My Wife's Dirty Little Secret

byMany Feathers©

"I love this part, even if it is pretty far-fetched", I heard and watched Carol comment.

"Yeah, me too," Pat replied in agreement. "I've sort of always had a fantasy about that."

"Well it's not your turn to share yet," Carol reminded her. "At least not until Cathy has finished retelling the story, then sharing her own with us first."

By now, many of the women were quite openly caressing themselves, or touching themselves in semi-innocent little ways. Nothing that one would say or call openly masturbating as yet, but about as close to doing it as you could without really doing so. Even then, watching this woman or that one running her hand lightly over a breast, down a thigh, or a quick fleeting press of the hand between the legs was about as titillating a thing as I had ever seen before.

"Anyway, as she passes by where he is sitting, he steps out of the darkness from behind her, immediately wrapping his arms about her, and then kissing her neck. Thinking it is at first the butler, she swoons to his caress, even allowing his hand to raise her nightdress upwards, and giving him access to her obviously aroused femininity."

"So strange the different names they used for that back then, personally I like the word pussy," Pat said interrupting once again.

"Yeah, except they didn't say cutesy words like that back then either. They were always saying quim, or when they were really horny...cunt!"

"Never did like that word," Cathy stated.

"Oh? Why not? I think it's sexy whenever Brandon uses it," The dark haired brunet with the big tits said.

"Well, maybe that's different, just whenever I've heard it, it's meant to be vulgar, or obscene."

"I think that's the point of the book we're reading," Carol reminded everyone, it's supposed to be taken and felt that way.

"Speaking of felt that way, I'll feeling pretty hot myself," Pat said with a giggle.

"Yeah, me too!"

"Darlene, you're always hot," my wife chided the big-boobed brunet, but at least I now had a name for her, and wrote it down.

"So go on," Darlene pressed, "Tell us your story!"

Cathy blushed, but began, squirming in her seat, though I half wondered if it wasn't because Carol had reached over placing her hand high up on her leg, leaving it there as she gently caressed the small area of skin.

"We used to have this cabin that we visited at least once a year. I enjoyed going there with the family, but I hated having to use the outdoors outhouse which is usually why most of the time I didn't."

That brought a knowing chuckle from everyone, though she continued.

"So one night I saw Uncle David go outside in that direction,"

"You're uncle?" The previously silent blond sitting off by herself suddenly spoke for the first time. "Ewe!"

"Charlene! He really wasn't my uncle, we just called him that for some reason, he was a friend of the family really, but most of us just called him Uncle Dave. Anyway, I had always had a bit of a crush on him, and since I had just turned eighteen, and that this might very well be the last time I even went up to the cabin with my folks as I'd soon after be moving away to go to school, I figured I had nothing much to lose!"

"Go on!" Darlene urged getting obviously more interested and excited now, which was clearly evident as her hand had traveled purposely down between her legs, and she seemed quite happy and content to keep it there.

"Well like I said, I sorta followed him, but he too had decided to stand off to one side and pee in the dark rather than go into the disgusting outhouse. I pretended I had no idea he was even there, walked over a ways though I knew he could easily see me, and squatted down."

"You peed?" Pat asked, "In front of him?"

"Shhh, let her finish," My wife once again scolded her friend.

"Yeah, I did, but it felt naughty, exciting for some reason, especially knowing he was watching me there in the darkness. Anyway, that's when I stood, but rather than pull up my underpants and shorts, I just sort of stood there, and in the next minute, I had slipped my hand down between my legs and was touching myself. I was pretty sure I heard a twig snap, but then nothing, though I pretended I hadn't heard anything and continued doing what I was doing. Suddenly, just like in the story, I felt Dave's hands encircle my waist, one hand suddenly slipping down between my legs taking over for me."

"Wow, that IS hot!" Charlene exclaimed, and she too was now rubbing her self just as was nearly everyone else by this time.

"So did you?" Pat pressed.

"Hell yes! I'm not stupid!" Cathy grinned remembering. "We soon after headed off into the woods and good old Uncle Dave fucked the shit out of me!"

"That's gross," Charlene stated, but then she laughed, "Well...sorta anyway, but I know what you mean."

"Where's the toys?" One of the other women asked suddenly. "I think I'm about ready for one," she added.

