tagLoving WivesMy Wife the TV Celebrity Pt. 02

My Wife the TV Celebrity Pt. 02

byThe Big Bopper©

An important warning to readers: there is some cuckolding that goes on here, and if that offends you, do not read on. If you are okay with that theme, please enjoy the story (I am sure you will) and cast a supportive and encouraging vote.

The story so far:

I am the head of sales for a TV network. My name is Andrew and I am in my early 30's. A year ago, I married the network's up-and-coming TV star. My wife Linda has been the news co-anchor, but a few weeks ago, she secured the hosting spot for a new networked Tonight Show. The second week of the show going on air, she interviewed a famous visiting Hollywood movie actor. After the show, she asked my approval to give her a one-night leave pass from our marriage so that she could go back to Jake's hotel suite and have sex with him.


It was a spring Saturday night and Linda and I had been invited to a dinner party at the mansion of the TV network's chairman, Ron Perlman and his wife Janice. We didn't know who else was going to be there, only that there would be just two more couples.

We drove up to the huge two-storey house that stood on 5 acres, just 40 miles out of town, a real country estate adjacent to the city. I parked our car on the grand gravel driveway and walked around to open the door for Linda. I appreciated the eyeful I got as she swung one leg out before the other, flashing a long expanse of smooth tanned thigh and the vee of her panties.

She just smiled when she saw the look on my face, "Andrew, you are such a perve, but I love you anyway." She gave me a peck on the cheek, "By the way, I never told you that Mr Perlman is the one that made the final decision in my favour for me to get the Tonight Show gig."

"Really," I expressed my surprise, "normally programming would have made that call, or at least the CEO."

"Maybe so, but this one went all the way to the top."

Our feet were crunching on the gravel driveway as we approached the big front door. "Actually darling, programming didn't want a woman, they were opting for John Hall, but Mr Perlman overruled them."

We climbed the 3 steps to the front door and I pressed the bell, "John's good, quite a talent, you did well to beat him, and all without falling onto the casting couch." I really don't know why I added that last bit. As it came out, I thought how silly it sounded and I added a chuckle to overcome my embarrassment.

But Linda wasn't laughing, "How appropriate for you to mention a casting couch, Andrew, let's just say Mr Perlman got what he wanted, and I got what I wanted."

The front door opened just as my head spun around to look at my wife. She was smiling back sweetly at me, that butter wouldn't melt in the mouth expression. She immediately turned away to smile hello to the person who opened the front door. It was Janice Perlman.

"Good evening you two, you're the first here and you're right on time. That's the trait of a good newsreader, eh," and Janice smiled at her own observation, "please come in."

My mouth was probably still open, aghast at the revelation my beautiful wife had laid on me just as the door was opened. It's all in the timing and, as I tried to sort out my thoughts, I figured that Linda had purposely raised the subject at this very moment. Now I would have to sit and make small talk all evening, wondering about the casting couch inference. Had this man -- the company chairman -- had my wife as payment for endorsing her to host the Tonight Show?

I followed my wife through the door and Linda and I waited while Janice closed the front door behind us and led the way toward the first room off to the left. It turned out to be a living room and as we entered it, the chairman appeared through another door at the other end of the room.

"Ah Linda ... and err, Andrew isn't it?" He stepped right up to Linda, taking her hands in his and planting a kiss firmly on her lips. "So wonderful to see you both, glad you could make it." Despite my being network sales manager, I had not come across the chairman much, hence his dismissive tone toward me.

Ron Perlman continued to hold on to Linda's hands as he made some quiet small talk with her and his wife Janice turned to make similar conversation with me. Given the new information just laid on me, I was curious to know what Ron and Linda were talking about. Eventually, they turned to involve Janice and I as well.

As Janice began to tell us about the grand mansion that they lived in, I noticed my wife shuffling from one foot to the other. "I am sorry to be so rude," she said to Linda, interrupting the hostess, "but I really need to pee so badly. Could I use your bathroom?"

I was surprised because Linda had not indicated any such urgency in the nearly one hour drive over here. Coinciding with her urgent need, the doorbell rang. Ron quickly spoke up, "Janice, you go get the door, I will show Linda here to our bathroom."

Janice obediently left us, back through the same doorway by which we had entered this room, intent on greeting the next arrivals. After watching Janice leave, I turned back just in time to see Ron whisking my wife out through that other door. I was left standing there alone in the living room, study, whatever.

