tagLoving WivesMy Wife's Affair Ch. 1

My Wife's Affair Ch. 1


This is a work of erotic fiction. All names are fictitious. If you are underage, or otherwise prohibited from viewing text that is explicitly sexual in nature, or if such text bothers you in any way, do not read this.

* * * * *

After 15 years of being together, I was beginning to wonder if my wife, Annie, was having an affair! We've been married 12 years and I was surprised when Annie started acting more sexually aggressive. It was subtle at first, she seemed horny more often. I had always wanted her to be hot and slutty in bed. She started doing things during sex, particularly oral sex, that just seemed different. Annie had always given good head, rarely refusing to do something, but I had to ask. She wanted me to tell her, graphically, what to do. I usually did this, but not as much as I could, or maybe, should have. I wasn't completely comfortable telling her everything, commanding her, despite the fact that she always seemed to like it.

As I said, she's been horny more often. A couple months ago, she deep throated my cock completely, making a lot of noise (which I love) while sliding my hard cock all the way down her throat until her lips rested on my pubic hair. She hadn't done this in years!. Then one night, she got on the floor between my legs and began slowly sucking my cock. As I looked down at her, she opened her eyes, looking right at me. I had always wanted her to do this as it really turns me on, but had never been able to voice my desires. Once, when she knew that I was ready to come, she said "let me cover my tits with oil, then you can fuck my tits and come all over me"! I really loved fucking her tits, but rarely asked for the oil, etc.

And finally, when we were at the beach, she really surprised me. We had brought the kids and she never acted sexual in front of the kids. It was late in the day, and most of the other bathers had left for the day. The beach was semi-deserted and the kids were about a hundred feet away playing an a dune. I was sitting with my legs spread when Annie came and sat right in front of my, between my legs. She was wearing a one piece bathing suit that showed a lot of cleavage. At 39, Annie still looks very good. Standing 5'4" with brown hair and eyes, she still gets checked out by guys.. She has a good body, but her tits are her most outstanding asset. She always had good tits, but after we had the kids, they got huge, at least 36D, with big, dark pink nipples that get hard when she's turned on. She had a good waist and a nice hips.

She has a great ass and a pussy covered in dark brown hair. As I stared at her tits, I started getting hard. Annie grinned at me, looked around and slid her hand up the leg hole of my bathing suit. Her fingers found my hard cock and gently pushed the mesh inside my bathing suit to the side. She grasped my hard dick in her hand and gave it a couple of strokes. I was out of my mind! Annie had never done anything like this before, never in public! As I lay in the hot sun, wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. Annie's hand now encircled my cock and she was stroking it up and down. She reached in with her other hand to cup my balls. I started to rock my hips, letting her know that I was about to come, assuming she'd stop. She didn't! Looking me in the eye, she quickened her stroke and smiled at me. I stopped her just in time!

Later that night, at home, she picked up where she had left off, sitting between my legs. This time she was naked, and I stared at her big tits and wet, spread open pussy. She again grasped my cock with one hand and my balls with the other. She stroked for all she was worth and in no time, I was ready to explode. Annie surprised me again, just before I was ready to come, she swooped her head down to my cock, locking her lips around my dick. She sucked hard and I shot wad after wad of come down her throat. She licked and sucked me until she had gotten every drop of my come. She looked up at me and gave me a big smile, with my come dripping of her lips. Again, I was shocked! Not only had she never done that before, I hadn't even thought she could get in that position!

Later that night, I began thinking. Either Annie had been reading up on sexual technique or someone was giving her some very detailed lesions. At first, I dismissed the thought, but then began thinking. Annie had been under a lot of stress the last year, and was coming up on 40. I believe that I've been the only one that she's slept with over the last 15 years. I've also been consumed with work for a while, and probably have neglected her. All of a sudden, she seemed like a classic case of women who have affairs.

I wondered about the who and the when. We both work full time and I'd always assumed that Annie wouldn't have the time for an affair. However, Annie works an unusual schedule. I realized that I never knew when she actually left work. Id also been home on a number of Mondays and Annie knew that I was sometimes in the habit of calling in to the office and taking a long weekend. Wednesday it must be I thought!

Now the who. Annie worked with a bunch of men, and sometimes spoke of driving one or the other home. With our busy schedules, we didn't have a lot of friends. However we did see a lot of Phil and Karen, parents of one of our sons friends. We often did things with the kids together. In fact, a couple of times, Annie and Phill went to events with the kids alone. Phil is a good looking, successful guy about our age.

Next, I put my plan into effect. I arranged to take a couple of Wednesdays off. The first Wednesday, I drove across the street in the morning, instead of going to work. Across the street means on the other side of the highway, almost out of site of our house, but only if your looking. I wait through the morning and began thinking that I was just paranoid, that nothing was going on. About 1:00 pm, however, I saw our van pull into the driveway. From across the street, I watched as Annie got out, opened the garage, drove the van into the garage, and closed the garage. I thought this odd, then realized that not only would the house look empty, but, if there was a passenger in the van, they could enter the house from the garage, unseen by anyone. About 3:00 pm, I saw the garage open, Annie pull out, close the garage and leave.

