My Wife's Audition Video Ch. 01


I said I had and for a few minutes the four guys just stood around looking oddly shy.

Nancy finished her beer quickly. Then, as she walked around the game room idly looking at pictures, Carlo walked over to her. He caught up with her just next to the pool table. "I sure like the way your tits look in that blouse, Nancy," he said. "Maybe you could undo one or two more buttons for us?"

Nancy had already unbuttoned her top button, but she did as Carlo asked. She slowly undid two more buttons and looked at him to get his reaction.

"Is this better?" she asked.

Ernie walked over to her then and said he liked it a lot because he could see that her breasts weren't too large. To him, they were just the right size. Both Jims said similar complimentary things. Gary was sitting at the bar watching Nancy and the guys with an amused, rather smug, look on his face.

"Thank you," said Nancy. "I'm glad you like them.

"May I feel them?" asked Carlo.

Nancy laughed. "No, you may not. Not yet, anyway. Gosh, what kind of a girl do you think I am?" Everybody cracked up at that.

Everyone was having a good time, but I decided to get things moving a bit. So I said, using my best director's voice, "Let's do a little warm-up footage of you shooting pool, Nancy. I'll get some shots of those tits we all love so much and some more looking up your skirt before we get started with the real action. Just leave your blouse unbuttoned like that."

Ernie quickly got a cue-stick for her and rolled a few balls into the middle of the table, which was full-sized. There was some confusion at first as I took some preliminary footage of Nancy moving around the table holding her cue stick. The guys scrambled around the little room trying to stay out of view of my camera. I managed to get several side-shots that showed all or nearly all of her breasts as she leaned forward to line up various shots. The overhead light was pretty good in the middle of the game room where the table was, so it didn't matter much which angle I shot from.

After filming glimpses of my wife's tits for several minutes, I told her to lean way forward and act as though she were taking a couple of shots from the end of the pool table closest to the small bar. The guys immediately took seats at the bar behind me so they'd be out of the way and also so they could share the camera's view of Nancy's rear end.

Getting down on one knee for a low angle, I told her to hike up her skirt a little more and act as though she were trying to hit the cue ball which was resting near the center of the table.

She laughed and fell into the roll of ditzy blonde as I started shooting. "Gosh," she said, in her best dumb-chick voice, "it's really hard to reach the white ball when it's out in the middle like that." She then leaned so far forward that she was almost lying on her belly. As she did this, her skirt rode up far enough to expose her bare ass cheeks. From my vantage point, which was lower than the guys' at the bar, I had an excellent view between her legs of her thong panties partially covering and partially wedged between her cunt lips.

"I still can't reach it!" she said in apparent frustration. Then she stood up and looked over my head at the guys seated at the bar. Her blouse had fallen open so that her right breast, its light pink nipple quite erect, was briefly on full display. "What should I do, guys?"

Out-of-shape Jim said, "You're going to have to throw a leg up on the side of the table so you can reach further." Carlo chimed in: "Can I show you how to do it?"

"Thanks, but I'll manage. Do you mean like this?" Nancy swung her right leg up so that her knee and inner thigh rested on the pad. Then, leaning forward again on her left elbow, making it look like she was lining up a difficult shot, she gave us all a wonderful and prolonged look at her gorgeous ass. She spent almost thirty seconds laid out like this.

From where I knelt, I could clearly see little tufts of reddish-blonde cunt hair showing on either side of the very narrow patch of white that made up the panel of her g-string panties. And only the tiniest white string passed over her asshole, which I zoomed in on.

As I focused on this wonderful target, someone brushed against me slightly as he took his place next to me on the floor. It was the very forward Carlo. It seemed that he was using his cell-camera to make a video of his own. He smiled at me and said, "That's a beautiful ass and pussy shot, I think."

I was a little annoyed. I hadn't counted on anyone else making a video. "It's okay to take a shot now, Carlo," I said, "because we're just fooling around now. But when I actually start shooting our video, I want you to put your cell away, okay?"

He continued shooting for a few more seconds before stopping. "That's fine with me," he said. "Besides, I'll be too busy with Nancy to do any photography. I can hardly wait to get her out of those little panties."

