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My Wife's Lover


My wife, Alice, and I were preparing for bed when the phone rang. She picked up the bedside phone and said, “Hello.” After a pause I head her say, “Oh, Hello, it’s nice to hear from you again.”

I whispered to her, “Who is it?”, but she ignored me. She seemed very intent on listen to the caller.

She had that embarrassed look as I heard her say to the caller, “I’ll bet you say that to all the girls.” I assumed the caller was a man complementing her on something.

She put her hand over the mouth piece to tell me, “It’s Tom.”

Now I knew what was going on. Tom had been my wife’s recent lover. Tom was a close friend of ours and was divorced. We had invited him to dinner now and then, but one night when we had many drinks, we had a threesome. We both took turns fucking Alice. Since then, he has been back a couple of times for a repeat sexual encounter.

Their phone conversation went on for awhile until she finally looked to me and said, “ Tom would like to come over to see us this Saturday night. He wants to introduce Thelma to us.”

“That’s OK with me. Ask him about Thelma, what she looks like and so forth.”

I then heard Alice say, “Tom, tell me about Thelma.”

The conversation went on for awhile before she hung up, but I could only hear one side of the conversation.

I asked, “What did he say about her?”

“I’ll tell you all about it, but first lets get in bed.”

We hugged and kissed as we cuddled in bed hoping she would soon tell me about Thelma. I had an erection thinking about the fun we had as a threesome with Tom in the past. I moved my hand down to her crotch to feel wetness. I knew she was turned on too. We quickly shed out night clothing. I laid on my back to let her sit up and ease down on my cock. It felt good for my cock to be buried in her hot body, especially when she pulsated on it.

I started the conversation by saying, “Now tell me what you and Tom talked about. What about Thelma?”

“He said he had missed me and thought I was one of the sexiest girls he had every been in bed with. Even though sex with Thelma was great, he was looking forward to soaking his cock in me again.” After hesitating a second, she chuckled, “Just like your cock is in me right now.”

I responded, “Well, I knew he was very excited to have sex with you and you seemed to like it too.”

“Yes, he is a very good lover and I’m ready for him again as long as you agree for it to happen. But, be assured of one thing, you are my husband and I love only you. There is a difference in being in love and having sex with another person for erotic enjoyment.”

“I feel the same way. What did he say about Thelma?”

“She has moved in with him and he thinks she is one of the sexiest girls he has ever met.”

I questioned, “Where did he meet this girl of his dreams?”

“He met her at a singles dance at the Holiday Inn. Many of the singles paired up and got a room. She has been divorced about a year now.”

“I wonder why she got divorced. Did her husband beat her?”

“No, nothing like that. Her husband wanted to go to swinging parties, but she refused. After the divorce, she started going to the singles dances. She observed some of the singles pairing off for sex, so decided maybe she was missing out on something. Now she likes to go to swing parties.”

While we were talking, Alice was slowly moving her pussy up and down on my cock to allow my cock to nearly come all the way out, then go fully back in her.

“I assume I can pair up with Thelma while Tom is in bed with you?”, I asked.

“He said Thelma was always ready for sex and was multi-orgasmic. He told her about his threesome with us and she would consider having a foursome with us. But first, she wanted to meet us before agreeing.”

“Wow, that means she may spread her legs for me.”

Alice was beginning to gyrate faster and I felt as if I could cum soon. The conversation about Tom fucking my wife and the possibility of my doing the same to Thelma had heighten our sexual excitement.

I forcefully said, “Do you like to ride Tom’s cock like this?”

“Yes, yes”, she gasped, “I like his big one in me. I think I’m about to .........”

Her breath was now coming in gasps as her orgasm was approaching a high. She was wildly gyrating on my cock while I was pushing up to her. My mind recalled visions of when I watched Tom fuck her and his cock exploded in her pussy. My cock was now jerking and spurting in her just like Tom’s did when I watched them. I remembered Tom was very vocal at the time.

Time went slowly by that week as I could hardly wait until Saturday evening when Tom and Thelma planned to be at our house at eight PM to pick us up to go dancing. About six PM, Alice and I had a light dinner, then we showered and began dressing.

Alice was searching in her closet for something to wear and asked me, “What do you think I should wear tonight?”

“You could skip the panties and bra and put on that pretty short skirt you bought the other day with a low cut blouse.”

