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My Wife's Big Adventure


This is a story about my wife's adventure into gangbangs. First let me tell you about my wife. She is 5'3," big breasted with a tight ass at the age of 33. And she loves to fuck. Now let get's to the story. It was Sunday football on TV at my house, because I have the NFL ticket. Some of my friends and brothers were over and my wife agreed to be the maid for the day. She was dressed for the occasion too. She had a little tight black skirt on, that when she bent over you could see her little pink thongs and ass cheeks and clit in. She had a tiny tank top that left very little room for the imagination. Her curves were very nicely accented in all the right places. I was having a hard time paying attention to the football game.

Everyone had brought lots of beer and alcohol and my wife had been drinking steadily for a few hours. She was feeling pretty good and horny. (which was nothing new, she usually was). She pulled me aside in the kitchen when no one was around. She put her hand on my dick and rubbed it through my pants. Then she asked if I was ready to add a little adventure to the party.

I asked what she had in mind. She told me that if I promised to be nice and not say anything later, that she would provide all the entertainment me and my six friends needed. I decided that could be fun, so I said yes.

She came out to the living room a few minutes later. She had traded her little black skirt for a waitress apron. You know, the kind that have no back. They just tie. Her little pink thongs had been traded for black. She was hot. I was hard just looking at her and nothing had even happened. One of my friends looked at me a little confused. "Hey man, what's up here? Is she just on display, or do we get to play with the merchandise?

I said, "It is up to her. This is what she wanted to do." They could do whatever she would let them do. My brother said, "are you sure about this." and I told them whatever she would let them do was good for me.

At this point, she looked at them all and smiled. She asked,

"so, does anyone want another drink?" and I said, "of course." she smiled sexily and told me to follow her to the kitchen. I had to adjust my cock so I could stand up and follow her, like everyone else was doing sitting in their chairs. I followed her to the kitchen, where she was pouring crown and coke for everyone. She looked at me, then took the drink and poured some down the front of her breasts.

"oops." she said. "I think I need you to get that for me honey. It's a little sticky."

"With pleasure," I said. And then I kissed her down the side of her neck and began to lick the drink off her. I must say crown and coke has never tasted so good. About that time, one of the other guys came into the kitchen. "Hey, what's this....I want a drink too." he said. She smiled, and told him to help himself. She was leaning back on the counter as the two of us kissed her chest and breasts and her nipples got harder and harder.

I couldn't believe it. She was enjoying this. I never knew that she was like this. I knew she was kind of freaky, but I had no idea. If I had known sooner, I would have had a little football party a lot sooner. She moaned quietly. Then she giggled and turned away to continue making drinks. Once she had them together, she carried them to the living room , where the rest of the guys were waiting to see what she would do next.

"I hope you don't mind guys," she said. "but I am a little tired of football." she took the controller and changed it to a music channel. She found a slow sexy song, and began to dance rhythmically to the music. She turned in circles around the room while playing with her breasts. She stroked herself and we all sat on the couch watching, wanting to be the ones stroking her. I was so hard I thought I couldn't stand it much longer. Then she started taking off her apron, revealing the front of her tight little thongs. I was a mess. I couldn't help myself. I got off the couch and started dancing as close to her as I could, touching every part of her body I could get my hands on.

While she wasn't looking, I motioned for the others to join me. They all got up one by one and started dancing around her. Touching her and rubbing on her body. She was smiling and dancing faster and faster. We were mesmerized. She was enjoying herself immensely. She had never known what it was like to have that much power over men.

About that time, she bent over during the song and I couldn't resist her ass anymore. I ripped the thong from her and stuck my hard ass cock in her pussy as hard as I could. She yelled and grabbed onto the guy next to her. He gladly obliged her need for something to hold onto by taking his pants off and guiding her hand to his dick. She smiled up at him and took his dick into her mouth. He moaned and grabbed her back. He wanted to push it in as far as he could. But she wouldn't. all she would do was tease him.; she nibbled and licked his dick but never deep throated. Others were starting to take off their clothes too. They wanted in on the action, brothers and all.

She was really in her element. She had no idea that sex could be this erotic. She was wet and horny and wanted all of them at once. She was still being fucked by me, and I was loving it. Her pussy was so hot and wet that I did not know if I could hold off much longer. I wanted to cum inside her, but I didn't want it to be over yet. I pulled out. She grabbed my ass and wanted me to come back. Instead, I guided someone else's dick into her ass. She was gasping with pleasure. She took the hair of the guy in front of her and guided his mouth to her pussy. She told him to put his tongue in as far as it would go. Now she was really going crazy. She held onto his hair as someone else put their dick in her mouth. She teased him as well. She was not going to let anyone get off easy tonight. She was going to tease us all until she couldn't fuck anymore.

And then roger sat on the couch. She got all excited. She ran over to the couch and jumped on top of him. Then she told Alan to get behind her fuck her in her ass. Then she took my dick in her mouth as far as she could. I could hear the sound of her gagging as she was being pounded from both holes. She was trying to scream while she was still giving me pleasure. It was amazing. The other guys were all gathered around her waiting their turn, touching themselves and touching her breasts and kissing any part of her body they could reach.

She was incredible.

I suddenly had a great idea. I asked her if she minded if I taped this. She said I could so I got the camera out. Then I got as close as I could to her pussy and watched him stroke in and out of her. She was moaning and gasping and touching herself and them and whatever she could get her hands on she would suck. She told me to give the camera to someone else as both guys inside of her started to cum all over her. Then I got to have another turn. I shoved my dick in her ass. I fucked her as hard as I could. It was amazing. She was screaming and asking for more. I couldn't help it. I came all over her. Then the next guy did the same. They just kept lining up for more. And she just kept going. She turned and twisted and sucked and fucked until she was covered in cum and had had so many orgasms she could hardly get wet anymore. If it weren't for all their cum inside her, she probably would not have been able to go on.

But she was just getting started. She told the boys she had to take a quick break. She disappeared in to the bedroom for a few minutes. When she came back out, she was completely naked but clean. She had showered and was ready to start all over. We were waiting for her.

This time, I took over. I told her I wanted her bent over the kitchen table. Then I let one of my brothers take her right there. While he was inside her, I put my dick in her mouth again. I made her deep throat it. I pulled her hair and the other guys slapped her ass and bit her tits. She was in ecstasy. She was screaming and cumming over and over again. Each time one guy finished, the next bent her over the table until all six of us had fucked her so hard that her ass was red and sore. Then I bent her over the other way and gave it to her pussy. And then George joined me in her pussy. I couldn't believe this. My once shy wife was fucking all these guys. And loving it. And they started biting her nipples, and she was going wild. She was like, I don't know. She was amazing. She sucked and fucked all the guys until they couldn't get it up again. And then she said" Oh, no boys, I'm not done yet."

So the next Sunday they all came back, but I will tell you about that later. Just know, that by the time that night was over she had fucked all six us at least three times and still was not satisfied. She had several us all at once in her pussy and ass and was swollen and red and wet and sore. I don't think I have ever seen her smile quite like that before. After they left, she looked at me and smiled that sexy smile again. "So honey, are you ready to take me to bed....."

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