tagLoving WivesMy Wife's Boy Toy

My Wife's Boy Toy


My arms were tied to two posts that had eyehooks placed in the right position and my legs were tied to the same posts. I was stretched out spread eagle naked as the day I was born.

Sally my wife was spreading lotion on my nipples and was softly rubbing, massaging and slowly grazing her long red fingernails across them. Each time her nails grazed my nipples it felt like an electric shock shooting through my chest and straight to my hard cock.

Sally really enjoyed teasing me and we both got very hot from our play.

She then kissed me passionately and I wanted to grab hold of her and kiss her back. She then moved around behind me and let her fingernails trace and scratch lightly my inner thighs and my ass. She ran her nails down my back and squeezed my ass cheeks.

She reached beneath me and let her nails scrape across my balls and ran a finger between the cheeks of my ass. She then walked back around in front of me and cupped my balls in her hand. She again used her nails to lightly scrape along my balls up my cock and when her nails hit the sensitive underside of the head of my cock it made it jump. I also let out an "Auuugh" as she hit the spot. She smiled because she liked seeing my cock jump and me moan. She did it again and my cock jumped again.

She leaned into me and whispered, "You are my sweet boy toy and I like playing with you." She then nibbled on my earlobe, which caused goose bumps to pop up on my flesh.

She seductively said, "I have decided that today our playing is going to include sharing."

She reached for a scarf and walked behind me with it. She put the scarf over my eyes and began tying it in place. She again whispered in my ear, "I have a few friends coming over any minute and I am going to share and showoff my boy toy."

I replied, "What? You are going to leave me here tied up and naked while your friends are here?" I began struggling against the ropes that held me in place.

She said, "No use in struggling you are not going anywhere. I want my friends to see how much fun having a boy toy can be. We have all discussed it in the past and they want to know how it works. So, we are going to play a little game and I promise you will enjoy it." I then felt her squeeze my rock hard cock.

"The blindfold is so you do not know who they are. They said they would be embarrassed if you knew." She added.

"I replied, "What about my embarrassment?"

She giggled, "I'm sure you will get over it quickly enough as the game starts."

The doorbell rang and my heart skipped a beat.

Sally and I have been married for 10 years and have always had a great sex life with lots of little games to keep it interesting. This was the first time we had ever taken our sex games public.

I keep in shape and am not overly endowed but also not ashamed of my equipment. But, the thought of being tied up and naked with a bunch of women in the room was another thing.

I heard the front door open and Sally greeting our guests. I could tell from the sounds and the voices that there were two of them. I then heard the footsteps as they entered into the family room where I was on display.

I heard one of them exclaim, "Oh my!"

Sally then said, "Ladies I want you to meet my boy toy."

The doorbell rang again!

Sally said, "Ladies have a seat and make yourselves at home while I get the door."

I could tell they sat down and were undoubtedly looking at me. I heard Sally two more women at the front door. Again I heard the footsteps enter the family room.

I heard someone say, "Damn Sally! You have got a nice toy there."

Sally said, "Thank-You."

Sally then politely asked, "Would anyone would like a margarita? I just mixed a batch up."

It sounded like all of them decided they wanted a drink.

Not a one of them spoke to me or asked any questions. It was a very odd feeling almost like I was just a decoration or a piece of meat for them to watch and observe. I also did not speak thinking it would only draw more attention to me.

Sally came back in with the drinks.

One of the women then asked, "Sally how did you get started and most of all convincing him to be your boy toy?"

Sally laughed, "It's not hard to get started. You know guys they are always up for sex and for something different. And honestly I enjoy teasing him. Once in awhile I will let him tease me. You girls really need to try it."

One of them giggled, "You mean you sometimes let him tie you to the posts?"

Sally replied, "Sure! It really is very exciting and creates a huge amount of anticipation. Most of the time we don't us the blindfold that is just for today to keep all of your identities a secret."

Another then asked, "What are all of these gadgets on the table beside him?"

"They are just little toys we use on each other to build the excitement. After the exhilaration of being tied up and the constraints of the ropes the toys will drive you over the edge." Sally responded.

I heard one of them state, "Well it is evident that he likes it."

I'm sure she was referring to my hard cock. I also know I blushed at the comment.

Sally said, "Oh look he is blushing girls we embarrassed him."

They all laughed

Sally said, "Let me get all of you another margarita and we will get started playing cards."

I thought, cards? What the hell is this all about? I thought we were just doing a little show and tell and it would be over.

One of them asked, "Sally is it ok if we touch your toy?"

Sally answered back from the kitchen, "Sure girls that is what he's there for."

I heard rustling as they were getting up. I smelled the air fill with different perfumes and could feel the proximity of the women as they came around me.