“I’m wearing panties, so shut up about that. If the evening turns out to be what I think it will be, Tom will enjoy pulling my panties down and off. I’ll skip the bra and give freedom to my boobs.”

I watched Alice slip on her panties and was about to put on her skirt. I was getting turned on. My hands started to touch her breasts as I said, “You turn me on, let’s have some fun.”

She brushed my hands away to say, “Slow down, the evening hasn’t even started as yet.”

“Have pity on me, look how hard I am.”

“I can’t have you cumming in me now. I would ooze all evening.”

I pouted a little for her observation and said, “What about a quick six nine session?”

“I’ve just put on my lipstick and makeup and don’t want to do it over. You’ll have to wait.”

I sadly responded, “Alright, I’ll wait.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I have to look nice for Tom. After he messes up my hair, smears my lipstick and cums in me, then you can have your turn. Before that, you’ll probably have a chance to unload your cum in Thelma’s mouth or pussy.”

Once we were dressed, I poured two glasses of wine for us and we sat in the living room waiting for Tom and Thelma to arrive. We heard a car in the driveway, then the doorbell rang.

“Alan and Alice, I want you to meet Thelma, the girl I’ve been looking for all my life”, Tom said as I opened the door for them.

I was very impressed with her beauty. She was dressed to accentuate her perfect figure. Her ample breasts were nearly exposed as they pushed out her blouse.

Tom then hugged my wife with one hand down on the check of her ass to nearly lifted her off her feet. After a rather sexy kiss, he pulled back to say, “And it is so nice to kiss you again. I know this is going to be an enjoyable evening.”

It didn’t surprise me that he nearly lifted her off her feet as he hugged her and gave her a sexy kiss. He is a very aggressive person. Maybe that is what she likes about him.

I asked, “Would you like to have a drink now?”

“No, why don’t we go on to the cocktail lounge. We can come back here later for a drink”, Tom responded.

We walked out to the car. I assumed Alice and I would sit in the back seat, but Tom raised his voice to say, “Alan, why don’t you drive my car so that I can sit in the back seat with your pretty and I might add, your sexy wife.”

I assumed he wanted to switch girls right away, so I said, “I’ll do it and be the designated driver for the evening. I’ll have only one drink at the cocktail lounge.”

I backed out of the driveway and headed down the street. A couple of minutes later, I looked in the rear view mirror to see Tom and Alice in a big clinch with their lips locked.

I asked, “How are you two getting along in the back seat?”

Alice laughed and said, “We’re doing alright, but this big lug is getting rather aggressive.”

Tom spoke, “She likes it but just wants to complain.”

Thelma and I were separated by the console between the two bucket seats. She seemed rather shy and had said very little.

Thelma said, “Let them have their fun, we’ll have ours later.”

I took those words as a sign she liked me and would be cooperative later.

As we rode along, we kept hearing words and laughter in the back seat. I could see in the rear view mirror that Tom had pulled Alice’s blouse down in front just enough for one of her breasts to be exposed. I glanced back again to see him bend down to kiss it.

Then I heard him whisper in his manly voice, but couldn’t understand what he said.

Alice’s response was to loudly say, “No, no, you’re going to have to wait. It would mess up my lipstick and face. Alan wanted the same thing before we left the house. You know it’s going to be a long evening and we have lots of time for fun.”

Both Thelma and I laughed at his suggestion which was obvious that he wanted Alice to give him a blow job.

I interrupted the laughter to say, “We have arrived, I’m pulling into the parking lot. Straighten your clothes up so we can get out of the car.”

The place was crowded, but we found an empty booth. I sat beside Thelma while Tom and my wife sat together. We had drinks and danced with the girls. We two guys alternated with them. When Tom danced with my wife, I noticed he always had a hand on or near her butt. I decided to do the same with Thelma and she did not object, but seemed to press closer to me. I let my bulging hard erection in my pants rub up against her and I knew she could feel it.

Alice finally said, “Tom is so naughty, I think we should leave before he embarrasses us here.” she giggled and turned to him for a lengthy kiss.

I responded, “I think that is a good idea. I’d like to be in a more private place with Thelma.”

Thelma looked at me with a smile when I said that.

The girls went to the ladies room together leaving me with Tom.

