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My Wife's First Time


I can't remember why we decided to go to the Peppermint Club that night. When Lois and I travel we like to try something different. Anyway, Lois wanted to have a good time that evening and so did I.

There were lots of clubs in Las Vegas. The Peppermint was one of the nicest, with comfortable booths sporting leather seats, a dance floor and live music. We got there just before 9pm and ordered drinks. Lois had dressed to go out. She looked great in a tight black skirt, pinkish top that showed off her cleavage, and rather racy black high heels that added nicely to her 5'6" frame. At age 48 and 135 pounds, she still maintained a curvy 38D 26 37 figure. The big tits always attracted admiring glances. She wore her reddish hair a bit shorter than she used to.

Most of the people at the club were close to our age, or older. We felt right at home. Since I didn't like to dance, I expected her to find someone to dance with. It didn't take long. The best dancer on the floor was a handsome black man who was dancing with an older white lady. They were very good. We watched them for fifteen minutes until the woman returned to her husband and left.

The black man looked around for another partner and spotted Lois. She must have looked available because he sauntered over to our booth with a big smile.

"Would you like to dance?"

"Sure," Lois answered. "I'd love to."

They danced together for quite a while. Lois had a sexy way of moving her body that seemed to hold her partner's attention. During the slow dances he held her tight, his hand gripping her waist and occasionally her butt.

As they danced I thought about my recurring fantasy about watching my wife make love to a black man. I had mentioned my fantasy once to Lois, many years before. She laughed and asked why I thought she needed more than I could give her. Since I wasn't really serious, I didn't pursue the idea.

At 50 I was not the lover I had once been. I still loved sex, but I couldn't pound it to my wife like I used to. Not that Lois ever complained. We had a good marriage. As I thought about it, watching them dancing, I wondered whether having another man with Lois might be just the spice to rejuvenate our relationship.

The more I thought about, the more the idea excited me. It had been a long time since Lois and I had done anything new or exciting when it came to sex. This just might be our chance.

They stopped dancing and came over to the booth.

"Hello. I'm Lamar and enjoyed dancing with your pretty wife." He smiled.

"Sit down and join us, please."

"Don't mind if I do."

He sat down next to Lois. We ordered drinks, a beer for me, Scotch for Lois and Lamar. Lois looked flushed and happy from dancing.

"Have you been long in Las Vegas?" I asked.

"A couple of days. I usually come here three or four times a year. I like the clubs."

"You mean the dancing?" asked Lois.

"Yes, I love to dance. I find nice partners here, too." He smiled at Lois. "You see, I often meet couples like yourselves at the Peppermint Club. The ladies like to dance, and he the husband prefers to watch." He grinned at me.

I shifted in my seat, thinking about that statement.

"Well, I'm glad you like to dance," said Lois.

She got up walked toward the ladies room to powder her nose.

"Is it just dancing, or do some couples want something more?" I was curious to know.

"You guessed it. Some couples invite me to their rooms and I have a good time with the wife while the husband watches. Maybe you might be interested, John?" He certainly was direct. It was now or never.

"Look, we've never done anything like that before. I've often wondered what it would be like to watch me wife with a black man. I am interested, yes, but only if Lois wants to and I don't think she would do it."

"Leave that to me. I know how to please a lady." His confidence was catching.

Lois came back to the table and resumed her seat. As Lamar had moved closer to the center of the booth she found herself almost touching him.

"Don't you look pretty!" Lamar said to her, admiringly.

"You're just being nice. I'm old enough to be your mother!"

"No way. You can't be a day over 38. And I'm 28."

"Well, I'm older than that. And thank you for the compliment." She beamed at him, pleased at appearing so youthful to a younger man.

He invited her back to the dance floor. This time he danced sensuously, keeping in stride with her writhing rhythm. A slow dance followed. He held her very close, moving his hand up and down her back and bottom. Her big tits were pressed into his chest. I began to think she just might go along with the idea of bringing him to our room.

