My Wife's Fantasy Lover


I could lick anywhere and it would be slick and smooth. It was all I could do not to taste her immediately.

But Hunter was and he was going to lick her and taste those sexy lips before I was.

"Uuuuoooooo!" She cooed. Feels soooo sexy and vulnerable."

He let his hands run all over her body, lightly feeling her stomach up to her breasts, cupping them and leaning down and wrapping his hands around one breast, lightly squeezing it and taking the nipple into his mouth, and savoring it with long licks and sucks.

As he did his towel came loose, hanging over his cock for a second and dropping to the floor, revealing his full, hard cock and what Kari would call a 'fine ass'. He had obviously been spending time in the gym.

She moaned as he explored her body. He hands glided back down her stomach and over the top of her now bare 'mound of Venus' and then back inside her thighs. His hands were in charge but gentle as they investigated her.

He walked back in between her legs and lowered his knees to the floor. He pussy was now right on the edge of the bed and inches from his lips.

She wiggled this way and that, feeling the constraints of the straps, to see if she could get loose. She couldn't, there was no way.

This was getting more and more erotic. I realized she was now ours, blindfolded and lashed to the bed unable to escape. But what the hell had I done? What was I doing?

I was about to secretly let another man lick my wife's pussy. This was far outside the limits of our 'Fantasy Night Rules'! But I didn't care. It was too erotic seeing her this vulnerable and at our disposal, to do with whatever we pleased.

I couldn't help myself. I wanted her to experience being the sexy, slutty wife she had fantasized about being, and more than anything, I wanted to make her enjoy it.

Her ties had her trapped, and what we were doing had me trapped. I could not move. I felt I couldn't stop what he was doing to her, even if I'd wanted to, I was too turned on.

He smeared her pussy juice all over her outer lips as he slowly lowered his face to her. Each thing we did to her seem to stimulate her more than the last.

I held my cock in my hand, slowly stroking it and occasionally milking more precum as it dripped out. I'd take the precum and then smear it along the underside of my cock head, teasing my cock to produce even more.

I watched as he first took one long lick up her slit, capturing her juices, then stopping to taste them. Then he smiled, almost seeming happy with himself that he was at last there. He leaned down again taking the fleshy folds of her pussy between his lips and tugged on them stretching them out as far as they would go before letting them pop back, causing her to flinch and moan. Then he sucked on them again, teasing.

She moaned as she lay back enjoying his gentle attention. He continued to lick her and slowly build her as I stoked my cock, watching. His hard cock was standing free, bobbing there between his legs as he stoked and licked her.

He dove into her, consuming all he could, licking her lips, and all around the outside her pussy. Then he would lick up over her bare mound and back down almost to her ass and back to her clit again teasing her to just less than she yearned for.

He was enveloped in her and she was in another world. I didn't seem to exist for either one of them.

This seemed to go on for an eternity as I watched her face and how she was enjoying it. Then suddenly he stopped and turned to me. It was the most decadent thing I had ever seen. He looked like some sexy jungle animal, devouring his prey, his lips and cheeks covered with her shinny juices. Only his prey was my wife, and she lay there, enjoying it.

He looked me in the eye as though he was in a trance, her laying there in front of him, strapped to the bed, her legs spread wide.

Then he turned back to her, without any expression, and began lapping at her pussy again, licking and teasing it, building her and then backing off from her. He was giving her just less than she wanted. He was controlling her beautifully, making her body arch and beg him for more.

Her hips were rotating, lifting her pussy to him. Her pussy was begging him and offering it to him, as it smeared her juices all over his face.

"Ohhhhh gaaa! She grunted, looking like she was going to burst. "Ohhh god…ple…pleasssse don't stoppp!"

"Please…please…please don't change it. Please don't change! Ohhh gaaa!" She pleaded. "I...I'mmmm…cu…cumming!"

Her orgasm was right on the edge. I knew what he was feeling with his mouth. As she neared her climax, her lips were now engorged and puffy, feeding him more and more of her juices.

Her pussy was beginning to slowly pulse and palpitate under his lips and chin, as it begged for more.

She was reaching that wonderful 'point of no return' and as she was passing that thresh hold, her pussy would become alive as it began milking at his face, wanting a cock.

Then…! Just as she was in the throws of her first orgasm…

Hunter, was suddenly standing up, his cock at the same level as her pussy and in his hand.