Tom said, “Now that we are alone, let’s do a little planning.”

I questioned, “I assume Thelma will have sex with me. What do you think?”

He responded, “I know she will. While I was dancing with her, she said she liked you, thought you were handsome and sexy, and wanted to get in bed with you, especially if I was going to fuck Alice.”

I said, “I suggest we go back to our house and just let things happen.”

“Good plan.”

Again, I drove while my wife and Tom were in the back seat. I couldn’t touch Thelma because of the console between the bucket seats, but I could see Tom and Alice making out in the back seat. They weren’t saying anything because their mouths were locked together while I could see his hands roaming over her breasts.

Then I saw her legs up in the air as he was moving her panties down her shapely legs and off. I watched in the rear view mirror to see Tom assist my wife to sit up on his lap.

I turned to Thelma to say, “Take a glance in the back seat. Looks as if they can’t wait until we are home.”

Thelma took a quick glance back, then turned around to smile at me. I saw Alice raise up a little and slowly sit down on Tom. Tom groaned and said, “Wow, that feels so good.”

Just then I turned into our driveway and said, “Break it up in the back seat, we’re home.”

Alice pleaded, “Drive it around the block a couple of times, please.”

Thelma chimed in, “No way, we’re home and going in. You can finish that inside.”

I laughed as I watched in the rear view mirror as Alice reluctantly got up from Tom’s lap and prepared to get out of the car. Tom just sat there for a short time with his hard cock sticking straight up and shining in the dim light with Alice’s pussy juices glistening on it.

I laughingly said, “Tough luck, Tom. Come on in the house.”

Alice was about to get out of the car when she said, “Wait a minute, I need to get my panties.”

Tom held them to his nose, then handed them to her saying, “I should keep these as my trophy.”

She handed them back, “Keep them if you like. Hang them on the wall at your house to remember me by. I don’t care.”

Once in the house, Alice became the hostess. Tom accompanied her into the kitchen to fix a round of drinks. I sat on the love seat with Thelma and gave her a very sexy kiss, the first real kiss of the evening. She responded with open mouth and tongues dancing. After a couple more kisses, she was breathing hard and melted in my arms. My hand roamed under her skirt to feel her wet pussy.

Tom and Alice brought the drinks into the living room.

Tom looked at us to say, “Looks like you two are getting along just fine.”

I chuckled, “From what I saw in the back seat of the car, Thelma and I have a lot of catching up to do. Maybe I should have driven around the block a couple of times to let you finish.”

We all held our glasses up while I gave a toast, “Here’s to good friends and may our sex fantasies be fulfilled tonight.”

I took a sip of my drink, then turned to Thelma for another long kiss. I got down on my knees in front of her, moved my hands up her legs to reach the top of her panties. She lifted her butt up for me to pull them down and off. I pulled her butt forward to the edge of the love seat, spread her legs and pushed them up high. My tongue licked all around her bottom avoiding her pussy and clit.

I glanced over to see Tom and my wife were not wasting any time. They were continuing where they left off in the back seat of the car. She was sitting on his lap facing him and I could see his cock buried in her pussy. Tom had both hands around her butt assisting her in moving up and down on his cock. One of his fingers was lightly probing her ass hole.

After licking around Thelma bottom, I let my tongue run up and down her pussy lips still avoiding her clit. She started squirming her butt. When my lips finally sucked on her clit, she sexually shuddered and lightly moaned. A few seconds later, she was moaning and groaning through an orgasm, her first one with me. She had her hands on my head to press my mouth snugly against her pussy as her body sexually shook.

She gradually came down from her high and I could feel her body relax. About that time I heard the moans and groans from Alice and Tom. Tom became very vocal as his cock exploded in my wife’s pussy.

Now, I was the only one who had not cum. My hard cock was throbbing and wanted relief.

Thelma held my hard cock and said in a soft voice, “Give me this.”

She didn’t have to ask me twice. Together, my hand and her hand guided my cock. She spread her pussy lips with the other hand as I started to enter. The head penetrated her wetness and I easily pushed all the way into her hot body. I felt her muscles grab hold and started pulsating.

She whispered, “Do it slow.”

I made very slow withdrawals then forcibly pushed back in. Each time I plunged in she moaned while her muscles squeezed. Then I would make another very slow withdrawal until I was nearly out. Then another thrust in.

