tagLoving WivesMy Wife's Fantasy Comes True

My Wife's Fantasy Comes True


Recently, my wife Melissa has made drastic changes in her life. She has gone back to school, started two part-time businesses and lost 150 pounds. While we have always had a pretty damn good sex life, it got even better with her weight loss, new positive self-image and better health. Along with the improved physical aspect, the willingness to experiment and try new things has improved.

We have sex in every part of the house and I have even fucked her as she leaned over the kitchen sink doing the dishes. She has been late to business appointments numerous times because, as she kisses me good-bye, I get hard looking at that new body and pull her back into bed and fuck her.

She loves it; she loves sucking cock and getting a good hard fucking. She loves it when I walk up to her and just offer my cock to her. Even starting off with a lot of tender foreplay will make her very hot and wet and we end up having a hot night of fucking. While she loves sucking cock, she doesn't like to swallow, but she does love watching me cum on her tits.

Those tits, I have a hard time keeping my hands off of them. My wife is willing to follow almost any suggestion I make to increase her sexual pleasure. While we are still in the experimental stages of expanding our awareness, we have been known to go naked in our home and do mutual masturbation as we watch x-rated films together. One of the most exciting things to date is when we got her new Grand Cherokee. We went for a drive that night and I asked her to strip as we drove down the interstate, exposing herself to all the truck drivers. Needless to say that lead to some pretty hot sex that night – on a country road in back of the new Grand Cherokee!

This story is about the first time we brought someone else in to our sexual activities. Melissa has fantasized about a co-worker/friend of mine who is roughly my height and a little more muscular, his name is Seth. I am 6'4, 220 pounds, brown hair and brown eyes. My wife is a 5'5", 140 pound, blue eyed, blonde. She is solidly built and exercises regularly so she is very toned and in great physical shape. She has a firm, shapely ass, she keeps her pussy shaved and smooth and her breasts fit perfectly in the palm of my hand. Once she started losing weight she really put more attention, effort and awareness into her body including what she wears and how she presents herself.

She has even started wearing sexy bras and panties. She notices, and enjoys, the looks and attention she has gets from men of all ages. I even notice some women looking at her lustily. We have gone out socially with my friend Seth and his wife but that all stopped when they separated. My wife and Seth have always flirted with each other; the flirting increased with the changes in my wife and the downward spiral of his marriage. My wife has always fantasized about Seth. She always said she didn't want to fuck him; she just wanted to suck his cock as I fuck her but I knew better. I have often thought about watching her suck his cock and then we both cum on her tits. We would get down to some serious fucking and sucking when we would talk about what we would do. I have even fucked her with a dildo as she sucked my cock as we fantasized about a threesome.

All my co-workers have witnessed the changes in my wife and have joked with me about how much sex I must be getting. They know I even had to increase my workouts to keep up with the changes in my wife. The closer to Seth's divorce being final the more Melissa and I seriously talked about finally doing it. From our discussions, I knew my wife wanted to do it but needed a little push to actually see it through. I decided to get the ball rolling when there were only two weeks until Seth's divorce was final. I knew Seth wouldn't say no when I put the idea to him, he would willingly and happily do anything with my wife that involved sex.

One evening I went over to Seth's apartment to set it up. He was surprised when I told him I was offering him a chance to have sex with Melissa and not wanting to pass up the opportunity he quickly agreed to it. Nothing was off limits as long as she consented. I also told him that I controlled if, when and where they got together and that I would be there each time. I told him I would let him know exactly when and where.

A few weeks after Seth's divorce was final, I decided it was time to put my plan into motion. I made arrangements with Seth to come to our house at 10 p.m. on Saturday night. I told my wife nothing of the arrangements I had made. I didn't want to give her the opportunity to back out. On Friday when my wife got home from a couple of business appointments, I made her give me a blow job and as she was sucking me off, I told her that I was going to take her out to dinner on Saturday and that we would be having a passionate night of lovemaking.

She got excited and said she would purchase some candles to set a romantic mood and that she would put on her slinkiest teddy. Before we went out to eat, she prepared herself as normal which included a bubble bath and all the other mysterious things women do. She said she felt so good after the bath that she played with herself thinking of our romantic evening ahead. When we got home around 9:30, we lit candles and she put on that slinky teddy. We settled on the couch and began making out when at 10 p.m. the doorbell rang.

It made my wife jump and she wondered out loud whom it could possibly be. She was surprised when I told her to go answer it, that it was for her. Reluctantly, she went and peeked out of the window and saw it was Seth. Seth grinned at her and waved. With that same reluctance and quite a bit of excitement, she opened the door to let him in. It was awkward for a few seconds when Seth stepped in and we exchanged hellos. My wife was practically hiding behind the door but when Seth turned around to close it, he got a good look at my wife.

