tagLoving WivesMy Wife's Best Friend Ch. 2

My Wife's Best Friend Ch. 2


"This afternoon was really great." Angie and I sat in the motel lounge. We had just finished dinner and were having a couple drinks. I felt her hand slip up my thigh and brush against my cock. "Well! Maybe we should get back to the room by the feel of this." My cock became thick against my thigh as she squeezed me. "We could watch the tape and see if we couldn't take care of this again."

"Or maybe we could just add part two," I grinned and spoke quietly, in the crowded room. Quickly finishing our drinks we headed back towards our room.

I was standing in the bathroom when Angie called out. "This was a great idea for the weekend. Even though we have the house to ourselves now, it's nice to get away. It feels so-o-o-o good."

I hung my pants on the hanger and with my cock sticking out from my boxers stepped around the corner to see her sitting back on the bed. She hadn't wasted any time in removing her clothes and was sitting up against the headboard; legs spread with her vibrator playing along the length of her slit. I noticed that she had put a new tape in the machine and the little red record light was capturing her every move.

"Let's really give the camera something to record." She smiled and motioned me towards her. Taking my cock in her hand she pulled me towards her mouth. "How about this..." I watched my cock slip into her mouth and felt her tongue circle the head as she began bobbing up and down the length.

"Damn honey! That feels good." The sensation of feeling her mouth and hand working my cock brought me to full hardness. "Turn over onto your knees...I want to bury my cock in you..."

She smiled and rolling over pointed her ass in my direction. I had a perfect view from the top of her ass down to the open folds of her pussy. Her finger found it's way to her clit and she began fondling it. "That's it babe, play with your clit for the camera." I stepped back and unlocked the door to the adjoining motel room and quietly pulled it ajar. I could see that the opposing door was already open. Smiling as I watched her finger slip into her wetness I spoke quietly, "Let me see you get off...get your pussy nice and wet."

I felt movement behind me turned and winked as my friend Ben stepped up next to me. He glanced down at my hard prick and then turned his gaze to Angie's busy fingers. He and I had worked out together at the gym for a few years, and had become friends over time. I was always amazed following our workouts and showering the size of his flaccid cock. He was a handsome black man and towered over my six feet by another five inches. His prick was thick and swayed between his thighs when he moved, it hung at least a third of the way down his thigh. As usual with guys our talk had from time to time turned to sex, and from some of his remarks I had started formulating a plan.

Over the past few months he and his wife Betsy, who was much shorter then him and reminded me of Halle Barry, had met Angie and I for a couple of drinks. We had all enjoyed each others company when we were together. One afternoon as he and I were dressing, following a workout, he had said something that led me to believe he would be interested in making our fantasy come true. I explained to him the fantasy then asked if he would like to be the one to fulfill it. I knew he liked the idea as I could see his cock pressing against his slacks as we left the gym. He and Betsy had often fantasized about the same thing, but had never acted on it, he would talk to her and see what her feelings were and let me know.

Now standing beside me he pushed his boxers down as we watched Angie's fingers and listened to her moans as she brought herself to climax. His cock stood straight from his body, like a club! I didn't' know if Angie would be able to take it all! Hard he was at least ten inches long and it looked just as thick. The thick black shaft was topped with a huge purplish-black head. Stepping past me he knelt behind Angie and his tongue plunged deep into her wetness.

"Ohhhh...yessss...Jon-n-n-n-n...eat me I'm cum...cum..cummingggGGGG!!!!..." She pushed back tight to Ben's mouth as he continued to work his tongue in and out of her spasming sex.

Ben glanced back at me as I sat down in the small love seat that was in the room, and just out of Angie's line of sight. His lips and her slit glistened with her just released juices. He watched my fist slide up and down my turgid shaft as he took his own cock in his hand. Moving forward he rubbed the thick head along the length of her open slit and up between the spread cheeks of her ass. Placing his hand across both cheeks he gripped. I was amazed at the contrast of colors, his large black hand against the whiteness of her asscheeks. Then that huge purplish cock parted her pussy as he began a slow and mesmerizing entry.

"OhhhhJon-n-n-n...no-o-o-o not the big dildo...pleaseeeee..." Angie wailed as the knob of his cock pushed past the swollen pink outer lips.

"But lover, I'm not using the dildo..."

Ben held his hand on her ass and kept burying more and more of his cock in her. Angie twisted to look back and saw me sitting with my cock in hand. Looking over her shoulder she saw Ben. "Ben...Ben... but ...but-t-t-t...ohhHHH..." She looked back towards me and her eyes glazed over, her hand groped between her thighs and I could see her run her fingers over his balls and the remaining few inches of his shaft. "Gaa...gaaaaa...grrrrohhhhh...FUCK ME WITH THAT BLACK COCK!!!...FUCK ME!!!..." She screamed and pushed back against his thighs. I watched as his entire length spread her wide open. Angie attempted to move but Ben held her tight, buried deep inside her.

The lips of her pussy were stretched tight as his cock rammed her. With every backstroke of his cock I could see her juices glistening on his black shaft, and the inner folds pulling out. As he moved back into her Angie would moan, her fingers now busy on her clit. I moved towards the head of the bed, I wanted to feel her mouth take my hard prick while she was getting fucked. She welcomed my swollen purple head between her lips, then suddenly stopping she released me and with her eyes wide looked up at me.

