My Wife the TV Celebrity Pt. 02

byThe Big Bopper©

The pair of them squeezed through the open doorway into a bedroom dominated by a huge king size bed. Bedside lamps already illuminated the room. I followed through the open doorway. Phil and Linda had stopped beside a single upright chair that was positioned between the open door and the end of the bed. "Here you are, Andrew, this is your spot, you can watch from here, you'll get a real good view of me fucking your lovely wife, of my cock slicing into her sweet cunt."

Linda was already protesting on my behalf, even before I could raise my own objection, "No Phil, that's awful, don't make him do that, please. You are so cruel ... what makes you so cruel?"

Phil just gave a horrible laugh, "What's wrong with you babe, you told me how he's wanted to watch you getting done, you told me yourself."

"Shush!" she protested, her fingers pressing against his mouth as if it might stop the words coming out, "I should never have said that, I never meant that." She turned around to me, "I'm so sorry, Andrew, it just kind of came out over dinner. I let it slip how turned on you got when I told you about Jake, and about Ron. I never thought it would lead to this." Linda turned fully around until she was again facing Phil, "Please, don't make him watch us, that's so cruel, he doesn't want to see me with you. It will be bad enough for him that he will know you've had me, without actually having to watch it."

"Forget the bleeding heart stuff, babe. That's his seat, now sit in it, Andrew. Come on babe, let's get this thing on together." He smacked her with his open palm on her arse, "Go on, get on the bed now," then turning to me, "For fuck's sake, sit in the fuckin' chair."

My wife was slow to move and Phil reached out and unzipped her dress down the back from collar to waist. The thin strands of material that barely covered each breast fell away in front, exposing Linda to the waist. Instinctively, she reached up to cover each breast with a hand. "No time to be modest now," said Phil, reaching around her from behind, pushing his own hands under hers, grinding the open palms of his hands over each orb, rubbing her nipples into hard rounded points. I watched Linda's head tip back, her eyes half closing in reaction to the sensual touch of his hands on her pert breasts, her hair falling against his shoulders. "You are so hot!" he muttered.

He turned to look at me, muttering "Sit, fuck you!" then with a snarling smirk that I don't think I'll ever forget, his open mouth moved in on my wife's exposed neck. He planted expressive kisses that contained so much aggressive lip movement that it looked like they would leave love bites on her neck and throat while his fingers squeezed and twisted her nipples.

I watched my wife's curvaceous body gyrate against him from the twin effects his fingers and hands had on her nipples while his mouth at her neck raised her body temperature to dangerous levels. I silently and reluctantly eased myself into the viewing chair stationed just beyond the bottom of the large bed.

Phil's head turned enough from his seduction of my wife to see that I had obediently sat down, and with another smirk, he pushed Linda's twisting body down onto the bed. He quickly shed his trousers and boxers, for a moment standing beside the bed totally naked, his erection hard and ready. I saw my wife lying there below him, appearing willing and compliant, and I felt my own cock surge within my trousers in spite of what the sight of his meant for my marriage.

On the bed, Linda twisted around, turning over to lie expectantly on her back, anxiously sneaking furtive glances at me to see how I was handling this. Phil reached out and pulled on the parts of her red dress that still managed to partially cover her lower body. He pulled the material out from under the weight of her body, leaving her only in the tiny thong that I had seen her in while she applied her make-up, and the red stay-up stockings that had so perfectly matched the dress that was now gone.

He stood beside the bed, his frame towering above hers that was prone on the bed, her breathing heavy, her look expectant, waiting for his next move. I wondered if Phil would want her mouth sucking on his cock ... and I wondered too if she was anticipating that too. How would I handle that?

His knee was on the edge of the bed, his weight pushing it down, his hand reached forward to trace his fingers softly along her inner thigh. My wife shuddered at his touch and her thighs appeared to part a little wider. I didn't expect Phil to be this gentle. Linda raised one leg, bending her knee. It appeared to be a positive reaction to his soft touch. He teased her, his fingers stopping just short of her still covered pubis.

With both hands, he reached down and grasped the side strings of her thong and tugged it free of her mound, her hips. I watched my wife acquiesce by lifting the weight of her arse enough to let the thin strip of material snap free of the clamp of the smooth cheeks of her arse. He tugged the strings clear of her ankles and raised the crotch of the flimsy garment to his face, sniffing the aroma from that special part of her.

