tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Wife's Big Mouth

My Wife's Big Mouth


My wife has a big mouth. She loves to tell people what to do, what they have done wrong, and how much smarter she is than them. Most of the time, she rarely gets in trouble. I’m a pretty big guy, and she knows I’ll be there to bail her out. Usually, I just have to stand up in front of someone she’s mouthed off to, and they back down and go away.

But this is the story of one time I couldn’t protect her.

We were out on the town celebrating our 15th anniversary. We’d sent the kids off to her parents, and her and I were going to do the town. We had a great dinner, a nice bottle of wine, and we decided to go to a jazz club we like, to listen to some nice jazz.

Gary’s Jazz Club is in a slightly rough part of town and a lot of not so nice people hang there. We don’t go there for company, we go for the music. And on Saturday night, it’s always full.

My wife had a good buzz on before we even got there. Once there, I ordered a couple of drinks and we sat back and listened to the music. It was standing room only, but we were lucky enough to get a table near the back. Around us people were standing up listening to the cool jazz.

The place kept getting busier and busier and soon we were feeling a bit crowded at our table. People kept crowding around near us, sometime blocking our view of the stage. A couple of times, my wife told a couple of people standing too close to us to move away. They gave her nasty looks, but after looking at me, they moved away.

We were drinking our last round and getting ready to leave when a short kind of unkempt guy moved next to us. He had a few friends he was talking to while he drank his beer. When he finished, he placed his beer bottle on our table.

My wife got a bit pissed, and I told her to lighten up. It was crowded and we were leaving anyway. But that wasn’t good enough for her. She yelled at the short guy and told him to come get his bottle.

He just smirked and turned his head back to his conversation with his friends. That pissed my wife off she yelled at him again. This time, he ignored her. This really pissed her off and she grabbed the bottle and threw it at him, hitting him in the back. He turned quickly and looked extremely pissed. My wife yelled at him to keep his trash off her table.

He picked up the bottle and began to walk towards our table. I thought I should step in, so I stood up. I’m a muscular 6’2” and weigh around 250 pounds. This little shit couldn’t have been more than 5’6” and maybe weighed 150 pounds. He quickly looked at my wife and then me. He muttered something under his breath and turned and walked away.

I turned back to my wife who was grinning. Damn, she pissed me off when she did shit like that! I just nodded my head and told her it was time to go. She told me to sit down and have another drink.

We ordered one more round and were in the middle of drinking it, when my wife spotted her friend glaring at her.

“Look at that little shit. I think I pissed him off.” She said.

I turned and looked and saw the little bastard staring at her. As I looked at my wife, she was blowing him a kiss.

“Stop it.” I told her.

“Why? You can kick his ass.” She replied.

“I’m not in the mood. I’m celebrating our anniversary. Drink your drink so we can get home. Remember? The kids are gone. We got the house to ourselves.” I told her.

She drank her drink and made a few more faces at her friend. I drank mine down and stood up to leave. I put on my coat and helped my wife with hers. I turned to look to see if her friend was still staring and did not see him. I thought that was good. I really wasn’t in the mood to fight anyone, even a little shit like him.

We went out into the parking lot and walked towards out SUV. We have a nice large black Ford Expedition. I held my wife’s hand as I walked her to her side to unlock it.

As I fumbled for my keys, I felt someone push me from behind. I turned quickly to see my wife’s friend; the little shit had shoved me. I was about to move forward, when I noticed him holding a pistol out in front of him. I turned towards my wife and saw two large black men holding her, one with his hands clamped over her mouth.

“Your stupid bitch ruined my evening asshole. Now I’m going to ruin hers. Open the fucking door and hand me the keys.” He snarled at me.

I realized I could do nothing. I quickly looked around the parking lot and saw no one. Not one person who could see what was happening and possibly call the police. I opened the passenger door and handed him the keys.

He quickly unlocked the doors and told me to get in and slide over to the driver’s side. I watched as my wife was pushed into the back seat with the two large black men sitting on each side of her. Her friend slid in the passenger seat and held the gun pointed at me. He handed me the keys and told me to start it up and drive.

