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My Wife's Fantasy


I unbutton my shirt, take it off and let it fall to the floor in front of you. I slip out of my shoes and socks, and slowly undo my belt. I slowly take off my pants and underpants and stand naked before you. I am a bit nervous, but my excitement is also clear from my erect cock.

"Lean back against the wall and masturbate for me," you command me smiling.

I look into your lovely brown eyes, and step back and feel the cold wall against my shoulder as I take my cock in my right hand and start to caress myself. I will do anything for you tonight my beloved, I think as I watch you sensually collect my clothes and put them in a plastic bag. You step back a few meters and stand watching me for some minutes.

"Don't you dare cum until I say so -- ok?"

I nod.

You have taken me to the large men's room on the bottom floor in one of the wings of the university where you work as a professor in languages. The whole floor has just been newly renovated, and the white tiles, sinks, mirrors and overhead spots are all new and fresh. It smells clean and new as well. You open the door and throw my clothes out of the one of the open windows.

"Does it make you horny, knowing that you will have to leave from here completely naked now?"

My heart beats faster. You smile wickedly at me, and I know that you know exactly how to make me submit completely to you. You fondle your breast and lift your wide green skirt up. I see that you are naked underneath. You lick your lips.

"Crawl over here and taste me!"

I slide down on all fours, and slowly approach you. I look up at you as I move in between you legs. You smell wonderfully of perfume, and your brown hair glitters. You look gorgeous.

I slowly lean in and kiss your soft mound. You have shaved yourself almost completely, leaving just a small narrow band of hair down to you soft inner lips.

"Mm! That's my man!"

I fondle your leg, as you lift the other one up and place it on one of the sinks, and gently lick and kiss your moist sex. Time seems to stand still, but it is probably more like half an hour or so.

Then, you gently push me away, take your foot off the sink and straighten your skirt. You cares my cheek with you soft slender hand, and look at me lovingly. You grab two pieces of long red silk bands from a pocket, and tie it around each of my wrists. You direct me to sit down, with my back towards the sink with my hands stretched out to each side. You fasten the cords on each side, to the taps of the sinks to my right and left, so that I sit with my arms tied and suspended.

"I want you to remain sitting here until I come back!"

You go to the door, and open it. My heart sinks, as I realize that you will be leaving me alone, naked and sitting tied up here in the men's rest room at your university.

"Be a good man for me now and do as I ask, please ... be a loving husband to anyone I send your way ..."

You blow me a kiss, switch off the lights and leave.

My head is spinning. I am very turned on, but also a bit afraid. What are your plans for me?

After a while my eyes adjust to the gloom in the room. Outside there is a bluish lamp, and through the frosted windows it bathes the tiled rest room in a soft blue light. Somewhere, someone is playing classical music.

Then the door slowly opens and a tall dark shadow of a broad shouldered man enters. He wears a coat and a white mask over his face. He doesn't turn on the light, but slowly walks up to me and opens his coat. He is naked underneath, with a huge erection. He takes hold of himself and rhythmically massages himself. His body is very muscular and ripped, and I see an impressive set of stomach muscles move as he breathes harder and harder. I don't know what to say. I look on as if in a trance.

Then the door opens again and you come in. You walk up to us, and hold your finger to your lips, in a sign that I should keep quiet. You kneel next to us. Looking up at the stranger grab his cock and pull him towards me. As he steps closer t bounces against my nose, and you giggle. You rubd his cock across my face and mouth, and then slowly press it against my lips.

"Taste him, my dear!"

I open my mouth and he gently slides in half way. You continue to cares him as he holds still. He tastes good, but is very big and long. I feel the veins of his thick shaft with my tongue, and I carefully suck on it. Above us, I hear him moan with pleasure. I let my tongue swirl around the swollen head, and it slowly dawns on me that I am sucking a stranger's cock for you, in a public rest room. Anyone could come at any time and find us. The thought makes me even more excited.

The man's groans and I know that he will not last much longer. You pump his erection faster but at a steady pace, while I suck on him.

"Will you let him come in your mouth dear? Wouldn't you want to taste his warm cum now, my cock sucking husband?"

You know I can't answer you with my mouth filled with his cock. But instead I come myself. Without even touching myself, I shoot a big load across my own stomach. And then the stranger comes.

He bucks his knees a few times, as he climaxes. He shoots his jizz straight into my mouth, and I swallow it all down. You continue to stroke him.

"Yes, yes. Come please. Come in his mouth! Empty those balls of yours for us!"

For a long while after his orgasm we just sit there. You gently fondle him, and I lovingly suck on him, as he very slowly softens, and his breathing returns to normal. Then you let him go, and he withdraws, and slowly leaves without a word.

We kiss passionately, sharing the taste of him.

"That was so hot!" You exclaim, as you stand up.

I watch you dance around the floor, and then you lean forward and whisper in my ear;

"It made me so wet, watching you suck that guy's cock. And I know you liked it too, so let me find some more ..."

