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My Wife Tells Me Things


When I was in my 30's I married a very beautiful woman named Julie. I was a manager at a company and she worked there. Over time, it was undeniable that we had a special connection. I was married at the time to a woman I should have never married. We had kids and the good life, etc., but I was miserable. Eventually we had an affair and I got divorced and married Julie.

One night during sex we were both pretty drunk. Somehow I started asking Julie about her previous lovers. This was unlike me because I am kind of jealous guy. She started telling me about her ex-husband and about how poor he was in bed. The pillow talk really kind of turned me on. For some reason I asked if her ex had a big cock and she kind of giggled. I was so turned on I came in a heartbeat.

This started a pattern during sex. I had to be careful how I got her talking about it, but I was so turned on about her telling me the details about her former sex life. She is a gorgeous woman and the thought of seeing her fucking another guy was a serious turn on.

Another night she told me how she had done a three way with a friend of hers and his wife after she divorced. I know the guy and she told how he fucked her from behind while his wife licked her pussy. She told me he had a big dick and she came while she was describing it. I shot hard on that. I knew she was thinking of his cock while fucking me.

I am a big, tall guy who is relatively attractive to women. But my cock is on the small, average side when hard and tiny when soft. I have never had anything but good comments during sex but I know I don't have a giant dick. So when she starts telling me about the guys she has fucked and then the details, I get really excited.

When I asked her during sex for more details she would always ask why I want to know. She would say, "Do you want to watch other guys fuck me?" I would tell her I wasn't sure but it just turned me on. The next time she told me about getting fucked in the restroom at a bar with other guys watching. About having her pussy licked in the parking lot. About masturbating a guy in a restaurant under his napkin.

She is great at blow jobs and had lots of stories about sucking big dicks. When she was in her 30's, she went to a club and brought a 19 year guy home for the night. Her daughter, about the same age as the guy, walked in on her sucking his cock.

She got to where she liked to tease me with the stories. She had been with a lot of guys and I think began to understand what turned me on. I know she got off on it too. One night she was really plastered. While we were getting after it she said that she had something to tell me that I might not like. She said she had fucked another guy that I know. I said who and she said it was Hal, my assistant manager. He is a close friend.

"You fucked Hal, really?" Yes, she said. She told me it was before she started seeing me. Now Hal is a rounder. He gets lots of women but never stays with them. I asked her to tell me about it. She said they would go to the beach and he liked to fuck her from behind. I asked her if he gave her a big cock. She said, "No, Hal has a little cock but it is really fat." This really got me turned on. Hal had a little, fat cock. I pressed her for details. She told me she liked to suck him off and he would cum in her mouth or face. He liked to fuck her in the ass.

I said, "Do you like Hal's little cock?" She started to cum and said oh yes. She then said, "You are excited about Hal fucking me aren't you?" "Does that excite your little cock?" I said yes. "You want to watch him fuck me don't you?" I gurgled something. She was really fucking me hard at this point.

Then she asked me if I wanted to lick the cum out of her pussy. I wasn't sure if she meant mine or his but she was really turned on by it. I said, "yes, I want to lick the cum." She had an instant orgasm.

I was so turned on by the thought of her and Sal fucking that I couldn't think straight. I wanted to see her suck his cock. I wanted to see him fuck her and lick her pussy. I also wanted to see his cock. I just did.

One night the subject came up again and she said why did I get so turned on about her fucking Hal? I said I didn't know. She asked me if I wanted to do a three-way with him. I said maybe. This turned her on more. Then she asked if I wanted to lick his cum out of her pussy. I told her maybe. Then she asked me if I wanted to suck his cock. I didn't say anything. She said, "You do want to suck his cock, don't you?" I still paused and she said, "I think he is bi and would suck yours too." I choked a bit and she said, "I would love to see you two suck each other off and then fuck me."

We almost hatched a scheme to get the three-way but nothing ever came of it. We eventually divorced over other problems not associated with sex. She was one hot babe and I still have my fantasies.

Hal and I are still buddies and knows nothing about what I was told. A part of me really wants to suck his cock. We actually stayed in a hotel together one night to go to a pro ball game. At the game, we drank a lot of beer and went to the restroom. We were next to each other in the urinal trough and I peeked a look at his dick. I had to know. I didn't see anything other than his hand. That in itself excited me because it verified his dick was small. Nothing happened in the room. We were drunk and went to bed. I was trying to think of a way to see him naked and maybe suck each other off.

Months have gone by and I am still a bit fixated on it. I have thought about inviting him over and showing him nude pictures Julie I still have of her and telling him about our pillow talk. I wonder what he would say about our plans for a three-way? I still want to suck his little, fat cock.

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by Anonymous07/20/17

Stupid wife

Your wife has a big mouth its filled with lies and fantasias; If she likes to fuck let her and then leave the bitch

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