When they returned, Lamar excused himself and sought out the restroom. Lois took a long quaff from her Scotch. It made her just a bit tipsy.

"He's very nice," said Lois. "Do you like him, too?"

"Yes. He seems to like being with couples. He tells me he's had a lot of experience with couples like us."

"Experience? What do you mean?"

I hesitated a moment, and then decided to go for it.

"If we want him to, he would come with us to our room for a little party."

She shifted in her seat.

"You mean…."

"Yes. If you would like to have a good time with him, I'd like it, too. I enjoy watching him with you."

"You'd like to watch him have sex with me, John?"

"If you're comfortable, I'd love to watch him fuck you, honey."

"Ohhhh. That would be a new experience!" She took another sip of her drink.

"Exactly. It would be just the thing to spice up our happy marriage, don't you think?"

Before she could answer, Lamar returned. I smiled at him and Lois did do, although a bit nervously. No fool, he knew what we'd been talking about.

"So, what do you think?" he inquired.

"We'd like you to come up to our room for a while, wouldn't we honey?"

Lois gulped. "Yes. I guess so. We could have a nightcap or something."

Five minutes later we arrived at our room. It was actually a largish suite, with a separate living room and big king-size bed in the sleeping area. As soon as we were in the living room Lamar pulled Lois to him and began kissing her. He embraced her the same way he had on the dance floor and she responded to him.

I saw him kiss her more deeply, his tongue searching out his. He must have known she liked it, because she began to moan. His hands found her rounded bottom and kneaded the cheeks though her thin dress.

"Let's get more comfortable," he said to her. "Maybe John can go and get us some drinks."

I returned to the Club bar and ordered three drinks. It took quite a while to get them. When I got back to the room, I found my wife stripped to her black stockings, pink bra, pink full-cut panties and high heeled black pumps. Lamar was naked. His huge penis lay in Lois hands. She was staring at it wide eyed, and lightly stroking it. It was nearly stiff, at least nine inches long and very thick. It looked almost twice the size of my prick.

"Suck it for me honey."

I put the drinks down and took a nearby chair to watch Lois suck this big black cock. My wife is a fantastic cocksucker. She took her time, licking him from his balls to the tip of his penis and back. She kneaded his ball sack as she tongued the fat head. He was fully erect now.

She continued to suck his tool, running her pink tongue up and down the shaft. I took off clothes and sat across from them, naked, with my cock in my hand. I shamelessly kneaded it while my wife worked her mouth on our new friend's prick. Lamar seemed completely at ease. He must have seen husband's doing this before.

Lamar reached down and stuck his big hand into the leg opening of my wife's pink panties. H fingered her pussy. Lois writhed with pleasure as he stuck his finger in her wet hole. He reached behind to unhook her bra. He smiled approvingly as her huge breasts fell free from the restraint.

"I love big tits. Almost as much as I love tight white cunt."

He stood in front of Lois and pushed his penis into her mouth. She took it as deeply as she could, her eyes wide open. He grunted with satisfaction as she slowly tickled his balls and licked his prick. Lamar signaled to me to get him a beer. I quickly dressed and returned to the Club bar. When I returned I found my wife kneeling behind Lamar, licking his asshole.

"That's a good girl. Lick it for me good." She complied for several minutes. I could see Lamar's big erection throbbing.

Finally he had enough of this and pushed Lois back on the sofa. He slid her frilly panties off and handed them to me. I placed them on my penis and felt their silky softness. Without thinking, I slid them back and forth and over my erection.

Lamar rubbed my wife's slit for a few moments and then pushed her back, raising her legs wide. He took his fat black penis in his right hand and guided it to her cunt hole. With a grunt he shoved it in. Lois gave a sigh as it penetrated her. She must have been very wet. He pushed it in until his balls lapped up against her ass. Then he pulled it almost all the way out a moment and shoved it in again.

