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My Wife's Confessions


My wife, Rose, 29, works as a senior marketing executive in an Ad agency. She is a perfect example of how a woman should balance her family and professional life. Though she has a real hectic schedule professionally but she adjusts really well. I, rather we never had a problem. I am not a person who wants to see my wife fucked up by other men. Never. I get jealous even when I see her with any other man but I also know many guys mentally undressed her when we go to any party. Rose's beauty demands that.

To describe Rose is to describe a heavenly beauty. She is 5'7.5. She has an oval face which consists of a pair of dreamy blue eyes, a cute nose and juicy lips with lots and lots of promise. She has long pitch black silky hairs. A fair complexion. Her skin feels like someone has applied butter on her, I mean its so smooth and erotically soft. Her boobs are bigger than average. Her main attraction are her ass, as far as I think, they are a sculptor's masterpeice. What a shape! With an appreciable fluffy ness. She has an aura of elegance when she walks and the way she carries herself is remarkable. Everything was going very nice for us till she confessed to me few months. Her experience on a rainy day…….and night.

That day it was raining heavily. I was skeptic of going to my office but had to go because of urgency and so did Rose. It was evening time, still the rain didn't stop. In fact it was raining ferociously. Rose was driving her car to home when suddenly on the way she saw Brian, one of her office colleague waiting amidst the rains on the middle of the road. Rose stopped her car as Brian came running towards her car. Rose lowered her car's window.

"Oh thank God its you Rose!" Brain said with a relief.

"Why what happened? Everything ok?" Rose asked, sensing that something might have gone wrong.

"I am afraid not. Actually my car has broken down. And in this rain I don't think I will be able to find anyone. Do you mind to give me a lift please?" Brian asked hoping that Rose gives in to his innocent request.

Rose thought for few seconds, looked at Brian. He was completely drenched. She responded, "Ok come in." But she made sure he was sitting on the back seat of her car.

Brian, 38, was a burly kind of a man. With 6'2 height and a huge structure he really looked overwhelming sometimes. But he had a very cute and charming face. He was Rose's colleague for a year now and was a married man himself. He was famous in the office to have bedded many females of the office. But Rose had never seen him making a pass at her or anything. But still she was very cautious with him. They chatted about the weather, a bit of family and a lot of office stuff before they reached our (Rose and I) apartment.

Rose thought as I must be there in the house so she invited Brian to the house as it was raining hard. Brian accepted the invitation without any hesitation.

Rose parked the car and was shocked to see the house locked. She unlocked it, they both came in and she switched on the lights. Without her prior knowledge, I had left a message which she read and sighed, "I am sorry my hubby isn't home right now. In fact he will be here late night because of an official meeting."

"Oh that's bad." Brain chipped in.

"Yeah. Anyways Brain you are really drenched, you may catch cold, better dry yourself." She showed him the way to our bathroom which was attached to our bedroom.

When they reached the bathroom she said, "The towel is inside only and here are my hubby's cloth. Wear it after you dry. Hope they will fit you."

"Hope so!" Brian responded and went inside the bathroom, closed the door behind. Rose went to the other room, herself changed from her business suit to a long black skirt and a blood-red blouse. Her vivaciousness was oozing from all over her. Then she went to the kitchen to prepare coffee for the two. Realizing that whether Brian would like black or plain coffee she went towards the bathroom to ask him. Brian had already dried himself and was on his way to drying his chest when Rose entered the room saying, "Brian will you like black………………" She couldn't complete the sentence because exactly at that moment the towel that Brian was wearing around his waist (that was the only thing he was wearing!), fell off as he was turning to hear what Rose was saying. For just a few seconds Rose kept gaping at Brian from top to bottom and the moment Brian turned around to cover up, she realized where she was and what she was doing and immediately almost ran out of the room, straight to the kitchen. She was breathing heavily. Few seconds later she felt a hand on her waist. She turned, her breathing increasing every second. More than anything, something was igniting within her. Actually, Rose and I didn't have sex from the past one week because of the intense office work. We had planned it for Saturday and that day was Friday. So Rose's fires were ignited. She was getting aroused but was, at least till then, in control of herself.

