tagLoving WivesMy Wife, The Hot Nurse

My Wife, The Hot Nurse


Let me just start at the beginning about how my husband got me into having sex with other men, To start I am a 38 year old attractive Brunette with a sexy body and I am a nurse.

It all started with my husband Tim in the Hospital for a few days and one night while I was working I came in to look in on him during my break and he talked me into giving him a Blowjob , even with another man in the bed next to him with just a curtain separating them.

I was a little hesitant at first but when I seen his cock I had to suck it, I was licking and sucking his cock like a hungry slut and after a few minutes of my mouth magic he lifted his hips and moaned as he filled my mouth with his hot load.

I swallowed all of it and then was totally surprised when the guy in the next bed said he needed some nursing like that, he had watched the whole thing of me sucking Tim's cock and then to my surprise Tim told me to go ahead and give him a little cock nursing .

Tim had told me on more than one occasion that he wanted to watch me have sex with other guys but I never gave it much thought till this moment.

The other guys name was Roger and he already had his cock in his hand stroking it, he was a few years older than Tim and had a nice size cock, Tim told me to be a good nurse and make Roger fill as good as I had made him fill.

I was in a daze with what was happening and just walked over to Roger and told him to lay back, with that I leaned over and started licking Roger's cock up and down it's shaft then rapping my lips around it took it in my mouth and sucked it all the way to it's base, I was getting so hot knowing I had a strange cock in my mouth sucking it while Tim was right there watching me.

It wasn't long before Roger moaned and I felt his thick liquid coat the back of my throat I kept sucking till I had every drop and when his cock got limp I let it pop out of my mouth.

Tim had a big grin on his face and so did Roger , I ended up sucking Roger's cock three more times for Tim to watch before they got relished from the hospital.

That's how this whole thing got started and know I work a few nights a week at this rehabilitation facility for elderly people with different types of injuries , on more than one occasion some of the older gentleman would grab my ass and I have even had a few to fondle my breast while checking on them.

Then to my surprise I had a man named Dave one night offer to pay me to rub his cock for him, but I declined until he gave me the sob story that he had not had a woman touch him or he touch a woman in ten years, he was 68 and I felt so bad for him that I caved in to his demands free of coarse.

I put some lotion on my hand and rubbed his cock and then to my surprise it grew in my hand to about 8 inches and thick ,I kept stroking and it wasn't long before he came all over my hands ,I cleaned up the load he had got on the sheets and my hands.

He thanked me over and over and I went on my rounds.

When I got home I told Tim what had happened and he told me that I should have sucked on his cock to give him the full pleasure and also let him rub on my pussy since it had been so long for the old guy.

So when it was my turn to work at the facility again it wasn't long before Dave was asking me for a helping hand with something , so when I went in to see him later in the night he already had his dick out and was rubbing it , but I shocked him when I asked him if he wanted to touch my pussy and rub on me.

He said he had wanted to touch me from the first time he had seen me, so I slid my pants down a little and then my panties , He wasted know time sliding a finger into my wet hole and worked it in and out while playing with my clit till I had a heart pounding orgasm , I even let him kiss and suck on my tits.

After the way he had made me feel I thought about what Tim had said and went down on Dave's cock licking its shaft and then sucking it in my mouth , I could barely fit it in my mouth as thick as it was , but I sucked as much as I could in and he moaned and I knew he was going to fill my mouth with ten years of pint up desire's and then I felt cock veins swell in my mouth and then it seemed like he came and came till I couldn't swallow it all and some of his salty load dribbled out the corners of my mouth.

So know on a regular base I will service Dave and I have even let him fuck me with his big cock a few times and know Dave has let the word slip around about what I have been doing for him and know I have three other men that want some of my special nursing skills so know I have to suck off four men on the nights I work and some times I will let them fuck me along with playing with my pussy and tits.

Tim loves to hear all the hot details of my nightly rounds at the clinic and know he wants to watch instead of just hearing about it he even wants to invite some of his friends into our sex antics while he watches me take on 3 or 4 guys at once .

So he invited some guys over one night and we all sat around drinking and talking and he had me wear a sexy little outfit that high lighted my every curve .

He had me act like I had to much to drink and just act passed out on the couch next to him , he then got up and left me in there while he went to the bath room, he also acted like he was drunk and stayed in our bedroom laid out across the bed.

Rick one of his buddies got up and went to check on him and seen he was on the bed out of it , I could hear him tell Mike, Jerry, and Donnie that Tim was out.

Then I heard Jerry say what were they going to do with Joyce, and Donnie said I know what I'd like to do to her and Rick told him to go ahead she want know what going on and with that Donnie slid over next to me not knowing I was faking being passed out , he slid his hands up under my short skirt and was squeezing my bare ass with just my thong on .

Then Mike joined in and they laid me over on the couch on my back , then Jerry unzipped my skirt and opened it up to be looking at my see thru black thong and it want but I few minutes that they had me stripped naked and was kissing and licking my erect nipples and Rick had his fingers working in and out of my pussy .

The guys was so busy working me over they did not notice that Tim was in the back ground with his video camera going .

All four guys took turns licking my pussy , sucking on my tits and nipples until Donnie said he couldn't take it any longer he had to fuck me, and with that they spread my legs wider and Donnie rubbed his hard cock up and down my wet slit and then eased it inside of me , after a few minutes of steady pumping I had a orgasm that shook my whole body .

I then acted to awake a little and mumbled like it was Tim fucking me , then I said put your cock in my mouth baby and Rick was more than happy to and eased his cock into my mouth ,he fucked my mouth with a smooth in and out motion and then Donnie had reentered my hot pussy , It was my first time having two cocks at once , Donnie then filled my pussy with his hot load and Rick pulled out of my mouth and entered my cum soaked pussy then he added his load to pussy.

Before the night was over all four guys had fucked my mouth and finished by filling my pussy with there hot loads , I had cum running down the crack of my ass and legs, after all the action they got dressed and left my cum soaked pussy naked on the couch .

Tim came in after they left and we kissed and then he added his hot load on every one else load, Tim said that was the most exciting thing he had ever seen with four guys taking turns fucking me , we both watched the video and are already planning another fuck fest but this time I want to suck cock while being fucked and have the guys cum in all my holes while I'm awake and having fun and Tim can even join in so maybe I can take on five or six guys this time.

Maybe that can be our next story!!

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