"Where they usually are Suzanne," My wife pointed out. "Over there in the basket."

Though I had another name to add to my list now, I was more curious about watching than writing that one down. Suzanne was a strikingly beautiful woman with long thick dark hair that fell way down past her shoulders. She too had magnificent looking breasts with dark brown areolas, nice sized thick nipples that I'd been watching her thumb, but even more interesting as I now noticed, fairly thick elongated lips that actually peeked out from her pussy, not at all like my wife's lips that seemed to stay hidden unless I specifically brought them outside to play.

"So you liked using this one?" Suzanne asked Margie.

"Oh yeah, I did, I really did. I even ordered one for myself to take home, though I'm going to have to be very careful not to let George find it. The last one I had, he threw out telling me if he wasn't man enough for me, that maybe we'd best be rethinking our marriage."

"You go girl!" Darlene stated standing up and walking around the couch where she stood behind where my wife was sitting. "I'd be seriously rethinking that myself if my husband ever told me something like that."

"Jack? No way, he's too fucking beautiful to leave," my wife stated actually surprising me. If you weren't so damn possessive of him, I'd wrestle you for an hour alone with him myself," she said teasingly.

"Better not, you might even win, and I think Jack might even enjoy that," she said grinning. "Though, I am sure Pete wouldn't mind seeing that either."

"Which reminds me," Carol interrupted briefly. "We've got at least an extra hours time today, so don't anyone feel like they have to be in a rush to finish anything. We've got plenty of time."


"Golfing, and then lunch," My wife confirmed.

"Ah, well in that case then."

I sat there watching as Darlene slipped her hands down to my wife's breasts as she stood behind her, tweaking what I knew to be very sensitive nipples.

"Oh yeah, I love the way you do that," she told her. I watched, making a mental note of it, but didn't see anything really different than the way I usually played with them. I then watched as Pat suddenly slithered off the couch kneeling down in front of my wife. Carol lifted her legs, bent at the knee now, and spread herself obscenely, without hesitation or reservation.

"I just love going down on you," Pat told her.

"And I love that you do too!" My wife giggled, and then sighed once again as Darlene continued fondling her breasts. "And this...makes that...feel even better!" she added blissfully.

By now of course I was as hard as a rock. I don't even remember having taking my cock out, but at some point I must have. I was leaking pre-cum fuck butter like a sieve, and used it to further tease and delight the now very sensitive head with.

"How's the toy?" Cathy asked a moment later as she sat watching the two women using it on one another.

"I like it a lot," Suzanne said smiling.

"Yeah, me too," Margie agreed, "Especially using it on her," she added with a lusty grin.

Suzanne leaned back on the single over-sized chair, one leg thrown haphazardly over the arm, the other straight out in front of her as Margie sat on the floor in front of her, twisting and turning the vibrating toy in and out of her openly displayed pussy.

"Now turn the rotating thingy on," Suzanne moaned pleasurably, closing her eyes, biting her lip as Margie did.

"You like that huh?" Margie giggled.

"Fuck yes, just keeps doing it and don't you fucking stop either!"

"Debra? Why don't you come over here and join us?" Darlene urged the one woman whose name I hadn't learned yet, until now. "Carol's got a nice lonely tit I think she'd enjoy having you play with," she urged.

I had noticed early on that Debra and Charlene seemed to be the two shyest ones, but with that simple prompting, she immediately stood and came over to sit down on the couch where she'd been sitting earlier.

"You really do have lovely breasts," Debra told my wife, then began to gently suckle one of them.

"So do you," Carol commented back, reaching up to likewise begin caressing and playing with one of her equally sized, pear-shaped titties that had me just about losing a load right then and there.

I don't know how long I just sat there watching, but it seemed to go on forever. Each and every woman there had been gone down on, fingered, or toyed to an orgasm and some more than once.

"Well girls, I hate to call it, but even with the extra time, we probably should be getting dressed and have our dessert."

"I think I've already had mine!" Charlene laughed finally forcing Pat's head away from between her legs. "Seriously, I thought for a moment there you were going to eat me all the way to my eyebrows!" she stated lustily.

"I was just about to," she shot back just as wickedly. "Maybe next week!"

"Promise?" Charlene sighed contentedly, though somewhat reluctantly sitting up and beginning to dress.