"You've got a hot pussy, lady."

She grunted as he fucked her, hard. His steady pumping quickly brought her to her first climax. He didn't pause after she came. He kept pounding her. She came again, this time harder. I'd never seen her so excited. She started to whimper as he kept fucking her with his big snake. She came again, very hard and this time he came with her. My semen erupted into the pink panties as I watched their orgasm. It gave me a wonderful sense of fulfillment. At that moment I knew I loved doing this and would want it again and again.

We extended our stay in Las Vegas for an extra week. Lamar came to us every evening to fuck Lois repeatedly, staying the entire night. What started as a friendly dance became a full-fledged sexual passion. She would do anything for him. I found myself running errands for them while he took her in every position imaginable. She sucked him off, fucked him, let him cum in her face, and finally took her in the ass. My sweet wife was becoming a fuck slut, a whore, a sex toy for this black man.

I masturbated for hours watching them. I couldn't bet enough of the sight of my wife taking him over and over. The pink panties were covered in cum.

The fourth day, Lamar arrived with two friends, both black and very young. He evidently thought my wife was perfect for a gangbang. She didn't even protest. Lois simply spread her legs for these blacks as long as they wanted her, which was the whole night.

Lamar took the role of instructing Lois in the fine art of pleasing black cock. She was a diligent student. First he taught her how to keep sucking the whole shaft while he and his friends spurted their cum down her throat.

"That's a girl, honey. You suck that cock until it comes and then you suck out the cum, like from a baby bottle. Take it deep in your mouth to make it feel good for the man, baby. The man likes to feel that tongue and mouth workin' hard!"

They sent me out for more beer. When I returned, I found Lois on her hands and knees, licking Lamar's asshole while she took a long black cock up her ass. I ripped my clothes off and clutched the pink panties to my cock. Almost immediately I spurted milky cum into them as I saw Lois giving and taking anal joy with these young black men.

My cock was sore from hours of masturbation, but I couldn't stop watching the action. Lois seemed inexhaustible. When they finally finished, Lois and I fell asleep almost immediately. It had been a happy day.

The next afternoon Lamar appeared at our door early. Lois was resting in the bedroom

"I've arranged a party for tonight for your honey," he said. "About 10 of my friends would like to give her a real good time."

"Ten? Wow. I'm not sure she's up to that."

"Don't worry. She'll love it, I'm sure. Just leave it to us. Wouldn't you like to see us gangfuck her?"

I was shocked at his language. At the same time, I felt my penis stiffen.

"I would like that," I admitted.

"See you at 8."

When I mentioned that Lamar would be over at 8pm with a few of his friends, Lois looked dreamy. I couldn't tell her they planned to gangbang her.

They showed up right on time, all ten of them, including Lamar. I found myself getting beers and helping arrange the furniture to make a big space in the middle of the room where they could "do" her.

After that it was all a daze to me. I couldn't see the action all the time; there were too many of them. I could hear grunts and interspersed commands.

"Eat it, baby. That's it, lick my cock good."

"Spread that ass for me, slut. Yeah."

"I'm gonna cum in those big white tits. Come here, baby!"

"Squeeze yo' cunt while I cum, girl!"

"Let's double fuck her. Anyone wanna take her cunt while I take her booty"

"I love a white pony girl. This slut is hot!"

These sounds were accompanied by the unmistakable audio of my wife's sexual climaxes, in repeated crescendos. When I finally got a good look, I saw a triple penetration of exquisite eroticism. Three blacks and my lovely wife rocking together in sexual pleasure. For the umpteenth time that week, I shot a load of cum into her soft pink panties.

When it was over, Lois looked up at me and smiled. Cum was dripping from her mouth, vagina and anus.

"I hope you had as good a time as I did, honey," she said to me. "I love being a slut for black cock!"

I smiled back. "I wouldn't have missed this for the world," darling.

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