My Wife's Ebony Surprise


Undeterred, John simply continued to probe with his black finger as he reached up under the other guy's ass and pinched Betty's nipple. He did this hard, causing my wife to scream around the cock being fed to her. It also caused her legs to loosen their clamped state for a second and John's finger disappeared inside her cunt.

As Betty's hips rose up to push against that delving digit and she moaned around the cock in her mouth it was obvious that her "only blowjobs" rule was rapidly being tossed out the window. Her now slightly parted thighs showed us that her slit was soaked, her pussy lips swollen and puffing out as her downy cunt hairs glistened with her juices. The smell of her passion emanated from those parted legs and wafted around the room on light air currents.

Ralph then stepped forward and bent over to slowly lick his way up her leg toward her muff. He slid his tongue past the top of her slit and rolled it across her swollen clit while John continued to probe into her with his finger.

Suddenly Betty started bucking and squirming under the assault. We heard her moaning around the cock that was still in her mouth as she started to cum. Her legs suddenly flew wide open and her feet dug into the bed, letting everyone clearly see her bush. She arched upward, her body going rigid. Ralph licked at her clit while John rolled his finger around inside of her.

She no longer seemed to care at all about what was happening, she just sucked harder on the guy's cock as he pumped himself into her face and groaned excitedly. She was moaning and writhing as her pussy was being eaten and her legs spread open wider so that Ralph could have easier access to her throbbing clit.

"Suck it bitch," the guy straddling her chest growled. "Suck my black cock you white bitch."

A second later he froze in place as his balls exploded and he fed Betty another load of warm semen. The experienced sent her orgasm to another plateau and she bucked and squealed in ecstasy as Ralph lapped at her clit and John pumped his finger in and out of her now soaked sex.

Her body continued to convulse through a series of spasms, jerking and bucking upon the bed, before she finally began to relax and drift back into a softened position.

All around the room it seemed as though everyone had a new raging hard-on sticking out from their crotch, myself included. Ralph's own stiff cock and his position on all fours partway between my wife's open legs made for an interesting prelude to what would surely be happening soon.

As the one guy finished cumming in Betty's mouth he climbed from atop her and was quickly replaced by the other, the one that she'd been jerking off for the last minutes.

"Mmmmmmmm," she moaned as she was fed this newest cock.

Her lips slid down along the dark flesh, engulfing the length of it for a moment before starting a bobbing, fucking action. This man had been on the edge for several minutes himself, the tugging she'd been giving to his cock having brought him so close, and he quickly unleashed his own load of cum for her to swallow. Betty gulped at the warm liquid readily, taking it even as the guy called her a "bitch" and told her to "swallow his seed." When he was done he too climbed off her and the bed.

Ralph pulled away at this point to stand up next to the bed, leaving John's finger as the only stimulus for her lust at the moment.


Betty lay there moaning and whimpering as her hips rolled and humped themselves in lustful desire. She panted heavily, her breathing shallow and labored through parted lips. Her chest heaved, her tits swaying freely, topped by her hard, red nipples.

"Now it's time for the main event," John chuckled with his finger rolling around in Betty's blond twat. "It's time for you to get a black cock stuffed into this sweet little pussy of yours."

I stared down at the full scene of her. At my beautiful wife so lust filled and about to be fucked by a black cock. She was beautiful. Her partially open eyes were glazed with a mixture of ecstasy and desire, her lips open as she panted past them. Atop her chest her tits swayed with the rolling of her body, her nipples, rock hard and red from attention, standing out like beacons of lust against her white mounds. Her abdomen quivered and shook with the tingling racing along her nerves. Her legs were hanging open, a black hand covering her lightly haired cunt which shined with the juices that had flowed from it.

John was the only one in the room who hadn't cum yet and so it seemed that he would be the first one to plant his black cock inside her sex. He removed his finger from her and Betty quickly closed her legs again.

"N- N- Nooo," she whimpered without much resilience.

"Oh yea, you white whore," he told her as he climbed onto the bed.