Phil dropped forward to kneel on the bed, his knees either side of her thighs. One of his hands took a firm grip of his shaft and stroked it until his juices oozed from the eye in the tip. He continued pumping until a clear drop fell on her bare belly. He let go of his own cock as he lowered his body down to cover hers, his mouth devouring first one nipple -- and she gasped aloud -- and then the other.

Her body squirmed around under the oral assault on her breasts ... her nipples. Her hands and arms couldn't keep still. I thought that maybe she wanted to twist her fingers in his hair, pulling his face down tighter on her wondrous orbs, but perhaps out of deference to my feelings, she instead entwined her fingers in the bed sheet.

The heat between these two rose and rose, her breathing heavy from his lips sucking and biting on her nipples. Just when it seemed that she wouldn't be able to take much more, his mouth left her breasts descending down her body, his tongue licking the indent of her navel. Then going lower still, the drool of his wet lips left a moist trail across her smooth flat belly until he planted a soft kiss right on the crease of her outer lips that were moistened by the sensuous activity.

Phil's body twisted around above hers, moving into a classic '69' position. But he kept his hips high, not forcing his hard erection too close to her face. I watched her eyes, looking up lasciviously at the strength of his hard-on. Linda licked her lips, was it in anticipation of having them wrap around that bulging cock-head?

His own mouth was in soft contact with her now spreading outer lips, his tongue eased out to lick gently at her inner labia lips. His hands gripped each thigh, pulling them wider apart. Then her whole body jumped on the bed when his tongue's surface swiped over her budding clitoris. "Oh God, yes!" I distinctly heard her gasp and I knew now that she could not resist, no matter how much she felt my pain. She wanted him and he would have her however he wanted.

His tongue licks became more regular and she gasped a loud release of breath at his every wet touch. I heard a pattern in her breathing emerge that told me that if he could maintain the rhythm, she would be coming so soon. Inevitably, I saw my wife's soft hand reach up to close around Phil's hard cock, tugging it down closer to her face - her mouth. Her lips parted expectantly as she pulled his cock-head between them, her wet tongue snaking forward to lick the eye of his head.

With his own cock-head receiving loving treatment from my wife's warm mouth, Phil seemed to respond more to the task in hand. He pushed her thighs even further apart and his tongue licked and sucked her wide-open pubic parts. With the increased intensity, Linda's moans and appreciative whimpering became louder and I watched her hand pulling on his cock -- and with it his whole lower torso that hovered above her face.

She tugged his shaft into her mouth, pumping it, but then so that her fingers didn't obstruct the tight 'o' grip of her lips around his thrusting shaft, she moved her hands to hold his hips, controlling his thrusts down into her eager waiting mouth. Her gasps and moans from Phil's oral assault on her clitoris were now stifled by the fullness of his cock thrusting hard and deeply into her willing mouth.

Nevertheless, I could hear her gasping breaths reaching a crescendo and knew that her orgasm was near. Phil never let up, his tongue avidly painting her clit until suddenly, she somehow screamed out her release around the cock that continued to thrust most of its length into her sucking mouth. Her lower body humped up and down, carrying his face wedged within the vee of her thighs, as a pulsating and throbbing orgasm claimed her sexy body.

My own cock was near to bursting, hard and hot and still confined within my clothing. My hand dropped down to rest on it. I watched the intensity of her release that must have washed completely over her body. Yet she never eased up on delivering the ultimate pleasure to Phil as his body thrust downward, pushing his hard-on in and out of her mouth, her wet lips sealing the loving grip on his rapidly moving shaft.

I mightn't have to watch my beautiful wife be fucked by my nemesis, as she seemed to doing her best to have him deliver his cum into her mouth - her throat. But then I saw Phil struggling to pull back away from her gripping lips. His body was trying to lift up, but her hands held onto his hips and her lips gripped his cock shaft so tightly. He sounded like he was close too. It was becoming a battle of wills. Surely he would be content to cum inside her mouth ... I knew I would.

Then with a loud plop, Phil managed to pull his hard cock from my wife's mouth and he rolled off her, sliding to one side while Linda seemed to utter a disappointed sigh.

