tagBDSMMy Wife's Black Master Ch. 04

My Wife's Black Master Ch. 04


Jane was up to greet me when I walked into the house Sunday afternoon. I could easily see the effect of the night before. She was walking slowly; her face was red from whisker-burn, her eyes were a little red looking. To my surprise she wrapped her arms around me and clung to me by the door.

I tried to ask her what was wrong but she just shook her head and continued to hang on. She was sniffling a little, I think she may have been crying, but she wouldn’t let me see her face. Finally I was able to lift her head up to kiss her and her lips were hungry against my mouth. I could feel the emotions running through her. I think she was saying “good-bye,” but she didn’t want to go.

I pulled her into the bedroom undressing her by the bed. She protested, she didn’t want me to see her as she knew she looked, but she lacked the strength to deny me. When she was naked I could see, even in the dark room, the marks on her body from the night before. Oh, nothing serious, some of the men had not been gentle and she had collected a hickey or two in the parking lot.

I pretended not to noticed and laid beside her, both of us naked, holding each other. Kissing. I lightly ran my hand over her body, enjoying the sharp intake of her breath as I stroked her nipples. When my hand reached her pussy the hot-fluid feel of her surprised me. Her clit was swollen and very sensitive. I slowly kissed my way down her body.

Once again she tried to stop me, but she seemed lethargic. As I spread her legs I heard her sigh. When my tongue touched her clit, as softly as I could touch it, she moaned. Her taste was incredible. A combination of her juices and cum from the night before. I’d never tasted this before, and I found it intoxicating.

I very gently licked her pussy, marveling at her wetness and the long moans that were coming from her. She groaned loudest as I eased a finger into her very swollen pussy. Gently moving it inside her as I worked on her clit, I slowly urged her to orgasm. She didn’t want to cum, she had been ordered not to.

She pushed my head away from her cunt, but I looked up at her saying, “I want you to cum for me Jean. I want to taste you as you cum.”

She looked down at me, her breasts rising and falling with her labored breathing. Her face red, she watched me as she pulled my face back to her clit. She watched me until she exploded in orgasm, crying my name as she came.

We lay very still for a long time, my face resting on her thigh, as she slowly calmed down. Her fingers were in my hair, stroking me. I heard her whisper, “oh Jay. I would have done anything for you.” But I pretended not to hear as I slid up her body, leaving a trail for pre-cum on her thigh from my throbbing cock.

I shuddered as Jane’s soft hand wrapped around me, stroking me. “Suck me Jane,” I whispered, pushing her downward.

Jane moaned as I said, “I want to cum in your mouth.” She looked into my eyes, her eyelids half closed. She quickly slid downward, her mouth wrapping around my cock. I could hear her murmuring as she sucked and stroked me. I had never cum in her mouth, but she swallowed as I shot deep in her throat. It didn’t take long of course, after all I had seen the night before.

The days pasted quickly. On Monday I drove to Los Angeles again, without telling Jane where I was going. On Tuesday I quit my job, again without telling Jane. The station decided to play my old shows for a few nights until they found a replacement; it’s not the type of organization to let someone hang around after they’d resigned. Afraid we’d steal all the CDs I suppose.

Tuesday and Wednesday night I pretended to go to work while watching the house in case Larry came over, but nothing happened.

On Thursday Jane told me that she was going to go shopping, and then to a movie with a friend. That she probably wouldn’t be home by the time I went to work. Of course, she didn’t know that I wasn’t going into work, at least not that at that station, again.

Traffic was awful, and I arrived at the bar a little after 6:00. I was afraid that the door would be locked and that I wouldn’t be able to get in. Fortunately, the door was still open, although my bartender friend was just getting ready to put out the “closed” sign. The money was safely put away in my car. I wasn’t sure how the evening was going to end, but I wanted it close.

The clientele in the bar was completely different than the last time. An odd mixture of bikers, well dressed Yuppies, an older gentlemen, and even a well dressed Arab with several other men that looked like assistants.

I took my usual booth in the back and looked around, Jane was not visible, nor were any other women including the barmaid. Larry wasn’t even visible, but a stage had been erected along one wall, near the door to what I assumed was the office.

