My Wife's Lost Weekend


The cock she was working with her mouth exploded a huge load and Pam was able to swallow most of it. The man it belonged to got up and moved away. As soon as he vacated the space in front of Pam another man quickly stepped into it. He grabbed Pam by her hair kneeled down and shoved his black cock into her mouth. Then he proceeded to use her hair to force her head back and forth. He was basically just jacking himself off with her mouth. Pam said she loved it. She felt totally degraded by this act and it caused another wave of orgasms to wash over her.

As she was cuming the cock in her ass exploded its seed in her bowls and the cock in her mouth soon followed. She was helped to her feet as a really big black guy laid on the floor. Pam was then guided to startle him. When she reach down to guide his cock into her she was shocked by the size of his member. This was truly the largest piece of meat she had ever seen. Her hand could only cover half the distance around it. Pam said the head of this cock felt like a softball. All of this discovery didn't stop the lust in Pam, she made these observation while she continued to guide this monster cock to her pussy. She quickly attempted to sit down on this thing as she forced it against her opening. With all the goo dripping from her cunt the head on that cock was just damn huge. Pam forced herself down on it and she likened the feeling to giving birth but with a pop she was able to get it into her. Pam said she looked down between her legs and with the head of that huge cock stuffed in her pussy she said it looked like she had a third black leg sticking out from her crotch. Pam slowly forced herself down then back up and down again. Slowly her vagina stretched to accommodate the size of that penis.

As she was making her slow progress she looked around her and noticed everyone was watching her. She even noticed Kris lying on her back with a guy on top of her pumping slowly as they both were focused on her. In her current state of lust she wasn't able to put her thoughts together besides she was still mainly focused on the huge piece of meat that was currently re-designing her vagina. Pam looked back between her legs as she slowly rose up off of that cock and observed the wet line she left on it. This helped her gage her progress. She had only taken an inch of two of the shaft past the head. Pam thought damn she has a long way to go. When Pam pushed back down she decided to push harder. She could feel the head of that cock forcing the walls of her vagina to open up in ways they have never been stretched before.

Pam would pull up just a little and push hard back down again. She did this for a time until it felt like the head of that cock was pushing against her stomach. She drew herself back up and checked her progress. She could see by the wet line on the monster cock that she had engulfed a bit more than half. Pam was happy with that and started bouncing on the shaft. As Pam picked up speed the sensations coming from her pussy were growing stronger. She couldn't believe how good that monster felt. Pam was really bouncing fast now. Some of the men were making comments about how much of a slut she was. They couldn't believe she could take so much of that huge cock let alone bounce up and down on it.

Pam's lust was taking over again. She felt like she was going crazy from so much pleasure created from being stuffed so full. Pam leaned forward placing her hands and arms on the man's chest. He took this as a sign to start working his own hips. He started fucking back at Pam. He started pushing his huge cock deeper into Pam's cunt. The movement by him was driving Pam wild. She was pushing back to meet his thrusts. The men standing around watching could see that Pam was taking almost the entire length now. They couldn't believe that a skinny white woman like Pam could take that much monster black cock. Most of them had seen that guy fuck women before and only a few of those women could even get the head of his dick into their vaginas. Now here was Pam taking not only the head but most of the shaft also.

Pam was starting to get tired. She had been riding that huge cock for some time now plus she had been fucking the others for what seemed like hours. She laid down on the man's chest and just slightly worked her hips to meet his thrust. She figured she would take a short rest and recover some of her strength.

As she was lying there she felt the thrust of the monster cock lighten up a bit. She was really enjoying the feeling of that huge black penis sliding so nicely wrapped tightly in her vagina. She felt like she was in a constant state of orgasm. Then she felt another set of hands on her hips. She figured someone was just coping a feel until she felt the head of a cock being forced into her ass. She tried to sit up but the man below her put one of his huge hands on her head and another on her upper back pining her to him. She tried to wiggle her ass but with that monster cock wedged between her legs she couldn't wiggle much at all. She felt the cock at her ass making progress past her sphincter. She couldn't fathom that there was more room inside of her for more cock but more cock is what she got. The cock in her ass just kept sliding deeper and deeper into her body. Pam was really starting to feel the pain from this. She said it felt like those two cocks were rubbing against each other. She couldn't tell where her ass channel stopped and pussy channel started. She said it felt just like it was one big hole. The guy in her ass started to pick up speed with his in-and-out and Pam said she couldn't really tell what she felt. Then the biggest orgasm of her life hit her and she said she saw starts.