I had already climaxed myself...twice. And figured it was about time for me to make my escape while I still could. I'd have all day tomorrow to review and edit the CD I had made, something I was already looking forward to seeing again. Soon after I was making my way out back across the yard, back to the tree line, and then onto where I had parked my car. As I sat there waiting for a little more time to pass, I nervously glanced around, saw that I was pretty well safe, and jerked myself off to yet another glorious orgasm. By the time I arrived home, everyone was gone.

"Hi honey, how was the golf game today?"

"Oh, same old same old, though I did enjoy it a lot more today than I normally do," I added meaning it, though meaning something else entirely.

"Same here!" she grinned, then winked, "So...wanna go upstairs and fuck?" she asked.

"Fuck," I thought silently to myself. "Why couldn't I have waited?"

"Maybe a bit later," I begged off feeling really stupid for having to do so. "I'm really pooped at the moment."

Though she seemed slightly disappointed at my response, I knew that given enough time, and having a rather interesting morning to think back on, I'd soon be more than ready once again, and certainly make it up to her, which I spades.


I spent the better part of the next morning editing the video, though in truth, there wasn't a hell of a lot that I didn't keep. I then labeled the CD "Book Club #1" and dated it. I kept a very secret floor safe in my work area, after making one additional copy, I then placed both in the safe where I kept a few other "private" stocks as well as some really hard to find videos and CD's I had made. I then went back to work doing the really boring stuff and got lost in that until way after Carol returned home. Eventually I heard the basement door open and Carol's voice calling down to me.

"Hey baby, you about finished for the day? Dinner in about a half an hour!"

"That's about all I need to finish up," I yelled back at her, then hearing the basement door close.

Just for kicks while I finished up, I flipped on the monitor and watched my wife putter around in the kitchen for a few moments, and then head into the den as the phone was ringing.

"Hello? Hey Darlene! How'd it go?" She chuckled at something Darlene told her, and then said she'd call Cathy and Pat and let them know.

"Let them know what?" I wondered curiously.

I watched as she dialed the phone. "Hey, can you talk? Yeah, Pete's still down in the basement, so I have a few minutes yes. Darlene just called me, she said that she and Margie met with Suzanne's sister. No...all Suzanne would tell her was that there was a little more to our book-club than meets the eye, but that she wasn't at liberty to tell her what all it was herself, and that she'd have to meet with Margie and Darlene initially before she'd even be considered."

There was a moment's pause as my wife stood listening to whatever it was that was being said, though she laughed once again.

"Yeah, I guess when she came out of the meeting, her eyes were as big around as saucers, but Darlene said she was smiling. And afterwards, Suzanne spoke with her sister directly about it, got some assurances, and then called Darlene back and told her she was still very much interested. VERY interested as she put it."

Once again there was another moment's pause. "Yep, we're all set then for Sunday. It's been a while since we've had an initiation hasn't it? Not since Charlene joined our little group. Yeah, it is exciting, but we'll have to see once she gets here just how serious she really is. If she doesn't pass the three tests to everyone's satisfaction, then she won't be included, we just can't afford to take any risks! Oh...sure, I'll call you if anything changes, but I'm pretty sure she'll be here, yeah...I'd best get going myself, Pete will be up expecting dinner soon. Bye sweetie!"

I waited a few minutes longer, shut everything down, and then headed up stairs to eat. I didn't mention anything about hearing the phone, or anything else for that matter, as down in my workshop, I wouldn't have anyway. We enjoyed a nice pleasant dinner together, talked about the normal boring mundane stuff, and then Carol surprised me with a suggestion.

"Hey got anything new and naughty we could watch together this evening?" she asked coyly.

"You horny or something?" I said teasing her, but certainly interested. And it was odd, but I had a feeling that whatever the girls were planning for the weekend had something to do with my wife's sudden arousal and interest in watching a dirty movie together. "Anything in particular?"

"Oh, something preferably amateur provided it's not anyone we know," she amended quickly. "But I am in the mood to see something a bit naughty from real looking people," she said grinning.