I started the SUV and slowly pulled out of the parking lot. I looked at my wife in the rear view mirror and her face was filed with terror. I tried to reassure her with a look, but I had no idea how we were going to get out of this mess. Our new friend told me which way to drive.

I tried to talk to him, apologizing for upsetting him evening, but he quickly told me to shut up. He just set there holding the gun at my waist, telling me where to drive.

We drove to a remote part of town where a lot of run down warehouses are. I tried to pay attention to every turn, in case it would be needed later. I also kept thinking of ways to get out of this mess, all the time trying to give my frightened wife reassurance that we would get out of this alive.

I was directed to a small building. I noticed a car already parked there. I was told to park next to the car and turn it off the engine. I did and turned to our friend. As I again tried to talk, I was told to shut up.

We were led into the building. The two large black men held onto my wife, while our little friend with the gun led me. Two other men were in there. They were both young, I guessed around 20, and very thin. I began to take inventory to see who I should take out first, if it came to a fight.

The building was empty, except for an area that was lit by a single lamp. There was a couch and a couple of chairs and a small mattress. We were pushed onto the couch and our friend stood in front of us, holding the gun, still looking pissed off.

“Bitch, you ruined my night. I just got out of prison last week and my friends were taking me out to celebrate. And you had to fucking ruin it!” He said sneering at my wife.

“I’m sorry. I’m really very sorry.” My wife softly said.

“Yeah, you’re fucking sorry now. And you’re going to be fucking sorrier later.” He said.

“Come one, please. She is really sorry. Just let us go, and we’ll say nothing about this to anyone.” I began to plead.

“Shut the fuck up, asshole.” He said pointing the gun at me.

“Now here’s the fucking deal cunt. My party has been ruined. What are you going to do about it?” He asked.

“What do you want me to do?” She asked.

“I think you need to party with us. Have a few drinks. Show us a good time. Then I might find it in my heart to forgive you.” He said to my wife.

“Are you just talking about drinks? Will you let us go after?” She asked.

“Sure babe. We just want some female company. You up for a party?” He asked.

My wife looked at me and then at the man holding the gun.

“If you promise to not hurt us in any way.” She replied.

“Sure.” He replied.

I began to move and stand up. I was quickly pushed back down and held.

“Don’t be a fucking hero asshole. Guys, get him out of here. I think he’ll just crimp our style.” He told them.

I was grabbed and drug up to my feet. I tried to resist, but the two large black men holding me were too strong. I was pulled off into a darkened area of the warehouse and pushed up against a steel brace. My hands were quickly pulled behind me and secured with something.

I tried several times to talk to them, but was ignored.

The area was dark, but I could still make out the faces of the two men securing me. I heard the sound of tape being unrolled and then felt it wrapped around my legs and then around the brace. This was done several times until I could not move and inch from where I was.

Then a smaller piece was torn off and placed over my mouth. I tried to turn my head, but it was held in place and the tape placed firmly over my mouth. One of the blacks looked at me and smiled.

“We’re going to have some fun with your old lady man.” He said grinning. And then they both turned and walked away.

I was maybe twenty feet away, shrouded in darkness. I could see my wife still sitting on the couch, the leader now sitting next to her. I could not hear what was being said, but heard small bits of laughter and muffled conversation.

I struggled with whatever was holding my hands. It hurt like hell, but I felt if I could get my hands free, perhaps I could save her from what I feared was about to happen. But it seemed hopeless. I could not move my legs at all.

A bottle was produced and was passed around. It was brown, perhaps whiskey or tequila. My wife was made to drink several times from the bottle as it was passed around. They passed it until the bottle was empty. And then another was produced.

My wife was already a bit drunk at the bar, and I watched as she consumed at least six or eight more shots of liquor. They would hold the bottle up and make sure she swallowed as they passed it to her.

Maybe a half hour went by, and they had finished off the second bottle. My wife stood up and I noticed her stumbling. She said something to the leader and he pointed to an area. He also pointed at one of the skinny white kids to go with her. I assumed she had to go to the bathroom.

The leader got up and walked over to me. He stood right in front of me. I wanted to rip off whatever was holding my hands and strangle the little shit, but I was helpless. He moved close to my face in the darkness and smiled.