Those stars were the last thing Pam saw for quite awhile. Pam had passed out. When she awoke she was lying on her bed and there were two men sleeping on each side of her and Kris was at the foot of the bed with her body wrapped around a man as they fucked. Pam noticed the light of day shinning through the shades. She checked the clock on the night stand and it said it was half past nine in the morning. Pam laid back and tried to think about what happened. She turned her head to the side and looked Tony right in the eyes. He said morning babe. He told her that he couldn't believe she could take Alfonso's cock. He told her that no other white girl has taken that much of Alfonso. He also explained to her how she had passed out and how Tony had taken her to her room to sleep it off. Then he told her how he had wanted to see what her pussy felt like after taking Alfonso's dick so he couldn't help but slid his dick into her just to see. He said that she was the first lose pussy that he ever felt and that he really liked the feeling of not being squeezed so much from a tight pussy.

Pam just looked at him. She was thinking about the events the night before and she couldn't believe what she had done. Tony had reached across Pam's body and pulled her to him. With her back to him, basically lying on her side, he entered her. His cock no longer felt like as big as it use to. Pam's vagina easily allowed access. Pam wasn't sore at all. She enjoyed the stroking Tony's cock was giving her pussy. Tony squeezed her to him and moaned. He really like the loose fell of her cunt. He squeezed her tits and tweaked her nipples as he steadily fucked her.

I had drank too much on the golf course the day before and I passed out early in the day. I woke up around 6 AM and really wasn't feeling all that great. I told Jack I was leaving for home as I just wanted to lounge around at my own house for the rest of the weekend. I made it home around 10 am. As I drove up to my house I noticed all the cars parked in my driveway and on the street in front. I had to park down the block as there wasn't any parking. As I approached my door I could hear people talking inside. I tell you I couldn't think of what was possibly going on in my house.

I fit the key in the lock and opened the door. There were three or four big black guys hanging around in the front room of my house. I was shocked and yelled "what the fuck is going on...." I was cut off by someone grabbing me from behind. A very big black arm was thrown around my neck as one of my arms was grabbed and twisted behind my back. I was having trouble breathing. This guy was choking my out.

A big mean looking guy asked me who the hell I was. I told him as best I could that I owned this house. He laughed and stated that I must be Pam's husband. In his laughter he told the guy to let me go. He also told me to behave myself or bad things may happen to me. I gave him a quick look of agreement and he said good now let us go see where Pam is.

I followed a couple of guys up my stairs and to the door of my bedroom. I could hear the sounds of people having sex. My heart dropped to my stomach. When they opened the door the first thing I noticed was Kris completely naked on all fours facing the door on the end of my bed with a big black man pounding away at her rear. My mouth dropped. Then I noticed on my bed a past out black guy and another naked black guy and I could see the white skin of a woman. As I looked closer I could see the hair and the slightness of her build I knew it was my wife Pam. She was taking black cock from the side while lying on our bed. I walked around the bed to the other side so I could see her face. I cleared my throat as I stood there looking at Pam's face. She opened her eyes and gave me a sexy smile. Pam said hello in a breathy exhale as she was still being pumped by Tony.

I stood there and watched my wife fucking with a big black man I had never seen before. I didn't know what to do. As I looked around the room at all of the people hanging around I wondered if this was reality or if I was dreaming. There was my best friend's wife being fucked doggy style by a black guy on the foot of my bed. She seemed to be enjoying herself. There were four pretty big black men standing in the doorway of my sleeping quarters. There was a naked black guy that appeared to be sleeping on my bed and yet another naked man fucking my wife on the same bed. Here I was just standing there observing all of this craziness.

As I looked down at the face of my wife I could only see the whites of her eyes. She was obviously fucking back at the cock of the man beside her. He was pumping her with all he had making the noises of his effort. Then all of a sudden he arches his back and let out a great sigh of relief. I could only assume he was cuming. My wife was making noises of pleasure as the big black hand connected to the big black arm that wrapped around her was playing with her tits and nipples.

Then Tony rolls away from Pam pulling his cock from her and exposing it to me. I gasped as I saw the size of the cock that had just been fucking my wife. I couldn't believe she was taking something so big in her pussy as casually as she was. I almost reached out to her to ask her if she was alright. I thought she must be in some kind of pain. But she spoke to me right at that time. All she said was "I'm sorry".

I looked in her eyes and she looked away in shame. I spoke loudly asking what the hell is going on. The guys at the door moved in my direction pointing at me telling me to be cool. Pam swung her legs off the edge of the bed and sat up. She told me she would explain later and that she didn't know how things had got so screwed up.

Pam stood up and walked away from me around the edge of the bed and towards the door. As she met the crowd of guys in her nakedness she gave each one of them a kiss on the lips as they squeezed her ass and felt for her tits. Then she entered the hallway and headed for the bathroom.

I was still standing there in shock. Then the guy fucking Kris came and got off the bed and walked out of the room. Kris rolled over on her back and noticing me for the first time she said "Hi John". I just looked at her. Here she was the wife of my best friend, a woman I had fantasized about on numerous occasions, lying naked on her back on my bed with her legs spread and freshly fucked. I asked her what is going on.

