tagLoving WivesMy Wife Takes a Pimp

My Wife Takes a Pimp


My wife is 40 year old executive at a major corporation. She is in a high powered field and earns a great income. She also has had an overwhelming fantasy to be a whore to a black pimp. During our love making we would tell each other fantasies. That led to me buying her hooker outfits, which led to me videoing her walking down the street pretending to look for johns. One day we were out walking around and she saw a bar. it was a rough bar on the edge of a bad section of town. Before I could stop her she strolled in and when she walked in wearing her super tight shorts, a see through tank top and 6 inch hooker heels all eyes turned towards her. My wife is 5'8 145 pounds with medium length blonde hair and 38DDs that she loves showing off. She also has a great ass that her tight shorts show off. She sashayed up to the bar and before she could order a young thug of about 22 approached her. He bought her a drink, lit her cigarette and they moved off to a booth. I joined them a few minutes later and was introduced to James. James kind of sneered at me. He and my wife were sitting at one side of the booth and I was on the other. James had one arm around her and I could see that my wife had her hand with her long red nails in his lap. She was running one nail up and down what must have been a giant cock.

"Honey- James is just what I've been looking for!"

I remained silent.

"James said I can hang with him next weekend and he will watch me as I walk the street."

James took a swig of his drink. He was enjoying having his cock stroked.

"If your wife wants to learn the business she gonna need protection. That's me. With me she won't get rapped or robbed."

"WHat do you charge?" I asked.

James smiled. "My offer is to teach her and protect her. I get the money my ho's make. What I choose to spend on them is between me and my woman." James pulled her closer to him and let his arm hang down so his hand was stroking the outside of her left tit. My wife just sat there has her new pimp explored her body. Slowly but surely this pimp who was half her age was starting to show her he was going to own her. She looked up at him and his kissed her. I could see his tongue go into her willing mouth. "I want to become his woman" my wife said as she pulled her mouth away. But James put his hand behind her head and pulled her back. In between letting his tongue play with hers I heard him softly telling her "you will be my woman and I will be your man. I will protect you and make you my ho." My wife willingly kissed him back with a smile. Her eyes were staring deeply into his. She was intoxicated with the thought of becoming his whore.

"Honey- James is going to take me to his crib. I want you to pick me up when I call you."

"I'm not sure about this."

My wife glared at me: "I am. Now go."

"Yeah get" James said and laughed. I watched as they walked out of the bar. I saw James stop and say something to my wife. Then he stood there as she walked to his car, but now she was swaying her ass from side to side in an exaggerated manner.

"Lesson number one" James said. "Always walk like a whore when you wit your man."

My wife got into the car and they drove off. About two hours later she texted me the address of a motel nearby and I went and picked her up. She was glowing. All she could talk about what James and his big cock and how great a lover he was and how she wanted to be his whore.

When we got home I spoke with her to make sure she wanted to do this. Picking up a thug and fucking him was one thing, becoming a whore to a pimp was another.

"This is my fantasy" she said. "It's not enough to fuck him. I need to become his ho. He needs to become my man and own me and take my pussy and pimp out my ass. Then I will feel fulfilled."

"I don't understand how fucking other guys will make him more sexy to you." I said.

"That's right. You'll never know. I'm the whore."

Next Friday rolled around and she got dressed in her standard hooker outfit that I had bought for her for out fun- tight shorts, tight see through tank top with spaghetti straps, and six inch red heels. I drove her to the bar and James was waiting outside. My wife ran from the car and into his arms. The kissed deeply for a few minutes and then my wife got into his car and waved goodbye. I drove home not sure what to make of all of it.

My wife texted me around midnight saturday morning to come get her, which i wasn't expecting. I drove to the motel where she was "working" and saw her thug bf sitting in a car with the seat pushed back. A second later my wife's head popped up. It had been in his lap. They both got out of the car and she walked toward me with her head down. She was wearing the super tight shorts and her high heels and a tank top shirt that had been ripped so she had to hold one side to keep it up. She didn't look happy. I asked what happened but she just stared at the ground.

"Tell him bitch" her thug pimp bf said.

"I mouthed off." I asked what that meant. My wife continued to look at the ground. "I didn't do exactly what he said and then I spoke back to him. I disrespected my man."

Her thug said "tell him what else bitch".

My wife took a deep breath. "I'm sorry. I was wrong. I'm his ho and I got to do what I'm told."

I asked what happened.

"She was fuckin my friend and she didn't want to suck his dick." James said.

My wife was just staring at the ground. James continued: "And then when i told her to suck it she said no and then cursed at me."