Ralph clamored onto the bed as well, only he did so up by Betty's head, taking up a position at the top of her head so that she had to roll her neck back to get at his stiff cock. Although she had already sucked a half dozen cocks Betty eagerly allowed herself to be situated with a pillow under her neck so that she could be mouth-fucked in this fashion. As Betty licked up and down the sides of Ralph's cock John caressed her thighs. When she slid the head of it into her mouth Ralph jutted his hips forward while reaching down to play with her beet red nipples.

"Suck it, you white cunt," he groaned.

The sensation of having yet another stiff cock sliding along her lips and into her mouth caused Betty to relax for a second and her legs parted partially. John took advantage of this weak moment and slid his hands down between her thighs, shoving them apart and spreading her wide for everyone to see her wet slit once again.

With a sudden flash of realization she understood what was happening and tried to close them once again but John was quick to slip in between them, his hand blocking them part way open.

"Oh no you don't, whore" he said, clamping one leg down to the bed with his hand and shoving his other hand up into her crotch.

As his middle finger became deeply buried within her cunt I heard her moan loudly around Ralph's cock. Pulling on her nipples Ralph's started to hump himself in and out of her mouth, her light face being rhythmically fucked by the black cock. Betty concentrated on him and his cock pumping her mouth which relaxed her legs even more.

John eased her limbs further apart and I saw a puddle of juices running from my wife's downy sex onto the bed. John pumped his finger in and out of Betty's pussy. Soon she was raising her ass up to meet his hand as it slid back and forth and then she started bucking and groaning, nearing another climax.

As she started to shake and twist, her muscles clenching tightly, Ralph slid his cock out from her mouth.

"Oh Gooooddddd, I'm cuuuummmmiiiiinnnnnnggggggg!" She moaned loudly.

Betty's body continued to twist and quiver upon the bed while John finger fucked her through the explosive orgasm. Her muscles tensed and relaxed then tensed again. She whimpered and moaned. Her hips bucked and jerked for several long moments.

Once she relaxed again Ralph stuffed his cock back into her mouth and John replaced his finger with his tongue, licking her pussy and sucking her clit. Betty's hips started rotating beneath the attacking tongue. Soon John began licking his way higher, working his way up from her pussy and across her abdomen.

I had a perfect view of Betty's pussy as he moved away and I stared admiringly at her glistening, swollen labia and sweaty looking slit.

John then moved into a kneeling position and as he licked his way up towards Betty's heaving breasts he blocked my view of my wife's pussy. Instead I got a view of his stiff cock hanging and pointing right toward her soaking wet slit. When he reached her tits and started to lick and pull her nipples with his teeth she started squirming.

All the while Ralph was sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. Betty continuing to suck on his swollen shaft, rolling her tongue over the fleshy pole as she did.

On all fours John moved slightly higher and tried to suck one of Betty's tits completely into his mouth. In response she arched up in an attempt to shove even more of her tit into his mouth. In assistance to this she dug her heels into the mattress and as she did she spread her legs wider, which made her wet slit show her pink hole which was gaping open from her need. I saw the head of John's black cock dangling mere inches from my wife's lovely hole, saw it bobbing up and down, poised so near her entrance.

As John continued to suck on her tit, Betty continued to moan around Ralph's cock and push her feet into the mattress, lifting her ass higher off the bed. Her rolling, gyrating actions made her pussy disappear every few seconds behind the hard cock so near her opening, then reappear a moment later. With each new appearance it seemed to grow wetter and hotter to my eyes.

Ralph was easily fucking Betty's mouth and she was loving it, along with the workout that John was giving her big breasts and nipples. She was squirming and writhing all over, unaware that a huge cock was only inches from her open pussy. John started to really suck on one of her nipples and she started to buck and twist. As their actions made her hotter she spread her legs as wide as possible. Her wet hole was gaping wide and John eased his black cock head up against it, just slightly brushing against that pink opening.

My heart raced and I held my breath. My mind froze. I stared at my wife's open pussy with the black cock touching it, rubbing its way up and down her slit, hesitating briefly each time it found her opening.

Betty continued to twist and squirm as John rubbed the head of his cock all around her glistening wetness. When he paused at her little hole she would freeze for a second and let him press against her.

John nipped and bit at Betty's nipples which made her squirm and buck even more. Her pussy lips rubbed at his cock, parting to open around the end of that black hard-on.