“She’s about ready man. I think she’s getting pretty fucked up.” He said with an evil smile.

Then he pulled something out of his pocket. It looked like several cigarettes. I assumed them to be marijuana. He waved them slowly in front of my face.

“Just wait until she gets a few hits of this shit man. She won’t know where the fuck she is and who is doing what to her. Enjoy the show man.” He said smiling as he reached up and patted my face.

I tried to talk and yell at him to stop, but the tape muffled my mouth. He put the cigarettes back in his pocket and moved right up in front of me. He punched me quickly in the stomach and then stood back.

The punch briefly took my breath away. “Shut the fuck up asshole. And you just might get out of here.” He said and then he walked away.

He walked back into the lighted area. I saw my wife return a minute or so later. She was walking rather unsteadily and she quickly sat down on the couch. I saw the leader pulled out the joints and light one. He took a drag and passed it to my wife.

I watched as the joint was passed and smoked. As it finished, another was lit and passed around. I watched as my wife took many drags on the joint. Several times she sat back on the couch, leaning her head back and possibly closing her eyes as the joint made its way around the room. Each time it was passed to my wife, she was made to take a long drag on the joint.

I saw what they were doing and was helpless. I knew they were going to get her so drunk, so high, that they would be able to do whatever they wanted, and she would be powerless to resist.

I don’t know how much time passed, but when the joint came by, my wife’s head was back against the back of the couch. She looked as though she was asleep. The leader tapped her face lightly a couple of times and barely got a response from her.

The leader stood up and moved in front of the couch. He grabbed my wife’s arms and pulled her up to her feet. She stood up unsteadily and was quickly surrounded by the five men.

The leader grabbed her and kissed her roughly. She didn’t appear to respond. Her arms lay loose at her side. I watched as he kissed her and mauled her body. She was limp in his arms and let him do what he wanted.

My vision was partially blocked by the men surrounding my wife, but I could see the leader running his hands all over my wife, sometimes going under her blouse and other times just mauling her on the outside of her clothes.

She was pushed towards one of the black men. The same thing was repeated. She was kissed and mauled for a short time, and then pushed towards another.

This went on and on as she was passed from man to man. Several times she seemed to hold up her hands, trying to stop what was going on, but they were quickly pushed down as she was mauled over and over again.

As she was passed back to the leader, he grabbed her shirt and quickly pulled over her head. She briefly resisted, but her hands were held above her head by one of the men as her blouse was removed. He pulled something from his pocket, it looked like a short knife, and he quickly cut her bra apart and threw it away.

My wife tried to cover her bare breasts, but did so clumsily. Five men surrounding her grabbed her arms and held them as many sets of hands pinched and squeezed her naked breasts. She could do nothing to stop them.

Suddenly, I saw her pants being undone and pulled down forcibly. She struggled and kicked, but could not stop what was happening. Her panties were quickly cut and torn from her. She was now nude, encircled by five men.

I struggled and struggled with getting my hands free. I pulled and pulled. Searing pain coursed through my body as I tried and tried to get myself free.

She was passed around one more time. I saw hands pushed between her legs as she was roughly kissed. She raised her hands several times to resist, but she really did not have the strength to fight. I saw hands pushed between her legs and her breasts and ass mauled by these monsters, and I felt ill.

I wanted to turn my head away, but could not. The pain front my wrists seared deeply into my brain as I pulled and pulled as hard as I could to free myself, as I watched those assholes abused my wife.

She was pushed over to the mattress and pushed onto her back. Each of her arms and legs were held and pulled, stretching her out. She struggled, but could do nothing. The leader pushed one of the young boys onto his knees in front of my wife and seemed to direct him to lick her pussy. He did it quickly. My wife struggled and tried to move and get away from him, but she was held in place by the strong men. The young boy lapped at her pussy like a man possessed.

My wife’s head rolled back and turned from side to side as she struggled against the five men abusing her. But she could not get away from what they were doing. The two black men leaned in and began to suck on her breasts. I saw her try to get her hands free to stop them, but they were held in place while they nursed on her breasts.