I then felt a cool hand on my ass, and then another touched my chest and brushed across my nipple. Then I felt a hand wrap around my cock. I heard someone looking through the sex toys that we kept nearby when we would play.

Sally came back into the room and asked, "So girls what do you think of my toy?"

One of them responded with, "Girl, you are lucky to have such a fine toy to play with."

They all giggled again.

Sally said, "Girls have a seat and we are going to play some poker. Here are the rules of the game. The game is five card draw and it is like strip poker but instead of us taking off clothes when we lose the winner of the hand gets to tell the loser of the hand what they want to see happen to our boy toy. Rule one you cannot physically harm him. Rule two if he is being hurt he has a safe word that means stop. Rule three nobody fucks him but me. That cock is only for my pussy."

They all laughed again at that one.

"Rule four you can use any of the sex toys beside him to tease him and pleasure him with," Sally added, "And, you can only do one thing at a time not multiple tasks and each task last for one minute only."

I was hanging there in the darkness of my blindfold thinking what the hell is Sally doing.

Sally then asked, "Are there any questions?"

One of the women spoke up, "What about fondling his cock?"

Sally responded with, "That's Ok."

Another then asked, "What about sucking his cock?"

Sally surprised me with this response, "That is Ok also. After all wasn't it Bill Clinton who said that was not sex."

They all laughed again.

I was beginning to think this might not be too bad once I get over the embarrassment side of it. After all I did not know who these women were and they knew who I was. It would be real strange when seeing some of Sally's friends in the future not knowing if they were one of them or not. My cock was still hard and beginning to ache so my mind apparently was sending signals that this was going to be ok.

Sally then asked, "Any more questions? No. Ok let's play."

I heard the cards shuffled and dealt out. I then heard them going around the table stating how many cards they wanted.

Sally said, "Ok let's see them."

They were laughing again as they knew who one.

Sally then said, "Ok you get to tell here what you want to see her do with the boy toy."

I heard one say, "I want to see you suck his nipples for one minute."

I then heard someone get up then I felt a mouth lock onto one of my nipples. I could smell her perfume and the scent of her hair as she sucked and licked my nipple. It immediately got hard and puckered into her mouth. Sally then said, "thirty seconds." She switched nipples and sucked the other into her mouth and it also puckered into her mouth. Sally counted down, "five, four, three, two, one, done."

The mouth immediately left my nipple and it puckered even harder when it left the warmth of her mouth and the cool air hit it.

A voice said, "Wow that was fun."

"Come on deal another hand," a voice said.

The cards were dealt and Sally apparently won this hand.

She said, "I want you to use the riding crop on him for one minute. But be careful because that thing can really sting."

Someone got up and I then felt the leather end of the crop being brushed across my ass. Then a smack as the first blow landed on my ass. I groaned at the first swat. The crop then grazed across the backs of my thighs and then smack as the second blow hit me. I moaned again. The person then walked in front of me and let the leather brush across a nipple then a little smack to each nipple. I then felt the leather being brushed across my cock and balls then to my thighs. Another smack as it stung my thighs.

Sally then said, "Time."

I heard a voice say, "He must be enjoying this because he has pre-cum dripping from his cock."

I heard the cards dealt again. Sally lost this hand and a voice told her, "Use that thing on him whatever it is."

Sally said, "Oh he likes this one and it stays in for the rest of the time."

I knew what she was referring to. I soon felt my ass cheeks being spread and a familiar hum. There was pressure on my ass and then the plug was inserted and vibrating. I was squirming against the restraints as the plug was vibrating against my prostrate.

Someone asked, "Is he in pain or does he like it?"

Sally said, "Oh believe me he likes it."

The cards were dealt again but I was having a hard time paying attention to the action with my ass vibrating and my cock feeling as if it would explode.

I then suddenly felt cold steel on my nipples as someone was applying the nipple clips to me. Once they were on I said, "OH FUCK!"

Someone asked, "Is that the safe word?"

Sally laughed and replied, "No those were pleasure words."

Damn, I was getting the full treatment today. Usually in our play we did not have multiple toys at the same time.

Apparently the cards had been dealt again and yet another winner. I was losing track of who and what was happening. I felt a pair of hands on my cock and she said, "Wow his cock is slick from the cum dripping out of it." I then felt the vibrating cock ring being put on my cock.

Sally said, "Stretch it wide and put it over his balls so that the vibrator is against his nuts."

The hands were gently pulling my sack through the cock ring and then let it go. The vibrator was resting against my balls and causing a wonderful feeling. I again exclaimed, "OH SHIT!"

Sally said, "No that's not the safe word either."

They laughed again.

The butt plug was now vibrating my prostrate and the cock ring was vibrating my balls and the nipple clips pinched my nipples hard. My cock was hurting at this point.

