tagLoving WivesMy Wife's Lactating Breasts

My Wife's Lactating Breasts


Shortly after my wife returned to work following the birth of our second daughter, she was summoned to the 'home office' for an administrative training session. Nursing regularly and pumping while at work was part of her normal routine.

While away, she would pump and discard, as we had stored enough refrigerated breast milk for the duration of her trip.

When Anne got home, she described the most erotic happing that I have ever heard; one which I must share.

On the second night in Chicago, Anne went back to her room after training, and before dinner, to pump, freshen up, and go to a mandatory dinner with her co-workers. Jim, her administrative assistant, told her he'd stop by her room and pick her up in 1/2 hour or so.

Anne prepared the equipment, turned it on, and much to her dismay, the pump strained, smoked a bit, and completely seized up.

Ann tried to massage and squeeze her swollen (normally a 38-D, Anne was now sporting 42 DDD's), and soon to be aching tits. She squeezed her 1/2" nipples (surrounded by more than silver dollar sized areola), but the sweet nectar just wouldn't come forth.

She was standing in the bathroom, naked from the waist up with a skirt and panties below, when Jim's knock on the door shocked her into the realization that she was soon to be very uncomfortable, and that the mandatory dinner they had to attend was soon to be jeopardized by her condition.

She approached the door after slipping on the complimentary terry robe provided by the hotel, and told Jim she had a problem and would be a few minutes. Jim asked if there was anything he could do and Anne quickly realized there was!

Opening the door, and letting Jim in, Anne explained her situation and asked Jim if she could rely on him to promise not to tell a soul if she asked him to do her a big favor. Jim assured her that he would respect her wishes, and stood with his mouth agape as Anne described the situation.

Anne asked Jim if he would, with no sexual meaning or desire, suckle her mammoth breasts so that they could make dinner on time, and hit a pharmacy afterwards to replace her damaged breast pump.

Jim immediately responded in the affirmative, a bulge already growing in his suit pants. Anne noticed that and reminded Jim that there was to be nothing going on except the natural relieving of her now painfully swelling breasts. Jim asked how Anne wanted to proceed, and she said that she'd sit up on the bed and he should just lie sideways and she'd take care of everything.

She did tell Jim he should take off his suit jacket and shirt so as not to soil them, and he quickly stripped to the waist. Anne went to the bed, motioned for Jim to come too, and she let the robe fall open as she reclined and sat up against the headboard.

Jim wasted no time in lying down with his head on Anne's thighs, waiting for her next instruction. His breathing was obviously near gasping as Anne lifted her right breast and placed the producing nipple into Jim's waiting mouth. God, he couldn't believe his luck as he started to suckle, and Anne's breast milk began to flow.

Anne, at this point told me that what she was about to tell me might make me upset, but that the situation, the physical sensations, and her missing of me and our normal almost daily sex sessions, culminated in her being unfaithful for the first time in our married lives.

As Jim gently sucked her breast, he reached down and started to stroke his now enormous erection, through his suit pants. Anne, too, felt the need to derive some sexual pleasure so she too reached down past Jim's head and began fingering her moist slit and clitoris.

As that began to have a wonderful effect, Ann reached over, placed her hand over Jim's and cupped his 9 inch member in both hands.

Her eyes were now fluttering. His suckling had almost drained her right breast, and she asked Jim to please switch sides. As he stood, Anne asked him if he's like to take off his suit pants to avoid soiling them, and he quickly disrobed. Anne gasped as she saw that his prick was not only 9 or 10 inches in length (mine is only 6), but that it's girth was the size of a large cucumber.

Pre-cum was already visible on it's tip, and Anne, now totally hot and sexually aroused, reached over and rubbed the big mushroom until it glistened with Jim's sexual juice.

Now, she asked Jim to sit in the oversized wing chair near the desk in her suite. As he did so, Anne got off the bed, slipped out of her skirt and panties, approached the chair and with a quick motion, impaled herself on Jim's aching member. Placing her left tit into Jim's mouth, she then rocked herself and Jim into the most intense orgasm either could remember.

Anne and Jim never made it to the mandatory dinner and are awaiting some sort of reprimand. What they did do was spend the night together, making sure that Anne never got too uncomfortable with her milk swollen breasts!

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by Anonymous01/29/18

Pimped out

Turns out Jim is black and has his cousins from the inner city pay Anne a visit while she is breastfeeding the baby. Husband is at work and baby is napping. They run a train on her

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