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My Wife's Best Friend


The first thing you should know is that I am married to the best woman on the planet. She loves me completely, just as I love her. We've been married for some six years and every minute has been great. Granted, I don't get the amount of sex that I got in my single life, but to tell the truth, I'm fine with that. That's a long story for another day. This is about something else entirely.

My wife is a stunning woman. Beth is six feet tall with deep brown hair and matching eyes. She also comes fully equipped with a beautiful pair of boobs, 42DDD, and all natural. Unlike most that size her boobs are firm with nipples that sit high. I've always loved breasts like that. Beth's legs? Unbelievable! She has great ass, too. On top of all of this, she's bisexual. Not very experienced with women, but definitely loves a beautiful woman just as much as I do. It makes for great bedtime chats.

Beth is every bit as loyal as she is beautiful, so I don't worry about her running around. That turned out to be very lucky for me when after a lifetime of making sex practically a profession, I developed erectile dysfunction. It turns out that my testosterone level had tanked. (A couple of months ago I started taking hormone replacement therapy and its slowly working.) Anyway, I felt bad for Beth and told her she should develop a friend or two.

She did; a woman with two kids the same age as ours. Her name is Jess.

Jess is about five foot six and also sports a great set of tits. Her hair has gone a premature salt and pepper, but it looks good on her. Granted, she's carrying a few extra pounds, but so are we. Jess can move, too, since she used to make extra cash as an erotic dancer. Frankly, she has the looks and the personality to turn any man's head for another look. It wouldn't do any of us any good though. Jess is at bat for the other team. Yep, she's a lesbian.

It turns out that even though I was hoping my beloved wife would have a friend with benefits in Jess, they seem to prefer to just tease one another unmercifully. Suggestive remarks, sexy poses, and the occasional flash of boobs to each other, and once in a while, to me. They never went any further than that.

A couple of days ago one of those magical weekends occurred when our older kids were gone and the younger children were staying with their grandparents. Rare, but they happen. We planned for sleeping late and maybe a seafood lunch before catching up on some housework and alone time. Then the phone rang. We expected the usual; a sick kid, or something along those lines. Instead it was Jess.

Turned out her kids were gone for the weekend and she was bored. She was calling to see if we would like to do something. Beth was game, so I agreed to drive.

We ended up in New Orleans where we walked the morning away in the French Quarter. After a nice lunch at a great little hole-in-the-wall we headed back to Mobile. Since Beth had had the front seat in the morning, Jess sat up front on the way back. Conversation is always fun when those two are together and today was no exception. By the time we hit I-10 headed east they were in rare form.

They were steadily teasing each other. Beth was sitting in the back seat of our mini-van in such a way to where she could lift her shirt and Jess would just see it out of the corner of her eye. Then when she would turn for a better view, Beth would cover up again.

After a couple of rounds of this Jess spoke up and said that she couldn't get a tit show she would just give one -- to me. And with that she unbuttoned her shirt and opened her front latch bra, exposing her nice tits to the sun. While my cock wasn't paying much attention, as usual lately, my libido certainly was and I was really digging the view. To make it even better, Jess then started pulling at her nipples, twisting and tweaking them. Not to be outdone, Beth followed suit in the back seat, raising the stakes by licking a sucking her own boobs the way she does for me when she's really turned on.

Jess couldn't take missing out on that, so she slipped out from under her shoulder strap and turned sideways in the seat with her back to the door. This allowed her to watch Beth full on and gave both Beth and myself a much better view.

Let me tell you, friend, it is tough to drive when two gorgeous women like this are driving you nuts by playing with and sucking on their own fantastic boobs!

Jess kept telling me to keep my eyes on the road. A hard thing to do. Then she looked at me and asked a question.

"So, what do you want right now?"

What I wanted was to pull over and fuck my wife hard, preferably from behind while she ate out her friend. Lately I've learned not to trust my cock, though, and didn't need an embarrassing incident of limp-dick. I went for second best.

"What I'd like", I answered, "is to have the two of you go ahead and get yourselves off for me as I drive. I want you to cum hard, both of you, so I can see it, hear it, and smell it."

A glance in the rear view mirror told me that I was at least going to get part of the show as Beth's pants were open and her hand had disappeared into her panties.

"Works for me!" Jess said. She pulled her skirt up over her waist and pulled the crotch of her panties aside exposing a tight-lipped, clean-shaved pussy. Her pink tongue came out and licked her fingers just before they went down to part and parted her pussy lips, exposing her clit.

Moments later both women had their cunts exposed and were working themselves over fast and furious. Beth's eyes kept going from Jess in the front seat, finger-fucking herself with one hand and squeezing her tits with the other, to the rear-view mirror where she could see my face. When Beth is turned on she gets really wet and if she is hot enough she will spurt her pussy juices. From the sounds she was making, and what I could see in the mirror, the car seat was soon going to be wet.

Jess loved it. She was watching the same backseat show that I was, when I could spare time from the road that is. (Thank goodness that traffic was nearly non-existent!) Her juices were flowing freely and occasionally she would switch hands and lick her fingers.