He rubbed the big head of it up and down her entrance, smearing his precum all over the mouth of her pussy, mixing her juices with his.

And just as suddenly…one short dip and back out and then it was gone! His big slick cock was buried deep inside her. The mouth of her pussy had swallowed it whole.

She arched! Her head raised up, and she strained as hard as she could against the restraints.

"OOOOoohhhhhhhh! God!" She belted, feeling something she'd never felt.

She had just taken something inside her that had never been there before.

"Whattttttt thhhheeee …Hellllll! Ohhh god! Oh god! Nooooo!"

Her head turned this way and that as though she was looking for me. Shit! She had found us out.

"Tonyyyyy? Ohhhh god! Go...d it fee…eels hu…ge!

Damn Hunter! 'What the Hell have you done,' I thought. I didn't tell him he could put that damned big thing into her. I was sure she would know now.

There was no way I could answer now. He was right above her and I was to the side. If I did, there would be no doubt that it was not me fucking her, as if she didn't already know.

Fuck! What was I going to do!

"Ohhhhh god! Oh god!" She yelled as she continued to buck and pull her arms to escape!

Her face snapped around looking straight at where I stood. But she couldn't see me. Thank god for real blindfolds.

Her face snapped to where Hunter stood between her legs, as he continued to pump her pussy full of cock. For a split second she was still looking in his direction. He paid her no mind. He was fucking her.

She stiffened then lifting her shoulders up off the bed and tried, to no avail, to clamp her legs shut as she realized the horror that Hunter was fucking her, not me.

She pulled and bucked against the restraints, as he smiled, driving his cock into her, never noticing that she might have just found us out.

But it was much too late for her.

By the time he'd impaled her, she was far too ensnare by that orgasm. Now his meat was only driving her higher to a new orgasm.

He grabbed her waist, pulling her into him, meeting his thrust as he began ramming his cock into her more forcefully.

Her fear and shock quickly turned to a raging orgasm as she realized that Hunter had been watching her, fucking her with the dildo and was now divinely controlling her. She was our toy and suddenly fell head over heels into the fact that she was our slut for the night.

Ohhhhhh nooooooo! Ohhhhh god Ohhhh god!" She screamed as she began to cum, straining against the restraints with all her might and lifting her pussy to Hunter.

She looked like a sexual animal caught in a trap, our trap. She had now become her fantasy.

Then she exploded! Bursting into the most passionate multiple orgasm I have ever seen.

She fell back into the bed as her hazed reality rushed in and her legs fell open wide, inviting him in.

She began moaning, still straining against the straps, but not as before. Now she seemed to be straining, to feel the restraints, not to escape them.

She was enjoying the feeling that she couldn't escape, and she didn't want to.

She began to match his thrust. He continued to drive it into her, giving her what her hips were begging for.

"Ohhhhh god. Oh god yesssss! Fuck your baby!" She moaned. "God you feel so huge. Gaaa…I can't believe…Ohhh god fuck me."

Her head raised again, looking his way, as though she was revealing in what we were doing to her, what we were making her into.

I was stroking my cock as I watch them, right there in front of me.

"Ohhh yes… fuck me… fuck that pussy! I'll be your slut. I pro…I… promise..I'llll …do…. any…Anything…you want!"

I quickly got up and moved behind Hunter and said. "You like Hunter fucking you don't you?"

"Yessss!" She said. "I love it, I lo…love…it." Her voice broken by him driving his cock into her.

"You want to be our little slut while he's here?"

"Ohhh yessss. Ohhhh god yesss!"

"Do you want me to make Hunter stop fucking you now." I asked.

"Noooo! Please noooo! I'll do what ever you want. I want him to fuck me! I wa…ant youu…to…to…let him fu…fuck me."

"You want us make you be a bad girl, don't you Kari?" I said trying to hold my on orgasm back, as I beat my meat.

"Yessss… I want you to make me be bad for you. I'll… I'll be bad for you…I promise. I promise!"

As his cock slid in and out I could see it covered with her shinny juices. He turned to me smiling confidently, as though he had finally gotten what he wanted. I was frozen there at the sight, as I listened to her continue telling us what a cunt she wanted to be, and how she promised she would do what we wanted, if we wouldn't stop.