I had to agree when he told her how gorgeous she looked because she did. It was as though her inhibitions seemed to melt away because she started posing and prancing around in front of us. We both laughed and I told her that that could be dangerous. At that moment Seth grabbed her, pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. At first she struggled and protested but when she caught my eye, I said, "Baby enjoy, your fantasy is going to come true tonight." Melissa quickly went from concern at my reaction to lust as she began to return his kisses.

Just as quickly, she stops and drags us both to the bedroom! Seth and I watched as she climbed on the bed and began to strip off her teddy. When she was done, she asked if we were going to join her. We shed our clothes in record time. My wife motioned me to her, kissed me passionately and quietly thanked me. Then she turned her attention to Seth. They kissed and then his mouth went to her breast. As she was kneeling on the bed, letting him lick and suck her tits, his hand found its way between her legs, massaging her. I just leaned against my dresser and watched and I knew it would only be a short time until she wanted a cock in her mouth.

I watched as her eyes descended on his manhood. He was slightly longer and thicker than me but that didn't matter to her, just as long she got it in her mouth. Before either of us knew what was happening, she was on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed and wrapping her lips around his cock. It was slightly shocking to see another cock sliding into my wife's mouth. I was getting excited watching my wife with another mans dick in her mouth and I decided to get in on the action. My wife stopped slurping on his dick long enough to beg me to eat her pussy. She was sucking and licking his cock like it was a big lollypop.

I got behind her and started licking and sucking her sweet pussy, tasting her sweet nectar. Seth had his hands tangled in her hair as if hanging on for dear life; I thought maybe he was hurting her but she never complained. Seth just continued to fuck her mouth and she continued licking and sucking his dick. He was swearing and doing a lot of moaning and groaning and it was hard for me to lick her pussy because she was moaning and squirming around. She was excited and her juices were really flowing. She suddenly released his cock and flipped over on her back and told Seth to cum on her tits. She must have realized he was close because he moved in to position and started jacking off over her tits. I was rock hard from eating her pussy and watching them together.

I pushed her legs apart and started to fuck her hard, just the way she loves it. I could tell she was in heaven because of the moaning and groaning she was doing. All of a sudden Seth started hollering "oh god, oh god!" and started shooting cum all over her tits. That just made me fuck her harder. After Seth finished shooting his cum all over her, I told him to rub it into her tits. He did, grabbing a handful of those beautiful tits. It wasn't long before I pulled out of her and told her to get on her knees. I entered her sweet pussy from behind, slamming her good. I fucked her that way for a good ten minutes with Seth watching. I talked dirty to her and she responded.

I called her my slut, told her how I liked to fuck my slut and how I enjoyed seeing her with another man's dick in her mouth. I know she had at least two orgasms since we had started and she was headed for another one. I could hold it no longer and exploded in her hard. She felt it and that forced her over the edge too. When we had both calmed down, she kissed me and thanked me yet again for allowing her fantasy to come true. I looked at Seth, then her and told her I didn't this night was over just yet.

Melissa moaned when she looked up and saw Seth's rock hard cock pointed at her. I jokingly ask him if he wanted sloppy seconds. Much to my wife's dismay, and pleasure, he didn't answer, just came around the bed and slide his cock into her juicy pussy. He grabbed her hips and started fucking her like a wild man. I went to freshen up and when I came out of the bathroom, Seth was really slamming her good. I watched him fuck her for about 15 minutes. I asked if she wanted Seth to cum in her and she said no, not in her pussy but she would do the next best thing. She suddenly turned around and took his dick in her mouth and started sucking and stroking it. She looked at him and said "cum in my mouth."

I was shocked because she has not agreed to swallow since the first few times when we started dating. That was all she needed to say, he could hold back no longer and started shooting cum down her throat. I watched as she swallowed, she took his whole load, not losing a drop. When Seth he done, he pulled out and leaned down and kissed her. I enjoyed the show I had just witnessed but knew it was time to end the evening. I asked Seth if he had enjoyed my wife. His reply was "Hell yes, she was worth the wait!" He began to dress and my satisfied wife just lay naked on the bed watching us. When he finished getting dressed, he kissed her, thanked me for letting him enjoy my wife and left. When he was gone, I went to my wife and we replayed the evening's events and that led to another round of sucking and fucking. We fell asleep, agreeing we would do it again eventually. My wife's fantasy has come true.

I have not told her my fantasy yet...

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