tagLoving WivesMy Wife, The Therapist

My Wife, The Therapist


Pam leaned over me and said, "I think you're ready for some therapy." She slipped her tongue into my mouth and started to kiss like we were teenagers. It had been over three weeks since my surgery and the pain and medications had knocked all thoughts of sex from my head. This had been the longest we had gone without having sex since we met. Pam broke her lip lock long enough to whisper, "Shhhh. Don't move...let me do everything." As she crawled up on the couch to straddle me her short black skirt crept up almost to her crotch.

Her tongue darted back into my mouth as I reached around to cup her ass cheeks...I was thrilled to find that she had gone to work without panties under her suspender pantyhose and began to feel a familiar stirring in my loins. Anyone standing at the bus stop just outside our picture window would have a perfect view of her naked hot ass, perfectly framed by the sheer black stockings. I didn't hesitate to pull her mini skirt up as high as it would go to give them a better view.

After a few minutes Pam pulled away and straightened up. I was afraid my therapy was over when she stood up. Instead she tossed off her jacket and began unbuttoning her sheer blouse, slowly, one button at a time. I could see her dark red nipples straining through the thin material. I wanted to ask if she had taken her jacket off at work but my breathing became heavier with each button and I was unable to talk. I leaned forward to try to speed up the process. "Whoa big boy. No touching the talent," she teased and pushed me back into the couch. It seemed to take forever for her to finally slip it open it to expose a very nice sheer and lace demi bra.

After a few minutes of dancing around she added the blouse to the pile on the floor. "Please, I begged, "take the skirt off." "This little thing?" she teased. All you men are all alike...so impatient.

Instead she began teasing me with her bra straps, slowly sliding them down her arms. I thought the show would be over when she turned around and faced the window. Instead I watched the bra drop to the floor as she ground her ass to music which only she heard. I think she heard me gasp when she moved her hands away from her teats and undid her hair so it cascaded down on her shoulders. "Look at all of those people driving by. Too bad they're in such a hurry or they could watch the show," she said as she slowly pulled her skirt up. She bent over and thrust her naked ass at me

"I've been waiting all day to do this so I think you can wait a little longer." She turned to face me and hooked her thumbs into the skirt's elastic waist. "And all day long, every time I sat down or stood up some perv tried to look up my little skirt. My pussy was soooo wet." The thought of her co-workers taking beaver shots made my cock screaming hard. This did not escape Pam's attention. Slowly the skirt slipped down her long legs revealing her shaved pussy. "After a while I stopped trying to be a good girl and was a little careless about sitting like a lady...well maybe even a lot careless." I could see precum forming on my cock. "I thought the guy from the mail room was going to faint when I accidentally flashed him my pussy. He came by at least four times today and I spread my legs nice and wide each time. Pam kicked the skirt to the side and stood there in nothing but a pair of sheer crotchless panty hose and a pair of high heels. She turned and wiggled her ass at me. "Did I mention my boss took me to lunch today."

"He was so cute trying to be a gentleman holding the door open as he watched me slide into the car. I got in just like you want me to when I'm dressed like a slut, nice and slowly."

"I hope you're not mad at me but the restaurant was so hot that I had to unbutton my jacket. Bill had the same look on his face that you do now. We decided to skip lunch and have a few drinks to loosen up. Bill suggested we all take off our jackets after the first round. It didn't take more than a few seconds before he slid his hand under my skirt. I spread my legs nice and wide and let him finger fuck me until I came.

Pam helped me down to the floor and straddled my face with her cunt. The last thing I heard her say was "I brought you a present from lunch." The second my tongue slipped into her fiery hot love canal my mouth was flooded with a river of cum.

The moment I realized what I was swallowing my own cock blasted a torrent of cum through the air.

"I fucked Bill in his car in the restaurant's parking lot. And when we got back to the office he fucked me again and gave me $200...so I guess your fantasy of being married to a prostitute has been fulfilled...and my fantasy of having you eat another man's cum out of my cunt has been too."

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