My heart was racing as I drove back across the street. "Had my wife just fucked another man?". I ran into the house, and bolted upstairs, thinking that Annie wouldn't do anything in the living room as the windows are without curtains and anybody could see in. The bedroom was exactly as it had been left. Still unmade, the bed hadn't been touched. I began relaxing when I realized that the basement was the perfect spot to get fucked. Fully furnished and carpeted, there are no open windows. There's a big couch and it's virtually soundproof. I know that Annie likes to get loud when she gets carried away. I ran down two flights of stairs and turned on the lights. Right away, I saw a wet spot on the back of the couch. Annie and I had fucked down here and the couch is the perfect height to bend someone over and fuck them from behind. I smelled the wet spot, and sure enough, I detected the unmistakable scent of sperm! I also noticed a few hairs on the couch. They Appeared to be identical to Annie's pubic hairs!

I waited until the following Wednesday. All week, I thought about Annie fucking another man, feeling both anxious and turned on at the same time!. When Wednesday finally came, I left the house at my usual time, dressed for work. I drove across the street, and waited until I say Annie leave with the kids. Then I walked back to the house and got ready.

Our basement has a closed laundry room off to the side. Its completely dark, so no one would ever notice anything with the lights off, even with the door open. I got our camcorder and set it on a tripod. At 12:45, I went into the laundry room, leaving the light off. I left the door open about three inches, giving my a perfect view of the basement. I also set the camcorder up to record. Sure enough, about 15 minutes later, I heard the garage open, then close a minute later. I heard the door into the house open and heard two voices! On of them was unmistakably Phil!

I held my breath as I heard them coming down stairs. They were talking as they always do, about a basketball game the boys had. I silently turned on the camcorder as they came into view. Annie dresses casually for work and was dressed in jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers. I could see her big nipples poking through her t-shirt and could tell that she was very turned on! Phil was wearing a tennis outfit, as he often plays as part of his job.

Phil stopped and leaned against the couch (same spot!), looking expectantly at Annie. Annie stopped, turned into Phil and leaned forward. Phil put his hands on Annie's ass and pulled her against him. I saw her mouth open as he bent to kiss her. I had always suspected that Annie was attracted to Phil, but never anything like this! She melted into him and I could see her tongue sliding in and out of his mouth. Annie groaned as Phils hands pulled her t-shirt out of the back of her pants. I watched as his hand crept up the back of her shirt to her bra. He managed to unclasp her bra with one hand. Phil pushed Annie away and pulled at the sides of her shirt. She raised her hands, allowing him to pull her shirt off. He pulled the shirt over her head and dropped it the floor. Annie shrugged her shoulders and her bra fell as well.

"MMMMMM" said Phil, I've missed those big tits! "Turn around for me" as Annie turned. "Good, now squeeze your tits together, pinch those nipples for me" I watched in shock as Annie squeezed her tits, pinching her nipples. "Ohhh Phil, your making me so hot, I love being told how to please you". "Get that chair" Phil said as Annie grabbed the chair from my desk. "You know where to sit" as he leaned back against the couch. At this point, my cock was rock hard and I was stroking it through my shorts. Annie put the chair between Phils legs and sat down, her face now level with Phil's crotch. "Open my pants, pull down the zipper, pull them down" Phil ordered in quick succession. Annie pulled his shorts down his legs and Phil kicked them off. He was only wearing a jockstrap now, and I could see his big cock straining against the material. Phil grasped my wife by the head and pulled her face against his bulging crotch. I watched in amazement as Annie opened her mouth and began kissing his cock through the thin material of his jock.

"Oh yeah baby" Phil said, "you are such a good cocksucker and I bet you cant wait to have my hard cock in your mouth!" "Oh, God, Phil!" said Annie, "I love having your big cock in my mouth, mmmmmm" "Take my jock off" he said, "with your teeth!" Annie smiled at Phil and grabbed the edge of his jock with her teeth. She slowly pulled down on it until his cock sprang into view. She looked up at Phil and planted a kiss on the head of his cock . "mmmmmmmm" she said as she pulled his jock all the way off. Phil's cock was about 8" long and thick!

"Stick out your tongue" Phil commanded and Annie stuck out her tongue. I was amazed as I saw my wife, naked from the waist up, sitting in front of this man, mouth open, tongue out and about one inch away from Phil's big, hard cock! Phil took his hard cock in his hand and began running it all over my wife's tongue. When it was real wet, he rubbed it all over her face, cradling her head as she licked his balls. "Oh yeah baby, suck those balls" he said. Annie continued to suck his balls, then ran her tongue up the length of his shaft, lightly tonguing the head of his cock. "Do you like sucking my cock Annie?" asked Phil. " I love sucking your cock, especially when you come ALL over me" purred Annie. I watched through the crack in the door. I couldn't believe it, there was our friend Phil talking to and treating my wife like a whore, and she was apparently loving it!

"Now all the way" said Phil "Suck my big dick all the way down your throat!" Annie opened her mouth wide and began slowly sucking Phil's cock into her mouth. I watched as inch after inch disappeared down her throat until her nose was in Phil's pubic hair. Phil grabbed Annie by the hair and began guiding her head up and down. His cock would come almost all of the way out of her mouth and then Phil would push her head back down, forcing his cock back down her throat. Phil shifted a little, now holding Annie's head still. He began pistoning his big dick in and out of my wife's mouth. "Yeah baby, suck that dick, suck it down your throat" he said as he pounded Annie's face. Phil was now treating Annie rougher than I ever had, but from her moans, she was loving it.

To Be Continued...

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