tagInterracial LoveMy Wife Sherry Ch. 02

My Wife Sherry Ch. 02


Rob opened his eyes and the bedroom was pitch dark. He thought he'd heard something, maybe a noise from the apartment next door. His mind was sort of groggy as he tried to reach for the light on the night stand. It was midnight and he wondered if Sherry had returned home.

Rob rubbed his eyes as he lifted himself off the bed. He could hear the toilet being flushed and knew Sherry must have returned home. Rob got out of bed and opened the bedroom door. The hallway was dark and Sherry's bedroom door was closed.

Rob pushed on the door not realizing that Sherry was just about ready to pull it from the opposite side. Rob just starred at her and was ready to say, hello until Sherry put her finger to her lips telling him to be quiet.

Sherry had taken her dress off and was standing in her garter belt, stockings and heels. She had removed the bra and the thong was gone. Her beautiful full breasts gleamed in the dim light and Rob noticed that he was right about her pussy being completely shaven bald!

Rob tried to grab her around the waist but she backed away from him. Sherry whispered. "Rob. Your going to get caught out here by John! He's very jealous and doesn't know you're here!"

He was finally able to grab Sherry's hands and held them tight as he starred pitifully into her eyes. He whispered. "Can't you get rid of him?"

Sherry whispered loudly. "No! You have to understand! You need to hide in that room until he leaves!"

"When will that be?"

"I don't know!"

"What do you mean you don't know?"

Sherry stood looking back into her husband's eyes knowing how hurt he must feel but she never forgot how he hurt her when she walked into that bedroom a year ago and found him screwing that woman.

Rob slowly leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek as he held her hands. She was trembling as he lowered his head and kissed the top of one of her breasts. That's when he noticed bit marks covering both her breasts and a faint smell of masculine cologne on her.

Rob lifted his head and starred into her eyes. "Rob. I have to go now!"

Rob let go of her hands as she kept starring at him. She walked past him and stopped just short of the front room and checked her stockings then fluffed out her long blonde hair and continued walking around the corner.

Rob felt his heart beating as he stood in the place where Sherry had left him. His whole body was shaking and he felt weak thinking about what she was doing at that moment. He was curious to know what John looked like and slowly started to walk toward the end of the hallway.

Rob froze in his tracks as music began to play in the front room. It wasn't very loud but it reminded Rob of something slow and seductive like a stripper would use to do a slow dance. Rob took a couple steps forward and peeked around the corner and saw Sherry dancing in front of the sofa.

Rob's heart felt like it was going to come through his chest as he watched her dance. The room was dimly lit but Rob could see the back of John's head as he sat in the middle of the sofa watching Sherry dance for him.

Rob couldn't see very much of John except the back of his head and broad shoulders. Sherry was swaying in front of John as she leaned forward allowing her boobs to swing freely in front of his face.

Sherry quickly swung around and seductively rotated her hips then stuck out her bottom in John's face and wiggled it back and forth for him as she twisted her head around and brought her hand to her lips and wetted the tip and slowly brought it back between her legs and parted her pussy lips for him.

Sherry removed her finger from her pussy and put her hands on her hips as she pushed her bottom further back toward John until he reached out and tried to touch her but she quickly moved forward, teasing him and laughing as she kept swaying to the music.

Sherry stood a few feet away from John and lifted her hands to cup her boobs and began rubbing them and flickering her thumbs against her nipples until they were hard. Rob saw John lifting himself off th sofa and try to catch her but she backed away again and laughed.

John sat back down in frustration as Sherry moved closer to him as she rotated her hips to the beat of the music. Rob finally noticed the mirror on the far wall and saw the opposite side of Sherry as she danced.

Rob leaned slightly forward until he got his first look at John. He was black! Sherry was dating a black guy!

Sherry inched herself forward until she finally straddled John's lap and wrapped her arms around his neck and began kissing him passionately on the lips. They remained locked in that position as John's hands roamed around her body.

Sherry arched her body up so John could suck on her tits. He slurped and kissed them like she was something good to eat. Sherry kept grinding her boobs in his face, making sure he got his fill of them.

