tagGay MaleMy Wife's Boss Ch. 04

My Wife's Boss Ch. 04


All rights reserved - this story is a work of fiction and remains the property of the writer.

When Friday finally came, I hurried home after work to get ready for our dinner party. I hadn't spoken to Heinz since Ann & I had left his house earlier in the week, and I couldn't think about anything else. Every day at work I was hard, and wanted to make myself cum, but I had saved it. Ann had told me we wouldn't be having any sex this week. I was so ready for this.

"Mark, are you here?" I heard Ann call from the entrance. She moved through the house, I could hear her dropping her bag, and removing her coat. "Where are you.....?" Finally she entered the master bath where I was showering. "Oh, so you are getting ready. I was wondering if you forgot about our dinner party tonight." I could see Ann through the glass door of the shower and she was clearly removing her clothes. The door opened and she stood naked before me. "Mind if I join you?" She stepped into the shower.

I looked at Ann as she hesitated for a second before stepping under the spray of water. Ann was so striking that it was easy to get distracted by her body. Her full breasts swung slightly from side to side, the nipples hardening and becoming dark in the spray of the water. Her hips, wide and firm framed the amazing bush she hadn't trimmed in months. The dark hair ran up toward her belly button and spread to each side of her crotch. I was always amazed that no hair trailed down her legs. When she wore a bikini you couldn't even tell what a beautiful secret was hidden beneath the material of her bathing suit. She stepped fully under the water, and began soaping her lush body.

"Are you going to stare at me, or get finished up? We need to be there in an hour." My erection was straining upward, as usual after seeing her nude. I reached for it, absently stroking it with a soapy hand. "Stop that, I don't want you to have an 'accident' in here." She moved my hand from my penis. "Wash my back?" She turned to the spray and left me looking longingly at her incredible hips and that ass that always made me weak in the knees. I moved forward, easing my cock downward until I could slip it between her thighs. I felt the thick pubic hair on my shaft and slid forward, holding her to me. "Oh! What's that?" Ann reached down and squeezed my shaft. "That's enough, if you're done, get dressed, I'll be ready in a minute."

I moved to the bedroom and dressed. Shortly Ann joined me. Just to make things more difficult, she walked in, naked, and drying her hair with a towel. Holding her arms over her head as she rubbed her hair made her breasts stand up and point directly at me. My cock had just subsided, and now was growing again. I looked away so she wouldn't get the best of me. I watched her as she stepped into her thing panties, clasped her bra around her, and slid into a small, black dress. We were ready.

Arriving at the home of Heinz and Caroline, we made out way to the door and rang the bell.

"Ann, Mark welcome." Caroline had opened the door wearing a very tight dark dress, short and cut low. She looked really quite amazing, and definitely younger than her age. We stepped into the entrance and she led us to the formal living room. "Can I get you a drink?"

Ann and I took a seat on the large sectional and exchanged glances. "She looks amazing" Ann said, running her finger over my thigh, making brief contact with my cock. "What would you like to do to her, or are you only interested in Heinz tonight?"

"She does look pretty hot. As do you." I cupped one of Ann's breasts and leaned in to kiss her. Moving close to her ear I whispered, "I can't wait to fuck you." We kissed again.

Caroline returned seeing my hand trail away form Ann's chest. "My, my, you do seem to be affectionate tonight. My husband told me more about his time with you last night as we made love." The ice was broken. Caroline sat across from us. "Heinz was taking me from behind, I was leaning over that sectional where you're sitting now, and he was so deep inside me I thought I would burst." Caroline's candor had taken me by surprise, and I couldn't wait to hear more. "He told me how you had enjoyed him, how he had introduced you to the pleasures of a man, and how you had serviced him." Caroline was actually caressing her own nipple through her dress as she spoke. "I must admit I find his penis to be too big, it's not elegant, it's a brute. I prefer to kiss smaller ones." Ann squeezed my hand. "Do you like large cocks Ann?"

"I....I must admit, I do. My husband has told me about Heinz, and I'm very intrigued." Ann seemed to be implying she hadn't experienced Heinz herself. "Do you share him with other women?" Ann asked, looking directly into Caroline's eyes.

