tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Wife, The Stripper

My Wife, The Stripper


My wife, Gail, was a normal loving, if somewhat shy, housewife. We had married a year ago when she was still only nineteen and I was twenty-eight. She has the most amazing body, her breasts are a very firm pair of 36C's with large dark nipples which, when hard, stand about an inch out from her breasts. Her waist tapers nicely to a flat stomach and back out to a lovely round, yet firm butt. She shaves her very hairy pussy into a small patch above her lips, just covering her outer lips. She stands 5' 9'' tall and gets whistled at wherever she walks.

My mates and myself have been going out on the last Friday in every month to a strip club, Id never told Gail where we really went as I didn't think she'd approve. She kept asking where we went and I knew sooner or later she'd find out, so not wanting to upset her too much by finding out off someone else, I decided to tell her where we went. She took it quite well, and even seemed curious by it asking, while we were making love later, just what went on, and how attractive the girls who danced there were. I assured her that they weren't a patch on her and I just went there for a drink with the lads, not really paying attention to the scantily clad girls. She knows me better than that and still questioned me. I noticed how excited she seemed to be getting by all this talk of naked girls surrounded by leering men, even seeming to have an orgasm much quicker than usual. Then she dropped the bombshell, she wanted to come the next time to check the place out herself. I knew she was 'like a dog with a bone' when she put her mind to it, and she wouldn't drop the idea to accompany us on our next night out.

I put the idea to the lads the next time we met, for our usual Sunday game of football, and wasn't surprised to hear several of them moan, saying it would 'cramp their style', most of whom had said this had no style, but I knew what they meant. It was Jeff who put the kybosh on it by saying we'd agreed," no women!!" So it was with relief, I told Gail that she couldn't join us, she wasn't happy and asked when our next night was going to be. we'd only just been out on one so it wasn't due for another three and a half weeks. She seemed to relent, unusual for her, and no more was said for the next few days.

Wednesday, I came home from work, and was greeted by my excited wife who announced she'd found herself a job. She'd been after a 'little job' for a while, having gotten bored just milling around our house all day. When I asked what it was doing she seemed slightly vague but alluded to the fact it was some kind of cleaning job in a club, this explained the funny hours she was to work, she left home around eight pm and returned around three am, seven hours seemed a long time for a cleaning job but I could see the delight of getting this job in her eyes as she could now get out and meet other women her own age.

I'd always thought most cleaners were older women but she assured me there were several her own age working there I didn't doubt her word. Little happened over the next week, Gail going off to her after dinner, and returning in the early hours, sometimes a little late, but never by much, kissing me gently gently as she slipped into bed. By the start of her second week she seemed to really enjoy going off to work, even leaving earlier, and returning later, one night she didn't return till nearly six am, I was annoyed and questioned her quite strongly as to what was going on but she told me that a girl had left and they stopped for an after work party, she gotten a little tipsy and slept it off before coming home. I had to accept this as I knew she would never drink and drive, so I kissed her and went back to sleep.

The rest of the week went without any repeat of her lateness and everything seemed fine. That is until I was putting away some washing in the wardrobe and came across a couple of dress's I had not seen before, they were expensive ones, and I became curious. I checked her lingerie drawer and found several very revealing new sets of underwear, none of it was her usual type. As I said at the beginning she is shy. I asked her about my discovery the next time we sat down to dinner, she surprised me by smiling and saying she'd brought the dress to impress any clients I may bring by in the future, as for the lingerie, she thought I'd appreciate it as she'd decided to dress a little sexier for me from now on as I'd been so understanding of her new job, and it's strange hours. She slipped one of the most revealing items of lingerie on after dinner for me , and we had a great sex session before she got changed and headed off to work. Gail didn't return again till nearly five am, but I was too tired to question her this time, besides I trusted her.

I didn't get chance to ask Gail about it as it was now the night of our monthly visit to the strip club, and by the time I'd gotten home after work all that was there was a note saying she'd had to go to work early and had left my dinner in the oven. I'd arranged for Mark, one of the guys, to pick me up at a quarter to eight, after picking up a couple of the others on his way. Mark was right on time and we made our way to the club.

As we entered the club, I noticed there were several new pictures up of new girls but didn't go and look as I thought we'd see most of them during our night out. As well as the main dance area there was a V.I.P. area that required you to buy an extra membership allowing you to get 'lap dances' as well as still getting an overview of the main area. Mark returned to our table with the V.I.P. passes and we made our way up to the special area.

The first girl I could see giving a lap dance was leant over an older guy who was having trouble deciding where his gaze should lie, on her face, her huge breasts, or her shaven pussy. We passed him and settled into a semi-circular table that was big enough for us and a couple of girls to sit at each end. We were soon joined my two gorgeous girls who danced for a couple of us before slopping off to mingle with other horny guys.