It was almost two hours later that Larry came out of the office door and climbed onto the stage.

“Can I have your attention!” he shouted over the noise of the crowd. As people quieted down Larry spoke again.

“I know that you’re all here for the slave auction,” he said, and I felt my heart thumped in my chest and a strange sick feeling rose in my stomach. “We have 5 beautiful slaves for you to bid on tonight. But before I bring them out, I want to go over the rules,” there was some cheering and jeering at that announcement, mostly from the bikers.

“OK. Rule 1. All purchases are for cash. There’s no credit available,” he announced.

“Rule 2. All sales are final. You buy the slave she’s yours. You can do anything you want with her, but you can’t get a refund,” he looked around the room to make sure everybody understood, and my heart beat even faster.

“Now, the girls have all been told of these rules and they understand that they’re being sold tonight, permanently. That they will belong to a new owner in just a little while,” the bikers cheered again at that announcement.

“Rule 3. You can touch and inspect the merchandise, but they’ll be no fucking or sucking before their sold. After, you can do whatever you like,” the bikers cheered at that. The Arab looked bored by the whole thing.

“If you’re ready, let’s bring our slaves out,” he turned toward the door as the bartender opened it and 5 nearly naked women walked out and onto the stage. Jane was the last one.

All were dressed in next to nothing; lingerie, bikini, stripper-type clothing. All 5 were beautiful, Jane was the only brunette, three were blonde, one a redhead, and all between the ages of 20 and 25. Each wore a collar around the neck, and a long chain strung through the collar hoops connected all the collars.

It was with a shock that I realized that all of the women, including Jane, had pierced nipples. She hadn’t had them this morning, and yet, here she was with rings through both of her nipples and a chain connecting them. Each of the women had the same piercings and chains. But Jane also had a chain running down her body connected to what looked like a ring through her pussy, somehow.

Jane looked miserable. Her eyes were downcast, her face was blotchy, and her eyes were swollen like she had been crying. Her breathing was ragged, catching in her throat. There was no one expression on the faces of the other girls, one looked like Jane, two had no expression at all, just looking out at the crowd with blank faces, one was smiling.

“I’m going to have the girls introduce themselves one at a time,” Larry announced, “and tell you who their former owner was.” He pointed to the first girl, the one smiling.

“I’m Sally,” she said brightly. “I was owned by Ali,” she pointed toward the Arab, who smiled and waved at the crowd.

The next, the redhead, stepped forward. “I’m Liz,” as the light hit her body you could see that she was heavily tattooed, her eyes showed no expression. “I belonged to the ‘Bike Devils,’” the bikers cheered loudly at that.

The blonde with the swollen eyes was next. “My name is Carol, and I used to be the loving slave of Carl,” she pointed at one the older gentleman who ignored her.

Finally it was Jane’s turn. “Jane…my name is Jane. I thought I belonged to Larry,” tears were running down her cheeks as she looked at him. Smiling at her he reached forward and pulled on the chain running down Jane’s body to her pussy. This caused the chain connecting her nipple to tighten and pull, stretching her nipples. It also caused her clit hood to be pulled up, exposing her erect clit.

Jane moaned as he did this, and moaned louder as he pulled and released the chain several times, almost like he was masturbating her with it.

“OK. You can come forward and inspect the merchandise,” Larry announced. As the men moved toward the stage, I moved to the door that was guarded by the bartender. I explained to him that my money was in my car and asked if I could get it and come back in. He told me that he’d have to go with me, so both of us walked outside.

I took the duffel bag out of my trunk, the one that now contained the counted and rewrapped $50,000, and we walked back inside the club. I know that Larry had been up and down our street, driving slowly. He’s also called Jane during the week to ask if she’d seen a package fall out of his car. He clearly had no idea where it had gone.

The stage was crowded with men touching and inspecting each of the girls, they were obviously enjoying themselves. I overheard one of the Yuppies as I sat down,

“I’m not all that interested in the brunette on the end,” he said meaning Jane. “But did you feel her pussy? That’s as wet a cunt as I’ve ever felt, but she’s still crying.”

His friend laughed as he said, “She really liked having that chain tugged on. I thought she was going to cum when I pulled it up and played with her clit at the same time.”

