tagLoving WivesMy Wife's Fantasy Lover

My Wife's Fantasy Lover


Must be over 18 to read. For mature audience only.

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Chapter 1

My wife Kari and I have always had a good sex life and a good fantasy life. This story may begin easy, but like my wife, it gets nastier the further it goes.

She is the attractive, but normal and unassuming everyday woman in the office, at least on the outside. But underneath, she's a sexy woman that has always wanted to be let out of her cage of 'conservative upbringing'. She just has trouble letting herself go.

I am a Creative Director for an ad agency and Kari works in a studio across town. We both need our lives to be creative in all aspects, and especially enjoy creativity in the bedroom.

Our trust has allowed us to openly share our wildest fantasies with each other, some of which involved people outside our marriage, but we made a decision early on, not to cross that boundary.

We chose to develop a wild and vivid fantasy life instead, being free to have fun within our marriage. We came up with what we call 'The Fantasy Night Rules'. This included imagining fantasy lovers in bed and having 'special fantasy nights'. This we could do without crossing the boundary of the actual reality of having other sexual partners.

Kari is the one that put the limit on our fantasies. "Fantasies are fantasies and reality is reality, and to keep a healthy marriage we should keep the two separate."

Our fantasy rules are, or maybe I should say were: She has to do what ever I tell her to, within the limitations of the rules. She can do what ever she wants within the limitations of the rules and I can not stop her. No actual oral sex or making love with another person. (kissing and feeling is allowed when ever she wants it) She must leave with me.

She loves it when I make her do sexy things and dress sexy on those special nights, especially when we are out of town and no one knows us. We found that, that excites us the most.

I shared with her how'I'd like to see another man make love to her and how much it would turn me on if she really enjoyed it'.

She told me how, 'she would like to be tied up and forced to have sex with several men at once and how she would want them to treat her like a slut'.

She said. "Oh, I think deep down inside most red blooded girls has had that fantasy at one time or another! Being controlled and made to do it, that relieves us of 'the guilt so we can enjoy it'." She smiled innocently.

She and I loved hearing each other's fantasies. A couple of times we acted as though we were going to make the others fantasy actually come true.

Once she called me after work and left me a message on my answering service that she was out having drinks an old boyfriend of hers, and might be home late. She had told me about him. 'A great lover, though not much more'.

She giggled on the phone and told me she didn't think I'd mind and promised to give me all the lusty details, which she did the next morning. Telling me a very detailed but fabricated story.

For days she made live with the reality, that she had actually had sex with him, before confessing that she had only told me the tale to turn me on.

"I think you would have actually let me do it!" She said, a bit shocked that I didn't get mad about it.

I once had an out of town client that was getting married, and I really had to attend. I told Kari, as though it was deadly true, that 'the boys' had hired a girl to serve drinks to them at the hotel room, before they all went 'out on the town'. Something had happened and the girl couldn't make it, and they could not find anyone to replace her. Kari once worked in a restaurant serving and I knew she could do it.

None of them had ever met her, and so I told her that I could bring her along to serve the guys at the party, but we couldn't let anyone know that she was my wife. I could just tell them that a friend recommended her from one of the bars in town, and that she needed the work.

"You might not want to do it." I said. "You'd have to dress pretty sexy. You know the guys would be getting drunk and will probably be talking nasty to you."

She sat there looking down at her drink as I told her.

"The more I think about it." I said. "They'd all probably be groping, trying to feel your ass and breast, but that is all part of a bachelor party. It could be fun." I said. "But then I don't know. I would just hope they wouldn't get carried away. You know the way bachelor parties can get.

"What if… they…you know…what if they wanted more?" She asked showing some interest. "How would I handle that?"

"That would have to be up to you!" I told her. "There is no way I could, all of the sudden say, 'Hey! That's my wife'. I could never tell them that! They'd kill me. So, you would have to handle it alone, your way I guess." I said.

Three drinks and she was nervous as a cat, but ready to pack her bags.