Rob watched as Sherry as she lifted herself off John's lap and pulled his boxer shorts down his massive legs. Rob watched in the mirror as the largest black cock he ever saw sprung free from those shorts. The music was still playing as Sherry began to dance in front of John again.

Rob could see that John's huge cock was pointing straight up from the mirror. Sherry was holding her long blonde hair above her head as she kept grinding her hips. Sherry moved slowly as the music slowed its pace.

Rob hadn't realized that his own cock was pushing against his pants as he watched his wife dance for her lover. Her boyfriend!

Sherry danced closer to John and moved her hands around her breasts. She turned around again and slowly moved her nice round butt in John's face. She had arched her back so it protruded out in his direction.

Sherry kept her hips moving as she turned her hands so that her palms faced John's direction and wiggled her fingers to indicate that she wanted him to stand up behind her. John got up from the sofa and immediately put his big hands on her waist as she stretched out her arms above the back of her head and rubbed his face.

His giant black body dwarfed Sherry as he watched in the mirror as John began rubbing his hands on Sherry's belly as she moved her hips to the music. Rob could see Sherry was pushing her butt into John as his big hands began moving up to cup her large breasts.

Rob couldn't help getting excited watching Sherry seduce her lover and open his zipper and pulled out his own cock and begin stroking it as he watched his wife's performance. He watched as John leaned down enough to kiss the top of her head. John towered over Sherry like a giant. Rob figured the man had to be more then six-five.

Rob watched as Sherry took John's hand and slid it down over her bare pussy and encouraged him to start rubbing it as she kept up her movements. It caused Rob to think that he was married to the sexiest woman alive!

Sherry finally turned around and reached up and grabbed hold of John's head. She had to stretch out on her toes to reach around his neck and pull him down so she could kiss him. Rob watched as they remained locked in a heated passionate kiss. Rob watched John as he devoured his wife.

His large black hands moved down to cup her cheeks and he squeezed them and pushed her tiny white body against him.

Sherry's hands were resting on his big arms which appeared as if he worked out and lifted weights. John finally moved his face away long enough to pick up Sherry in his arms as if she were a little girl. Sherry's long blonde hair dangled down as she wrapped her arms around his head and locked them together as John started to carry her toward the bedroom.

Rob went into a panic as he backed up down the hallway and quickly turned around and got into his room in just the nick of time. A split second later he would have been caught. Rob listened as he heard them inside Sherry's bedroom.

He backed away from the door thinking which direction he might get to sneak a peek. He could walk back out into the hallway or go through the adjoining bathroom. He decided to try the bathroom. Rob put his ear to the wall but it was practically silent. He turned around and decided he should wait about ten minutes before he should try to look. He didn't want to get caught by that big fellow.

Rob heard rustling on the bed and looked at the clock again. Almost fifteen minutes had passed and it was time to take the chance of looking inside the room. Rob walked through the bathroom and found the other door wide open. The light on Sherry's night stand was lit.

Rob knew that from this angle he would have to look around the corner to see most of the bed. The doorway would be level with the edge of the footboard. Rob's breathing became more intense as he held his head against the wall and took a break. He was only inches away from looking into the room. He took a deep breath and moved forward.

Rob saw his feet! They were positioned backwards near the footboard! Rob inched forward and saw John's buttocks moving. Yes! The wet sounds filled the room! Rob watched as John's large hips swayed back and forth and up and down!

Rob leaned in another inch! Oh God! He could see it going inside his wife! Her pussy lips clung to his thick shaft like a stretched rubber band! Her dainty white legs were locked behind his thick meaty black thighs. Heels resting on his buttocks!

Rob moved forward and saw her nails digging into John's back! Her little thin white fingers were flexing and digging into his black skin with each thrust.

Rob inched forward again and saw Sherry's face. Her eyes closed tightly shut and her long blonde hair flowed out around the pillow. John kept moving above her little body as Rob watched her face. Sherry's facial expression was tense as if she were in pain but Rob knew it was lust and pleasure.