The young man licking her kept going at a quick and steady pace. His head seemed like it was nodding yes as he slid his tongue up and down my wife’s pussy. She slowly stopped struggling and now just turned her head to the side letting them do what they would to her.

The leader let go of her right leg and quickly undressed. My wife did nothing as her leg was freed. I wasn’t sure if she was resigned to her fate, or if the drugs and alcohol and had incapacitated her.

The leader looked over to me as he stroked his hard cock. It looked about the size of mine and hard as a rock. He tapped the kid on the shoulder and then pulled him away from my wife’s pussy. He kneeled before her, grabbed his cock, and shoved it hard into my wife.

She screamed and raised her head. She seemed to be struggling, but could do nothing as he fucked her hard and mercilessly. Her head went back to the back on to the mattress and rolled from side to side as she was fucked.

The leaders pumping became more and more urgent and told me he was approaching orgasm. I pulled again on my bonds and searing pain filled my wrists as I watched that bastard pump his cum into my helpless wife. He moaned loudly as he did.

He pumped several more times, pushing deeply into her as he pumped the last of him cum deep into her. My wife’s body shuddered and shook as he did. Then he slowly withdrew and stood up.

He tapped on of the young men on the shoulder and pointed at my wife, signaling it was his turn. The young man quickly stripped and knelt between her legs. My wife’s legs were no longer being held as the young guy pushed himself into her. He pumped quickly and with urgency.

The leader walked over to me as I watched the young man pump into my wife. He was still naked and he was grinning as he approached. He stood in front of me, partially blocking my view of what was happening to my wife.

“Man, your wife is smoking dude. Her fucking pussy is on fire right now.” He said to me with an evil grin on his face.

He reached down and stroked his now soft cock.

“Here smell man. Smell what’s leaking out of her. She might look like she ain’t into man, but her pussy was clenching down on my cock like a true whore would.” He said as he pushed his fingers under my nose.

I tried to turn my head away, but he grabbed my hair and held my head in place while he shoved his smelly fingers under my nose. It was a familiar aroma. One I’ve known from years of eating my wife’s pussy.

“See you later fuckhead.” He said as he let go of my hair and turned to walk back to my wife.

As I watched him walk back, my line of vision was no longer blocked. I watched as the young man pumping into my wife orgasmed. He moaned and pumped deeply into her. My wife reacted by arching her back slightly and rolling her head from side to side.

I was uncertain of what she was really feeling at the moment. Was she in control of her body? Had the drugs and alcohol blurred her reality such that she was not aware of what was happening? Could she possibly be enjoying being raped?

I continued to struggle with my bonds in spite of the pain I was in.

The young man who just came withdrew and stood up. The other young man quickly replaced him. He pushed quickly into my wife and pumped her hard and fast. Neither of her legs or arms was being held. Her hands were now clenching the side of the small mattress she was being raped on. The black men continued nursing on my wife’s breasts.

The man raping her reached down and pulled up her legs. She wrapped them around him and seemed to be humping back against him as his pumped her harder and harder. Her head was now turned to the left, not looking at her attacker.

He suddenly groaned deeply and shoved himself deeply into her as he came. Her eyes flew open and she raised her arms up from the side of the mattress to his chest as the young man pumped his cum into her. Her eyes looked glassy and she moaned deep and long as he filled her with the third load of cum she’d taken in the past half hour.

The young man quickly withdrew and stood up. The black man sucking her right breast stood up and slowly disrobed while he stood in front of my wife. My wife laid there, her eyes half closed, her pussy oozing cum, as he knelt in front of her. He was about my size in height and weight. I watched as he lay down on my wife and pushed forward. My wife’s body jumped in reaction and I heard a guttural type moan escape her mouth.

He fucked her slow and steady for about a minute and then began the pump into her harder and harder. I could hear him grunting as he pushed into her pussy. My wife’s head began moving from side to side again and she began moan and grunt as he fucked her.

Her eyes were still only half open and glassy. She looked at though she had no idea what was happening to her and her body was just reacting involuntarily. I pulled and pulled at my bonds as I watched that black bastard rape my wife. The pain was incredible, but I felt helpless watching her being abused like that.

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