My Wife's Boyfriend


Her legs were spread and she played with the lips of her vulva as she followed his instructions.

"I've got it right there. I'm imagining that it's your beautiful cock. What? Oh, he's just standing there like an idiot watching my pussy. He can't wait to get his sissy mouth on it. Ok." She turned to me and waved me to the bed. Pointing between her legs she indicated that she wanted my head at her cunt. Eagerly I obeyed.

"Ok, he's there. No, he hasn't started yet. He knows better than to do that until I tell him. Stick it in? Right in front of him? And tell him that it's really you? This is too much!"

My wife slid the large implement into her pussy, gently wiggling it in and out. She bid me to begin my adorations on her clit. Like a lovesick teenager, I did.

On my stomach on the bed, I worked my head around the shaft and tongued her precious organ. Her sighs into the phone were apparent.

"Oh, yeah baby, right there. I can't believe it. He's actually licking me while I talk to you on the phone. Tell him what? Ok, I got it. Listen to me baby." She grabbed my hair and pulled me back, indicating that she was talking to me. "From now on everything I say is out of the mouth of my boyfriend. I'm just going to repeat what he tells me. Got it?" I nodded to her, never for one second removing my mouth from the area I worshipped.

"Ok, he's ready lover. Tell me what to say." She tapped my head to indicate that she was now talking for him.

"Ok, pussy lover, just remember that you're only getting my girl ready for me. That's your job now, getting her ready. This is as close as you'll get to my pussy from now on. Only your mouth will be required for service. She has no need of your useless cock. The only cock she'll know from now on is mine. I'll need to visit my pussy daily and often more than once a day. Oh goody! Oops, that was me. Go ahead honey back to you. Your job is to prepare and clean up. Oh that's great!"

She rattled on as I concentrated at my job. Finally she climaxed squeezing my head with her legs. As she settled down I continued licking her, savoring the taste. I heard her laughing as she received more instructions.

"Do you think he will?" she asked Mike.

He must have responded affirmatively because of what she did. She slipped the dildo out of her pussy and held it in front of my face.

"C'mon, sissy. Clean the juices off. You know you want to."

I felt like I was in a daze. Without conscious thought I leaned toward it. She stuck the tip of it into my mouth and I licked. The sounds of her laughter filled the room. Finally, satisfied with my feeble efforts she pulled it away from me.

They continued laughing as I crept away. Once I got to the bathroom I considered jerking off, I was so excited. But I waited because I wanted to fuck Colleen. She yelled at me when she finished her phone call.

"Hey, teeny! What are you doing in there, playing with yourself? Need a microscope to help find it?"

"Why don't you come in here and I'll show how big it can get?" She walked into the bathroom as I spoke and I reached for her.

"No you don't," she said, pulling away.

"Why not?"

"Because I'm staying loyal to my boyfriend, that's why. He doesn't want to share me with anybody. Especially you."

"Come on, Colleen, aren't you taking this boyfriend gag too far?" I pleaded.

"Not after what I've seen it's done to you." She pointed at my rampant member. "And I'll have to admit, I'm getting pretty excited myself."

"We're husband and wife! Can't we at least do it?"

"No. I told you I'm staying loyal to my boyfriend. Oh, by the way, we're going shopping today, I'll be back later."

"What do you mean, we?"

"My boyfriend and I."

"Shopping? What are you shopping for?"

"We're going to buy some very sexy, very slutty clothes for me. He wants me to look as available as possible for our date."

"Date? What date?"

"Our date tonight. Oh, by the way, you're not coming. In more ways than one. This evening is just us. We need to see what we've been missing all this time. We're going to more than make up for it. Oh, by the way, you should probably move your stuff out of the master bedroom."

"Huh? Why?"

"Because the master is moving in."

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Shoot both of them. There is definitely someone dying in this story.

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