Rob intensely watched as his wife began to quiver. Sherry was so tiny under that big black monster and Rob felt like running in they're to push John off but he couldn't. He was afraid of what that big fellow might do if he caught him here.

Sherry's body quivered and started to shake as if she were ice cold and shivering. Rob knew his wife too well and knew she was going to cum. She was taking deep breaths, almost gasping as John kept his pace.

Sherry was groaning and gulped for air and exhaled and panted like a dog in heat. Rob became afraid as she yelled out at the top of her lungs!

"Ah . . . Yeah . . . John . . . God . . . Yeah . . . Fuck me . . . Ah . . . Yeah . . . Screw me! ...Yeah . . . Darling . . . I'm there! ..."

Rob couldn't resist poking his head back around the corner and watch the expression on Sherry's face as she had her orgasm. The room was filled with the sound of her grunts and groans and her labored breathing as she finished.

John eased up long enough for her to cum but kept pushing inside her pussy as he kissed her face. Sherry's eyes were still closed tightly as she caught her breath. Rob watched John's buttocks begin moving at a faster pace then glanced back at Sherry's face and saw that she was starring back wide eyed at him.

Rob kept looking as Sherry starred back at him but she only tightened her grip around John's large shoulders and rested her heels back on his buttocks as he began ramming himself harder into her pussy.

John lifted his face and Sherry turned away from Rob as she received a long passionate kiss from her lover. Rob could see his tongue probing inside her mouth as he kept pushing himself deep inside her pussy.

John couldn't hold the kiss any longer as he began ramming himself into her tiny body with greater force. He kept looking at Sherry's face but she had closed her eyes and kept her nails dug into his back.

Sherry's breath was laboring again and in between her heavy breathing she muttered to John. "That's it, Darling . . . Fuck me hard . . . Cum for me! ....I want to feel you're cum inside me! ....."

The loud noise of John's thighs slapping against Sherry's upturned ass filled the room as John grunted and groaned and finally rammed deep inside Sherry and released his load of hot potent seed.

Sherry was running her hands around his hair as he caught his breath. He was sweating profusely as he lifted himself up so the sweat wouldn't drip onto her face. He'd been prepared and reached for a towel that was sitting on the night stand. John was kneeling straight up as he wiped his face.

John's cock was still plugging Sherry's pussy as he finished wiping his face and pulled out of her with a plopping sound. Rob was still watching as John took the towel and wiped her pussy then laid it across her belly and leaned forward to give her another kiss. Rob listened as the room filled with little sounds of their lips playfully touching.

John spoke first. "I love you, little princess!"

"I love you too, John."

Rob's heart sank and felt like it stopped. He could endure watching his wife getting banged but not her telling another man that she loved him.

Rob heard John laugh. "I hope we didn't wake up your friend?"

Rob began to panic! Sherry told him that he was there?

She laughed. "I'm sure it's nothing he hadn't heard before!"

"Princess! I have to take a quick shower and catch that plan in an hour!"

John laughed again. "Where did you learn how to dance so seductively?"

"Oh. I took a few lessons a few weeks ago. I wanted to surprise you for your birthday! Did you like it?"

"Princess. I loved it! It was the best birthday I ever had!" John laughed. "What are you going to get me for Christmas?"

Sherry giggled. "I don't know yet. Do you have any ideas what I should get you?"

John playfully put his finger to his lips like he was thinking. He gave her a playful smile and rubbed the palm of his hand across her belly. "I would like a son for Christmas? I'd even settle for a girl on the first try!"

"Darling! You know I'm still legally married to Rob. I couldn't have any children under those circumstances. All I ask for you to give me a little more time. I was married for seven years to that man."

John was disappointed but he knew better then to push Sherry. He leaned down and kissed her on the lips. "I had a wonderful birthday and I'll miss you while I'm gone!"

Sherry laughed. "Honey. Your only going to be gone for one day!"

John laughed. "I'll miss you for every second too!" He gave her one more kiss then quickly put his feet on the floor as Rob hurriedly ran into the other bedroom. A few moments later, Rob heard the water running in the shower and soon after he heard John leaving out the front door.

Rob had to talk to Sherry!

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