The cards were dealt and another winner and loser were announced and I did not know or care at this point who it was.

I heard someone say, "I want you to stroke his cock for one minute."

Sally said, "I promise he won't last for one minute."

I felt a cool hand wrap around my rock hard and hot cock. Then they stroked it. Up and down and twisted their hand around the head of my cock. I felt the cum boiling in my balls very quickly. I groaned and heard Sally say, "Stop stroking and grip the base tight."

They did as they were told and stopped the cum from erupting from my cock. I twisted and fought the restraints as I was cumming but with no ejaculation of fluid. Between the squeeze and the cock ring it stopped it. Sally had done this to me before and I knew that the impending orgasm was going to be a mindblower.

The girl who was holding my cock in her grips said, "Wow I don't think I have ever seen that done before."

Sally responded with wait until we let him cum and he will shoot cum half way across the family room."

She let go of my cock after I had stopped writhing in my restraints.

All I could think about was my cock that was aching for release.

The next hand was over and I heard, "Jerk the nipple clips off then sooth his poor tortured nipples with kisses, licks and sucks."

I stood ready, as I knew it was going to hurt when the clips were jerked off. I felt the hand of my unknown assailant as she reached for the chain that held the clips together. Then, "OH FUCK!" I exclaimed again as the clips were ripped off my nipples. I then felt a soft wet mouth envelope one of them. The licks and tongue flicking across my now highly sensitive nipples felt wonderful. She switched to the other nipple and soothed it the same way.

Sally said, "Time."

I was now near exhaustion from being tied to the posts and from the continual sexual high that I was feeling. I still had the plug in my ass vibrating away and the cock ring vibrating on my balls.

The next hand was over and I heard, "Suck his cock for one minute."

I then felt a hand wrap around my cock then a warm velvety mouth cover the head of my cock. She said, "Damn Sally his cum tastes great. His whole cock is covered with it from oozing out the head." She placed my cock back into her mouth and started to suck and lick.

Sally said, "Be ready to squeeze again or our game will be over."

I said, "No Please!"

One of the girls said, "Maybe we should let him cum now."

Sally said, "Not yet. He will thank us later for building his orgasm to such a height of pleasure that you cannot measure it. I know from experience. Remember I have been on the receiving end of this."

It was time and I tried to remain still so they would not know but my knees gave way and Sally quickly said, "squeeze!"

The mouth left my cock and the grip on my cock clamped down. The cum that was rushing out of my body suddenly hit a roadblock and again I bucked my hips and writhed against the bindings.

The voice from around my crotch said, "Damn that must be intense."

I was literally hanging from the restraints like a limp rag now.

Sally apparently lost this hand. The voice I heard said, "Sally suck his cock until he cums and let's see how far he can shoot it."

Sally said, "Ok, it looks like he has had enough teasing for one day."

I said out loud, "Thank God!"

Sally leaned into me and whispered in my ear, "Ok Honey let's give them a show."

I felt her hand grab the cock ring and slide it onto the shaft of my cock and then off. She wrapped her hand around me and then buried it in her throat. She was pumping and sucking and I felt the presence of the other women around watching her do this.

Soon the cum was gushing from my balls and I exclaimed, "Oh fuck, oh fuck!"

Sally pulled her mouth off my cock and kept pumping me.

I felt the cum erupting from my body and the intenseness of the orgasm caused me to nearly blackout.

I heard a "WOW! As the first shot came out.

The second shot was even stronger and I heard another voice say, "Damn!"

The orgasm was subsiding and Sally let go of my cock.

One of the girls said, "That shot has to be nearly ten feet."

Sally replied, "See girls how much fun this can be. You have got to get your significant other to do this. It is just as intense for us when the roles are switched."

One of the girls said, "I'm going home right now to figure out the best place set this up."

Sally said, "I'm going to let him down now so you all better go."

They all said their goodbyes and left.

I heard Sally walk back into the room and she reached for my wrist to undo it. Then the other wrist. My arms fell to my side like heavy weights. She walked behind me and removed the vibrating plug form my ass with an audible pop. She then untied each ankle and I reached up to take off the blindfold. As my eyes adjusted to the light she led me to the couch.

When I was comfortably seated she kissed me and asked, "Did you enjoy that?"

I could only muster a "Yes."

She got me a drink and now my eyes had adjusted.

I asked her, "What the hell was that all about."

She responded, "The girls and I have talked in the past about sex lives. Most of them said theirs was dull and routine. No excitement at all. I had told them about ours and they were jealous and wanted to know more. So I set this up. It gave them first hand information on how to do it. It also was another way to expand our playing a little."

I told her, "You know guys talk too. Turnabout is fair play."

She grinned a devilish grin and said, "I was kind of hoping you would feel that way."

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