Several, several minutes passed as Ralph continued to fuck my wife's mouth while John sucked and nibbled on her tits and kept his cock against her opening pussy. His cock took on a musky sheen, coated by the juices leaking from Betty's hole and slipping along his shaft as her labia continued to mouth the head of his black cock.

It was during one of John and Betty's paused moments, while the tip of his cock was pressing ever so slightly at her gaping cunt and her body was frozen to return the slight pressure, that John looked up at Ralph and nodded. Seeing his cue Ralph lunged his hips forward, effectively shoving the entire length of his cock down Betty's throat. My wife's eyes flew wide open as she choked on this sudden assault. She jumped, sliding downward in an attempt to escape the cock being rammed into her throat. As she did John lunged upward with a grunt shoving his own black cock into her waiting, hungry snatch.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" Betty screamed around Ralph's cock.

I really don't think she had realized what all was actually happening until that very second. I really think she was so lost in the passion . . . in her raging lust . . . that she had not been consciously aware that she had a black man's hard cock brushing against her dripping, hot sex. Nor that she was rubbing her pussy against that stiff cock and whimpering with desire for it to penetrate her. But with John's sudden, complete filling of her cunt the realization was brought full force into her mind.

Betty's body contorted, her muscles clenched and she bucked upon the bed. She weakly tried to squirm back upwards, away from John's penetrating cock, only to have Ralph's rigid member stuffing its way down her throat once more.

"Take it whore!" John growled as he pulled back slightly then thrust forward again.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm!" She whimpered out from around the hard cock filling her mouth.

"Take it. Take it you white bitch!" John thrust himself in and out of her again.

I watched as the entire length of his black cock disappeared inside my wife's delicate pussy, saw her impaled on this hard shaft.

Both men then started to pump themselves at my wife, driving their cocks back and forth, stuffing her two holes simultaneously. They fucked her in what soon became a unified rhythm, pumping, grinding, slamming their stiff members in and out of Betty's pussy and mouth.

Beneath their assaults Betty twisted and squirmed, exciting the two men even more with her movements. Her juices coated John's cock thickly and her cunt relaxed making his vaginal attack easier with each driving thrust. Although it was obvious she was having difficulty breathing around Ralph's cock her movements made it clear that she was growing more excited with each passing second.

At one point Ralph pulled his cock back to allow her a few breaths while keeping only the swollen head of his cock in her mouth. Her lips locked tightly around that inch of hard flesh, refusing to release it completely as she sucked on it deeply while her hips gyrated beneath John's pistoning assault.

Then John paused for a second, just the head of his cock inside of her pussy. Betty started to squirm more wildly, she pressed her feet into the mattress and shoved her ass into the air as she attempted to penetrate herself upon his rigid cock. She was whimpering and moaning, her body jerking in a crazy fashion as she tried desperately to feel that stiff member filling her once more.

"Suck my cock, you white cunt," Ralph moaned as he pushed his hips forward once more.

Betty hungrily took the inches of his cock into her mouth, sucking hard upon it as it slid along her lips.

John maneuvered around a little, repositioning himself slightly higher for better penetration of my wife's pretty blond cunt. As he did, his cock slipped completely free of her clenching muscles. Laying one of his hands at the joint where her leg stretched down from her pelvic he gripped his cock with the other and rubbed it around her pussy area.

Betty whimpered. The sound of it was a mixture of sad loss and sudden regret. Her body settled down and relaxed onto the bed, her hips now only making small, circular movements as she concentrated on the cock fucking her mouth.

When John lined his cock up with her opening once again and began to apply pressure Betty started to squirm, her body trying to pull away from the man's black cock.

John's hand on her leg kept her from getting too far away and he called a couple of the other men over to help him.

"Come on, hold her legs for me," he told them. "She's a fighter."

From my vantage point I could see that Betty looked frightened, that she still hadn't completely accepted what was happening . . . What she had allowed to happen. Even with Ralph's cock sliding back and forth along her lips, its thick meat slipping in and out of her mouth as she sucked deeply on the hard pole, she managed to struggle against the desires of her body.