I heard Gary laugh behind me. "They'll be gone long before you get involved," he said.

Nancy straightened up then, laid her pool cue on the table, and said to Gary, "I hope you're not all talk."

Nancy, apparently bored with the pool table set-up, walked over to the bar and had another drink (a bourbon and water this time) with the five guys. While she did this, I spent a little time rearranging the lights in the room as best I could. The lighting was far from professional, of course. With Ernie's permission, I moved a floor lamp over by the couch, which was below a high window facing the street. Since it was dark, only a little street-light came in through it. The ceiling light was fair, but I thought the additional illumination of the floor lamp would be a good idea.

Then I cleared a place in front of the couch and spread out a sleeping bag there as padding over the concrete floor. As I did this I noticed Nancy was getting quite friendly with her new acquaintances. There was a lot of laughter and quite a bit of touching. Once I heard her say, "Stop that or I'll tell my husband!" Shortly afterwards, she returned to the bathroom at the far end of the room. The guys carried on drinking and joking with one another until she reemerged about five minutes later.

The next time I looked over at my wife and her five new friends, she had sat down on a tall stool with her back to the bar nursing the drink she'd left there. She'd let her skirt ride way up her slender thighs and her legs were spread fairly wide. From where I was, fifteen feet away and looking intermittently past the guys milling around her, I could see all the way to her almost naked crotch. As I watched, in-fair-shape Jim placed a hand on her knee and, only seconds later, Gary shot his hand down Nancy's open blouse and boldly cupped her right breast. I heard him say something like, "I've just gotta have those tits." She laughed and pulled his hand off her breast, saying, "I said not now!"

Two or three minutes later, as more and more hands made contact with my wife's body, I called out that I was ready to shoot. Gary took Nancy by the hand and led her through the other guys and over to the couch. He sat down and pulled her down next to him.

"Should we strip down now?" Ernie asked from behind me.

I repeated to him that I'd planned for the first part of the video to feature only Gary and Nancy. The segment would take around thirty minutes, maybe a little longer. Then, I said, I'd signal for Gary's friends to "barge in" on the couple. So, at first, Ernie and Carlo would be fully dressed. They could undress as they got involved with Nancy. The two Jims might get undressed a little later if the occasion arose.

I suggested to the two Jims that it might be a nice touch for them, as off-camera non-participants, to make raunchy comments about what was going on in the couch area. Maybe they could say something about Nancy's body, what someone was doing with or to it, or what she was doing in return. They could be a sort of triple-X rated Greek chorus. If the comments became too much of a distraction, I'd ask them to let up on them.

3. Nancy and Gary Finally Get Busy

"Too bad about this barging in business," said Gary, whose left arm was already draped around Nancy's shoulders, "because this'll be our first time together." His hand dangled inside her blouse so that it lightly touched her left breast.

She reached up and kissed Gary on the cheek. "I know. And you're really doing me a big favor. Maybe we can do the private thing later, okay?" Then she looked over to where Carlo, Ernie, and the two Jims stood and said, "And I really want to thank all you guys, too. I know this is all pretty kinky and probably not what you're into."

To hear my gorgeous wife actually thanking guys (who, except for Gary, would never have a chance with someone who looked like her) in advance for having sex with her, sent a sick little thrill down my spine and straight into my cock. For some reason, the thought of my way-above-average-wife submitting thankfully to such average guys was a weird sort of turn-on.

I then gestured to the guys at the bar to remain silent and trained the video camera on Gary and Nancy as they sat on the (facing me) left end of the couch. Gary sat on the far left of the couch with Nancy practically in his lap. "I think we can get started now. Just do what comes natural and try to ignore me," I said. I barely got the words out because my mouth was suddenly very dry.

At first there was a lot of necking. Gary had taken his left arm off Nancy's shoulder and now used his right hand to rummage around inside Nancy's mostly open blouse. As he caressed her breasts, she began breathing heavily and making little whimpering sounds. After two or three minutes, she broke off kissing him and said, just loud enough for the audio unit in the camera to hear, "Oh, yes, that feels so good. But I'm so drunk I'm not sure I should be here."

"You're not too drunk. You're just right," said Gary. "Let me help you out of this blouse."