She arched up screaming into another full tear of delight, pulling against the restraints as he continued to pump her harder and harder, fucking her, slamming her out of her mind.

Her head fell back on the pillows and her mouth fell open in a deep guttural moan.

She was not being made love to. She was being fucked.

'Hunter was a master of control as he fucked her. The reality of it hit me as I stood there and watched. He was actually fucking her'! Fucking her like she had never been fucked, and neither she nor I could do anything about it.

"Ooooohhh, god yessss! She shouted. "Ohhhh Yessss ohhhhhh gaaaaaa!"

She was someone I didn't know. He continued fucking her like a hungry slut.

She pulled against her straps, feeling her bondage and inability to escape as her 'fantasy lover come to life' drove his massive cock into her.

She had become her fantasy, tied down as two men had their way with her.

Then suddenly Hunter began to slow down, finally being overcome by his own climax. As he slowly lost control he suddenly froze for a second and then his ass clinched tight and his hips thrust again as they buried his cock deep into her, exploding a gush of warm creamy cum into her.

"That's it baby!" She said comforting him. "Give me that cum. I want all your cum. You've been so horny allll day haven't you?" She talked to him like he was a hungry baby that she was feeding.

His meat pumped her a few more times and then his shinny cock pulled out, and he grunted, the muscles in his arms and chest rippling as he strained. His cock began shooting ropes of thick cum up across her pussy, stomach and shoulders, one rope falling across her face and cheeks.

He had been teased all day and now all that build up of cum was spewing out across her body covering her.

I couldn't hold back any longer either. Watching him cum all over her was more than I could stand, so I stepped closer and matched him, shooting my load of cum all over her stomach and breast at the same time he was.

I had never delivered that much cum before in my life. It seemed to have no end. I thought I was going to pass out.

As I finished, I slowly milked my cock, letting the last of it drip onto her hip. I looked over at Hunter and he was doing the same, milking his meat and squeezing the big head of it letting the last drops fall onto her pussy, covering her new shaved lips with cum.

I looked down and her pussy was completely covered in a glaze of white pearly cum.

Then Hunter fell back into the chair and she lay back against the pillows, reveling in what had just been done to her. I sat on the floor, in awe of what had just happened and how she looked lying there, covered in cream.

We all sat silent, resting.

I was not positive that she had realized our secret, that Hunter had actually been her fantasy lover. She reacted to him fucking her like she had for sure. When he first slid that big cock into her I was sure she knew that that was not my cock in her.

But she afterwards and now she was acting like she had not realized it. She didn't, for a second, let on to us that she knew. If she had realized it, she didn't want us to know that she had.

It would be an exciting game if she wanted her fantasy to continue, as it was. This way she could still beinnocent as far as Hunter and I were concerned and at the same time enjoy fucking both of us and feel like the slut that she wanted to be.

I walked up to her face and lightly kissed her on the cheek. As I did I felt a line of cum touch my lips. I kissed her on the lips. I rope of cum had crossed there too. We both kissed, licking and tasting it as we did, both licking the cum off of each other's lips.

I leaned over to her ear and whispered. "I love you… more than anything else in the world."

And I did. I felt we were one, absolutely one. This was about her fantasy and my fantasy and I didn't feel I could be any closer to her or love her more than that moment.

I looked at her sexy cum covered lips as she whispered back to me. "I love you too."

I kissed her on the lips again and on the forehead lightly.

I looked at Hunter and smiled at him, as he lay back in the chair resting. His shiny, half-hard cock lay across his hip like a large piece of meat. A large drool of cum was still seeping out of it. I couldn't believe that that had been inside my Kari.

I went back and quietly told him a white lie. I told him that she had said that she wanted me to take the blindfolds off, so he'd better get back to his room first, so we didn't get caught.

He agreed, smiled and gave me a, 'thank you' pat on the shoulder and picked up his towel as he quietly sneaked back to his room.

I walked up between her legs and lovingly put my hand on her thighs. I leaned over planting kisses on her stomach and on the mound of her pussy, feeling the wet cum as it got on my lips.

Then I got on my knees. I put one hand on each leg and spread them open.

Her pussy was right there, inches from my face on the edge of the bed.

It was covered with cum and I could see more cum oozing out of the bottom of her lips and running down to the crack of her ass. He pussy lips looked swollen and well fucked. It was so erotic it was vulgar. Wonderfully vulgar.