"I do. I find his appetite to be insatiable, and I simply don't require that much sex. I find it very exciting to see him use someone for his needs, male or female. And I must admit I do find women beautiful as well. The day we met in the shower at the gym, I looked at you while you changed. You were so soft, so feminine, I wanted to kiss you right there in the changing room. I know you saw me as well. We seemed to have very different grooming tastes." Caroline glanced downward at Ann's lap. This was making me so hard; I was having trouble with the sexual tension in the room.

"Where's Heinz?" I asked, trying to ease the sexual chemistry that was becoming so thick I could barely stand it.

"He'll be down shortly." Caroline replied without looking at me. "Ann, I want you to remove your panties...assuming you're wearing them." I looked at Ann. She kept her gaze locked on Caroline's. She was smiling, and simply stood, reached under her dress, and slid her panties off, all without breaking her eye contact. She sat again, handing me her underwear. "Please stand, and raise your dress....not too far, I just need to see you." Ann stood, and slowly raised the hem of her dress with one hand until her pubic hair was exposed. This was very surreal. I was sitting on the couch, and my wife was standing beside me, and was exposing her pussy to this woman. It was as if she was hypnotized. I sat back and watched, needing to know what would happen next.

Caroline stood and approached Ann. Standing directly before her she placed her hand on Ann's crotch, running her fingers through the luxurious hair. She still looked deeply in to Ann's eyes. They moved closer until their lips met, and they shared a long, slow kiss that was more sensual and beautiful than any I had ever seen. Finally their lips parted and Caroline took Ann by the hand leading her away, up the stairs without a word. I was alone.

I finished the drink Caroline had brought, and thought about what had just happened. Should I go find them? Whatever they're doing it must be so erotic that I would probably regret missing it. But something made me stay. Soon I knew why. Heinz descended the stairway, wearing a thick white robe. He moved to me. I started to stand, but he motioned for me to stay where I was. Placing his hand on the back of my head he brought me close to him. This seemed to be the right thing. I knew what was happening, and I knew it was what was supposed to happen. I closed my eyes and nuzzled his robe, feeling the warmth, and wanting to get inside the soft material. Heinz released me and loosened the belt of the robe. It slid open and I was presented with the object of my desire once again. I stared at the robe, where it separated. As it moved farther apart, his body came into full view. He was nude under the robe and I trailed my eyes down from his hairy chest, passed his slightly protruding belly, finally resting on his centre. His pubic hair grew thick above the place where his shaft started. His long cock hung over a pair of low hanging, full balls. The shaft extending downward, and the wide head, concealed beneath his foreskin. I leaned in and just pressed my face into his crotch, feeling the heat from his package. I nuzzled the area between his leg and his cock, and inhaled his manly scent. My head was spinning, and I had forgotten all about my wife and Caroline. Heinz lifted my head, with his right hand under my chin, and lifted his penis with his left. The symbolic offering was powerful, and I didn't hesitate. Looking into his eyes I opened my mouth to accept his gift. Heinz fed me his cock and I began to suck. He grew hard immediately, his shaft lengthening, and thickening as I sucked the head. The foreskin retracted and I could suck the big head in earnest. I cradled his large scrotum and held his balls tenderly. As he began to stroke himself in and out of my mouth. Holding my head, Heinz began to use me as he should. Fucking my mouth, and taking his pleasure. I held his ass in my hands and tried to pull him closer. As I achieved the magical moment of true 'deep-throat' I held him deep in my throat, knowing the intense feelings of pleasure I was giving him. He pulled away, his cock bobbing free, shiny with my saliva, and raging with his erection. The veins stood out strongly on the shaft, and the head was deep red. He held it in his fist pointing it at me, but not allowing me to take it.

"Please. I know what you need. Please let me give it to you." I didn't beg, just stated the truth while looking into his eyes. Heinz held my head back; my mouth tipped open, and drove himself into me. I felt his penis slide into my throat, I felt his hands hold my head, and I heard his words.

"Mmmmmmm yes, here it is. Mmmmmmm......" No yelling, no demanding, just the Alpha Male loving the pleasure his subservient was giving him, and returning the favor by allowing me the gift of his seed. I felt him swell, and his cock gave a spasm. The first spurt of semen hit the roof of my mouth, and I pulled him out slightly so I could collect his essence on my tongue. The spurts came hard, and steady. His cock would swell, spasm, and a warm splash of sperm would be delivered. I counted the gifts as he transferred his seed to me, his penis performing its purpose. Six, seven, eight, nine, a final tenth spurt of cum hit my tongue, and he began to withdraw. I sucked hard at him to obtain the last few drops and then sat back with my mouth brimming with his seed. I looked at him, he looked back, his cock hanging in front of him, satisfied for now. As I looked into his eyes I swallowed his gift, savoring the salty, masculine flavor of his semen. I moved forward trying to take him in my mouth again, but he had closed his robe, and was moving to the bar.