"So what happened then?" I asked.

"I told her- bitch don't make me come over there. But she didn't start sucking so I go up and walked over to her and then she got scared and started crying and I told her she wasn't my whore no more and to call you. So she started saying sorry and begged to suck his cock and he finally let her do it but first he made her follow him out to the street on her knees and then she sucked his cock outside where everyone could see it."

"So now she need to decide if she want to stay my ho or go back home."

My wife was staring at the ground. "I want to stay."

"And do what?" James said.

"Be your whore." My wife mumbled.


"And I'll do whatever you say. Fuck or suck whenever you want me to."

"WHo you want to be with bitch me or him?' James pointed at me.

My wife was staring at the ground and she mumbled "you."

"Say it loud to his face bitch."

My wife looked up at me and seemed a bit sad. "I want to stay with James and be his whore....I don't want to go home with you now."

"You my bitch?"


"Yes what?"

My wife took a deep breath and sighed. "Yes I'm your bitch and I'm your ho."

"Show him."

We were standing on a street that had several cars driving by and some people walking down the other side of the street. My wife went to her knees and reached for his zipper. Her hand holding up part of her shirt went to his cock and her left tit popped out of the shirt. Her pimp slapped her hand away. On her knees my wife looked up at him. "please."


My wife started to sob. "Please let me suck your cock and be your ho this weekend.Please...I need it....I really need to be a whore for you."

"Ok show him."

The pimp took three steps back and she followed him on his knees reaching for his cock with one tit swaying as she walked on her knees. Eventually he let her suck his cock and he pulled her hair so she was looking at me. "She my bitch for the weekend and if I feel like I let her call you Sunday to come get her, got it?" He sneered at me. I stood watching for a moment longer because I wasn't sure what to do. The pimp pulled my wife's hair and took his cock out of her mouth.

"Tell him." he said.

My wife looked at me from her knees while she was stroking his cock with one hand: "Honey go, I'm ok here. He will protect me and i will listen to him."

"WHat are you?" He asked her.

She dropped her head and looked down: "I'm a whore."

"What am I?" He asked. My wife reached for his cock and kissed it and look up at him with loving eyes and said "you my man." She then started sucking his cock again. The pimp reached down and plucked her ripe red nipple which are the sizes of erasers and was already engorged. She loves having her nipples pulled and she immediately moaned in a way where I knew she was turned on and getting wet.

"Who's he?" James sneered.

"My husband"

"You want me or him to fuck you?"

My wife took his cock out of her mouth and her eyes were big: "OMG i want you."


My wife looked at his cock: "it's so much bigger and better I love it."

"what you love bitch?"

"I love your cock so much. I want it please." She then kissed it again as He was tugging on her exposed nipple and flicking it and rubbing it between two of his fingers and it was driving her wild.

"You gonna fuck your husband when you get home? the pimp asked.

" My wife took his cock out of her mouth and looked up at her pimp from her knees. "Only if you let me."

The pimp pushed her head down on his cock and stroked the back of her head. "Ok bitch. we'll see. You work hard for me and I'll be happy and in a good mood." She nodded her head in agreement while still sucking his cock on the street beside his cadillac where this was all happening.

James pulled his cock out of her mouth and she stood up and they started walking back to the motel. I could see she was swaying her ass as hard as she could back and forth as she walked on her high heels. It was the way her pimp wanted her to walk when she was with him. Her tit was still out of her shirt and he put his arm around her back and grabbed an ass cheek as she lay her head on his shoulder and they walked towards the motel room. I could see she was happy and this is what she wanted and this is what satisfied her in a way I never could. Abandoning all of her high powered status from the business world and being subservient to some street thug who was 20 years younger than her and was pimping her ass out for money made her feel totally powerless and like a slut and it was what always turned her on the most. I knew I had to let her go. I hoped I could get her back.

I turned away and walked to the car. "You can have this ho back Sunday if I'm in a good mood and she makes me enough money" I heard the pimp say as I got into my car and drove away.

I drove by the motel the next morning and saw my wife walking slowly down the street still shaking her ass from side to side in an exaggerated manner. I beeped and she walked over and sat in the car. She looked beat. She smelled of liquor and cigarettes.

She said she had been on her feet most of the night and her feet were killing her in the 6 inch heels. Then she smiled and said she had been on her knees a lot as well. But she hadn't made enough for her pimp yet. She then looked over her shoulder and said "uhho".

A really big guy opened her door. "Why ain't you walkin or suckin?"