My heart suddenly missed about ten beats, over at the next table stood my wife, Gail, bent over a young guy , who appeared to be trying to get his hands as far up her torso as she'd let him, she let him just fondle the edge of her breasts and her ass cheeks before the song ended and she dressed before accepting his ten pounds in her garter, pecking him on the cheek, and heading for out table. The other guys had never met Gail so it was a real buzz to see my 'shy' wife perch herself on the end of our table, right next to me and introduce herself as 'Chelsea'.

I was still in a state of shock and she nudged me to see if I was okay, she had a wicked smirk on her face and seemed to be enjoying my predicament. Here was my beautiful, and supposedly shy, wife, dancing in a strip club. I should have been upset with her for her dishonesty, but somehow I wasn't, true I felt hurt, but mostly turned on at the thought of all these men ogling her. I realised that I now had a raging hard on, it was turning me on to think of Gail dancing inches from my friends faces, teasing then with her beauty.

Gail rose from her seat and asked if I would like her to dance for me, I didn't hesitate and allowed her room between my legs to gyrate herself, slowly dropping all her clothing, till she stood before me naked. She turned with her back to me and bent from the waist, revealing her moist pussy, she parted her legs, allowing it to open , showing just how wet she was becoming, I seemed to be in a trance, only woken by the view as Gail mounted my lap, sitting on me and brushing her nipples over my face.

She dropped to between my legs and traced the outline of my hard cock before again moving to my lap and grinding over me. I made a grab for her boobs but she backed away, saying I had to pay extra for a private dance in the 'special' area. She pointed towards a curtained off section of the V.I.P. area, the song then came to an untimely end. Before I could grasp what she had meant, Gail was whisked off by Bill who had obviously sussed what she meant.

I could only imagine what Bill and my wife were getting up to in the 'special' area, she said I could touch in there, just what was Bill getting from my wife?. It was three long songs before they reappeared from the curtain, I noticed that Bill's previously tenting trousers were now hanging normally, had he came in his pants?, or has she rubbed him?.

His zipper was still partly down, my god she'd had his prick out. I had to find out what she was doing behind that curtain but I was too slow, for the next hour I watched as one by one , all my friends took my wife behind the curtain, each one taking at least three or four songs before returning with her, each one had his bulge down as he returned, some also had their zippers at half mast. She finally returned with Mark after five songs, shit I thought, what could you do in five minutes, perhaps I was the naive one, and not Gail as I'd previously said. Eventually it was my turn to lead my wife into the 'special' area.

As the music started up, Gail went straight into an obviously well rehearsed routine. She teased me by not coming to near, not letting me feel her body close to me. I was enjoying it so much, I was nearly in a trance again as she dropped all her clothes in one movement and dropped to me lap, grabbing my cock through my trousers, she proceeded to unzip me and pulled my cock into view, pulling on it as it wobbled in her face, 'Do you do this for everyone?' I asked, ' Only for those who I really like, or if I'm turned on, like with the others tonight!' I was shocked, but she hadn't finished yet, ' I had to give Mark a suck though, have you seen how huge his prick is?', I had, I didn't blame her, if I was a girl I'd probably be impressed with it to.

She confessed that she let every customer have a good grope of her tits, but only regular customers got to feel her pussy, or had her wank them off. 'None of then will ever get this though!', she said as she slipped into my lap and pushed her wet pussy down on my lap, ' I love you too much to do that to you!' I came during the next song and Gail remained on my lap, flexing her pussy muscles around my deflating cock. 'So how do you feel about me doing this for a living, only for a few months though?' What could I say, I was having the best sex of my life, I had noticed her getting more sexual towards me since she had started this job. It would be silly of me to stop her, if I could, I was getting something out of it, and she was happy.

I told her it was up to her, I wouldn't stop her as long as she enjoyed it. I did ask her about the several late nights she had came in, she said she'd given a couple of private shows, but hadn't had sex with anyone, My naivety had worn off, I realised this couldn't be true, but I didn't mind, I'm sure I'd stray at some time in the future, it was inevitable. She said she would continue for a while, but if I became uncomfortable with it she would stop. I saw a further seven men take my wife into the curtain that night, I wondered how many experienced her hands, or even her mouth. or more.

Gail continued at the strip club for another eight months before announcing that she'd got it out of her system. We started a family soon after. We now have two young boys who we love more than life itself. Gail still enters the odd 'amateur night' while we are on holiday abroad, without the boys, she even let a guy eat her pussy during one hot contest, but nothing more, she won that one, but has enjoyed raising our children without any need to find another 'little job' since that day.

written by Master Bate around june 2001.

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