We indeed watched just such one for a while, and then fucked like minks afterwards. And again it was interesting. Carol had like three stages of horniness, she enjoyed the occasional quickie like most everyone else, and could have a quick fast orgasm though it was usually a prelude to something a little more long lasting and satisfying later. Then, she had the normal loving, be tender, lets make love kind of horniness, which I also enjoyed. But then...she had the "I'm really fucking horny, and you'd better talk dirty to me, and do all sorts of crazy things to my body while I'm doing them to yours," kind of horny.

And that was the kind of horny she was in that night.


I honestly think I was just as excited, if not more so than my wife was for the weekend to finally get here. When it did, I told her that I'd probably stay and have a late lunch with the guys like I did last time, so to plan for a really light dinner, or a very late one either way. She smiled at that, accepting and looked rather pleased rather than annoyed the way most women might.

"Have fun!" she called out to me, kissing me as she usually did at the door. I gave one of her breasts an affectionate little caress through her bathrobe, then headed out towards the car, turning I waved just as she flashed both of her tits at me getting in.

"Yep...horny as hell," I mused waving back at her, and then drove towards the park.

As expected, I made it back into my workshop safely and immediately switched on the monitors and recording equipment, everyone but Suzanne, Darlene and this new person had already arrived. I noticed almost immediately that each one of them had changed, or were changing into matching red bathrobes.

"That's interesting," I thought. "A little spooky, but interesting." Moments later Darlene arrived and spoke with my wife as she changed in the bedroom.

"They're on their way," Darlene told her. "Should be here in about ten minutes. Everyone ready?"

"Ready and excited," my wife grinned in saying. "I do hope that Suzanne was right about her sister, it is a little unusual having sister's together in the club, not quite sure how that will go over in the long run under the circumstances. I know that Margie and I had some real reservations about it."

"We all did in the beginning," Darlene mused. "But after we talked to her about it in length, and gave her a pretty good idea of what was expected, and why, she was still very enthusiastic about it, even more so than Suzanne thought she might be after hearing a few more juicy details."

"Well, like I said, she still has to pass the three tests to "everyone's" mutual satisfaction before she's actually included."

From the monitor in the other room, I watched as Pat greeted Suzanne and her sister at the door. Though they obviously were sisters, the other woman was obviously a little younger than everyone else with the exception of Charlene perhaps. She seemed obviously nervous, though I am sure that was to be expected under the circumstances. Hell, I was nervous and I still didn't have a clue as to what she might be facing as yet, but I was sure as hell anxious to find out too!

"You're sure about this?" Suzanne asked her sister once again. "Just remember Laurie, you can back out anytime, but if you do, we'll need to leave immediately," she reminded her.

"Yes I'm sure Suzanne," Laurie replied with just a hint of exasperation. "I told you, I thought about this a lot ever since you told me what was really going on, and after I had met with Darlene and Margie. I have no doubt in my mind about it, and I'm ready to do whatever it takes to join your little club."

Carol and Darlene soon entered the room joining the others as Suzanne now slipped into her matching red robe. Carol quickly introduced a few of the others that Laurie obviously hadn't met yet, and then they got down to business.

"You ready?" Carol asked. Laurie nodded her head and immediately began to undress. Soon she was naked, standing before the rest of them as they sat.

"As Darlene and Margie explained to you in your meeting," my wife continued, there are three tests that you'll need to undertake as part of your initiation. You must pass all three unanimously by the group or you won't be accepted. Understood?"

Laurie nodded her head that she did.

"Good, and I know Darlene and Margie also told you what the first test would be and why."

Again Laurie nodded her head.

" you have something to share that will convince us that you have a dirty secret that no one else knows about, that will satisfy the requirement?"

"I do," Laurie told my wife.

"Then you may begin, just remember, you must be very specific, the details must be accurate and it must satisfy all of us that what you share is a secret worth keeping amongst us."

"My dirty little secret is this," she began, still standing in front of the rest of the women, entirely nude as she related her intimate little story. "About a month ago, I was working late at the office as I sometimes do, though not often. Andrew, my boss, was working late with me on this particular project that needed to be finished by the following day. Now, Andrew, my boss and I have on occasion flirted and joked around a bit, much like everyone does, but we'd never really considered anything seriously beyond the normal day to day horsing around sort of stuff. I mean I even know his wife very well, and have met her on several occasions, so the last thing I ever really wanted to do was get involved with him intimately, even though I may have fantasized about it once or twice."

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