I spread her legs wider and kissed her pussy lips. Then I my tongue reached out and taste his cum.

I was overwhelmed with the urge to lick it all up. I looked back and Hunter had pulled the door closed behind him.

Something came over me. I was turned on from my core. This was not a simple just turned on. This was solid and came from deep, deep inside.

I knew where I had to go, I wanted it and I craved it.

I thought for a second. I felt like I was alone in the room with her cum covered pussy. I looked down at the pussy that I had just let another man fuck.

I put my mouth to her, feeling the slick wetness against my lips.

I had to lick it. I had to taste it. I closed my eyes and put my lips to her pussy feeling the slippery wet of it. I moved my mouth from side to side feeling how slick it was, smearing it all over my lips. I opened my mouth and let my tongue slide between the fleshy folds of her. Taking a rich amount of his cum into my mouth. I had it on my tongue and closed my mouth feeling the texture of it.

"MMmmmmm!" Just the thought of what I was doing turned me on. The though of what I was doing. I was licking another mans cum off of my wife's pussy. What was even more erotic. I loved it. I loved the decadence of it.

I know that this does sound decadent, but it was wonderful, so lusty and erotic. I couldn't believe that I was doing it but there was nothing I wanted to do more. I had just swallowed cum from another cock.

"Ohhhhhh god. Ohhhh what are you… doing" She moaned obviously turned on by what I was doing.

I licked again deeper this time, tasting it, scooping up a mouth full.

Suddenly I was in another world. There was nothing that existed there accept me and my wife's pussy full of his cum. My wife was laying there in the candlelight strapped to our four poster bed, blindfolded and with cum all over her, and she was mine, my sexy nasty wife and l loved her this way.

I spread her legs wider, and licked deeply tasting all I could.

"You're licking…your eating cum out of me!" She was loving what I was doing. "Ohh god yesssss. Lick it out of me baby. Lick that warm cum out of my pussy!"

I soon I found myself devouring her, licking all the cum off her pussy lips and mound. Soon I was spreading her lips apart and licking deep inside her, getting out all I could.

"I can't believe…believe you are doing that!" She moaned from somewhere up above me. I no longer cared what she thought of me for doing it. And then I realized she might not even know who was licking her. If she knew Hunter was here she may think it was him licking her pussy again.

Her inter lips were slick as I scooped the ropes of it up onto my tongue and swallowed it.

Her head raised up looking down toward me, as though she could see me. I wanted her to know it was I.

Her head fell back.

"Ohhhh yes…baby. Lick his cum out of me. Ohhhhh gaaa…I can't believe you're doing that. I can't believe your licking cum out of my pussy."

I licked her, getting it all over my cheeks and chin, teasing her clit with all the slick juices on her. I stayed there playing with her clit, teasing it and toying with it making it want more. Giving it all it wanted and then taking it away just long enough for it to appeal to me for more.

Soon, I felt her lips and love tunnel convulsing into another wonderful orgasm. And her pussy rewarded me by squeezing and delivering more of his cum and her juices out to my waiting mouth. She was in another rapture and her pussy had given me a fresh delivery of juices to lap up.

As she relaxed against the pillows again, I moved up to her side and ran my tongue up her stomach licking up the long ropes of cum. I moved up to her face and put my lips to hers, feeding her a mouthful of his cum.

She kissed me hungrily, sucking his cum out of my mouth, and licking my lips over and over cleaning them.

"Did you like tasting come?" She asked quietly. "You've never done that before." She said as though we were still alone playing our fantasy game.

"Ohhh yes I loved it." I said.

"Gooooood!" She said stretching her neck up and licking at my face hungrily. "Meeeee toooo! God you are sooo sexy. I like you feeding it to me."

We licked each other's faces, sucking our lips into the others mouths and tasting all we could.

"God…I feel like such a slut!" She groaned. "I feel like such a nasty bitch!"

"You are a nasty bitch!" I said. "You're my nasty wife and I'm going to make you nastier!"

"Yessss. I want you to make me nastier!" She said with a shinny smile.

I reached around and untied her blindfold. The first thing she did was quickly look down where Hunter had been to see if he was in the room. He wasn't there. I was sure then that she felt like he may have been there.

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