The bidding started with the perky Sally. Before starting, the girl to be bid on was ordered to strip and turn so that the entire crowd could see them. Sally had a great body, and the smile never left her face.

Larry directed her to make one statement before the bidding began. Sally said, “I enjoy being a slave, and I promise to make my new owner very happy.”

The bidding was intense, by the time it was finished the bikers had paid more than I had available for Sally. She was still smiling as one of them made his way to the bartender to pay, but her eyes looked fearful. I don’t think she’d be quite so perky the next time she was auctioned.

Next was Liz, the red-haired biker girl. She stripped, revealing even more tattoos and piercings. Her statement was that she loved to fuck and suck, her expression never changed. It did change after the winning Yuppie led her off the stage. He hadn’t paid very much, the bikers and the Arab weren’t interested, even through the older gentleman bid it wasn’t much, just for show I think. I watched as they stood near my booth and he tied her arms behind her naked back. She smiled then.

Carol was next. Her eyes were still swollen and she kept trying to get Carl to look at her, but he didn’t look up as she was auctioned off. Her body was fantastic, her statement was that she was a loyal slave, and would do anything, anything at all that her Master wanted.

The bidding for Carol was the most intense of the first three. When it was over the Arab had won her, again paying far more than I could afford. She didn’t look at Carl again, concentrating on her new owner she knelt before him.

The fourth girl was by far the most spectacular looking. A tall leggy blonde with fantastic breasts, she looked like a magazine model. After she stripped, the crowd was stunned into silence. Her face was expressionless, which just seemed to add to her appeal. She was a natural blonde; her pussy was unshaved, but so lightly furred that her pink slit was clearly visible.

“I love to be used,” she said. “I’m a slut, and I want to be your slave. I need to be told what to do by my Master. I want to be treated roughly and humiliated.”

The men went wild. The bidding was fantastic, everybody bid but me, the bikers pooling all their money, the Arab counting his available cash. The Yuppies first biding against each other, then joining forces so that they had more money to bid with. The winner was the older gentleman who used all the cash paid for his slave, plus a great deal more. I suspected that the blonde would be back soon, and would bring even more the next time.

Jane was last. Most of the money was spent, so not much attention was paid as she started to strip, that changed somewhat as her body was revealed. Jane’s eyes were looking down the entire time, but her upper chest was flushed. Her eyes were swollen and she was still crying, but a thin trickle of juice ran from her pussy to her knee.

“I’m a submissive slut,” she said. “I…. I… I…,” she was choking trying to get the next out. “I need to be humiliated and used as a whore. I’ll serve my new Master well.”

Jane didn’t look up during the bidding. It wasn’t very intense. She was lost in her own world I think, she didn’t even look up as I bid for her. She gave no indication of having heard my voice.

When I won, I paid the bartender a small part of the $50,000 and walked up to her. It was only when I pulled the chain connected to her collar that she looked up, her eyes flew open and she stammered, “but how?”

“Shut up whore,” I said. “I’ll tell you when to talk, you’re my slut now. I bought your slut ass.” I looked at her very seriously, no smile on my face. I looked her directly in the eye and the look of amazement drained from her face, replace with a look of intense lust.

“Yes Master,” she said. “I am your slave,” and she lowered herself to her knees, her head down. She suddenly sprang forward to hug my leg, kissing downward until she was kissing my shoe. The few men that were watching laughed at that. I could hear Larry loudest of all.

The bikers were having a party with their new slave as I pulled Jane to her feet by the lease. The perky blonde was spread on a table being fucked by one biker as another feed his cock to her month. One of the bikers was inviting every man in the bar to have a turn with her, and they were lining up. A continuous moan was coming from the girl; it was going to be a very long night for her.

The slave that had been purchased by the Arab was under his table sucking his cock while her new Master talked on his cell phone.

The former biker chick was bent over the booth I had been sitting in. Her Yuppie owner was whipping her ass with her chain while she moaned and begged him to use her harder. That was one new relationship that seemed to already be a success.

The tall blonde was sitting next to Carl, her new older Master, drinking from a tall glass. She looked bored, watching the bikers as he talked to her, only looking at him when he touched her breasts or thighs.