I heard voices outside as Janice greeted more guests. I was left to have my eyes wander around the room, amusing myself at checking out the artefacts, the paintings, the photos. After what seemed an eternity just to greet people at the front door, Janice reappeared. A couple followed her into the room, it was the CEO of the TV network, Larry Collins and his wife, Susan. I was relieved because I worked with him on a daily basis, whereas I would have only met the chairman on two, maybe three occasions.

Janice offered us all drinks and made them herself before the doorbell rang yet again and she excused herself. Larry enquired of me, "Where is the lovely Linda tonight, surely you didn't come on your own?"

"No, I certainly did not, she would be the one to get this invite. Err, she's ... she felt an urgent need to go to the toilet just after we arrived. Ron ... err, Mr Perlman took her off to show her where the bathroom was."

Larry's response sounded strange to me, "I am sure he did."

I was curious, what did he mean by that? Coming on top of the startling revelation that Linda had hit me with as we arrived, I wanted to quiz Larry on what he meant, but at that moment, Janice reappeared, bringing with her the latest couple. It was the producer/director of my wife's Tonight Show, a bit of a crazy guy, Felix ... he was not married and he had a strange looking young woman with him. Not specifically attractive, but a distinctive looking woman, who maybe looked a bit of a tart, to use an old expression.

The new couple was given drinks and Janice steered us all out through the door that Ron and my Linda had exited through. We were ushered out onto a balcony that took full advantage of the late afternoon setting sun. On our way through the ground floor of the house, I had seen no sign of Ron or Linda. Since it had now been at least 15 minutes since Linda excused herself to answer the call of nature, I was very curious as to what was keeping her.

I joined in a circle of conversation out on the back balcony, it included the producer's tart, our hostess Janice and the network CEO Larry. While I pretended to participate, my attention was on watching for a sign of Linda or our host Ron reappearing.

Their absence must have been approaching 25 minutes before Ron came through the doors from the house out onto the balcony, making himself appear larger than life as he worked his way around greeting all of his guests. A full minute behind him, Linda appeared. She seemed a bit self-conscious and was fiddling with her clothing, sort of checking it all to make sure it was all where it should be.

I broke away from the riveting conversation of my group and stepped over to intercept Linda before she reached the group she was heading for. "Where the hell have you been?"

"Oh ... err, nowhere special, just checking out the house."

"I thought you rushed off to take a pee."

"Oh, yes I did, yes!"

"Well, that was nearly half an hour ago, your bladder's not that big."

She gave me a contemptuous look, "Are you clock-watching me?"

"I wouldn't normally, but when your absence is so noticeable."

She looked anxious, "Did anyone say anything, was Janice concerned?"

"Why do you single out Janice to be concerned?"

Linda looked around furtively, then pushed me further away from the others. "I have got myself into a bit of a predicament, Andrew."

"In what way ... how?"

"Please don't get angry with me, at least not here, among all these people. Coming over in the car, I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to let you know that I didn't get the Tonight Show gig entirely on my on-screen talent. Ron Perlman played a big part. I guess I panicked, thinking that something might come up tonight and I didn't want you to be totally in the dark."

"So that actor Jake wasn't the first time you cheated on me?"

"Darling, cheating on you sounds awful when you say it like that. I didn't do anything purposely to disrespect you as my husband. I just used my femininity to get what I wanted."

"So you let Ron Perlman fuck you to get the gig?"

"Oh darling, that's a crude way of putting it, but essentially, yes."

"So that was when and where?"

"In his office, 24 hours before it was announced that I would be hosting."

"Was it just the once?"

"Yes it was ... err, that is, until tonight."

"What? You mean, you've just fucked him. My God Linda, we only just got here."

"Well, you see, he made it clear that first time that I would have to make several instalments. We weren't quite sure how we were going to pull it off. Do you think anyone else was suspicious?"

"I don't know, Larry did ask where you were, but I didn't hear anyone else say anything."

"I was worried most about Janice and you, being the respective spouses. Not that it seemed to bother Ron. If I hadn't spoken up, we'd still be there."

"So was that sudden need to pee some sort of signal?"

My Linda laughed, "Yes, you could say that. You see, I found out that first time with him in his office that he has the odd fetish. He ... err, how can I say this delicately? He ... err, he likes to watch women peeing."

