tagLoving WivesMy Wife's Desire for Other Men

My Wife's Desire for Other Men


A True Account of a Submissive Husband's Journey to Becoming Cuckold

My name is JR. That is my real name. I am dating myself when I tell you that the name came from the TV show, Dallas. One of the characters was JR Ewing. My initials are JR and the name stuck. I am a retired college professor with a PhD and many years of teaching and research experience. I consider myself an intelligent and strong man. I am not a wuss. I played Div III football and I am still in decent shape.

In my public life I am assertive, gregarious and one of the boys. I still hang out with my buddies and enjoy many sporting and social nights with the guys. In private, I have been a slave to my beautiful wife, Heather, for many years. None of my friends have any idea of my enslavement to my wife. I would be ridiculed if they knew. They all think that she is hot and think I am a lucky man to be her lover. If they only knew.

Heather is a beautiful lady who, at age 56 still turns heads of younger men. She is a professional business woman and a very intelligent person. I introduced Heather to the idea of D/s many years ago. She, initially, had no idea about submissive men and our D/s relationship started out as foreplay to other sexual relations. Over the years she began to enjoy her control over me and our role play game of Mistress/slave flourished into a lifestyle where she is in complete control of me. In public, we role play the typical married couple for the benefit of friends and family. In private I am her slave and she cherishes her power over me.

Through the years, my enslavement to Heather has increased from cute submissive acts (opening doors, holding her coat, etc) to more degrading acts (licking her shoes and boots, licking her ass, etc) after some time Heather stopped seeing me as her equal and saw me as her slave. If I was going to use my tongue to clean her dirty boots and her soiled ass, she did not want to be kissing me on the mouth. Our romantic relationship diminished quickly. I have written many accounts of my enslavement to my wife and I stress, each time, that this is not some thing that happens over night. You do not turn a beautiful housewife into a Dominatrix with a simple request "Honey, I want to be your slave". The wife has to enjoy her role as the dominant one in the marriage. My advice to other men seeking to be submissive their wives or girlfriends.....be patient.

With me groveling at her feet and performing degrading acts, Heather started thinking about dating other men. She said that she wanted to be with men whom she saw as her equal, not a slave. I loved the idea. I had always had fantasies of Heather with other men and now she was hinting about the idea. I encouraged her to consider any offers for dates, dinner or drinks if other men offered. Believe me, Heather had a lot of men interested in her. Heather had been a faithful wife, mother and grand mother for many years. She, like most wives, is not a woman who would just have sex with any man. First, it would have to be her idea and secondly, she was not going to allow a man to abuse her. Heather is very picky and has very definite tastes in many things, including men. Heather is always in control.

The first step toward dating other men was an offer to have dinner with a business client. Heather had business meetings over lunch and dinner with many men in the past but this time she admitted that this guy was "a hunk" and she really liked him. She admitted to having had sexual fantasies about him.

The night of her "date" I helped her dress and found myself getting excited, knowing that I was dressing my wife to look great for another man. Heather is a classy lady and dressed appropriately for the dinner date. She wore a simple black dress with pearls and black high heel pumps. I helped her get dressed and put the shoes on her feet. Before she left for the date, she stood in the foyer and ordered me to lick her shoes so that they would be shiny for her date. Licking her shoes is a daily ritual in our home. Each morning Heather stands in the foyer as I tongue polish her shoes and or boots as she gives me my instructions for the day. I greet her in the same position at night when she comes home, cleaning her soiled shoes and boots with my tongue in the foyer so that she does not track dirt, mud and snow through the house.

The night of her first date, she stood over me and teased me, telling my to be sure I licked her shoes well. She wanted to see her face in the shoes. Hearing her degrading words just made me all the more excited. I licked her shoes knowing that I was doing it so she would look good for another man. When she was tired of me licking her shoes, she pushed my face away with her shoe and simply said, "Enough" She told me to be up when she came home and to be in the same position in the foyer. It was exciting to be on my knees in the foyer as I watched my wife leave to meet another man at a restaurant.