"I enjoyed that. You've come a long way and are now a good cocksucker." Heinz stated, matter of factly as he poured himself a drink. "I know Caroline was happy to hear you had taken care of my needs last weekend. She sometimes tires of dealing with this thing." Heinz gestured at his crotch. "She wanted to hear all about it. How you sucked me, how you let me cum in your mouth, and of course how I fucked you. She loved that." Heinz sat on the chair across from me, his robe splayed open, exposing the object if my desire. I stared at his cock. "Oooh, that's good. I do enjoy a fine glass of bourbon. Not to worry I'll be ready to go again. The way your staring at me is making my cock start to stir a little already."

We engaged in some small talk, and as the subject of sex came around, Heinz was absently stroking his cock. Not full on stroking, but rubbing his fingers along the shaft, almost tenderly caressing the long tool. After some time I couldn't take it any more.

"Sir, I would like to.....that is, I couldn't help but notice your cock is getting a little stiff, and that must be uncomfortable for you. May I suck it?"

Heinz looked down as if he didn't know he was becoming erect due to our conversation & his stroking. "Well, look at that. Seems like you may have some work to do." Heinz stroked his shaft fully, squeezing it tightly, and bringing a drop of clear pre-cum to the tip. "Look at the way my head flares when I pull back the foreskin. The hole opens and that pre-cum just seems to flow." Heinz reclined on the chair, spreading his legs and really putting on a show. He held his cock upward, exposing his large sack, and balls. "I guess you want to suck this again? Do you think I should let you? Maybe your wife would like some of this. It might be rude to let you have it all to yourself." He ran his hand under his balls, lifting them. His crotch was fully displayed, and glorious. His cock straining upward, his large bag being hefted to highlight the full balls inside. All at once he released it and his mighty shaft stayed upright. The clear drops of pre-cum rolling down the side, following the prominent veins. He looked up at me. "Suck me, Mark, and don't stop until I cum. I don't want you to indulge yourself, just suck the head until I shoot my load into your mouth. This time you will just be a receptacle for my sperm."

I didn't need to be told twice. I moved to his side, and took him in my mouth. I was resting my head on his belly, and sucking him at an angle. I got carried away and he withdrew.

"No. I said you just suck the head. I will do the rest." He pointed to the place before him on the carpet. I knelt and took the head of his penis in my mouth. Not sure how to proceed I simply sucked. He took my head in both hands and began slowly thrusting into my mouth. IN and out, he only moved about an inch, but the flaring head popped in and out of my lips, causing him to groan in pleasure. He held my head and fucked my mouth for what seemed like a long time. I couldn't wait for my prize, when I felt him tense up and stop moving. "Uh! Uh! Mmmmmmm. That's it. Ooooooh yes - here it is." He came in my mouth. The salty semen pooling on my tongue. I gave him a few more long sucks, hoping to drain him completely.

As I released him I heard someone coming down the stairs. I sat back and saw my wife, nude, being led down the stairs by Caroline who was fully dressed. Ann's breasts swung slightly from side to side as she reached the bottom of the stairs. She saw me, saw Heinz, and knew what had just happened. Then I noticed her pussy.

"I present you with your new wife." Caroline said, indicating Ann's pussy. It was completely bare, and you could see her puffy lips, and they looked shiny and wet. "I took the liberty of preparing her for Heinz. I'm not sure if you'll have the pleasure, but if Heinz allows, you may,"

Ann moved to me, I stood, and we kissed long and hard. Heinz semen passed between us, and her eyes opened when she recognized the taste. She seemed to get hotter at that point and she really searched my mouth with her tongue. Her hand found my pants and undid the belt, dropping them to the floor. I undressed as we separated.

"You bad boy, that kiss was full of Heinz cum wasn't it?" Ann wiped at her mouth. "You just blew him now? What have you two been doing?"

"Actually that was the second time." I said, "Heinz allowed me to service him almost as soon as you two left. How does this feel, it looks so sexy." I touched her bare lips, slipping my finger into her.