"What, why would he get a kick out of that?"

"Darling, I don't know. I've always thought men are curious creatures, a lot of guys like a lot of different things. The peeing thing is just one of them. So anyway, he called me yesterday and said he was going to have to find a way to have me tonight. He was just sort of warning me to be expecting something. So, remembering his peeing thing from my first meeting with him, I decided to spring that on him the minute I walked in. Tell me, was it believable?"

"Yes, I guess so, I must say I didn't think anything more of it until you were gone so long. Then I started to get suspicious."

"Yes, I told him that we had to make it quick."

"So tell me what happened, how did you two do it, where did you go?"

"Oh darling, see there you go, I said so many guys have different turn-on's. Look at you, almost salivating to hear how I had sex with another man. Andrew, you are becoming weird."

"And Linda, you are becoming a sex-pot."

"No darling, I've always been that, you are only just beginning to find that out."

"So what happened?"

"Oh damn you, look, we really have to get back to the others. It will look odd if we stay here off to the side chatting."

"No, not until you tell me."

"Oh shit, alright. I said I had to go to the toilet, so he whisked me upstairs to the bathroom adjacent to their master bedroom."

"Did you really need to go?"

"Normally, going out for the night, I would have had a pee before leaving the house. But, having planned to need to go the minute we arrived here, I hadn't peed since about 2 o'clock. In the car, I was starting to feel the need, but I wasn't up to crossing my legs or jumping around on the spot. So when we got out of the car, there was a natural urge. I had timed it just right, so I asked to go to the toilet and, on cue, he showed me where."

"So how does he go about watching you, and does it embarrass you, to do it in front of him?"

"Well, when we got into the small bathroom, must be the littlest room in this whole house, he told me to take my dress off. He helped with the zip and so I got it off quickly. I was so conscious of time, but he didn't seem concerned. I was in only my bra and panties, and my garter and stockings."

"You don't wear a garter and stockings all that often?"

"No, I don't, but I knew what was going to happen, knew that he was going to want to see me with my dress off. This is the man who gave me my big break, I was determined to please him."

"I wish you pleased me that much."

"I don't hear you complaining very often."

"Never mind, keep going."

Linda looked around to see if any of the others were watching us. Obviously satisfied that they weren't, she suddenly reached a hand down and grasped the bulge in my crotch. "You horny bastard, this is turning you on, isn't it. God, I can't get over you, wanting to know all this stuff."

"Don't stop now, Linda."

"Alright, well he got down on his knees in front of me and pulled my panties down. Fortunately, I had pulled them on over my garter straps. I kicked them off when he lowered them down to my feet and I stood with my legs apart. He was touching me there, his fingers felt good, stroking the skin either side of my lips, pulling the lips apart. I told him if he kept that up, he would get a face full of pee. I warned him I couldn't hold it back, his touching was weakening my hold on the muscles. So he let me sit down on the toilet seat, he actually held by hips and guided me down. He said to me 'okay, start now.'"

"Wow, you really were working to his timetable."

'Yes ... so I started, a few spurts at first, but then it began to flow. I felt his hand between my spread thighs, then he put his fingers under me ... oh my God, in the flow. I felt it splash onto the underside of my legs. He just played his fingers in my pee and then just as I was ending, he took those fingers and stuck them in his mouth and sucked all my pee off them. Andrew, this guy is seriously weird."

"I have read about peeing, honey, he hasn't asked you to pee on him, has he?"

"No, at least not yet. Anyway, when I had totally finished, he had me stand up and he stuck his tongue out and licked me. I guess he was licking off the last drops the way I would normally wipe it away with toilet tissue. But of course, by his licking down there, it quickly became sexual. It went from licking off drops to licking along my inner lips and on my clitoris. I had a hard time standing up. I placed my hands on his shoulders to steady myself and he went right ahead and licked until I came. My God, my legs were shaking, I thought I was going to fall over. Then he got up, unzipped himself, lifted my arse onto the vanity, and shoved his cock into me. I was so wet that I was ready for it and he banged away inside of me for, perhaps a couple of minutes, and then he came."

"Did you cum again?"

"Yeah, sort of."

"Well, did you or didn't you, there's no sort of."