My wife looked at the guy. "Rick- This is my husband"

Rick looked angry: "I don't give a shit, get to work."

My wife looked at me. "I can handle this" she said. "He is Rick, Jame's partner. He watches me when James sleeps. He used to play football in college."

Rick was big, about 280 pounds, solid as a rock, enormous arm muscles. My wife got out. She walked right up to rick and ran her hand down his large chest. I could see her wedding ring on her finger as she put her hand inside his shirt and stroked his massive chest.

"Chill Rick. You look tense. You want this white ho to wrap her lips around your big cock? That always settles you down baby."

I could see my wife take her other hand and start fumbling with his zipper. The guy smirked at me. "This your husband?"

My wife continued rubbing his chest and trying to take out his cock. "Don't worry about him baby. Lets you and I go spend some private time."

Rick pointed at me: "He let you do this?"

My wife smiled and went up on her toes to kiss Rick. "He lets me do what I want baby. Come get tap some of this white ass you love so much." My wife had her hand down his pants. She motioned for me to drive away. I saw her put her tongue in her pimpÕs mouth. They kissed for a minute and then she broke away. "Come on baby. I really need your cock in me. Come get some. You own this pussy. Come take what's yours. Lets go get a drink and get comfortable together and then I'll take care of my man" Rick was smiling and running his finger over my wifeÕs nipple through her shirt. Her nipple was rock hard and she let out a small moan. She steered her pimp towards the motel and motioned me to drive away.

I started to drive away and watched my wife walk back to the motel with her other pimp her ass shaking from side to side. She truly looked like the whore she had become.

About an hour later she called me to tell me she was ok. Both pimps were sleeping and she was about to go to sleep. "That Rick is like an animal. He's big and in shape and he's not that smart. He just fucks and fucks and wears me out. I came about three times before he shot his load. The only way I can keep him under control is to fuck him. HeÕs an animal and this is the only way I can control him."

My wife has a masters in business administration. And yet she put herself in a situation where the only way she can control it is to use her body to satisfy some big dumb football player who just fucks and fucks her until she is ready to pass out.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

I her her let out a small laugh. "I'm fine. Just tired. I can quit whenever I want. But this is my fantasy I am living. I love playing the whore. And I am so turned on by these young thugs. and their cocks are just so big."

"What about the guys you pick up? I asked.

"Im in control. James and Rick watch over me. If I don't like the john , I just give them a hand job for 20 and let them play with my tits. If they're clean I will blow them for 50, and if they turn me on i will try and sell them on an hour fuck and suck for a hundred or a hundred and twenty."

"So how many? so far" I asked.

"Oh geeze, about 20 hand jobs, 5 or 6 blow jobs, and one fuck of two college white boys who were scared out of their mind by rick who got them to pay 200 each and waited outside the door." Once I made them a thousand they said I could sleep. I want to get out there early today so I can get them another thousand and then spend the night with James."

James was her main thug pimp. My wife continued: "His cock is so big. You saw it. I just love it. It completely fills me up. I just come and come and come and my pussy just quivers on its own. He really owns it. It responds to him. I love just lying in his arms after he fucks me. I feel so owned. So dominated. And he's a very considerate lover. He calls me names like whore and bitch, but when he fucks me he knows all the right moves to make me come. I've never had a lover like him."

I heard real pleasure in my wife's voice. "I know this is hard for you honey. and I'm sure I will get this whore stuff out of my system. and then we can go back to as it was before. But for now I need to do this. I'm 40 and still have a decent body. All the boys want milfs so I'm in demand. She giggled and I could tell she had been drinking.

"You coming home Sunday night?" I asked.

"Off course sill. I need to be at work Monday."

"And next weekend?'

"Back on the streets with Rick and James. This is what makes me happy for now."

We said goodbye and hung up. For now I had to live with the fact that my wife was becoming a streetwalking whore who had to satisfy every sexual whim of her two young black pimps.

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Garbage story

First I want to say. There was no excitement for the reader what so ever. Secondly no husband would take back a whore. Certainly I would not. I would kick her out of the house so fast that the flash wouldmore...

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Sometimes I wonder

Most stories are either fiction or close to it. Why would someone read a story like this only to say they don't like it? I have seen hundreds of stories I don't like. I quit reading the minute the storymore...

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by Anonymous04/02/18

Too funny for words!

I'm STILL laughing at how bad this story is. All he has to do is get some video of her "walking the streets" and she's done. She loses her job and her marriage. Better yet? Call the cops and point themmore...

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this story

this story is on another site with different names , same otherwise.

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