"Oh my God, you are hot!" He muttered to her, lifting his head to look at her face, her lips puffy and very wet from their energetic oral fucking.

She laughed ... yes, while I watched the taking of my wife by this disgusting man, she actually laughed, like she was enjoying herself so much ... like I wasn't even in the room. "I nearly had you there," she boasted, giggling, ignoring my presence, "you were about to cum."

What is this? No Linda please ... don't make sexy banter with this man while he is using you to mentally punish me. I saw his hand reach down between her legs, his fingers slicing around in the pink wetness of her spread open inner lips. "Ummm!" she moaned, her legs squirming around on the bed as she absorbed more pleasure within the target zone that had just delivered her a pounding climax.

His fingers dragged up and over her sensitive clit that had just responded so powerfully. "Oh no, easy please, Phil ... be gentle there, I am so sensitive now."

I watched as he rose up beside her, moving first one leg, and then the other, between hers, "Come on babe, let's fuck!" he told her and I thought I heard her moan an expressive "Ummmmm" before he lowered his face to hers and they kissed noisily.

From my spot at the bottom of the bed, my wife's vagina was now directly facing me, her thighs wide apart. His pelvis was raised as he used his knees to support the weight of his lower body. I could see his big arse and then in profile, I could see his hard-on sticking out hard from below his belly. I watched as he lowered it, saw him make connection, the tip of his cock dipping into the spread pinky wetness of my wife's best parts.

His cock sort of slid around aimlessly, seeking to connect, and then I watched as my wife's hand slipped down between their bodies, grasping his erection and willingly sliding it to where she obviously wanted it -- needed it. "Okay, now ... put it in now!" I clearly heard her urge him, their kiss must have ended. Her other hand folded up over his back and pulled on his body. She was urging this man -- my bitter work enemy -- to fill her waiting body with his cock.

I watched as every inch of his cock pushed slowly up inside Linda's body, saw her vagina spread around the intruder, helping to suck his shaft inside her. Then I continued watching, unblinking, seeing him sink it all the way home inside her until only his balls hung down outside of her body. Then the thrusting began, his arse cheeks dimpling inward as he pushed his cock home hard into Linda's waiting vagina. I listened to the expressive grunts and moans of both of them as they quickly moved into a steady driving rhythm.

Then all too soon, I saw their intense thrusting movements reaching a crescendo. From the sounds that filled the room, I knew that his coming was not far away, but would Linda's body respond again to this man. Just when I thought that he was going to cum alone, I saw my wife lift and wrap her ankles around his arse and her hands grabbed at each arse cheek, urging him into her, screaming out, "Wait for me, I'm almost there!"

And then she was - and he was - and the room was noisy with lust satisfied.

I almost couldn't believe what I had just watched. I was amazed that I had sat passively in a chair in this hotel suite, watching another man fucking my beautiful wife. Why did I do it? Why did I let it happen? Because I couldn't really stop it! This arrogant spiteful man now had control over both my wife and myself. I tried to convince myself that Linda did it only because she had to, but I kept recalling the incredible enthusiasm she seemed to throw into the fucking. And above all of that, I had to admit that actually watching it turned me on.

Self consciously, my open palm rubbed across the clothing that covered my rampant hard-on. Yes, I wanted to get at it and wank off until I came. But overcoming that raw need, was the fear of embarrassment and ridicule I would suffer from Phil.

"Oh babe, you are hot ... I knew you'd be hot ... you are just a natural fucker." Phil's voice was loud, that was just the way he was.

On the other hand, my wife was softly spoken, at least for now, possibly embarrassed at what she had just done ... or what I had been forced to watch. "Shush, don't say that, I'm not really!"

"Baby, you went off like a firecracker, and the way you move your hot cunt. God, I had to fight off cumming sooner."

I saw Linda's face peep around the bulk of Phil, whose body remained in the grip of her spread thighs. She let her legs slip back down to the flat of the bed and I saw Phil pulling his body back, pulling his deflating cock from within my wife's body. I heard a moan escape from her mouth as she felt the retreating movement of his shaft against her tender sensitive clit and labia lips.

He lifted himself from between her legs and I could now see my lovely wife again, her legs still spread. I could see the puffy just used outer lips and already a trail of white creamy fluid escaping down over her perineum and into the crack of her arse that was flattened on the bed.

