tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Wife's Best Friend

My Wife's Best Friend


I have got to tell you what happened to me this past January. I had sex with my wife's best friend! Here's the kicker... I'm the only one that knows. Here is what happened.

My name is John; I'm a construction worker from Wilmington, DE. I'm about 5'10" 190lbs, well built, I don't work out but my work keeps me thin. My wife, Michelle, is about 5'-5" 145lbs. Mid-back long dark brown hair. Pretty face, gorgeous eyes nice thin lips. She works out about 2 days a week and has a waist to prove it. Her tits are about a C-cup, I know I should know her size but I really only use the hand gauge?? To sum it up... she's hot! And not just because she's my wife.

Now Toni is my wife's best friend. She is over the house all the time. Toni is also very good looking. She's so similar in appearance to my wife that there often thought of as sisters, to which they tell everybody they are. Other than seeing her in bathing suits there was only one time that I saw her naked. Not long after Shell and I married, Toni went with us on a snowboarding trip to Vermont. One Margareta fueled hot tub night there we all went totally naked. I wish I could say... I really wish I could say that something happened but Toni slept alone the entire trip. There was one visual image that will be in my head forever... when we were getting out, the two of them were standing next to each other, both flung open there towels in front of me. The similarity between their bodies was amazing.

I was working the last week of a large shut-down at an oil refinery. It was Friday, the shut-down was basically over, the plant was running, I was on the stand-by crew. I was told to sit in the air-conditioned trailer from 1900hrs to 0700 just in case something happens. It was an awesome gig; we mostly slept or played cards. The plant rep came to the trailer, said thank you very much for your hard work, go home. I'm paying for the rest of your shift. We packed our shit and were out the gate in less than twenty min. I got home about 0330 to a house of empty glasses and wine bottles.

It was apparent that Michelle has some of her friends over. This particular night looked like it must have been fun. I had come in through the side kitchen door that was closest to the driveway. Through the kitchen down the hall, my door was the last on the left. I walked in the room and saw who I thought was my wife sleeping in the bed. I didn't turn the light on because I didn't want to wake her. Now, you can think I'm a perv if you'd like but I secretly enjoy doing my wife when she passes out. She hated the first time she found out, of course it was like the fourth time I had done it, but I didn't tell her that. At this point she just expected it and didn't say anything. When I saw her sleeping there I got excited and took all my clothes off and slipped into bed. My hands went right for her pussy. Strange, she must have shaved tonight.

Shelly usually keeps her pussy a little on the hairy side, an inch wide strip that extends the length of her pubic area. She was wearing a pair of tight sweats and a t-shirt. I moved around so I was sitting between her legs with them spread to either side of me. I picked her legs up enough to lift her butt up and pulled her sweats off, her panties came off also. I tossed the clothes aside and climbed on top. I thrusted my hips to rub my dick on her clit and get her wet. I didn't seem to be working as it usually did. I resorted down to spitting on my hand and rubbing my dick and her pussy. I took my dick in my left hand and aimed it for her pussy and slowly pushed it in. A few small strokes and I was pushed all the way in, it felt amazing. I started off light with just some short deep strokes, and then moved to longer strokes. Her pussy was now well lubed and I was taking full advantage tonight. I pulled her knees to her chest and started humping pretty hard. At full speed and stroke I thought I was going to wake her but she just kept on sleeping. I glanced at the clock to see it was 0448. I had been going at it for over an hour, Holding back cumming anyway I decided to let it go.

The orgasm came on quick and strong, I wasn't able to have sex for the last two weeks due to the shut down, so I felt like a had it saved up and when I came it sure felt like I shot more than normal. I had buried my dick as far inside her as I could and let every bit pump out of me. After cumming I hoped off and had to use the bathroom to take a piss. The bathroom was just down the hall a bit. I took my piss and was on the way out when the light shined on the couch with someone sleeping on it. I didn't even notice that someone had slept over. It looked like Toni and I was curious to see, so I walked over to her to see. In the pale light I made out my wife... What the fuck! I mumbled quietly. I hustled over to the switch and turned the light on. There she was, my wife, sleeping on the couch. I rubbed my eyes like I was dreaming or seeing things, I knelt down to her face, and it was her. I darted to my bedroom to see who was there. I only turned the desk lamp on, but sure enough, there lay Toni. Lying on her back with her legs still spread, cum slowing oozing out of her very wet pussy. This was not the way I had dreamt about having sex with her. Thoughts of jail and the humiliation went through my head. I had to cover it up; she would never believe I made a mistake. My wife would kill me too. I grabbed a warm washcloth and held it to her pussy to clean her up and soak up some cum. Her pants and underwear were put on slowly one at a time. My heart was beating like I had run a hundred miles. With her pants on the blanket back over her I want to the living room. I stood over my wife wondering what would happen when they woke up. I sat down on the love-seat and watched TV until the sun came up.

My wife woke up about 0800 and started to make breakfast and coffee. She went and woke up Toni when she was done. They both came out of the bedroom looking rough, but talking as usual. They sat down to have coffee as I listened carefully for any talk that might indicate Toni suspected anything. Nothing but the normal clucking I always hear. Toni got up after a bit and stated she had to get home to meet up with some guy later that night and needed to sleep. She left and everything went back to normal. I had gotten away with it!!

Two months later Toni announced she was pregnant... My heart dropped. Luckily for me she was having sex with some guy she was seeing, I had found out before hand his name was Greg. Michelle later told me that they have always used a condom and she couldn't figure out how it happened. They rationalized it must have had a pin hole or leaked just a bit. I went along with this knowing full well that I had knocked Toni up. Her ultrasound made her out to be two months along, setting the date to the exact night I had done her. Odd, considering the doctors weren't even that accurate with my own kids. She's due on Oct 8 2011. It's a boy... She's really happy, hope it works out.

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