"It's so slippery and soft. I like it. It was especially hot when Caroline shaved me. I got so wet she had to taste me a little."

"Just a little." Caroline laughed. "But I look forward to more. So, you've been sucking my husband?" She moved to him and looked at his soft cock hanging between his thighs. "That's good, now he'll be able to really last. I think Ann needs a proper seeing to. Heinz can you help her?"

"Shortly. Mark will help me. Just let me clean up a little." Heinz retired to the area behind the kitchen. Caroline asked Ann to help her undress. Ann undid her dress, and it dropped to the floor revealing a matching set of bra & panties that she quickly shed. Caroline stood naked with us, and Ann embraced her for a long kiss. I watched, mesmerized as they kissed each other, their hands moving downward toward each other's ass. The kiss was long, and hot, I didn't want it to end. Finally they broke apart, and Ann pulled away so she could drop to her knees and was looking directly at Caroline's vagina. I saw Ann's eyes close as she extended her tongue and licked up the length of the lips. Caroline sighed and held Ann's head.

"Oh, yes, that's so nice. Please, please, harder." Caroline was breathless. Ann kissed and licked and made love to the beautiful pussy in front of her. She looked into it, and licked all around it, and you could tell she was really enjoying it. Caroline was holding Ann's head close to her, and moaning softly. She finally came with a long drawn out moan, clenching her eyes shut, and flushing bright red across her chest. "Oh my, I have to sit down for a minute." Caroline sat in the chair next to Ann. I pulled Ann to me and kissed her, tasting the sweet flavor of Caroline all over her mouth.

"Allright then, I think we should be getting close." Heinz announced as he moved back into the living room. "Let's retire to the back yard. I have some lounges set up and we can slip into the hot tub while Mark prepares things for you." Heinz ran his hand over Ann's breast as he said this. Her attention was entirely on his cock.

"Oh my....I had almost forgotten how big it was." She reached for him, lifting his shaft upward as if weighing it. "This is such a manly cock, so long, and thick. I can't wait to feel it stretching me." Ann held Heinz cock up next to mine. The comparison was humiliating and exhilarating at the same time. I was face to face with Heinz, and our cocks were extended out toward each other by Ann. My modest penis was still hard form the show the girls had put on and my activities with Heinz, and stretched to its full length of just over 5 inches. Heinz cock was soft, and dwarfed mine. Held side by side, my cock came to just about 1/3 of the way down his shaft. His soft shaft. Ann held them tightly together and stroked them. The feeling was amazing - so hot and soft. I could feel Heinz beginning to swell. "Heinz I must feel you inside me again. Please." Ann begged. Caroline was watching from her seat, looking amused.

"So, you've accepted the fact that you have met an Alpha Male? That you better yourself by serving him? I can't wait to see you on your knees before him, accepting his offering into your mouth." Caroline rose and kissed Heinz. "As his sperm passes into you, it will make you more of a man." We moved to the hot tub area.

"Mark, please make Heinz hard enough to fuck me now. I need to feel that huge cock inside me." Ann kissed me and lightly touched my cock, pointing me toward Heinz as he stood beside the hot tub. I moved to him and sank to my knees before my master.

"Take this, and do what is natural with it - do what makes you feel right. What you need to do to serve him." Caroline lifted Heinz penis to my mouth. I looked at the head, partially covered by foreskin, and so red, so wide. I tasted the hole with my tongue, accepting it into my mouth. This wasn't going to be difficult. I felt him swelling already.

"Oh yes, that's it, suck me." Heinz moaned. He stood before me, hands on his hips, thrusting his generous cock into my mouth as if it were a pussy. "Stop!" I was startled, and looked up at him, his cock pulling free form my suction. "Tell me what you would like to do right now. What you want form me."

"Please sir, I need to keep sucking your cock, I need to ready you for my wife's pleasure. Make you hard enough to penetrate her deeper than I ever could. I need to feel you grow in my mouth, to give you the pleasure that a smaller man should give to his superior." I looked up at his cock, inches form my mouth, and I could see it growing harder. My words alone were stimulating him. The veins were beginning to stand out.

"So you want me to have sex with your wife? To feed this cock into her, deeper than you've ever been? Won't that make you feel like less of a man?" Heinz asked, grinning.

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