"But ..." I am about to protest, but you hold your finger across my mouth and stop me.

"It is my night of pleasure, as you know ...."

You leave, and I sit waiting for you to come back with another man for us.

Although you are not away for very long, I am half asleep when you return. You enter, followed by a tall woman and a man seemingly in his mid-thirties. You come up to me and the woman, wearing glasses and a snug formal skirt, blouse and jacket, says;

"I want to see you suck cock, like they do in the porn movies!"

The man, who also wears glasses, a white shirt and tie and a grey jacket, smilingly looks down at me as he unzips his pants. He is big and hard already. He opens his belt and lets his pants fall to the floor. He strokes himself, as he gets his big cock out of his big boxer underpants. He has shaved his balls, and they hang heavy underneath his long throbbing shaft.

"Worship his cock!" the woman orders me.

I look up at her as I start licking and sucking his balls, and then slowly lick myself up along his erection. Soon it is glistening wet with my saliva, and he holds it down for me, as I open my mouth. He slowly pushes himself in, and then pulls out again. A few times he does, this, until I manage to swallow all of him. You and the woman clap your hands with delight, and hug and start kissing each other. As I am face fucked by the man in glasses, you dance away fondling each other and soon disappear into one of the booths.

Suddenly, the light is turned on and three handsome men in their mid-twenties enter.

"Good day, professor! Don't let us disturb!"

The man in glasses smiles at them.

"Come and join me if you want! He is great!"

The guys are neatly dressed with handsome smiling faces, and they all look at each other and smile and undo their pants. Soon I find myself surrounded by them all, sucking them off one by one. One unties my hands, and makes me stand up and bend over, so I can suck whilst they can fondle my backside. One of them probes my ass with his index finger, while I continue to be face fucked by the professor. I glance over to the booths, and I see you and the woman standing there, higging each other, with your clothes in a mess and with blushing faces, watching us.

Then, the door opens, and a cleaning lady enters. She stops at the door, with a startle, but then one of the men asks quickly;

"Do you have some vaseline?"

She nods, and with a big smile comes forward with a small tube to one of the guys behind me. I feel him move behind me, and then smear something slightly cold around my anus, and then a slippery finger sliding in. I relax as much as I can as another finger is inserted and probes deeper and deeper. Then the young man behind me grabs hold of my hips, and I feel his erection press in between my ass cheeks and soon he pushes himself into me. The professor face fucks me with increased intensity, as I am gently fucked from behind. The two other guys take my hands and place them on their hot hard cocks, and I start stroking them as well.

The cleaning woman is in her late twenties and has a very beautiful face. She is clearly of Asian descent, and her long black hair is tied into a long tail hanging over her shoulder. She starts fondling herself as she watches the men trade places around me. Another one enters my ass, as I suck on another guy's cock. You and the woman with the glasses come up on each side of the Asian woman, and she looks up at each one of you with a big grin, as you put your arms around her, and caress her breasts.

"Lie down!" the man with the glasses orders me, as he pulls out from my behind.

I stop sucking on the cock in my mouth, and let go of the ones I am holding, and do as he asks. The floor feels cold against my back, and yet erotically so. I feel exposed and fantastically aroused. I lie down and stroke myself, as the men gather around me doing the same. I look up at each oe of them, wondering who will be the first to shoot his load over me.

The cleaning woman has her hand between her legs, and you kiss her neck, just as the first man comes. Then she moans out loud as she climaxes, and one after the other the men reach their orgasm. Their white cum rains across my stomach, chest and face. It is warm, silky and tastes slightly salty. The men milk themselves dry, and then one after another they withdraw, take their pants and leave. The woman with the glasses kisses you, and then leaves together with the professor. Panting I lie on my back, watching you caress the Asian woman, and then slowly letting her go.

"Thank you!" she says as she tries to straighten her uniform, and hair and leaves with a glowing red face. She shuts off the light just before she closes the door behind her, and I slowly stand up in the bluish light that follows. You stand leaning against one of the sinks, and I walk up to you and am rewarded with a soft wet kiss.

"That was so incredibly hot, my dear!"

"Yes!" I answer.

I stand with my hands by my sides, not really knowing if I dare touch you. You let your hand wander across my body, smearing the wet cum out all over it, over my face and hair.

"Let's go home and fuck!" you say as you take my hand and lead me out into the corridor.

Nervously I follow completely naked, and covered in the love juices, the short distance to the back door towards the parking lots. We step out into the warm dark evening, and you pick up the bag with my clothes, as we make our way to our car. You get into the driver's seat, and throw my clothes into the back of the car.

"Let's go for a drive around town first!"

I get in, and look at you lovingly as you drive off, holding my cock with your right hand.

You surely know how to make me do anything for you.

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one of the best stories on Literotica

This story was fantastic. One of the best on Literotica. I dream all the time about my wife doing exactly this with me. She would bring in man after man (with big cocks) into a room where I'm naked. Theymore...

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