Nancy straightened up as Gary undid the bottom two buttons of her blouse and pulled it open. At last, her gorgeous breasts, their nipples fully erect from the stimulation they'd been receiving, were fully exposed. A noise came from the bar just then, a rather crude groan of appreciation from at least two of the guys sitting there. I turned around and frowned at them, pretending to care about the production value of what I was doing.

Actually, the fact that all these guys were appreciating my wife's body was very exciting to me.

After helping her out of her blouse, which he tossed on the floor, Gary firmly pulled Nancy to him. The two resumed kissing. I zoomed in on Gary's right hand squeezing and fondling her naked left breast as they kissed. She broke off kissing Gary several times to whisper things to him or make excited little gasping noises, especially when he got a little rough with her left nipple between his fingers. She had kicked off her shoes by now and had brought her knees up under her body.

After a minute or so of necking and tit fondling, Gary gently laid Nancy backward until she lay face-up with her head toward the right end of the couch and her bare legs, slightly spread, aimed toward him. Her little gray skirt had gathered around her waist, so I knew that her handsome friend, now on his knees at his end of the couch, was enjoying a very good view of her crotch.

I walked to the left end of the couch then and shot for a few seconds over Gary's shoulder to capture on video what he was seeing. The view didn't last long because he quickly stripped off his shirt and lunged forward on top of Nancy. As they lay there kissing, she threw her arms around his neck and occasionally ran her hands through his hair.

Gary then moved down Nancy's body until his head was just over her breasts. He was now straddling her legs, crouching over her with most of his weight on his left arm. I moved to the front of the couch and kneeled to focus the camera on my wife's beautiful pink nipples, which were taut and jutting upward as though asking to be sucked and fondled.

And suck and fondle them he did. After caressing each breast and pinching her nipples, he took first one then the other nipple between his lips. They grew longer and deeper pink as he sucked them.

"Oh, Gary, that really feels good. Don't stop," she whispered.

Seconds later, I got an especially nice sequence of Gary's tongue lashing my wife's right nipple with his tongue. The tip of his tongue sort of batted her nipple up and down and side to side. Nancy was making little moaning sounds and saying softly "Oh yes, yes, do it like that." Hearing and watching this as I videoed them, I had an irrational urge to put down the camera and push Gary off her. My hard cock was pulsing in my pants. A comic inner voice of outrage sounded in my brain. How dare she let another man do this to her? And right in front of me!

These would be the thoughts of a normal husband. But, of course, I'm not that guy.

Soon, as I knew it would, the situation on the couch got even better.

Gary stood up and pulled off his jeans and briefs. I backed away from the couch a few feet and got a nice sequence of Gary standing naked and Nancy looking up appreciatively at his body. I was behind him so couldn't see his cock, but my wife was clearly very impressed with it.

"Wow, Gary. That's a really nice hard one!" she exclaimed.

I quickly moved around to the right end of the couch to get a shot from Nancy's vantage point. I got a few seconds of Gary standing in front of the couch looking down at Nancy with his cock standing upward at about the two o'clock position. It was pretty long, maybe about the size of my cock, but thinner.

Then he moved toward Nancy as she, topless and wearing only her little skirt, sat bolt upright near the center of the couch. I returned to a position to the right-front of the couch just in time to watch my beautiful wife reach forward with both hands to receive Gary's erection as though it were a religious offering. Gently, she pulled him by the cock until he stood directly in front of her, the crown of his cock only inches from her mouth.

I heard a slight commotion behind me and, without stopping the camera, glanced back to see that Carlo, Ernie, and the two Jims creeping up to get a closer look at the action. The two Jims and Ernie looked rather sheepish. But Carlo's expression was one of pure lust. I gestured to them to remain silent.

Nancy was leaning forward now and licking just the end of Gary's cock, which he held steady for her in his left hand. Then, placing her left hand behind his thigh and pulling him toward her, she licked the swollen cock-head very deliberately, running her tongue over and around and over it again. Finally, she opened her lips and took about the first inch of his cock inside her mouth. For at least thirty seconds, I videoed my wife sucking and tongue-lashing just the crown of Gary's cock.