Kris said that things had gotten a bit out of hand. She said it was her fault that Pam had gotten involved. She told me this entire situation was related to her own gambling problem and that Jack knows nothing about it. I called her a bitch and asked her how she entangled my world in all of her problems. Kris just smirked and told me she was sorry. Things are the way things are is what she said.

This just pissed me off. I kind of stopped listening to her and started checking out her body. I had never seen Kris even close to naked and now her she was completely exposed and she didn't even care. As I looked at her tits I noticed the perfect shape of each globes and how her nipples road on them just right. I also noticed the bite marks. Then I followed her body to her flat stomach and to her bald pussy. She really does have a nice body. Kris noticed that I was looking at her and she playfully ran her hands over her body. She asked me if I liked what I was looking at. I played it off and told her of course and that she had a nice body. She asked me if I would like to put my cock in her. I thought about that for a minute.

I realized that my dick was hard as a rock. I hadn't noticed until then. As I stood there looking at the attitude on Kris's face I just started to unbutton my shirt and I proceeded to get undressed. As the other guys in the room saw this I guess they felt better about the situation as they turned and left the room. As I finished undressing and exposed my cock to Kris she gave me a shrug of her shoulders that I took as a judgment of the size of my cock. At least she didn't laugh at me or make like I was too small.

I moved to Kris crawling onto the bed and over her body. I looked into her face and told her that I had wanted to fuck her for some time. She put a hand around my body and onto my back and tried to pull me close. I just lowered my head and gave her a quick kiss on her mouth. Then I sat up a bit to take in the vision of her body before me.

I proceeded to run my hand over her tits giving each one a squeeze. Then I ran my hand down her stomach feeling her flesh. I ran my fingers down to the top of her bald pussy and felt her lips that covered her clit. Then with both hands I grabbed her and flipped her over on her stomach. Kris made some comment about being feisty. All I knew was I was going to fuck her in the ass. The stupid bitch had fucked with my life.

I rubbed my cock in the goo between her legs, Kris "oohed". Then I lined myself up with her asshole and shoved as hard as I could. This caught Kris off guard but it didn't surprise her as much as I thought it would. My cock entered her easily and I went in right to the bottom. Her ass wasn't tight at all. I imagined she must have has some cock in her ass not too long ago. Oh well I thought. I pumped her ass a few times and then decided to roll her back over. Once I had her on her back I lifted her legs and re-entered her ass.

As I pumped her with my cock I also started pumping her for information about Pam. Kris and I had a good conversation after that. Kris gave me the run down on everything that took place with Pam, which she knew of, in the last 24 hours. She told me of the events that happened the day before at her door and how Tony had involved Pam. As I continued to pump in and out of Kris's ass she gave me all the sorted details she could remember of yesterday and the night before. I was all caught up on the events an hour later. I had cum in Kris's ass when she gave me the details of Pam and Tony's first fucking. My cock didn't go soft and I came again when she told me of the monster cock that Pam had taken in her cunt. I was finished after that.

I climbed off of Kris and got dressed. I left the room in search of Pam. When I reached the downstairs entry hall I went to the living room. I found Pam. There were six or seven guys standing around the sofa. On the sofa was Pam on her hands and knees and the biggest black guy I had ever seen behind her feeding her his cock. The guys standing around kind of parted allowing me to move in closer for an unobstructed view of my wife being fucked. As I got closer I could see that the guy behind my wife had an enormous cock. I couldn't believe the size of its shaft. It was much thicker than a beer can. I could see my wife's pussy being stretched beyond belief. Every time he would pull his shaft back I could see Pam's pussy lips pulling back stretched tight on his cock. Then when he pushed himself into her, her pussy lips would disappear.

I watched this for sometime before I looked to Pam's face. She was moving her head around in a strange contorted way. When I would catch a glimpse of her face I quickly noticed that all I could see of her eyes were the whites. That was freaky and very sexy at the same time. Pam's lust had completely taken her over. I stood there with the rest of these guys watching the live sex show that my wife was involved in.

That show had gone on for a long time. Beers had been passed around during the entertainment and conversations had been started. Tony introduced himself to me and gave me his account of the activities over the last day or so. He continued to complement me on having such an attractive wife and also on how good of a fuck she was.

When Pam had finished with that monster I finally get a look at the size of the entire cock she had been fucking. Un-fucking believable. I knew then for sure that my life with Pam would never be the same.

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He's a Cuckold Now

Maybe he should of left before he tried Kris on for size. Gotten a lawyer, emptied half of their bank assets, cancelled credit cards, quit his job and left the area for good. Once you black you mever gomore...

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