She tried to hide her disappointment when she found out the next day that she was only going as my wife and that my story was only a fantasy tease. But what I found out was that she was willing to take a chance on it, not knowing the guys or what could have happened.

At the wedding, I did see her get excited when she saw the good looking guys that had gone to the party.

I teased her for days making her suck my cock and telling her how I wold have like to see all of them have their way with her. I made her confess to me what she would have like for them to do to her. We talked about the possibilities and were both turned on for days!

She always confided in me, telling me what a slut she really wanted to be when she was single and dated.

"All the other girls were out in the backseats of cars and I was at the movies never letting guys touch me. I was too scared." She said

Sometimes when we would make love, she would close her eyes and imagine that she was fucking, not me but someone else. We call it our 'Fantasy Lover Night'. Sorry for the names but it was fun for us.

She would close her eyes and tell me who she wanted to fuck her. Then as I made love to her she would be imagining that it was him, not me sliding his cock into her. Sometimes it was a co-worker, a friend or simply some nice looking guy she had seen.

I'd promote it, telling her that I wanted her fuck him. It was a very simple fantasy, but yielded some very sexy nights.

I'd make her tell me how much she wanted to fuck one of her fantasy lovers and tell me who he was. I would talk trashy to her, telling her what a slut she was for wanting other cocks. She would get wild as she fucked the cock of her fantasy lover in her mind.

While I was sliding my cock in and out of her, she and I were both imagining that my cock was his. Often she seemed to talk nastier to them than to me.

Over a period of time I realized that one fantasy lover turned her on more and she brought his name up more than any other, my friend Hunter.


Hunter and I had been the best of friends for years. I had gone into art and he had gone into pharmacy.

We had played ball together, roomed together and had more than a few wild times. Two crazy, single guys, always looking for a couple of sexy women.

Even before she had told me that she fantasized about him, I knew that Hunter turned Kari on. It was easy to tell by the 'just lingering' touches on his arm or the way she would giggle and flip her hair when he was around.

And her pussy got immediately and especially wet, those times it was Hunter that she told me she was imagining that was fucking her.

I didn't mind. It actually turned me on. I told her that I liked it that he turned her on.

"Geeez, he's my best friend. I trust you two." I said, wanting her to feel the freedom to flirt with him when I was around.

Once I blindfolded her and tied her to the bed, she loved it. I toyed with her, teasing her, talking to her about Hunter, knowing that would bring …a warm responds. I told her that I had shared with him all about how sexy and nasty she was in bed and about what an erotic pussy she had. "Sexy pussies are his downfall, especially if they are shaved." I told her.

Then I told her that I had a surprise for her. I told her that tonight I had invited Hunter over and I was going to let him fuck her while she lay there tied to the bed.

I went out of the room and came back in not speaking, but teased her unmercifully and fucked her as if I was a silent Hunter.

She talked nastier to him than ever before. This was the most turned on that I had seen her. There was no doubt that there was a special fire in her for him.

Time went on and we played other sexy games, but I always remembered how damned turned on she had gotten that night with Hunter in her mind, fucking her.

Hunter was a nice looking, broad shouldered kinda of guy and great fun, though he is not quiet as outward as I am. He's the type that would never want to offend anyone or harm a relationship, so when he warms up to Kari it's always when he thinks I'm not in the room.

His wife, unlike mine, became very conservative after they were married, which was not what he wanted at all. He was a true blue husband though and stood by the choices he had made.

Hunter has always joked to Kari that 'if she ever got tired of me that he would be there waiting'.

We got drunk one boys night out and he confessed that he would love to see her nude and especially that pussy that I'd told him about. What he would give to have a woman that erotic in bed and attractive to boot.

"Been too, too long since I've felt the stirrings from a real woman." He stammered. "I feel doomed to a live of none stimulating sex. Hell! My wife doesn't' even like having oral sex anymore, let alone getting kinky with me." He, and his bottle of 1800, confided with me.

After our conversation I decided I'd 'fan the fire'. I began to tell him more about how nasty she was in bed, how she loved to play sexy games. I would tell him how beautiful her breast and nipples were, not to mention her luscious pussy, all the things that I knew stimulated him so badly. I wanted him turned on to Kari.