At around 11:30 pm my cell phone rang. It was Heather calling from the car telling me she was around the corner and to be waiting on my knees in the foyer. I quickly made my way to the foyer and knelt, waiting for Heather to come into the house. After a wait of about 10 mins I heard Heather's car pull up in the driveway. I waited in anticipation for the door to open. I placed my head lower to the floor to greet my Mistress. Heather walked in, threw her keys in the basket in the foyer and extended a shoe for me to lick. I instantly began licking the top of her high heel.

"Welcome home, Mistress." I stopped licking long enough to greet her. My tongue immediately went back to licking her shoe. I could taste the salt from the winter streets. Her shoe was a little wet from the damp night and the water on the ground. As I licked her shoe, Heather removed her coat.

"Quickly, the other one! I am tired and want to sit down."

Heather held the other shoe in front of my face and I licked the entire surface of the shoe with my tongue. My tongue picked up small amounts of dirt and salt stains as I licked.

"Enough! I want to sit. Come! Crawl behind me to the living room.

Heather walked to the living room and I followed on my hands and knees. Heather sat in the upholstered recliner and crossed her legs. I knelt at her feet.

"My feet hurt."

I knew my job. I moved closer to her, kissed the toe of the shoe that was in front of my face and removed it. I gently kissed her stocking clad foot. I began to kiss and massage her foot as Heather put her head back on the chair and closed her eyes.

"Did you have a good time?' I asked.

"Wonderful. I enjoyed myself very much." Heather had a smile on her face.

Heather then started to tell me about her evening as I massaged and kissed her foot and gently sucked her toes. She met the guy in the bar of the restaurant and had a drink before they went to the table. The conversation was initially about business but Heather could tell that the guy liked her a lot and the talk soon became flirtatious. Heather said she enjoyed flirting with another man, some thing she had not done in years. She said it made her feel young and beautiful. Over dinner, she made the first physical contact with the guy by gently running her finger nails over his hand. She could tell he was getting excited. After dinner they went back to the bar and sat, together, at a small booth in the corner. He was a complete gentleman but asked if he could see her again and she said yes. At the table, they held hands and Heather kissed him on cheek. He walked her to her car and they kissed on the lips. Heather said that she could feel her body tingle just from that innocent kiss from a stranger.

After the first "date" Heather started to see other men. She did not have sex with any of them but enjoyed kissing and what she called "outercourse", heavy kissing while pressing against each other's body, clothed. For each of her dates, I would dress her and lick her shoes or boots clean before she left on the date. When she came home she would tell me all the details. At this time she was not allowing intercourse with me and only allowed me to go down on her. She would have me lick her pussy as she told me about her dates. The stimulation of my tongue on her clit and the thoughts of her time with the other men always brought her to smashing orgasms.

Heather was not having sex with any of the men. Believe me, they asked but Heather was in control. She said that she was not ready for sex, YET! She was even dating men much younger than her. And they abided by her wishes. She went to concerts; dinners; theater; motorcycle rides and to bars to hear bands. Heather could be seen in public with other men because of her business background.

I told Heather that I wished I could see her on a date. To my surprise she liked the idea. All the men knew that Heather was married. She never hid that but they did not know that I was her husband. Heather allowed me to go to restaurants where she and her date were meeting and I would sit nearby so I could see them. I found it very exciting to see her dancing; holding hands and kissing with other men. I would look at this beautiful Goddess and get excited knowing that I had licked the shoes that were now dancing with another man. On several occasions I actually sat at the bar just a few stools away so that I could hear them, clearly and see their flirtatious actions. The guys never knew that the man two stools over was Heather's husband. All this time Heather had not had sex with any of the men. She was enjoying deep kissing and fondling, in front of me. A few times she would tease me by leaning over, making an excuse to talk to me." Excuse me Sir, could you pass the basket of pretzels." This made me very excited that Heather was playing with me in front of her date.