Man, what a great show! To make it better, my usually limp dick had awoken with a vengeance. I was suddenly so hard I was in pain. The girls were so far gone I figured they wouldn't mind, even our lesbian friend. So I limbered up my belt and worked my short pants down my thighs without wrecking or even swerving very much.

To tell you the truth, I had hoped to jack off and cum with them, but it didn't work out that way. I was stroking my knob lightly when they came. There's no way I can tell you who came first, only that before it was over they were both yelling each others name and grinding their asses around on the seats.

Just like I had asked, I saw it, heard it, and smelled it. The van was full of the smell of pussy. Then things got quiet.

I figured that I was out of luck. No way I was going to sit there and get off while they were both feeling exposed and embarrassed over a sudden flash of horniness. I started to work my shorts back up and my hard-on started to wither when Jess said to Beth, "We've got to help your hubby out, I think."

That brought my cock right back to life!

Beth maneuvered the rest of the way out of her jeans and shirt and then removed the tiny cargo net from between the front seats. Then she got on the floor and crawled between Jess and me. She reached into my lap and began stroking my dick. Slowly, the way I like it.

"Would you like to cum in my mouth?" she asked. But before I could answer she asked another question.

"Or would you rather cum in Jess's mouth?" This was a question that I had an answer for!

"Jess doesn't do cock." I said confidently.

"I've got a better idea!" Jess squealed. "Why don't you come in Beth's mouth now and in my pussy when we get home? Even I like a good hard cock from time-to-time. That is, if you don't mind, Beth."

By the time she had finished saying this Beth was already bobbing her beautiful face up and down on my cock. She broke suction only long enough to tell Jess that it sounded like a great plan to her. She gave my cock one more full length lick, and then stopped, turned to Jess and kissed her deeply. When she broke the kiss she asked Jess if she could eat my cum out of her pussy afterwards.

"I was hoping you'd think like that!" Jess answered, and gave my wife's tits a squeeze. "Now, suck his dick!"

Beth went back to work on my cock like she was starved for it. A few moments later I pulled the van over to the emergency lane so I wouldn't wreck when I shot my load into my loving wife's mouth while Jess fingered herself, and Beth, to another orgasm.

When we arrived home there was no talk, no teasing. We went straight back to the bedroom. Before I could get my boots off they were both nude and in bed kissing and sucking each others nipples. Their hands were exploring every inch of the others body. Knowing my body and my 'issues', I honestly didn't think that I'd be able to get it back up after the massive load I'd put down Beth's throat only thirty minutes before. I didn't count on the effects of watching two sexy women like my wife and her friend, or the effects of their words. Whether it was the effects of the testosterone injections or just the erotic scene before me, the results were the same. My dick felt as hard as stone; it was like being a teenager again! Now I won't sit here and lie to you. I've never been the product for pron. My erections measure out at a shade over seven inches on my best days. Girth is another matter. When I've got a solid hard-on I can't wrap my hand completely around it. Never had a complaint, though.

When I crawled up on the bed they had locked into a tight sixty-nine with Jess on top and her head towards the foot of the bed. Perfect. I lined up on that shaved pussy, said a prayer that I wouldn't get a cramp in my thighs, and pushed in when Beth lowered her head away for a moment. Jess's twat was like a hot quivering glove. She moaned loudly when my balls landed on her pussy lips and tossed back her mane of salt & pepper hair. I grabbed a big handful of her locks and pulled, hoping she liked it as much as Beth did. She did.

With me pulling her hair, Jess really couldn't get her mouth back to Beth's clit. Instead she used her well practiced fingers deep inside my wife while I slammed into her from behind. All the while I could feel my beloved's tongue lashing my scrotum and the fingertips of one hand occasionally touching my shaft as she rubbed her best friend's clit. With her other hand she pulled on Jess's nipple, twisting it unmercifully.

No guy is going to last long in such a situation, but I did my best. One-on-one I have a reputation of going forever. That was before my 'problem' though, and it had been quite a while since I had been in a threesome, and never with someone have I loved as much as Beth. So moments later when I felt my balls tighten, I gave them both warning that I was going to cum. I slammed Jess's pussy hard a few more times figuring I'd never be there again, and emptied myself as deeply as I could inside of her. It turned out that my timing was good enough. With Beth's hand work and my pounding, Jess exploded in a fantastic orgasm around my cock, milking the last of my juice into her sopping wet hole.

When I pulled out my half-hard dick fell right into my wife's mouth who sucked me clean of our combined cum. I then laid down beside them while Beth fulfilled her promise to clean my cum out of her friend. While that went on I took the opportunity to feast on two marvelous sets of breasts.

After they both had another orgasm or two we slept together for a few hours. With four hands and two mouths they got me rock hard again. This time, though it was my wife's turn to have cum eaten out of her pussy. Jess even sucked me clean just as Beth had. I kind of felt honored.

Since then the girls get together whenever they can. No, I've not been back inside Jess in any way. That's okay though. I get to watch and my beloved bride always takes care of her husband. I'm continuing the hormone therapy, too. From what the doctor tells me I can expect a complete recovery. That's good news considering how much Beth's libido has increased... and her desire for women.

I'll be back to tell you about that later.

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