Gary kept muttering things like "Oh, yes. God, that's good. Yes, now suck it."

My own stiff cock was now rather uncomfortable in my pants. I wondered if the four other guys behind me were having a similar problem.

A few seconds later, Nancy sat up straight and Gary's cock, wet with her saliva, fell out of her mouth. "I'm still partially dressed," she said, a little out of breath. "I need to get out of this skirt and these panties. Please, can you take them off for me?"

He backed away a few inches as she stood up. She quickly unzipped her short skirt and let it fall on top of the sleeping bag. Now wearing only her g-string panties, she threw her arms around his neck and gave him another deep kiss. I got a good sequence then of his right hand moving slowly down between her legs, which she'd spread slightly for him, and caressing her cunt through the thin material. She gasped as the hand made contact, then returned to kissing him. When he slipped his hand beneath the panties and inserted a finger, or maybe two, inside her, she made a louder gasp and whispered, "Oh, Gary, I want you take my panties off now. Please take them off!"

He abruptly picked her up in his arms and laid her back on the couch. She lay, as before, with her knees up and her head near the right end. Gary, his cock still very erect and bobbing, then climbed back on the couch so that his knees nearly touched her feet.

"Lift your back up so I can reach under you," he said. I moved quickly to the left-front of the couch and knelt so I could get a good low angle of what was happening between her legs.

When I was in position, Nancy arched her back as instructed. Gary immediately reached with his right hand under her ass until he found the rear band of the g-string panties. He gave the band a quick tug and the panties came away from her crotch. Actually, they stuck just a split second as they separated from her cunt lips because they'd been wedged between them and Nancy had gotten pretty wet. Since her legs were slightly apart, the panties stretched between her thighs for several seconds. Then Gary pushed her legs together enough to pull her them all the way off.

Nancy, smiling at Gary, allowed her legs to fall open again.

I could hear at least three of the guys just a yard or so behind me as I shot. Obviously, they were really enjoying the unobstructed view of my wife's beautiful, wide-open cunt. One of them said, under his breath, "Oh my God."

Gary then asked Nancy to move her body more toward the end of the couch to make more room for him. She scooted back about two feet so that her neck and shoulders rested against the inside arm. Then he spread her legs as far as they would go comfortably and, getting down on the floor in front of the couch, he leaned into her so that his face almost touched her cunt. I zoomed in as close as I could and got a shot of the back of Gary's head and his right cheek as he paused for a few seconds to closely examine her cunt, which, since her body was turned slightly outward, I had almost a full-on shot of. Then Gary inserted his right index finger deep inside her and moved it slowly, ever so slowly, around.

Videoing Gary's finger moving around inside my wife's cunt, I was afraid I might cum in my pants. I tried to become detached. This was hard to do because Nancy was now breathing heavily and making little "Oh, oh, oh" sounds. Gary's index finger, and soon his middle finger, continued working inside her cunt for at least a full minute. When he finally pulled them out, they were glistening wet.

Then, suddenly, he brought his mouth down on her cunt and began eating her. I zoomed in and got more than a minute of Gary alternating between lashing her clit with his tongue and sucking it into his mouth. Gary's tongue and mouth had made my wife's clit bulge to the size of a small pea.

And all the while Nancy was squealing louder and louder with pleasure and, holding her breasts in her hands, thrusting her pelvis up in little fuck motions. Gary showed no signs of wanting to stop eating her cunt. It seemed he wanted to taste her completely, for soon he had buried his tongue as far up her cunt as it would go. As soon as he did this Nancy shouted, involuntarily I think, "Oh, Fuck!"

Gary seemed to misinterpret this utterance as a request, for he immediately pulled his tongue out of her now very excited cunt and stood up. "Where did you put those condoms?" he asked. I stopped shooting and reached into my shirt pocket to get one of six condoms I'd bought earlier. I was about to hand it to Gary when Nancy said, "Let's do something else first. I really want to suck your cock some more before you fuck me. If you lie down on the couch we can do a sixty-nine for a while." Then standing up next to him and taking his hard cock (which I noticed was leaking pre-cum) in her hand, she added, "Let me get on top, okay?"

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