I knew I couldn’t keep this up very long before I would cum. I pushed in one more time and relaxed.

She whispered, “When you cum, pull it out and shoot all over me.”

All I could think to do was to whisper back to her, “OK”

I had never done this before, but if that is what this pretty girl wants me to do, then I’ll give it a try.

I again started slowly withdrawing and forcibly pushing back in. She had her eyes shut and seemed to be in a dream world of her own. Her movements indicated she wanted me to speed up. Now I knew I would cum soon.

My body was straining with each plunge. I really wanted to cum in her, but I had promised to pull out. I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this.

I couldn’t help it, but the first squirt went into her pussy. I quickly pulled out and grabbed my cock to jack it. The second squirt hit her tits. I noticed her hand was now rubbing her clit and she was wildly going through an orgasm. My succeeding spurts were hitting her belly, pubic hair, and pussy lips. I quickly plunged my cock back in her pussy and laid down on her, but used my arms to keep my weight off of her the best I could. Now my cum was squishy between our bodies.

My cock was getting rather small before I pulled out. I looked around to see Tom sitting by himself watching us.

Tom said, “Alice has gone to the bathroom to clean up.”

“Let me up,” Thelma said, “and I’ll join her.”

I was well aware of the cum on the front of my body. I got up and found some tissues to wipe myself off.

Tom said, “What do you think of Thelma now? Isn’t she a hot one.?”

“You really have a sexy girl, and I might add, a very beautiful one, too.

Tom hesitated but then commented, “I really like sex with your wife. She is beautiful, has a nice personality and one of the sexiest girls I know. I want to come back again. Of course, I’ll bring Thelma along for you.”

“That’s a deal. I think you are lucky to get Thelma because she is fantastic in bed and she is also beautiful especially when I saw her completely nude. You can come back to fuck my wife anytime as long as you bring Thelma.”

The girls came back in the living room with us. After Alice and Tom refreshed our drinks, we sat and talked for a few minutes.

Tom stood up and looked at Alice to say, “I’m not through with you as yet, let’s go in the other room.”

Alice hesitated as if she wanted to stay in the living room, but Tom took her hand and pulled her up to lead her down the hall. They disappeared into the master bedroom.

I turned to Thelma to say, “Guess they want privacy.”

She commented, “A bed would be more comfortable for us.”

We got up and went down the hall. I noticed the master bedroom doorway was open and I could see Tom and Alice getting on the bed.

I hesitated long enough at the door to say, “Have a good time.”

Alice answered back, “We will”.

Thelma and I were soon in the spare bedroom where I proceeded to kiss her long and sexy. We removed our remaining articles of clothing so that we would be completely naked.

I turned on a dim light and said, “I want to see your beautiful body.”

“Here I am. Tom has given me to you for your pleasure. I might add, for my pleasure too. Look all you want. I want to see your manly cock and balls.”

I quickly responded, “Let’s do it six nine. I want to look between your legs while you go down on me.”

“And I want to explore that big cock of yours with my tongue and mouth.”

First we turned around in a six nine position to face each other while lying on our sides. She raised her top leg up for me to have access to her crotch. I could feel her lips on my cock head while I started kissing and licking between her legs.

After a couple of minutes, she said, “My leg is getting tired holding it up. Let me roll up on top of you.”

That was a much better position. Her legs were now spread wide giving me plenty of room to have my head between them. I could now feel her mouth going all the way down on my cock while my eyes were looking directly at her pussy and ass.

I started licking and kissing her clit causing her to begin faster movements. I remembered that Tom told me she was multi-orgasmic and could easily have another orgasm.

I continued sucking her clit causing her body to begin sexually surging through an orgasm. That turned me on, but I wasn’t ready to cum again. I wanted to satisfy her right now and give her more orgasms. I let her rest by lightly kissing her pussy lips and around her bottom.

I rolled her over and got on top. I pushed her legs up until her knees were near her breasts. She quickly aimed my cock at her hole and I easily plunged all the way in causing her to lightly moan. I started rapid back and forth movements. She started making those little gasping sounds which got louder as she approached another orgasm. My cock began to jerk and flood her pussy while she was still bucking underneath me.

It took a little time for both of us to get our breath back. Her orgasm was still giving her body sensual delights as my cock continued to stay in her.

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