I pulled Jane out of the bar by her leash, still naked, to our car. I had her stand naked on the sidewalk as I got into the drivers’ side. Pulling on her leash through the window, I directed her to crawl into the passenger seat.

She started to talk as I soon as she was inside but I immediately shut her up. “I was serious in there, cunt,” I said looking into her eyes from only inches away. “I fucking paid for you, you are my slave. If you don’t like it we’ll go right back in there and I’ll give you away free to those bikers. Do you understand?” I was very serious, and she could see it.

“Yes Master,” she said. “I understand.” She wasn’t crying anymore. I ran my finger up her thigh, picking up as much of her pussy juice as I could.

I put my wet finger in front of her lips. “Lick it slut,” I ordered. Her tongue came out as she continued to look at me; she pulled away once to look at my finger as she recognized the taste. She quickly went back to licking, with more enthusiasm.

“I know what you are Jane,” I said. “I’ve been watching you. You’re a whore, a needy cum slut. Even though you were scared in there, you were still dripping your whore pussy juice because you were so excited. Well, you’re mine now, and I mean that. You’ll do exactly as I say, and you’ll serve me any way I want. And, you’ll serve anybody I order you to serve. Because you’re my whore,” as I said this her mouth engulfed my finger, sucking her pussy juice, moaning her agreement.

“Tell me about the piercing, Jane,” I ordered as we pulled away from the bar.

“Oh Master. It was awful and,” she looked down, her face become redder, “it was wonderful too.”

“They pierced all the girl’s nipples Master. Well, except for the second one, Liz. She was already pierced. They said it was how you could tell that a slave had been auctioned there. That was the mark. They used a vice-like thing to hold our breasts as they did it. I was crying so hard from being told I was going to be sold, and also from the pain, that Larry order me to lay on my back on the desk.

“My nipples really only hurt for a couple of seconds. But once I was on my back, he told the man who was doing the piercing to do my clit-hood. That really hurt at first Master. But when he was done, he was so excited that Larry let him fuck me while I was on the desk. At first my clit was sensitive as he fucked me, but after a while it started to feel really good.

“I’m sorry Master. I’m just a slave and a whore. I almost came as the man fucked me but I had been ordered not to. So I didn’t. Larry wouldn’t let him cum inside me, he said it would just make me harder to sell, so he ordered Liz to suck him off.

“Oh Master. It felt so good when the men were pulling on my chain. The tug on my nipples and my clit was almost more than I could stand.”

When we arrived at the hotel I parked in the back so that my car wouldn’t be visible from the street. I pulled Jane from the car by her leash and told her to stay on her hands and knees as I walked her, like a bitch in heat, into the room. Her breasts swayed with every movement of her body as she crawled over the concrete car barrier and up onto the sidewalk in from the door, the chains on her nipples and clit dragging on the ground. I had purposely parked a little bit away from the room, by the time we arrived she was panting.

I sat on the bed as she stayed on the floor, looking up at me. I was holding the leash in my hand as I addressed her.

“Here are the rules slut,” I started. “You belong to me, I am your new Master. Do you understand that?”

“Yes Master,” her eyes were bright.

“You will wear what I tell you to wear, you will fuck whom I tell you to fuck, you will cum when I tell you to cum. Is that clear?”

“Oh yes Master,” she was panting now, enjoying her humiliation.

“We’re leaving this town tomorrow,” I continued. Her eyes opened very wide in surprise.

“I’ve taken a new job in Los Angeles. We won’t be going back to the house, I’ve got enough money to replace the small amount of shit that we’ll be leaving there,” she was listening very carefully to every word.

“I’ll be picking out your new clothing, which won’t be much since you won’t be wearing bras or panties anytime soon. But you always be wearing your new dog collar, and the chains,” as I said this I strapped a new leather collar around her neck, removed the metal one, and reconnected the leash.

“Now, ‘bitch-formerly-known-as-Jane.’ Tell your Master what you are,” I jerked on her chain.

“I’m my Master’s slut,” she said panting again. “His whore, his property his slave, his cunt. I belong to him and he can do whatever he wants with me.”

Then she continued, just under her breath, “and I love him.”

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