tagTransgender & CrossdressersMy wife Strapped On and Delivered

My wife Strapped On and Delivered


Just so you can know a bit about me and my wife, She is about 5"6 white complexion blond green eyes and thin curvy body she is 33 years old she is a modal of a women I get asked all the time how I was able to snatch her up but I am not too shabby myself I am 5"11 dark hair not fit but not fat I would say nice facial features and also of light complexion:

Yesterday as every night I wait for the kids to go to sleep and I get into the shower, after I do this I kind of notice that my wife does the same as she does every night and so nothing strange there. I just put on some underwear and a t shirt and head for the couch to see I don't know what on TV. After a while I kind of notice my wife taking a bit longer than usual to come out of the room or shower but I don't think too much about it.

I receive a message through Facebook and to my surprise it's my wife. She starts by discussing some stupid topic that we were discussing through the day and I got mad and starting just discussing through the chat and all of the sudden she writes "shut your mouth or I will fill it with a big thick cock".

I instantly got aroused and told her she might have to. She said "that's what you what right you little puta perra?" I just said yes. She said, "I am going to rip your little vagina with my cock and you are not going to scream, if you do I will only get rougher and fuck you longer. I left a present on the chair in a bag." I got up and looked to find some new panties another set of nylons and a corset and what probably surprised me the most some high heels. She ordered me to get back in the shower shave my body and to slip into my slut outfit. I did this as she commanded. She said that she expected me to get out already ready cleaned and walking in my heels.

As I put my new outfit I was so excited and I even tugged in my penis to make myself look more as a women. I must give you some insight, my wife previously had a relationship with a couple of girls and she was the one who was on top, she loved giving these girls oral so she has always been very good with her tongue and you would never think of it because she is such a girl in real life so feminine and beautiful, she has a gorgeous body any women envy's her looks.

Well anyways I get out of the shower and start walking in my heels hearing as I walk the sound they make just turns me on so much. Its dark and all I can see is a silhouette of her on the bed strapped with the 8 inch cock. She says " Come here putita" Grabs me by my wrist and ass and throws me face down and spanks me hard pulls in my panties between my cheeks and starts biting my ass and liking my anus until I start to gently let out cries of pleasure and she slaps me hard and says, "I told you to shut up or I would stuff you with a dick!" and that is what she did she laid her back flat on the bed and tugged at my hair and just pulled me to her 8 inch veiny cock.

She had no mercy on me. She made me lick it all over and then she would have me swallow it and she wanted me to deep thought it but I would only choke, all the time she would just have me look at her while I had her dick in my mouth and she would just say how I was a pretty little bitch that loves cock, I would just hum and scream and she would slap me and tell me to sound more like a women.

She would stock her clit and I noticed she was all wet and then she says, "Its time. I'm going to feed your ass some of my meat; I am going to fill your vagina up like you love it."

She had me climb on top of her and I started to put some lube on it she didn't let me finish so I started to mount over her all in high heels and as I positioned the head of the dildo in place she said, "Let me do the rest". She gently pushed the head in, boy did it hurt as always, I was not quite ready or dilated, She held the head there for a moment, She then with one hand grabbed the back of my head and the other my hips, she looked in my else and kissed me, she just said "don't scream" And I felt her hands tighten up around my neck and waist as she thrusted the other 7 inches in me at one time, "Awwwwww" she said, "just like you been asking for, a good rape" I could feel my eyes roll back and hold my scream while I felt I was getting filled up inside.

As I started to get used to it and I inclined my back in a straight angle she could see that I had my dick tucked in and started to get hard again, she ordered me to let my small clit out so she could see it flop around hitting my belly as she fucked my ass. I did what she ordered and she told me, "that's the last time you will touch that thing, I am going to show you how to cum like a good girl." And I knew what she meant I would not be able to cum stroking myself. She got me on all fours and pounded me for a good 15 to 20 minutes, she put me on my back and raised my legs to my chest as she fondled my nipple and fucked me she said, "You want me to fill you up and cum inside you right?" She told me to get on top again and as I did that she confessed she was recording all of this and that she would use it to find someone else to fuck her and me too, That put me over the edge and for the first time in my life I started to cum just by getting fucked in the ass, At the same time my wife started to cum as well.

As I came she just said that I was to clean up my mess and she popped her dick out of me and had me lick up all my cum from her tits and firm belly.

After that she just through me off of her and told me to stay like that until she saw it was time for me to go and shower. I stayed like that for a good 30 minutes feeling ashamed at how she had me howling like a women and that she had filmed me, she had me clean myself up and that ended my night, with a wink she said that maybe she was telling the truth about having someone else with us. She held me and said I love my bitch and squeezed my ass cheek.

Hope you enjoyed it. That was one of my best nights.

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Hopefully I will tell you how this has developed because it has.

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