Then when I'd talk with Kari, I'd always find some subtle ways to let her know that she turned him on. Sometimes she would almost act as though she didn't hear me, but I knew her, and could tell that it always sparked her interest.

I'd already told her things about him, like the fact that he had a huge cock. One of Kari's blue ribbon arousal buttons.

Then I'd enjoy watching them subtly react with each other when the four of us would get together, or he when he would drop by to go golfing. There would be a sexual tension in the air around them.


Then the day came that changed everything.

Hunter phoned wanting to know if he could crash with me for a couple of days, at least until he could find a new place to live. They had decided to mutually 'call it quits'.

I knew that it would be fine with Kari. I felt bad for Hunter but at the same time I had an excitement tingling in my groin about him staying in the same house with us, so I told him to pack up and come on over.

"Ohhh, I think it could be fun." Kari said with a twinkle. "Be nice having two men around the house." She winked and smiled as she went off to the kitchen as though nothing else needed to be said.

The first few nights were not much out of the normal, other than there was a third person watching TV with us at night. We ate out some, and we settled into 'living as three' around the house.

As he became more comfortable, it became apparent that he began to lightly flirt with Kari a bit more, especially if I was not in the same room

Thursday night in bed, I told Kari I'd seen how he was flirting with her and she came to his defense, saying "Oh you know how Hunter is. And besides he's not had any affection from a woman in a long time." She said. "I'm just trying to make him feel at home."

"I know," I said. "I think its fun, sort of exciting, like one of our fantasy games. I like him flirting with you. You can show him what it's like to have a sexy woman in the house. And I want you to enjoy him being here too."

"Won't make you jealous?" She asked. "I mean right in front of you? He is your best friend."

"You know me. It'll probably make me jealous, but it'll turn me on more." I said.

"Hmmm, cool!" She said. "I just didn't know if this made you uncomfortable, him living right here in the house and all. You know?" She said to be sure where I stood.

I assured her that I'd love it.

"It can sort of be like we are a menage in tuio, without the sex." I said. "Our Fantasy Night Game with a new slant."

"Oooooooouuu!" She said excited. "I think my pussy just got wet. I like that. So, you want me to play like we are a threesome just no sex? Is that right?" She asked, tickled at the hopeful return of our mental playtime.

"That's right." I said. "From now on 'Fantasy Rules Apply' for as long as he stays with us, and you have to do what ever I say."

"Ohhhh gaaa! You know how this turns me on." She said. "And I can do what ever I want?"

"Yep?" I said. "What ever you want?"

"Sure?" She said squirming a little.

"K!" I said. The first thing I want you to do is, to gently turn him on. Not by coming on to him, but I want you to just be sexy around the house for him.

"Oouuuu! God I love the way you think!" She said giving me a peck on the cheek and guiding my hand to her wet pussy. "Damn you are a sexy man!"

Friday morning she walked out of the shower wet and looking gorgeous.

The water was running down her flat stomach to her trimmed blonde pubic hair, and her breasts stood out to begging for attention.

I looked down and saw that something looked a little different.

"You trimmed your pussy!" I said.

She'd always kept her pubic hair neatly cut back, but now there was something different.

She walked over to me, and reached down putting her fingers over the patch of hair above her lips. Then she put one foot on the side of the bed and pulled up on the area above the her pussy, stretching the lips and pulling them up where I could see them more. She had shaved, just between her legs around the lower part of her lip area.

Seeing her lips even just a little made her pussy look so much more inviting. I wished she had shaved all around her lips and all her hair for that matter, but I was thankful for what she did. I wanted to go down on her right there and then.

I knew why she had done it. I had told her how Hunter turned to butter at shaved pussy lips. He'd always wanted his wife to shave hers, but she kept a big black bush instead.

"Oh, I just thought it would make me feel sexier." She smiled. You know?" Her attitude sending a twinge through me.

"What do want me to fix the two of you for breakfast honey?" She asked.

