My Wife's Boss Ch. 02


"Oh yeah, Heinz do it. Slide it in him. I want to see your huge cock fuck my husband." I relaxed, and pushed out, Heinz leaned in and penetrated me with ease. Pushing into me, he pushed me into Ann. The feeling was intense. My cock was bathed in Ann's warm, tight space, and Heinz' cock was driving me crazy, making me feel so full. I tried not to cum as Heinz began stroking in and out. Holding my hips as he resumed taking me, picking up where he left off earlier. I could tell he was hot, as he wasted no time, slamming into me, as he sought his release.

"Oh honey, does it feel good? Do you like his big cock? Is your little pussy full of Heinz' big manly cock?" Ann asked between our passionate kisses. I could feel her pussy contracting in an orgasm as Heinz picked up even more speed.

"Ooooh yes, take it, take it!!" Heinz bellowed as he hammered into me. He drove all the way into me, held my hips tightly, and I could feel his lips on my neck as he let out a low moan. "Mmmmmmmm." He was cumming. I felt his cock jerk again and again as it delivered his sperm to me. As soon as I felt his convulsions I couldn't control myself and I came hard into my wife. Later I thought about the situation, how his cum was flowing into me, my cum was flowing into Ann. It never fails to make me hard. Back in the moment, we spasmed together as our orgasm subsided. Ann held my head on her shoulder as I emptied myself into her. Heinz kissed her deeply as he emptied himself into me. This felt so right. I was so full, so complete.

We lay together, joined, for some time. I felt Heinz soft cock actually begin to stir as he kissed Ann.

"I love the way you fucked my husband, teaching him what a real man is all about." Ann hissed. "I bet he loves having your cock in him. He's such a cocksucker. Such a woman. I'm glad a real man came along that can fuck both of us. Your cock will make him a better man." Ann's talk had gotten a reaction from me. My cock hardened within her. "Ooh! Mark -- you like hearing about Heinz's cock don't you? I can feel your cock -- your little cock - getting hard inside me. Is it his cock making you hard or my mouth?"

"It's all making me hard. I want more of you, more of him. I want to service him. Be his wife." My words were flowing freely, I wasn't thinking just reacting to the intense feelings I was experiencing. I began to move inside my wife, stroking my cock slightly in and out of her. I could feel Heinz begin to stir.

"Yes, you will serve me Mark." Heinz moaned into my ear. " you will kneel before me -- the superior male. I will use your little pussy & your wife as I see fit. Maybe if you swallow enough of my cum it will make you more of a man." Heinz was growing hard. "Do you feel that? Do you feel me growing within you? Prepare for more of my seed to be added to the sea of sperm already in you." Heinz pulled out and thrust back into me.

"uh, yes, whatever you want. Use me, use my mouth, my pussy, my wife, anything. Just keep giving me that big, hard cock.!" I said in between thrusts. Heinz moved backward, taking me with him. My cock was pulled out of Ann, and I sat back onto Heinz, fully accepting his member into me. Ann moved forward taking me into her mouth, and stroking both of our balls as Heinz ground into me.

"Look how big his balls are" she cooed "they look like they're so much bigger than yours. I bet they're full of cum too." Ann looked in my eyes. " Does his cock feel good in you? Do you like being his lady?"

"Oooooh yes. " I moaned. "I can't believe how good it feels." Heinz slid me forward so I was on all fours. Taking my hips he began screwing me harder. Ann stood beside him, kissing him, and rubbing my back as he drove into me.

"Yes, Ann, that's right, push your finger into my ass & I'll fill your husband with my sperm!" She must have done it because the next thing I knew Heinz was balls deep in me, and pumping more of the warm liquid into me. "oh, oh, oh, yes, that's it!!" Heinz finished cumming ,and pulled out of me. "Clean it. Both of you." I turned, sitting on the end of the deck chair, with Ann kneeling beside me we faced Heinz' softening cock. It was covered in lube, and shone in the sun. the smell of lube and cum was strong. I ran my fingers down the length of his shaft, driving out the last drops of his semen. Ann licked it form the tip before taking him in her mouth. We cleaned him until his soft cock didn't show a trace of cum, or lube. It hung before us.

"let's swim." Heinz said, and we all dove into the pool to refresh and think about what was to come.


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