Heather's first sexual encounter with another man happened while we were vacationing on Cape Cod. The two of us were at a fancy restaurant, frequented by owners of big yachts and sail boats. The lounge was very inviting with a long mahogany bar, upholstered bar stools and over sized chairs and couches. Heather and I were seated at the bar early and during the night, other patrons began to come in. A small group of men came into the bar and sat next to us. It was obvious that they were all boat owners. You could tell from their dress and demeanor that they came from money.

Heather was looking beautiful, as always, and being an outgoing, friendly person, she starts up a conversation with everyone. I could tell that the men were very interested in Heather. She has that affect on men. It wasn't long before Heather was chatting with the men. They were very gentlemanly and were not crude. I was on the stool next to her just admiring the control she was having on the men. Before long she was the center of attention of this group of men. After some time, one of the men jokingly said that it was too bad she was married and that her husband was here. With a mischievous smile and sweet voice, Heather responded, "Oh, don't worry about him. We have an open marriage. Just ignore him. I do"

I was both excited and shocked to hear Heather's response. We had never discussed an open marriage but I loved the idea that Heather opened the door for further discussions from the men. There was nothing open about our marriage. She had all the privileges to date other men. I could not date other women. I could see the excited reaction on the faces of all the men. One, in particular, moved a little closer and asked if he could buy Heather a drink. Heather turned on her flirtatious mood. A few moments later the two were engrossed in their discussion. The guy actually was stroking Heather's arm in my presence and with his buddies looking on.

Heather and the guy continued to chat most of the night. I turned my attention to the baseball game on the TV over the bar. I could hear their voices but could not make out what they were saying. We were at the bar for several hours and after a few rounds of drinks, Heather and her new friend were laughing together and there was more touching. Finally, Heather excused herself and told the guy that she had to get some sleep. She kissed him on the cheek and we made our way out the door.

On the way to our rented home, Heather announced that the guy invited her to go out on his boat and she accepted. The next words out of her mouth both excited me and made me think.

"That's one hot guy. I could fuck him till the cows came home."

That night I went down on Heather and brought her to orgasm with my tongue. She did not speak to me during the entire time. She held me by my ears and held my face close to her pussy. I looked up at her from between her legs and her eyes were closed. Her orgasm was powerful with heavy thrusting of her pussy into my face; a total spasm of her body and loud moaning. After her orgasm, I continued to lick her pussy as she closed her eyes and rested.

"Were you thinking about him?" I asked.

"MMMMM, Yes! I was trying to imagine how his cock would feel inside me" Heather still had her eyes closed.''

I had not been allowed intercourse with Heather in a long time and now she was imagining another man inside her. For the first time since I had my fantasy of Heather with other men, I felt my first pang of jealousy but knew enough to keep my thoughts to myself.

The next morning at 9 am, I drove Heather to the marina where the guy had his sailboat in a slip. He was there waiting on the dock. She said good bye to me and grabbed a small cloth carry-all that she had packed. She closed the door and walked quickly to the guy. He held out his hand and she took it. They kissed and walked to his boat. Strangely, I became very excited. I drove away watching him help Heather onto his boat. I thought about Heather all day, wondering if she was going to fulfill her fantasy. I was actually confused. Part of me was excited about the idea of Heather having sex with the guy and the other part was actually jealous.

Around 3:00pm my cell phone rang. It was Heather calling to tell me that they would be at the slip in 30 mins. I got in my car and drove to the marina. When I arrived, they had not returned, yet. The sailboat pulled into the harbor a few minutes later. As it neared the slip, I could see Heather and the guy at the wheel. Heather appeared to be piloting the boat and the guy had his arm around her. He took over control to bring the boat into the slip. After securing the boat they both stood on the dock. They hugged and kissed and Heather walked toward the car.

She greeted me with a smile and a friendly hello as if I had just picked her up from work.

"Did you have a good time?" I asked.

"I will tell you all about it later. I just want to get back to the house, shower and relax." With that, Heather put her head on the back of the seat and closed her eyes.

I selected a Barry White CD from the 6 CD player in the car and drove Heather home to the sounds of Barry. I looked over at her and, once again, realized how gorgeous she was.

(to be continued)

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hey my wife is over 56...

and she still turns headS and I mean headS a 5 post a fact Jack

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