"Darling, I was just trying to spare you. I don't think you want to hear about me enjoying myself with another man."

"If you're going to go out and do this stuff, then I do want to hear everything. Don't hold back."

"Okay, well I did cum again ... powerfully. And now after two big o's, my whole body is tingling, and he says he is going to have me again before we go home, so you better expect another absence sometime tonight." I must have had a forlorn look on my face, "See, I told you that you mightn't like hearing it all."

"No, it's okay honey, I can take it, just so long as we get to make love when we get home tonight.'

"That's a promise, darling, I know I do it owe it to you."

"Does anybody else around here know that I'm the poor schmuck whose wife is putting out?"

"I don't know, I don't think so, unless Ron talks, boasts about how he's had me. I don't think he would, I think he wants to protect his wife from hearing that stuff."

We rejoined the others just as Janice summoned everybody to the dining room. What a good night it was, great food, good company, great conversations. I enjoyed the privilege of being in the company of the TV network's chairman and the CEO, although I knew it was as the husband of their new network star, not in my own capacity as their head sales guy.

We got so much into just soaking up the ambience of the night that I had almost forgotten that Linda had told me to prepare for our host to spirit her away from the dinner party and have her again. About 10.30, after dessert had been enjoyed, we were invited to adjourn to the theatrette. Yes, the chairman actually had a darkened room specially constructed for watching movies or TV shows. It was quite a large room with deep lounge chairs.

We all carried our glasses with us and sank into the deep lounge chairs. The chairman gave a little speech, told us we were in for a treat, seeing a compilation video montage of past Tonight Show hosts, both from this network and others. I looked around and through the low lighting, Linda waved to me from a comfortable chair way back in the corner.

The chairman finished his introductory speech and went to the back of the room, picked up a remote that dimmed the lights to really dark and the presentation began on the large screen. It was quite entertaining, with a lot of laughs. 17 minutes, he had told us in his introduction. When the clips finished and the screen went black, the lights came up and we all stirred from our languor. The alcohol mixed with the darkness had lulled most of us into a drowsy state.

With much wiping of eyes to wake ourselves up, we filed out of the cosy theatrette. Linda suddenly sidled up alongside me and hooked her arm into mine. "Did you enjoy that, darling?" she asked.

"Yes, it was quite good," I told her truthfully, "how about you?"

"Didn't see a thing," she said, steering me down a separate corridor from the one that everybody else used to return to the dining room. She glanced back behind us, checking to see if we were walking alone. Convinced we were, she used her free hand to raise her dress up to her waist in front. She unhooked her arm from mine and used that hand to take one of mine down to her pubis. She pulled the crotch to one side, "Finger me," she whispered.

I pushed two fingers into the wetness of her spread labia and found her vaginal entrance. It was sloppy wet, thick with a creamy substance that I had to push my fingers through just to get inside her to the first knuckle. "My God, you are so wet." I said, turning to look at her.

"That's not just mine," she said, backing up against the wall, her legs spread, her eyes glazing as my fingers foraged inside her. "Don't you know what that is?"

The realisation hit me like running into a brick wall, "That's Ron's cum, isn't it?"

"Yes!" she whispered sensually, "it's fresh, only minutes old."

"But when, how did you do it, and where?"

"We just had a 15 minute fuck in the next room from where you were watching the TV. He knew it went 17 minutes, so as he dimmed the lights, he was already dragging me out of the chair I had just relaxed into. The room next door was his study, he bent me over his desk, face down, lifted my dress in back, tugged my panties off and was inside me in what couldn't have been more than 60 seconds from my leaving the chair. But it wasn't a quickie, he really worked me over. God, I came a couple more times. His fingers helped on my clit because doing it doggie style, his cock doesn't work the clitoris the way it does in missionary position. Each time I came, he slowed down to let me really soak up the intense feelings. Gradually, he really built up the pace, I heard him say '2 minutes' from up behind me as his cock pounded away inside me. I said 'what's 2 minutes?' and he said 'until the show ends next door.' I began to panic, I screamed at him to get it done. I don't know if that's what he wanted, but suddenly he was blasting his cum into me. As he pulled out and pulled my panties back up for me, he said '30 seconds.' We both stumbled back into the theatrette with about 5 seconds to spare. So as I said, that cum inside me that you're stirring with your fingers is very fresh, not 5 minutes old."

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