Linda lifted her head up to look down over her naked body to see me, still sitting obediently in my allocated viewing chair. "Are you okay, Andrew?" she enquired tentatively, "I mean, are you upset at me?"

Phil cut in with an answer to her question of me, "He's not upset, he enjoyed that. It was an education to him to see how a real man can tame you."

"Oh shut up, Phil, you insensitive prick," my wife lashed out.

"Yeah, well if you don't think he enjoyed it, get him to take his cock out of his trousers then," challenged our new boss.

"No, he doesn't have to do that."

"Yes he does, he is hiding a solid hard-on in there, I'm telling you, your husband was so turned on by watching me fuck you that he is busting to get one off. Go on girl, get down there and help your husband. Unzip him and give him the blow job he deserves."

"Oh Phil, don't be so crass."

"I'm telling you, that's what he needs. I'm a man, I know what he's going through."

I was in two minds. I desperately wanted my beautiful wife to unzip my trouser fly, reach that smooth warm hand of hers into my underpants and pull out my stiffy and use her mouth to give it her full attention. But I also wanted the ground to open up and swallow me up right where I sat. Did I really want my wife to see my highly aroused state and know that it got that way from watching her with Phil.

I saw Linda rise up and crawl across the bed toward me. When she reached the bottom of the bed on her hands and knees, I was still just out of reach. "Stand up, Andrew," Phil commanded.

Would you believe I obediently did? I stepped close to the bed and Linda reached forward and unzipped my trouser fly. One hand snaked in and took a hold of my hot hard-on. My shaft was so stiff, it felt like it would burst the covering of skin. She looked at it, almost like she was seeing it for the first time. She licked her lips, looking up at me, then her head lowered, her mouth open and my cock-head was enveloped by those wet luscious lips.

At this stage, she had made no judgement of me and why I was so aroused by what I had seen. Instead, she just contented herself, sucking and licking my cock shaft, giving me the personal attention my psyche needed just at that time.

I was conscious of movement on the bed and I was so absorbed in the attention my wife was devoting to my rampant cock that I was oblivious to what Phil might be doing. Until suddenly Linda's mouth pulled back off my cock. She had developed an excellent rhythm and I had eagerly accepted that I was on course to a very satisfying happy ending, probably barely a minute or two away due to the engorged state of my cock.

"No, don't stop!" I screamed at my wife as my cock shaft waggled in the cool air where only a moment ago, it had been secure and warm within the warm wet mouth of Linda.

My eyes focussed to see Linda still on her hands and knees in front of me, but her head had turned away from me. She was looking back at Phil, who I could now see had slid up behind her. Two of his fingers were sliding around within the tight cheeks of her rounded arse.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" she was yelling at him.

My desperate need compelled me to draw her attention back to me and the task at hand, "Honey, please don't stop, I was nearly there!" At that urgent moment, I could care less that Phil was stroking his fingers over her sensitive anal ring. After all, in my mind, I had just watched him do much worse with his rampaging cock.

"Don't worry about me," Phil was telling her, "just look after your husband like you were doing. Look, he needs you."

"Get your fingers out of my arse," she screamed at Phil once more.

"I'm guessing you like it, babe. Now go on, be a good girl and face the front."

Slowly, Linda gave up her resistance, turning her face back toward me, glancing up into my face before her lips opened and her mouth once again engulfed my cock head. I had lost it, her mouth had been gone just long enough for the rhythm to drop. I was right back at the start.

I looked along Linda's smooth back and saw Phil kneeling behind her. He held a tube of KY gel in one hand as the other slid around, obviously coating my wife's anus for whatever he next planned. She was an arse girl, although I'll never work out how he knew she might be. It had never appealed to me, but it looked like I was going to get to see their anal action up close. Could he get it up again so soon after cumming?

Well, could he ever! I saw that his cock had sprung back to full erection again. Having lubed up her arse, I saw his fingers now worked on applying more of the KY up and down and around his swollen cock shaft.

Linda had picked up on my cock from where she had left off. The rhythm was returning and I helped with little thrusts of my hips, although she used one hand to hold me back from being too aggressive in thrusting. My attention was now captured by Phil's preparations of her arse. Having completed the coating of his cock with the gel, I saw Phil lining up his cock-head, centring it on her tiny anal pucker, rimming her teasingly.

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