over me, and pushed my face in to her recently fucked pussy. I knew what she wanted and happily obliged. I teased her clit and tongued her gaping fuck hole. I cupped her ass cheeks, spread them apart, and slipped a finger tip in to her tight little ass.

After I had made her cum she stepped down and said to Laura "I want to ride David again."

By this time Laura had a steady rythm on David's cock but she gave up her man's flesh for Bebe. Laura sat next to me as Bebe resumed her previous position atop of David. Bebe's pussy was now supremely wet and with David's cock coated in both woman's juices Bebe easily slid on the now glistening shaft. Bebe quickly established a rythm. Laura evidently decided she needed to cum. She stood over me, as Bebe did, and I began lapping on her cunt. I have to admit that tongueing fucked and gaping pussy made my dick throb. I quickly brought her to orgasm. She was pretty well primed to cum just like Bebe.

Laura settled on the couch next to me just as Bebe was saying to David "I'm gonna make you cum. I think it's you that can't handle my pussy."

Bebe's pace quickened as she said "cum on, give it to me. Shoot your load inside me. I know you can't help but pump me full of your hot cum."

Before Bebe could finish the sentence David tensed up and began grunting. She continued to bounce on his cock as he fired off his load inside her. David pumped his jiz inside my wife. Bebe knows that I think the hottest place for a guy to nut is inside the woman he is railing and I know she enjoys having hot sticky cum pumped inside her. As she continued to ride his shrinking cock his seed began flowing out of her and down his shaft. After a few more strokes his cock popped out of her cunt.

Bebe stepped over to me and said "I need more cock. I want you to fuck me now."

Bebe assumed the doggy style position, elbows on the couch. I knelt down behind her and positioned my cock at the entrance to her gaping, and cum dripping cunt.

She turned back to me and asked me "so what do you think about what you see?"

I replied "I think your a fuckslut" and then as I drove my cock into her now sloppy pussy I said "But your my fuckslut."

As I proceeded to rail Bebe, Laura knelt down between David's legs and began sucking his cock back to a state of hardness. I continue to pound Bebe's cum filled pussy as Laura savored the mixture of fuck juices coating David cock and nut sack. Quickly David grew hard again. Laura wasted no time spearing herself on David's fuck rod. Laura looked great riding David's cock and Bebe looked so damn hot with my cock spreading her jiz laden cunt. David was lasting since he had nutted inside Bebe and I was going long since David widened Bebe's cunt and made her thoroughly soaked with his load. This simultaneous fucking continued for a stretch of time.

Laura was bucking on David's cock demanding "shoot your load inside me" when David began to grunt again.

Laura's pace quickened as David pumped his seed inside her cunt. The white sticky fluid immediately began flowing out of Laura down David's now withering shaft. Laura continued bouncing until David's limp member until finally it popped out. Seeing Laura's creamed cunt made my balls ache and my cock spasm. I coated Bebe's cervix with my spunk. I continued fucking Bebe with my half hard cock, drawing out more of the cum mixture from deep inside her vagina.

Laura assumed the doggy style position, knees on the carpet and elbows on the couch, as she said to Bebe "you owe me your husbands cock."

As I withdrew from Bebe she lamented "well, that's fair but disappointing."

I positioned myself to enter Laura. My cum covered cock easily penetrated her stretched out and cum filled pussy. Much like Bebe's fucked pussy Laura's flesh still felt great. I fucked her hard as David and Bebe looked on. I continued to hammer Laura with my ever hardening member as she moaned in unison with each stroke.

Bebe questioned David "you like watching your girlfriend take cock?"

David paused as though with hesitation and then answered "yeah, she looks pretty damn hot getting probed."

Bebe said "good, 'cause I like watching my husband pump your girlfriend."

Between Laura's pussy and Bebe and David's dialogue my balls were aching once again.

Bebe no doubt read the expression on my face and told David "he's going to fill Laura up with his load now."

No sooner had Bebe uttered these words then I exploded deep inside Laura. I continued pounding her during my orgasm and shortly there afterwards until I slipped out of her cunt. I fell to the floor in exhaustion.

The last thing I remember is Bebe saying "we should go clubbing with you guys more often."

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