"OHHHH...JON-N-N-N-N-N-N!!!!!!! He's cummingggg-G-G-G-G!"

Looking down towards Ben I could see his hands gripping the flesh of Angie's asscheeks, the muscles of his stomach taunt. "So...tight...can't...hold...it..." With his jaw clenched tight he growled as he pushed his entire length into Angie and held her tight. Then ever so slowly he began pumping in short rapid strokes into her.


Angie wailed as he pulled his cock out of her pussy with a resounding 'pop'. As he rolled her over onto her back I could see the white cream flowing from her violated cunt. Standing now between her open thighs Ben took his cock in his fist and jacked off. We all watched as load after load of creamy cum erupted from the big black cockhead. Long strings of cum landed on Angie's breasts covering them; cum landed on her belly and pooled in her belly button; he milked the last of his load and it dripped onto Angie's fingers that worked feverishly on her clit then down onto the thick mat of pubic hair between her spread thighs.

"Ohhhgawdddd..." Angie's body shuddered again as she climaxed. Her eyes had remained fixed on Ben's cock, still held in his hand, but had now begun to soften.

A small hand came from behind Ben and touched his arm, as he stepped to the side Angie and I both gasped at the same time! Betsy had been standing behind Ben where we couldn't see her, but we had a view of her now! Her soft brown eyes stared at Angie's cum covered body. Naked she stood, I couldn't help but think how her skin was the color of a Milky Way bar. She was absolutely beautiful! There wasn't a flaw on her body! Her breasts were smaller than Angie's, with dark aeroles and hard nipples.

"I've watched long enough sweetheart, now it's my turn." She spoke softly as she moved onto the bed between Angie's still parted thighs.

"Ohhh my gawd-d-d-d" Angie and I moaned in unison as our eyes moved down between Betsy's thighs.

She was shaved completely, protruding lewdly from her slit was a double headed dildo, the white flesh color contrasting against the darkness of her thighs. The end buried in her spread the lips and from the pink inner folds her hard clit was exposed. It was erect and stood like a small hard prick. Holding the remaining six inches of the dildo against Angie's pussy she entered her.

"Hold the lips open so my clit can touch yours." She smiled at Angie as she pushed deeper, the dildo disappeared into Angie's cum filled cunt.

Angie did as she was told. Her head still rested on the inside of my spread thighs. My cock throbbed from the sight and precum completely coated the length. As their clits touched Angie jumped as if she had been shocked with a jolt of electricity. Betsy lowered herself onto Angie, her tongue circled Angie's breast and as I watched her lips met Angie's, Ben's cum now coated both girls lips and Angie greedily sucked Betsy's tongue into her mouth. Ever so slowly Betsy's hips began grinding forcing their hard clits together. I could only picture the dildo fucking both of them.

Betsy lifted her mouth from Angie's and looked her in the eyes, "This is something I have fantasized doing to you for a long time, but there is one more thing that I want." She smiled and there right next to Angie's face Betsy licked the length of my cock and as she reached the head sucked it deep into her mouth. Only inches away Angie watched my cock disappear.

"Ohhhdamn! OH DAMN!" All that had happened over the past few minutes had brought me to the edge. From the corner of my eye I saw Ben step closer to Angie's head and he laid his semi flaccid prick against her lips. Her tongue busied itself around the head and her hand circled the black shaft as she stroked him. I felt the rumble of my balls as my cum filled them. "I'm going to cum! OH FUCK! I'M GOING TO CUM!"

"Watch Ben." Betsy lifted her mouth off my cock as her fist began stroking my length. "You..." She took the head back in her mouth, her fist moving faster. "want to..." she dove back down over the head "...see this..."

"ohhhhHHHHH..." I felt my load travel my shaft. My hands gripped the covers of the bed. "gaaadamnn fuckkkkkkKKKKKKK..." My insides exploded as I came. Load after load of cum shooting from deep in my balls.

Betsy slammed her fist along the shaft, her mouth wide open as everyone watched my cum shoot into her mouth and onto her cheeks. Cum passed over her shoulder and the whiteness mixed with the darkness of her back. Cum squirted between them onto their breasts that were mashed against one another. Betsy took my cock in her mouth and swallowed the remainder of my load.

"Damnnnnnn..." Ben groaned as he came again. Angie had been busy with her hand and now his cum was spraying across her mouth...onto Betsy's cheek and onto my own cockshaft.

As our cocks emptied Ben and I watched our wives. Their lower bodies moved in unison. Betsy lifted her upper body slightly so their nipples rubbed against one another. Angie hips lifted off the mattress to be closer to Betsy's grinding hips.

"Oh god, Betsy! I've never felt something so wonderful...you are going to make me cum again..." Angie tried to press tighter to her new found lover.

"Me too...I can feel your clit against mine..."

"Uggg...ohhh...grraaa..." Angie's hands found Betsy's hips and pulled her tighter. "I'm going to cum ... NowwwwWWW..."


Their bodies trembled against one another as their climaxes overtook them. We watched as they peaked and slowly relaxed. Betsy slowly rolled away onto her back, her head resting on my other thigh. The dildo still held tightly deep in her pussy. Betsy giggled, "Well that was fun...what are we going to do for the rest of the weekend."

I wasn't sure either but glancing over at Ben we both had huge smiles and knew it would be a great weekend...and a long lasting friendship...

I hope you have enjoyed this story and that it has brought my readers at least a few moments of satisfaction. It certainly has me.

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