The two guys John had called over grabbed her legs and held them open to John's desires and he continued to rub his cock all over her shimmering wet labia and swollen clit. Betty whimpered as her body feebly continued to try avoiding the touch of his cock against her juicy slit. Her squirming caused her pussy lips to become wrapped around the head of John's black cock which only made him hotter.

He leaned down and sucked on one of her tits, the nipples of which were red, swollen and nearly raw from all of the attention they had received. Betty moaned with hunger and she lifted her back up to feed him her tit. While John continued to suck on her nipples Betty moaned and whimpered over and over, her hips rotated and even bucked as the head of John's cock slipped into her opening.

With each insertion of that cock head, with each thrust of Ralph's hips feeding her his cock, with each stroke of her nipple by John's tongue, she grew hotter and hotter. Her partially open eyes took on a thicker, heavier lust induced haze. She rolled her tongue around Ralph's cock and sucked on it deeper. She moaned louder, whimpered hungrier. Each time John's cock grazed her clit she shuddered, moaning achingly.

John stopped sliding his cock all around and pressed it into her opening. Betty moaned and slowly rotated her hips as her labia wrapped themselves around his cock and embraced its gradual penetration of her. Her entire pussy region shined with the juices that had flowed from her, her neatly trimmed hairs glistened with wetness.

With steady pressure John completely buried his black cock inside my wife's pretty little cunt, filling her with its hardness, stuffing her with its rigidity. Betty groaned loudly as he rubbed it around inside of her, her own hips rolling around with jerking movements.

"You like having that black dick in you, don't you?" Ralph grinned as he pushed himself forward, burying the length of his cock deep in Betty's throat then pulled back again.

Betty's hips rocked upon John's cock as he reached up and pinched her nipples. Betty pushed hard against his cock, cramming herself down against his crotch and grinding her hips into him. Still holding onto her nipple, his fingers tugging on the hard, sensitized nub, John pulled back a few inches then slammed himself forward with a powerful thrust. Never have I heard such a sound as came out of my wife's throat at that instant. Her entire body screamed as she arched upward, her back bending like I had never seen. The two guys who had been holding her legs for John moved back away and watched Betty jerk and buck through a mind bending orgasm while John started to ram his cock in and out of her pussy. Around that rigid shaft Betty's cunt lips were clasped as they were pushed and pulled by the thrusting member. Her hips bucked and hopped, her entire body kind of twitched and sputtered while John and Ralph continued to thrust their cocks in and out of her two holes.

Watching this, seeing my sweet wife being ravaged by the two men, seeing her explode through what must have been the most amazing orgasm of her life, my own mind spun crazily and I developed a tremendous, aching hard-on of my own.

"Suck my cock, whore," Ralph groaned as he neared his second climax of the evening. "Suck it you little white bitch."

"Oh yea, oh yea," John agreed, his own hips starting to rock back and forth with increasing speed. "Take it, slut. Take our black cocks, white whore."

Betty's body continued to roll and shake through series after series of explosive orgasmic waves while the two men fucked her faster and faster. Their cocks pumped and pounded into her, thrusting their black flesh into her white body. Moaning loudly around Ralph's cock she cried with delight, slammed herself into John as she fucked him back vigorously.

Moments later both men froze almost simultaneously as their balls exploded and their semen shot into Betty. Beneath them she struggled to swallow the one load while grinding herself against the other cock and accept its blasting sprays of warm seed. She whimpered and moaned as her own orgasm subsided along with theirs and her body softened to relax upon the bed once more.

Both men proceeded to climb off of the bed then and while one of the other guys took over John's spot I moved into Ralph's, placing my throbbing hard-on at Betty's lips. Eagerly she opened her mouth and swallowed my cock.

As the other guy slid his own rigid pole deep into my wife's cunt she made what can only be described as mindless animal-like sounds. I sat face to face watching him pump his black cock in and out of her pussy, listening to the sounds coming from her throat grow louder and needier while she sucked harder and harder on my cock. With each thrust of our hips she grew hotter, rotating her hips and grinding herself on the cock in her cunt. Slurping, sloshing sounds rose up from their crotches as his cock pumped in and out of her fine, blonde haired pussy.

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