"Something sexy." I said.

She smiled. "You got it!"

The last few days she had been dressing as a wife would normally, if they had guest in the house. After my shower I walked into the kitchen. She had on a sexy house robe wrapped at the waist, leaving the top bloused loosely enough that, on occasion, it would open, revealing much of her breast without quiet showing a nipple.

When Hunter came in, he was obviously nervous, noticing it right away. It was one of those scenarios where you could not help trying to look, but trying to keep from getting caught.

I thought the crowning moment came when she leaned over to pour cream into his cereal. One breast was hanging in full view against the fabric trying to escape. He and I both sat in our silent thoughts.

"Hunter, I have a proposal." She said. "Why don't you just stay here as long as you want, so there is no rush to go out and find an apartment." She looked over at me.

"Fine with me." I said, liking the idea.

"You have enough stress on you with the divorce and all. This way you can just relax and find the place you want without rushing into it." She said.

In short order it was settled and we all went off to work with a new attitude.


Saturday morning we got up and had a light breakfast out by the pool, in the fresh morning air. Kari again walking around, her breast jiggling underneath her robe as Hunter and I both praying for it to fall open.

Then Hunter and I hit the gym and Kari went to the spa for a morning facial and pedicure.

After lunch we made it back home. I donned my suit, grabbed some books and headed for the pool. Hunter was already there. When Kari got home she poked her head out, said 'Hi' and went straight into the bedroom and changed.

When she appeared though the sliding glass door I was in shock.

I couldn't believe she had walked out in that suit. She had never been out in public in it, accept for some island natives, and me when we were on vacation.

But she did look great standing there with a Pina Colata in each hand and the tiny suit pulled high up on her hips. The tiny triangle top of thin fabric was clinging to her breasts and showing their shape as though it was wet paper.

Kari walked over and peaked down at us from behind her shades. "Bet you guys are thirsty." She said.

This was a suit she had only worn that once when we were in the islands with no one around. 'Much too bold for most American beaches and banned on some. The reason was apparent when she turned around to lay her towel across the lounge chair.

The back of it was nothing more than a tiny strap that tucked neatly into the crack of her ass, hiding there and completely exposing her rear, as though she were completely nude from the back. The front of the bottom was slim, only covering the essentials. This was not like her at all to let Hunter see her like this, not like this.

It turned me on that she was being this open and making sure to be that sexy around him. But she was doing exactly as I'd told her. I had never seen him quiet this uncomfortable. He was looking at her all he could, but was silent and not wanting us to notice that he couldn't keep his eyes off of her.

After we'd been there talking and sunning for a few minutes, Kari asked if I would put some oil on her back. Hunter tossed me the suntan oil and I moved over to her chair where she rolled over onto her stomach and untied her top; her fine bare buns waiting for attention.

I squirted the oil up and down her calves and began rubbing it in, then I looked over at Hunter watching me.

"Hunter, I'm sorry! Your are our guest. I should have let you do the honors." I said.

"Oh, that's OK!" He said.

I looked down at her almost bare ass and thought of him rubbing oil into it.

"Naaaaa!" I said. "Come on. I'll take the high road. You can take the low road. "That OK with you Hon?" I asked Kari.

She turned her head toward us and smiled.

"Hmmm, sounds fine with me… but does that mean I'll have to oil you two down when you need it?" She asked.

I thought for a sec. "Yep!" I said. "Whether we need it or not."

"Hmmm. OK." She said nonchalantly laying her head down as though she was going to take nap.

With that, Hunter was out of his chair and on his way over.

I oiled her back down and handed him the bottle. He oiled her calves and we began to rub her good, messaging as we went. I worked my way up her the small of her back, as he worked around her feet and calves, moving up to the back of her thighs.

As he got to the top of her thighs I noticed he lingered. Moving his hand around them, messaging the oil in. I saw her legs slowly spread and her ass slightly arching up, giving him more access between her legs. As his hand moved inside I could see him trying to inch closer and closer to her pussy without being noticed.

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