When Rose turned, she saw Brian standing right in front of her, naked.

"Oh God you are naked Brain get dressed, this is not good, please."

"What? I like you Rose and I want to make love to you." Requested Brian.

"But I am a married woman and this is not what I want Brian."

"You don't have to do anything dear, just leave it to me."

"No but I am married…..but…..please…..I mean…."

In the mean time Brian had both his hands on her waist and was kissing Rose's face in the 'butterfly' manner. Rose was feeling his warm carbon-di-oxide on her face and she was loosing control of her each moment.

"Oh Brian……please Brain…." She wanted to push him but all she managed to do was caress his chest. And Brain got the hint. He kissed her on her lips. Few seconds later Rose responded and it became a smooch. Brian took her to the bedroom and they sat on the bed. Brian slowly undressed her red blouse, black skirt. Rose was wearing a red bra and red panty. On her fair skin her undergarments were sparkling and her sweat gave them a wet-sexy texture.

But soon they were removed by Brian. Now both Rose and Brain sat stark nude in front of each other. Brian slowly lifted her silky hairs from her shoulders and leaned forward. He planted his lips on hers. This time their tongue met and explored the deepness of their mouth. After a while Brain asked, "May I lick you?"

"You don't have to ask!" Rose whispered.

Brian started licking. He started from her forehead. His tongue was tasting Rose and his moan told that she was sweet. From her forehead to eyes, to nose, cheeks, lips and then down. Her boobs were just of the perfect size so that he could cup them with both his hands and squeeze gently. He was circling Rose's nipple. Meanwhile Rose had her eyes closed, she kept moaning softly and was busy caressing whichever part of Brian's body he got hold of. Brain reached her belly button and then her pussy. He licked her there for couple of minutes. He stiffened his tongue muscle and kept moving in and out of her pussy which eventually made Rose leak for the first time in front of Brian. He licked her juices. He then licked her inner thighs and turned her. He started kissing her back vigorously and when he reached her buttocks he again was licking but slowly. He slowly cracked Rose's ass valley and licked the inside. Brain turned Rose once again and she faced him now. Brain said,

"You know Rose baby from the time I saw you I wanted you."

All Rose said was, "Then use your time to…to prove it."

Brian started parting her things and Rose's 'petals' opened up. Brian with a flash inserted his pens inside her. "OOHOHOH" Rose moaned with a jerk and then relaxed. Brian slowly started his thrusts. His hands kept squeezing and his lips were all over her face, throat and many times on her boobs. Rose was constantly caressing Brain's back and grabbed his ass and said, "Wow you have a shaved ass!" "Yeah my wife likes it that way." Brian replied. "So do I" Said Rose and kept squeezing them. Brian was now starting to increase his speed and was really thrusting hard. "Oh baby oh Brian harder yeah we are there almost faster yesss yesss fuck fuck oh yesssssssssss." Saying which Rose tightened her grip on his ass and Brian's ass muscles stiffened for a while then relaxed. He came, inside her. Both of them lay naked. Rose stood up satisfied. She went to have a shower. The door was left open and Brian saw Rose taking a shower from his bed. It was late and after dressing up Brain looked at Rose and said, "I enjoyed that. You are a sex-pill!" Rose smiled at him and kissed him. Brian left.

Rose confessed the entire sequence of events to me after about two months of the incident and what followed…I leave to your imagination!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/30/17

☆☆☆☆ (4.2/5.0 = 84% = B+)

The story does have some shortcomings.
However, it is 100% REALISTIC. It is also EROTIC; the eroticism is understated but can be inferred.

This story has a niche audience.
We must understand that somemore...

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