My Wife's Lovers

byOne Wounded Dragon©

"Ooh God, yesss..." her eyes fluttered. She looked up at me as I stood and removed my lounging pants. My panties went almost unnoticed and I knelt beside her, kissing her deeply.

"Can I watch him fuck you?" I whispered. I was terrified, but my cock ached.

"Oh yes, please yes..." She held his head now and pulled his mouth against her pussy.

Her lover heard us and kissed his way up to her nipples. He kissed her breasts lingering on his passion mark. I watched. He knelt between her knees with his cock brushing her pussy, probing, his cock-head slipping into her, teasing her. She moaned.

"Ooh yes... Wait, oohh... wait..." she sat up slightly, smiled at me and deftly slid a finger into her pussy, removing her diaphragm. She handed it to me, spreading her legs as she lay back again, wide eyed and excited.

"Oh God... Oh God, you're doing it..." I moaned.

"Yes, oh yes... Oh Luv my pussy is sooo wet..." She lay back again, her arms above her head, waiting for his cock.

My hands shook as I spread her pussy for him. I watched, unable to breathe. A drop of pre-cum leaked from his cock as it rubbed her clit and she moaned, spreading her legs wide. Her eyes watched my face. He pulled back just far enough and his cock head eased into my wife. We all moaned, long and slow. My wife gazed up at me, her eyes wide.

"Oohh... Oh Hon, his cock is inside me... Oohhh, I'm fucking him, my husband is watching me fuck my black lover... Oohh..." She rolled her hips, meeting his thrusts, a little deeper each time. I watched his cock sliding into her pussy deeper and deeper. Her eyes closed and she moaned. She was fucking him. My beautiful wife was fucking his big black cock. Her pussy coated his cock with her juice and he slowly slid all nine inches into her pussy. He groaned, supporting himself on his arms as he slowly deep fucked her.

"Oh hon, he's fucking me... his cock feels sooo big inside watch him fuck me..." She pulled him into her, arching her back and rubbing her clit against him. She held him there, humping against him for a moment. I watched his cock slide out and back into her wet pussy. Her swollen clit rubbed against him as her lips stretched then rubbed against him again as his cock slid back into her. Her eyes grew very wide.

"Oh God! Oh God... I'm cumming... That feels sooo good... Yes... Oohh...yes... yesss... fuck me... fuck me..." She humped him into her, moaning as she climaxed on his big cock. She wrapped her legs around him and humped her pussy against him as wave after wave washed over her.

"Oh yes, yes... inside me... Oohh... fuck me, please fuck me...I love you, please fuck me..." She held his face and kissed him deeply, sliding her tongue against his as his cock throbbed inside her. Finally she sighed and lay back, her arms over her head, gently rocking her hips as he slowly deep fucked her. She gazed up at me with dreamy eyes and blew me a kiss. It was erotic, intensely beautiful and erotic. My wife reached for me and I kissed her deeply as her lover humped his cock into her wet pussy. Her lover groaned.

"Oh! Oh Lover, he's going to cum. He's going to cum inside your pussy." I kissed her and tugged on her nipples.

"Uh-huh," She looked deep into my eyes as she humped him. "Oh Hon, I can feel it... he's cumming... He's getting me pregnant... Oohh yesss...cum in me... cum in me..." She quickly climaxed again, hard. She closed her eyes and held his hips, humping his cock deeper.

"Oh yes, cum in me... cum deep in my pussy... yessss... Oh Luv, he's cumming. I can feel it... Yessss... cum in me..."

Her lover groaned, humping in short, urgent strokes. leaning over her and thrusting deep inside her, his cock deep in her pussy. He moaned, kissing her, her neck and nipples and she pulled him in, humping with him.

"Yes, yes, cum in me... I love you; cum in me..." She kissed the side of his neck, holding his hips. He kissed her and their spasms subsided. He blew a deep sigh, kissed her deeply and eased from her dripping pussy. She smiled up at me and I kissed her again. My panties were wet where I had leaked and my cock was so hard it ached. I kissed her and slid my panties down. She smiled as I knelt between her knees. Her pussy was gaping and full of his warm cum. I could see it, warm and wet, sticking to her soft fur and dripping from her gaping pussy. She smiled and I leaned forward to kiss her.

"Oh God..." My cock slid into her warm, cum filled pussy. She rocked with me and I just held my cock inside her.

"Oh God you feel soooo good."

"You like fucking my cum filled pussy, don't you." She smiled as she fucked me.

"Ooohh... you're pussy is sooo full of cum..." I felt my orgasm building and knew I wouldn't last long. She felt it too and watched my eyes.

"Oh husband, I'm pregnant..." she humped me deep.

"Oh God... yessss..." my cum gushed into her full pussy.

"Oh, I'm pregnant with my black lover... everyone will know... Oohhh... Yessss..." she climaxed yet again, hard and fast, humping against my gushing cock. She felt me shudder as my cock pulsed inside her full pussy and she held me until my spasms subsided.

"I love you."

I opened my eyes as she spoke, she was smiling and she kissed me.

"I love you, too." My eyes questioned her. She glanced over to her boss.

"Could he stay with us, just for a while?" Her eyes pleaded. It was going to be a long weekend.


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